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[000:00:00;00] a award winning voices telling groundbreaking stories. witness on al jazeera in just a year, the u. s. government sent thousands of asylum seekers. buck to hey, if you change it to the sea, you will not come to the united states worship back and i don't see the money. terry, in part, into full floods follows the lives of some of those deported. these people are just trying to have a better lives. no country for haitians on a jesse ah,
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a special council is named to oversee the investigation and to form a u. s. president donald trump's handling of classified documents. ah, hello there, i'm miss darcy. attain this is al jazeera life from door ha, also coming up. a warning that ukraine's capital faces a complete palace shut down. as russia keeps up as strikes on energy facility. the founder of a failed us blood testing startup is sentenced to prison. the defrauding and best of all right and india is found were privately develop rocket glass itself knocking a milestone as it aims to develop a commercial space industry. ah, well we begin in the u. s. where
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a special council has been appointed to oversee us justice departments, investigations, and to former president donald trump. attorney general mary garland named war crimes expense jack smith to lead probes into trump handling of classified documents after leaving office. and his attempt to interfere in the 2020 presidential election results. now this comes 3 days after trump announced that he'll run again for president in 2024. based on recent developments, including the former president's announcement that he is a candidate for president in the next election. and the sitting president stated intention to be a candidate as well. i have concluded that it is in the public interest to appoint a special council, such an employee, an appointment under scores, the departments commitment to both independence and accountability, and particularly sensitive matters. it also allows prosecutors and agents to continue their work expeditiously and to make decisions indisputably,
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guided only by the facts and the law. oh hi. disaster has more now from washington d. c. the appointment of this special council jack smith is meant to serve as sort of a fire wall during this very politically sensitive moment. just after trump has announced that he is going to seek a 3rd term in office. and as biden says, that he is intending to run for reelection. who is jack smith? was he currently up until this announcement worked as a war crime prosecutor at the international criminal court at the hague. so now he is d. c bound where he has about 3 decades of experience working in the u. s. capital, he led the department of justice of public integrity section in the tooth, 20 ten's winning high profile convictions of corrupt politicians,
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who were republican and democrats. and that may be one of the key qualifiers which made him an attractive candidate for this pick. because this is someone who people will have described as a political by the book, a consummate professional. now what will smith do? well, he will immediately take over the oversight of these 2 federal criminal investigations into the former president, which includes trumps alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election and his transfer and retention of classified documents that may have endangered national security to his private home. after he left the office, oh, let's not seem to care finkelstein. she is a law professor at the university of pennsylvania and also the director of it since the ethics and the rule of law. she joins us now from philadelphia and claire. i understand that merritt garland had pushed back for a long time when the idea of a special council. what is now changed his mind?
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the main thing that happened is that donald trump has declared as a candidate for the presidency. and that potentially puts merrick garland in the position of conflict of interest, given that his boss, who has also said you will be running for president, president biden will be indirect conflict with former president trump. it might not have been strictly necessary at this early stage a but merit carland is a by the books kind of attorney general, he's extremely cautious and he wants any indictment that comes down regarding donald trump's actions to be beyond reproach. well, this was a move and an a sensible move to make. i say that the president biden also wasn't informed in advance. another move, presumably to demonstrate independence. but then if the special counsel smith decides to indict attorney general garland still has to sign off by my understanding. so how much of a difference will this actually make will make
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a significant difference? because all of the investigation, all of the consideration of evidence and the recommendation to indict will come from an independent prosecutor and the country has a long history of using independent prosecutors. this is pre me court decision that upholds the constitutionality of independent prosecutors. and i think that lends to grab a task and independence to this investigation that helps to rebut some of the charges that will inevitably be made that this was a purely political decision. claire, tell us a little more about jackson if i see this isn't actually the 1st time that he's investigating from what do you make of the choice? i think it's a very wise choice. he's the kind of bipartisan figure, but also someone who has been the most recently a player on the international scene. and that gives, not only a national,
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but an international stature to this decision. he is very likely to have free reign. he will not be interfered with i, america orland, or by the, by the administration. as you pointed out, there will have to be an eventual sign off by barrett carlin, for any kind of indictment. but that will be secondary to a recommendation on the part of jack smith with regard to the merit of indicting donald trump. i and that is a very good way to proceed. because smith will smith's recommendation on that point will very likely lend an error of non partisan credibility to the decision that mary carlin alone could not apply. well, this is all obviously about perception, right? i see trump is already complaining that the appointment is political and i understand
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we'll hear from him again in a few hours. he's declared a press conference. will this do what the justice department hope so could this potentially backfire with certain parts of the public? any indictments of the former president given his following and given the burial and, and indeed violence of some members of his following will be profoundly controversial. so for mary carland, the choice was not and non controversial option versus a controversial one. it was just a matter of how controversial, but he has the norm as symbolic courage and making this decision because it does tilt very strongly towards indictment. i think it's very likely that the end recommendation of this will be indictment of the former president. and while that
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will be greeted in with the fury of anger and possibly physical violence in the streets by many of his supporters, merrick garland is determined not to allow the stature of the former president to determine whether or not an indictment is appropriate under these circumstances. if he has violated the law, which very likely from everything we know about, the marg mara lago situation be has a violation of the espionage. i will be incumbent upon the department of justice to hand down and then bite. but this is probably the safest and most neutral way that special act can be done. however, difficult that the search clear finkelstein the law professor at the university of pennsylvania. great to get your thoughts. claire, always happy to hear from you on al jazeera. thanks again. thanks
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the now ukraine's prime minister says waves of russian missile strikes have crippled almost half the country's energy infrastructure officials and keep wanting that a complete shut down of the city's grid is possible. the un has want of a humanitarian emergency because of power and water shortages. he was met of italy . school says preparations are being made for rolling blackouts. now through winter we have to prepare and have a lot of warm stuff. we have mitigation reserved for mitigation, but will be very unusual, unusual station. we hope it's not happens, but we have to be prepared for that. vac has more now from the vive where it's been snowing. in some cases, the temperature is already below 0, and that's a major concern for authority. president legend is about 10000000 people with
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electricity as just know for the main electricity provider has said that they're trying to keep the black short and on schedule many people around the country. i've been experiencing those electricity as russian strike have targeted energy infrastructure in the last few days. some of the biggest massage beverages in this country has space since the sauce of the war war on an allegedly, one of those missiles, at least according to the korean, went over into poland until 2 people. the cranium, the arguments back, it was a russian massage here from the farm. and he says that they are now a part of the investigation and they want to be open and constructive. but what we're hearing from poland, the united states and nato, is that it's unlikely that was a russian we saw that went across the board to pull them until 2 people. it's more likely that it was one from the ukrainian defense, but the investigation isn't finished. but ukraine is adamant. beckett was a russian massage out in the country. there's a richer region,
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the missile strike on thursday. the death for that when it hit the residential building has gone up to 10. and the nuclear power plant does the nuclear power plant. the russians occupied the class, the 3rd resolution urging russia to stop action against the ton. now the former us entrepreneur elizabeth holmes, has been sentenced to more than 11 years in prison. and want to silicon valley is most notorious fraud cases. homes was the founder and the ceo of a company fair enough and promised pioneering technology that contest for hundreds of medical conditions using just one drop of blood. the company collapse in 2018 and homes was convicted in january of defrauding investors. well, let's get more now from rob reynolds. he's following this for us from los angeles, rug a 135 months. but i believe she's trying to appeal is
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she is likely to appeal the sentence 11 years and a quarter of which is a heavy sentence. but uh, it's also in line with other notable of fraud and corporate o white collar crime cases such as the, the enron collapse, a number of years ago in court. elizabeth holmes. i pleaded that for a lenient sentence. she said that she was devastated. she apologized repeatedly, she said that she felt the enormous regret and would have made many decisions differently. had she the opportunity to do so. but the judge, edward devil on federal court called a case sad saying, miss holmes is brilliant and that failure is normal. but failure by fraud is not. ready ok, so the background to this case as you, as you mentioned, nastasia is about this revolutionary technology that homes and
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her team claim to have invented a machine that could diagnose a multiple, a multitude of diseases with just a single finger prick. but the technology never worked. she managed to keep that fact from all sorts of investors, including a multi billionaires, like rupert murdoch of the fox corporation and the oracles, larry ellison. eventually, however, after of the new digging by a number of investigative reporters and the failure of fair and i was to really, you know, open up its technology for examination. the whole thing was revealed to be just a big fake. and the house of cards collapsed. this spawned a multitude of books, a documentary, a dramatic t, v mini series on cable tv. here in the u. s. a real case of hubris
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and ambition gone too far. oh, run silicon valley is anything else i've been watching as very closely and fenton to lower that branch out factor i'm sure that it will. i mean, this was pretty much baked into the cake as, as investors would say, because a home was convicted of multiple counts of fraud and conspiracy back in january. so there was a feeling that she was going to be punished just a question of how severely will this prevent other entrepreneurs or schemers from trying to get rich, quick with other people's money. probably not just look at the sam bank but fried of the failed to currency f t x that's now lying in ruins. unfortunately, the,
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the human desire for read and fame seems to outweigh common sense all too often robin on there with all the latest 4th from los angeles. thank you. rob. speaking of the silicon valley, twitter boss in mosque has summoned to the company. the software engineers face to face meetings now in san francisco. in an email mosque off the work is to send him summaries, recent coding achievements. the meeting comes after his l. mason telling employees to agree to long hours at high intensity, or to quiz with 3 months severance pay. hundreds of staff have reports of the left . stella had here on out as in, forced to choose between school and work. while some children in syria may never return to the classroom under major, you turn from world cup organizers and kept on about the availability of alcohol in stadiums.
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ah hello there. let's start in north america and winter has certainly arrived with the 1st snowstorm of the seasons is a major storm working its way across northern and eastern areas of the u. s. and eastern parts of canada. not bringing heavy snow to the likes of new york. we have had a state of emergency declared for the south of this. we are expecting some wintry weather as well to effect parts of texas on saturday. but the worst of that weather is set to effect western parts of new york buffalo already saw that snowed started fall on thursday. we could see up to 1.2 meters. by the time we get to sunday, that is nearing historic levels. but that bitter cold is set to bring temperatures down, not just across eastern parts of canada, but the north east of the u. s. and it is likely to affect driving conditions and visibility as that snow falls through to sunday. elsewhere across a new
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u. s. it is an improving picture down in the south. still a bit of a wintry mix plaguing texas as we go into sunday, but much dryer and quieter for the west coast as the santa ana winds start to die down. now for northern parts of mexico, we are seeing some heavy rain start to pick up, particularly for that east coast. it is set to pull across to florida. by the time we get to sunday, ah, a new series follows players from 6 countries hoping to me so 2022 people last simple and again, so much for all playing football industries. so i should be so 2 features, 3. hopeful a glad. com. that's going to work on the sides. i hope it will be part of it to world cup dream. john told algebra
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ah ah. hello there you're watching al jazeera, i'm the stars you. hey, and our heart, that's remind you of our top stories here. war crimes expert jack smith has been appointed a special counsel to lead investigations and to form a u. s. president. donald trump. it includes his handling of classified documents. trump is called the move unfair and says he weren't cooperate. he is preparing for rolling blackouts. this winter has russia continues to targets ukraine's energy facilities. the un is warning of a humanitarian emergency because of power and water shortages. twitter basil on mosque has someone to the company, the software engineers to face to face meetings. it follows reports and hundreds of
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staff of quit and the offices have been closed until monday. now thousands of palestinians and girls that have turned out to mon, the victims of a fire there. 21 members of a family who died when ablaze, engulfed their residential building. while they were celebrating a birthday on thursday. a warning, some viewers may find some of the images and the al science report distressing. thousands march, carrying the bodies of 21 members of the family, all was killed by a fire at their home in japan, the refugee camp most children. but even when this tragedy has effected every one, we slipped through a terrible noise. i came home and family children crying out of grief and fear, may god have mercy, but everything that happens in gaza is because of this blockade live within. the neighbors said the family had gathered to welcome home and celebrate the birthday
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of mahar abriya who had just obtained his ph. d degree overseas. but shortly after neighbors heard screams and so smoke billowing from the apartments windows. some people try to enter the 3 story building, hoping to reach the sadly, but they were presented by the intense heat and many were injured. the 21 members of the opera, your family have died in the fire. now their bodies remain and separated as they are buried here together in the cemetery. israel 15 years, see just garza and it's tight restrictions on the interior of equipment in material has left the civil defense and fire department in the pipe territory with limited sources. eye witnesses say that's and me to reason. none of the victims were said.
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police investigations also indicated petro stored in there is dental home, if you will, the fire that was caused by a gas leak. most people in garza store fuel in their homes is winter approaches to provide heat during long power cuts. and i've been on the dominant cam and my boy, we express our full silly derek with the entire apparatus only in their relatives. and we confirmed that the unjust israeli siege that caused a lack of capability with a savell defense. and now the department is the major reason for the high number of victims in this tragedy. the policy and presidents mahmoud abbas, and palestinian factions in gaza. and now to friday would be a day of morning for those who died. and they called for international pressure to m. israel bo kate, of the strip unit, see it al jazeera, gotta now kenya is former president and wondered, leader,
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have agreed on the need for fighters to withdraw from captured territory and eastern democratic republic of congo. and 23 fighters made major gains in recent weeks. advancing towards goma as fighting with government forces intensifies, the candidates government hasn't used one to supporting group and gali denies this route and out a visitor the deal. see any of this week and facilitator of the east african community lead talk attempts to restore peace. will resume on monday and i'm going as capital the wanda knocking web has went out from grammar can use. foreign affairs ministry is said in a statement form a canyon president who can the lot of phone call with rwandan president pool cook army in which could gummy it agreed on the need for an immediate cease fire and cook. i'm also agreed to assist the east african community facilitator that kenyatta, whose facilitating piece so assist him to urge the n 23 to sci fi and withdraw from
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the captured territory. those territories to the north of where we are going. the m 23 is taken over the last year, particularly in the last few weeks and 23 widely understood to be back by one. the one that denies it. former president can yes, is facilitating talks, which meant to continue in angola capital on monday. so people will be waiting to see if indeed m 23 and the congress government forces will stop fighting. they've been fighting, even in, in the last 12 hours or say they've been report of, of gunfire and bonds still going off. and if they will indeed withdraw from those surgeries ahead of those 2 that i meant to start on monday morning. now us republican representative lauren bober has been reelected in colorado of opponent adam frisch, conceited. race was close with by, but leading by fewer than 600 votes. republicans have taken control of the house with bobo victory. now giving them $219.00 seats. the democrats have 212,
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with 4 seats still too close to coal. well meanwhile i came, jeffries has formerly launched a bid to take over from nancy pelosi as a democratic leader in the us house of representatives. and if he wins, jeffries would be the 1st african american to had a party caucus in congress speak. pelosi announced that she'll step down when republicans take charge of the house in january. after years of conflict, families and syria are struggling to send their children to school. many have to find work to support their households and the pandemic only made the situation where the city of rocca has some of the highest levels of child labor. and in calcium reports the nearly 12 years into the syrian war, child labor has dramatically increase the northern city, africa, and elsewhere. was children working long hours in difficult conditions. for many boys, education is
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a luxury because they have to find work to provide for their family. many of their fathers have been arrested or killed during the war. you ask about how much is 16, but he's been working in this mechanic shop for 8 years. he says it was not easy to make the decision to drop out of school, but it was necessary in the initial, the magenta, because of the war we couldn't learn anything. school, even. i've learned his job as a mechanic and it's better than wasting my time sheet. several schools and rocco are damaged or destroyed during the fight against i saw more than 70 percent of them are still in the same condition according to the n g o. 13 year old mohammed has worked as a vendor for 3 years. he was was study, but he must support his family because the cost of living is rising by the day while at the near back door. and nobody, it's difficult to work outside when it's cold and i can't even push this trolley in some places we can afford school. even with this job,
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it's barely enough to buy bread. a boy cost them as the father of 3 boys and a girl. all of his sons helped worth 5 young age. when is it that much study is better for the kids, but unfortunately, we don't have good education, it's useless. so i decided to send my son to learn a profession which will help him and money at least. see we have seen a lot in the past decade in a struggling city or from a generation of kids. now risk being lost, forced to choose between going to school or finding work as a matter of survival. seen emphasis on al jazeera, all the cop 27 climate summit in egypt has been extended after delegates. they failed to agree on a deal and talk to the supposed to end on friday. they'll now continue into saturday. an agreement on a lawson damage policy remains one of the keys sticking points and not cause for rich nations to compensate developing countries for the impacts of climate change. cop 27 president thomas, you agree,
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has told negotiates as to what foster. on monday we shifted years and accelerated the pace of our work. today, we need to shift gears again. time is not on our side. your friends. i remain committed to bringing this conference to a close tomorrow in an orderly manner with the adoption of a series of consensus decisions that will be comprehensive, ambitious, and balanced. well, india is a fast, privately developed rocket, has been launched into space. that crumb s was built by a start up with an engineering team of 200 people. the project took just 2 years and as own calcium sharif reports it paved the way for the private sector to enter the country space program. gray gall run the data. this blasted from sheet honey co time eastern india shatters and nearly 6 depth dominance of the countries national space agency or a full year old start up has placed 3 satellites into orbit on iraq had built on
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low budget of using the 6 meta victrum. as weighs less than 600 kilograms and is equipped with state of the art 3 d printed engines. the local live space, to an altitude of 89.5, glen with us and completed the required mission objectives. this brother machine, as the name signifies, is the beginning of a new era in the indian's bas egleston scheduled in space is the 1st top to work with the indian space research organization. after the government amended lawson 2020, a loving private firms to build rockets and satellites, and dozens, and now lining up a major step forward to india, developing its own space ecosystem and emerging as a front lay mission in the community of all nations. and of course,
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at dunning point in india's start a moment, india occupies less than 3 percent of the global space mancha chair and spends a fraction of what u. s. and china do under such a bar from government support private, greatly as when emerged initially i wanted whispers from whoa, whoa, for starbucks. oh, good. and the one, but we will finance it early. move forward. we're also going to acquire and also of course, the short market, which is just not in india, but little indian national space agency has long collaborated with other countries to launch hundreds of satellites. now, private firms are pushing to take the industry further into space. on may consume shareef al jazeera ah


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