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ah ha, from take off until the final with will bring you expensive coverage fill out the world. action for all of the games. the joy and the experts and match analysis for my studios, info and excitement from around the city and across the globe. join us the cast us 2022 on out to 0. ah, a special council his name to oversee the investigation and to form
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a u. s. president donald trump's handling of classified documents. ah, hello there. i'm an associate. hey, this is al 0 life and are also coming up. a warning that ukraine's capital faces a complete power shut down as russia keeps up. it's as strikes on energy facilities and poles open in malaysia general election that will decide if a long ruling coalition can make a comeback. brain go run off. and india is fast, privately develop rocket blasts off a giant leap in the countries efforts to develop its space industry. ah, well, we begin in the us where a special council has been appointed to oversee the u. s. justice departments
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investigations into former president donald trump. attorney general merit garland named war crimes expert jack smith to the probes into drums handling of classified documents after leaving office. and his attempt to interfere in the 2020 presidential election results and comes 3 days after trump announced that he'll be running again for president in 2024. based on recent developments, including the former president's announcement that he is a candidate for president in the next election. and the sitting president stated intention to be a candidate as well. i have concluded that it is in the public interest to appoint a special council such an employee, an appointment under scores, the department's commitment to both independence and accountability in particularly sensitive matters. it also allows prosecutors and agents to continue their work expeditiously and to make decisions, indisputably, guided only by the facts and the law. well,
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let's think to heidi shake has strategies following this force in washington dc. i didn't talk us through the timing han hi nathan. yet so absolutely trumps announcement this week that he is going to run for president. again that shifted that dynamics here. really a suddenly we have this perceived conflict of interest. that is obvious. we have one candidate whose own department of justice is investigating potentially their biggest political rival for office biden versus trump. and so it's appointing the special council. it is not a perfect solution to that perceived conflict of interest, but it does at least add one extra layer of perceived independence, though, notably, it's still going to be biden's attorney general, who ultimately decide whether or not for president trump would face criminal charges. so who is the special council with jack smith, as you said,
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currently serving as a war crime prosecutor at the international criminal court at the hague. he is now heading back to washington where he has had a long tenure as well. most recently leading the department of justice is public integrity section in which he won high profile convictions of politicians, who were both republicans and democrats. that may have been a major selling point merit garland. the attorney general was searching for someone who could be seen as credible from both sides. and smith has been described as a political by those who know him. 5 well, and as a consummate professional by the books prosecutor. but he has an immensely difficult job ahead of him because he is now over taking over these 2 investigations, one into whether or not trump committed crimes in his efforts to overturn the last presidential election results. and secondly, whether he should be indicted for taking national security documents to his private
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residence after leaving office, and whether he obstructed justice in the efforts to invest to gate those acts. and there is plenty of pressure for speed as well. we just heard the tourney general say that this vocations will still be expeditious. the new special council inherits the work that's already taken place for over a year in the case of the capital right investigation. and so this is not starting all over. he's just taking over but time is of the essence because the closer we get to the 2024 presidential election, the more political this investigation will appear in d. and it will be hearing from trump, i believe in the coming out as, as well. how do you share custard for us in washington d. c. thanks heidi who take take care finkelstein. she is a law professor at the university of pennsylvania and also the director of its center for ethics in the rule of law. she explains why attorney general merrick allan chose to appoint a special counsel. the main thing that's happened is that donald trump has declared
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as a candidate for the presidency. and that potentially puts merrick garland in the position of conflict of interest. given that his boss, who has also said you will be running for president press empire, and you will be indirect conflict with former president trump and going into it might not have been strictly necessary at this early stage. a. but merrick garland is a, by the books kind of attorney general, he's extremely cautious. and he want any indictments that comes down regarding donald trump's actions would be beyond reproach all of the investigation. all of the consideration of evidence and the recommendation to indict will come from an independent prosecutor and the country has a long history of using independent prosecutors. this is pre me court decision that upholds the constitutionality of independent prosecutors. and i think that lens
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grab a toss and independence to this investigation that helps to rebut some of the charges that will inevitably be made, that this was a purely political decision. the now the 1st trained to newly liberated her son has left ukraine's capital. restoring that critical railings between the 2 cities, the journey has been called the trains of victory and will arrive in the regional capital on saturday, work as a repair damage tracks and carriages which were vandalized by russian forces. the. 2 majority of your hands, rail network has remained operational during this war, despite repeated attacks. meanwhile, the u. k. prime minister says waves of russian missile strikes of crippled with half the country's energy, infrastructure officials and keep wanting that a complete shut down of the city's grid is possible. the un has warned of humanitarian emergency because of how and water shortages caves mentally cut skirts
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as preparations are being made for rolling blackouts throughout the winter. we have to prepare and have a lot of warm stuff we have mitigation reserve for mitigation, but will be very unusual. unusual station. we hope it's not happens, but we have to be prepared for that. i said back has gone out from the vive. in some cases, the temperature is already below 0, and that's a major concern for authority. president lugging is left. you said there's about 10000000 people with electricity as this know for the main electricity provider has said that they're trying to keep the black hat short and on schedule many people around the country have been experiencing those electricity records as russian air strikes have targeted energy infrastructure in the last few days, some of the biggest massage beverages in this country has space since the sauce of the war world, allegedly, one of those missiles, at least according to the korean,
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went over to poland. to go to people, the crane and the arguments that it was a russian massage. now we hear from the foreign minister here. he says that they are now a part of the investigation and they want to be open and constructive. but what we're hearing from poland, the united states and nato, is that it is unlikely that that was a russian. we saw that when cross the border to pull it in until 2 people. it's more likely that it was one from the ukrainian defense. but the investigation isn't finished, but ukraine is adamant. beckett was a russian massage out in the country. there's a richer region. the missile strike on thursday. the death for that when it hit the residential building has gone up to 10. and the nuclear power plant is a nuclear power plant. the russians occupied the class, the 3rd resolution urging russia its action against the ton well to malaysia. now where poles have just happened in the country is general election. malaysians will be choosing from 945 candidates with this food set to be the title. since
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independence in 1957 for coalitions are seeking to win the 222 parliamentary seats at stake. well, that's bringing florida 3. she's out of hauling station for us in colored on for. so a very different dynamic this round from previous elections. it seems absolutely . this has been described as the most competitive elections in malaysia history. and that's because you have more than 2 strong choices, but voters choose from. and the 1st is the national front led by. i'm no party but you sort of, i suppose you can describe it as the grand old party of malaysian politics. now the national front has dominated malaysian politics for more than 60 years until it was voted out in the last election than does the opposition lead by former deputy prime minister turned opposition leader on why it brought him? the opposition has been making steady gains. it defeated the national front in the 2018 elections then the new come at the national alliance. but it's made up of old
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faces. it comprises the malaysian islamic party as well as birth, such as seen as a splinter group of on the cell. also making the selection difficult to predict and also highly competitive is because there are 6000000 new voters because the ultimate, because of automatic voter registration. and also because the voting age has been lowered to 18 analysts say this group is extremely difficult to predict. they don't know how they're going to vote. many of them say they're still undecided, so they could be the potential wildcard in the selection. now one more thing that makes this difficult to predict and also competitive it because all 3 major alliances have had to chance in government. so voters have been able to see how they performed and they're going to be able to make their choices based partly on that flow. given all of this competition, can you told us through what's at stake in these election? so an analyst has described this as malaysians, really choosing between 2 visions that they want of a future malaysia put simply, they either choose more of the same or they choose something new. now,
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more of the same means voting for the national front. the problem with the national front, as many of the leaders that the top ranks of the leaders are tainted with corruption . there is the former chief, not your brother, who is also the former prime minister, has already and been in prison for corruption, money laundering as well. as abuse of power, its current chief is on trial for corruption. then there is the national alliance. its people are not tainted with the same sort of corruption charges, but they are associated with the old way of doing things of dividing and conquering them just for instance its chief we'd in yes, in the recent campaign speech warned people born vote as not to vote for the alliance of hope, the opposition saying that they are dangerous choice, and he accused christians here of working with jews to christianize malaysia. then of course you have the opposition. the alliance of hope led by andre brought him. now that is seen as more multi racial, more reform minded and more liberal. so to outside this,
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it might seem like an easy choice, but it's a lot more complicated in malaysia. this is a multi racial multicultural country. but traditionally, people vote along racial and religious lines and the majority here, the malay ethnic group who are all muslims who make up about 70 percent of the population. they have special rights and privileges. and the 2 groups who are seen as most willing to prioritize the rights of the late or the national fund and the national alliance. flying through that for us, watching that election in quite a long for thanks so much for arms will be speaking much more in the coming hours and days. castilla had here on out as in the taliban is said to reimburse public executions and amputations under strict islamic law. and will tell you what ellen mosque is trying to do now. after hundreds of employees quit under his sign or resign ultimate ah,
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anticipation is rising. and so with responsible categories. her low there. let's look to east asia and temperatures across china are still sitting slightly above the average though it's not as hot as it has been. recently . we've had a front that's pushed its way further east knocking temperatures down. we sinks very low figures for the likes of mongolia and a winter. we mix that continues to work its way across the far north east. and we are still things some of that rain trickle down across the korean peninsula as well as in to eastern areas of china. but we are still seeing some sunshine break through the cloud and patchy rain. it is going to get wet however, for the likes of japan. it's been rather dry on saturday, but by sunday, tokyo, we'll see some of that rain and it will turn cooler. now as we move to south and central asia, we are seeing a bit of a winter storm blow across afghanistan,
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bringing some heavier snow to the likes of northern pakistan and india. but further south of this is largely fine and dry picture, though air quality does remain an issue for new delhi. for the wet weather we have to head down to the south. we've got somewhat of a swirling system, not really pulling itself together to form into anything, but it is gonna bring some very heavy rain to more southern areas in particular for chin i by the time we get to sunday, some of those showers as well. pushing into sri lanka and the south of india i do with sponsored by categories. a new series follows players from 6 countries hoping to make it to cattle. 2022 people love football guy. not so much for all playing football industries. it's all passion. that'd be so 2 features. 3. hopeful a glad congress going to the sides out of warranty. i hope there will be part of the world cup. dream gonna turn out just
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ah ah, hello there you're watching now to 0 on the stars he attained our ha, that's remind you about top stories. the 1000 war crimes prosecutor jack smith has been appointed a special counsel to lead investigations and to form a u. s. president donald trump, it includes his handling of classified documents. trump says he won't cooperate. keith is preparing for rolling blackouts this winter, as russia continues to target ukraine's energy facilities. the u. n. is want to have a humanitarian emergency because of power and water shortages. pause of opened and malaysia's general election versus there will be choosing from 945 candidates with
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paul said to be the tightest since independence and 1957. now, thousands of palestinians and garza have turned out to mourn the victims of a fire. 21 members of a family died when a blaze engulfed their residential building while they were celebrating a birthday on thursday. now a warning, some viewers may find some images and humans, a science report distressing. thousands march, carrying the bodies of 21 members of the family. all was killed by a fire at their home in japan, your refugee camp. most children in this tragedy has affected everyone. we slipped through a terrible noise. i came home and family children crying out of grief and fear, may god have mercy on, but everything that happens in gaza is because of this blockade live within the neighbors set. the family had gathered to welcome home and celebrate the birthday
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of mahar abriya who had just obtained his ph. d degree overseas. but shortly after neighbors heard screams and so smoke billowing from the apartments windows. some people try to enter the 3 story building, hoping to reach the family, but they were presented by the intense heat and many were injured. the 21 members of the opera, your family have died in the fire. now their bodies remain and separated as they are buried here together in this cemetery. israel 15 years see just godsa and its ty, restrictions on the interior of equipment in material has left the civil defense and fire department in the pipe territory with limited sources. eye witnesses say, that's a major reason. none of the victims were seen. police investigations also indicated
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petro stored in there is dental home, if you will, the fire that was caused by a gas leak. most people in garz's store fuel in their homes as winter approaches to provide he to during long power cuts. and i've been on the model cam in my boy, we express our full so derek, with the entire a beriah family and their relatives. and we can son that he and just israeli siege that caused a lack of capability with a civil defense. another department is the major reason for the high number of victims in this tragedy gave you the policy and president mahmoud abbas and palestinian factions in gaza. and now to friday would be a day of morning for those who died and they called for international pressure to end israel, located off the strip. you may see it al jazeera,
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gaza. now their affairs that i scanned austin could reintroduce public executions. the taliban top leader has told judges to enforce rules, allowing hangings and amputations for thieves, barbara, group or reports. when the taliban regained power in afghanistan last year, it promised to water down the harsh rule. it exercise during the 19 ninety's, but many are concerned that went happen after the supreme leader shake habitat. i consider re introduced hangings and amputations for thieves. mulder's 30 more. camille, at that i taliban court spokesman says the order to re impose such parts have strictest slack law was always the government's intention that the law should i be? oh no, but colonel punishing thieves wrong doers. alcohol drinkers and killers is islamic shari'a, and this is why shake habits law has given the series of recommendations to policy and plan of these lam. a camera is to follow islamic shari'a based on the qur'an
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and her dean. good stanton, meda, i'm obviously out of my head office. she been a siri says had daughters have suffered a year of loss. they are no longer allowed to go to school or university. and as of last week, the conquer to the park. but she says, new guidance, what punish in criminals will set afghanistan back, you know, must be a corner of a man. they should have proper justice for criminals. they should not be hanged, stoned ought to have their hands amputated in public. i see that some analysts say the taliban is trying to further its legitimacy by applying islamic law to its fullest extent. do you need the strict rules and laws because her of gunnison is not the only we slamming government or we of more than 50 sloniker governments. and some of those are governments such a shitty, a loss or a plate. but there to restrict and justifying that public floggings and executions
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were common under the taliban until it lost power in 2001. when the us and allied forces invaded the question for many is whether the supreme leaders order will lead to a repeat of the past. and if it does, the taliban could face even further isolation. barbara, and go out to sarah. now kenya's former president and were wondering, leda, have agreed on the need for fighters to withdraw from captured territory and eastern democratic republic of congo. m. 23 fighters made major gains in recent weeks. advancing towards the city of goma. the congolese government has achieved for wonder of supporting the group kigali denies this. now come web has went from grammar. can use foreign affairs, ministry is said it is statement mckennie and president who re kenyatta a lot of phone call with rwandan president pool gummy, in which county had agreed on the need for an immediate cease fire. and the cook,
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i made, also agreed to assist the east african community facilitator kenyatta, whose facilitating p assist him to urge the n 23 to sci fi and withdraw from the captured territory. those territories to the north of where we are going. the m 23 is taken over the last year, particularly in the last few weeks, and 23 widely understood to be back by one the one that denies it. the former president kenyatta is facilitating talks, which are meant to continue in angola capital on monday. so people will be waiting to see if indeed m 23 and the congress government forces will stop fighting. they've been fighting, even in, in the last 12 hours or say they've been report of, of gunfire and bonds still going off. and if they will indeed withdraw from those surgeries ahead of those. so that i meant to start on monday morning. now an aeroplane has caught fire after hitting a fire truck on the runway of priest lima international airport to fire fighters
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were killed when the last time. airlines plane crashed into the moving truck, the across 102 passengers and 6 remembers escaped on hand operations at the airport had been temporarily suspended. while us republican representative lauren bo that has been re elected in colorado after her opponent adam fish conceded, the race was close with by but leading by fewer than 600 votes. republicans have taken control of the house of representatives with favorites victory, giving them 219 seats. the democrats have 212 with 4 seats still too close to call . meanwhile came jeffries, as formerly launched, a bid to take over from nancy pelosi as democratic leader in the us house of representatives. now if he wins, jeffries would be the 1st african american to hit a party caucus in congress. speaker pelosi announced that she'll step down when republicans take charge of the house. on january all the former us entrepreneur
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elizabeth holmes, has been sentenced to more than 11 years in prison. and one of silicon valley's most notorious fraud cases, homes was the founder and ceo of the company. so it promised pioneering technology that contest for hundreds of medical conditions using just one drop of blood. the company collapsed in 2018 and homeless was convicted in january of defrauding. investors are staying with silicon valley. twitter boss ilan mosque has something to the company software engineers for face to face meetings in san francisco. in an email mosque off the work is to send him summaries and recent coding achievements. this meeting comes after his ultimate and telling employees to read a long hours at high intensity or to quit with 3 months severance pay. hundreds of stuff have reported the left while crystal walker is a john, the specializing and digital culture. he believes that twitter may struggle to even stay on line. this is troubling, and obviously it is worth pointing. you know,
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that we all just stays away from a significant global event, the world cup, in which we expect that that would be lots of people trying to congregate on twitter to talk about it. so he sees a really poignant, risky moment for us to be doing this because obviously that being planned, put in place for large global events like this. but whether or not they are actually the human beings to enact those plans. if anything goes wrong with less suits and so twitter entities form a staff that i've been talking to say that they see a pretty rapid degree degradation of the site over the next few weeks with potentially a not being here by christmas. unless something changes, a travel that has been imposed in the city of buffalo, new york state after an intense snowstorm. heavy snowfall has paralyzed costs of western and northern new york. as you can see, the national weather service has more than a meiza of snow can fall by sunday with periods of near 0 visibility or india's
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fast, privately developed rocket has been launched into space. victrum s it was built by start up with an engineering team of 200 people. the project took just 2 years and as own calcium sharif reports, it pays the way for the private sector to enter the country space program. 3010. this bluster from free honey coating eastern india shatters and nearly 6 depth dominance of the country's national space agency, occupies a full year old start up, has placed 3 satellites into orbit on a rocket built on low budget. using the 6 meter victrum, s weighs less than 600 kilograms and is equipped with state of the art 3 d printed engines. the waco leave space to an out geared off 89.5 kilometers and completed the required mission objectives. this brother machine, as the name signifies, is the beginning of a new era in the indian space eco system. scheduled in space is the 1st top to work
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with the indian space research organization. after the government amended lawson 2020, allowing private firms to build rockets and satellites, and dozens, and now lining up a major step forward to india, developing its own space ecosystem and emerging as a front lay mission in the community of all nations. and of course, a dunning point in india's stock. a moment, india occupies less than 3 percent of the global space mancha chair and spends a fraction of what u. s. and china do on press such bar from government support drivers, great players will eat wrist and you should be reported listeners from whoa, whoa, for starbucks. good in the one, but we will finance move forward. we're also going to acquire and also of course,
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the short market, which is just not in india, but we'll, indian national space agency has long collaborated with other countries to launch hundreds of satellites. now, private firms are pushing to take the industry further into space. on may consume shareef al jazeera ah ah, just 2 days before the well cup begins, organizes of announced that alcohol will only be available and hospitality sweets and stadiums. it's a reversal of the original plan to selby around the 8th, 9th, within the ticketing pro perimeter and the public consumption of alcohol and public intoxication are both illegal and qatar. alcohol will be available at fan parks and licensed bars available. now obviously in cas are also in licensed premises and that will continue are some of the additional farms ohms and fun activities. it's
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also available for the fee for from festival, for example. well, it's not just and catherine that fans will be able to her enjoyed the tournament. special fans owns are being set up for displaced people and refugees, and places such as palestine, jordan and yemen. but allah, mcaden guitar has always stressed that sport is an effective tool for bringing people together and promoting piece dialogue and reconciliation are keenness to establish fans zones comes from our firm belief in the ability of sport to bring about positive social change and stimulating sustainable development. especially by encouraging tolerance, respect, and empowering communities. ah ha, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. former war crimes prosecutor jack smith.


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