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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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now to the wrong we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. motivated, active, and more politically engaged than ever before. have demanding change on their own times. welcome to generation change a global theories attempt to understand i'm telling you i days that mobilize you around. wow, we look good presentation of people like us in politics and government, and higher aspects of society. generation change coming soon on al jazeera. ah, this horrendous abuse of power is the latest of
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a long series of witcher's. former us president donald trump bluff the decision to appoint a special counsel for oversee investigations and to him. ah, are there i miss darcy? attain this is al jazeera live from derma. also coming on. i'm florence louis as a polling station in kuala loophole 21000000 people are legible to vote in what's been described as malaysians. most competitive elections. as leaders agree that fighters should withdraw from east and democratic republic of congo. we meet the people hit hardest by the violence and preparations are underway, a catalyst border for an influx of football fans coming from saudi arabia. ah,
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well, we begin in the u. s. where for president, donald trump has criticized the decision to appoint a special counsel to oversee investigations into him. formal war crimes prosecutor jack smith will lead the probes into trumps handling of classified documents after leaving office. and his attempt to interfere in the 2020 presidential election results. smith's appointment comes 3 days after trump announced that he'll run for president again in 2024. this is a rig deal just as the 2020 election was rigged and we can't let them get away with it. we can't do it. we cannot let this happen dorky. i've been going through these investigations and hoaxes and scams. from the day i came down the escalator, it trumped our. and you'd really say enough is enough that to get back to work, gotta prove that we have a great country again, cuz right now it's not great right now. it's a laughing stock all over the world. well, earlier us attorney general merrick collins said that he made the decision. so the
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justice department can remain independent. based on recent developments, including the former president's announcement that he is a candidate for president in the next election. and the sitting president stated intention to be a candidate as well. i have concluded that it is in the public interest to appoint a special council such an employ, an appointment under scores, the departments commitment to both independence and accountability in particularly sensitive matters. it also allows prosecutors and agents to continue their work expeditiously and to make decisions, indisputably, guided only by the facts and the law. let's think to heidi, she cast her, she's in washington dc. heidi terms of this, he been speaking very publicly about all of this. that's right, and there had been reports in us media that trump's advisors had said not to speak about this so quickly as the decision to appoint
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a special counsel was just announced hours ago. however, trump went ahead and spoke. it would appear to be a gala at mara lago, he repeated many conspiracy theories that had been debunked and he went on to call the appointment of the special counsel. so a quote, horrendous abuse of power. and he said it was the latest in a series of witch hunts, from democrats, while himself, he called one of the most honest and innocent people ever in our country. that's what he said, word for word. this was not a legal defense of any type. and so, just from hearing it, and as he made this long speech to his supporters, it was perhaps apparent why some of his lawyers would have advised against it. now he is claiming that this is joe biden's doing the current us president. the white house has said that there was no involvement whatsoever, and this decision to appoint a special counsel to investigate trump. and in fact, there, it may be that president biden didn't even know that this decision that this announcement
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was being made today. however, it comes as no surprise that trump and his supporters would attack the special council investigation. that's exactly what they did in the previous investigation by robert molar. who was the 1st special council appointed to investigate trumps campaign and dealings with russia. and even though molar was a republican, is a republican and appointed by a republican and deputy attorney general. even then trump tried to discredit that investigation, which of course did not end up with an indictment of the then sitting president. but it is a very different circumstance today since trump is a former us president and does not have that same legal protection since he is no longer in office id. tell us a little more about this special council jack smith, who is he right. jack smith is, have been described as a person who is a political though trump described him as a, quote,
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super radical left special counsel in his speech. the gave no evidence of that. why is he considered a political? well, he is currently serving as a war crime prosecutor at the international criminal court. now he will be coming back to washington where he had served for a number of years as the head of the department of justice is public integrity section in which he won. convictions against corrupt politicians who were democrats and republicans. now jack smith is going to take over a difficult job. he doesn't have to start these investigations from scratch, but he does have to get caught up to speed. he is going to be looking into whether trump committed crimes in his efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election and whether he should be indicted for taking national security sensitive documents to mar logo after he left office. and whether he tried to obstruct that investigation. and there is
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a lot of pressure for speed here for the special counsel to charge forward given that as we approach 2024. and as trump has just announced that he is going to run for a 3rd time. at the closer we come to that date, the more political this investigation will appear in it is that appearance of conflict of interest that the department of justice so wants to avoid high desert hester there with all the latest forth from washington d. c. thanks so much heidi. well, meanwhile, donald trump could be making a return to twitter. the social platforms, new boss, ill on mosque is conducting a pole on whether the former president should have his account reinstated. and as you can see here, most of voting in favor. well to malaysia now where people are casting their votes and what set to be the tightest general election since independence. in 1957, malaysians are choosing from 945 candidates with 4 coalitions seeking to win the
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222 parliamentary seats at stake, or let speak to florence louis. she is at a polling station for us in column for flow as we've been saying a very different dynamic this time around from previous elections. absolutely, and this is because voters will have more than 2 main contenders to choose from. there is the national front. this coalition is led to by i'm no, a party that's long dominated politics in malaysia. i suppose it's best described as the grand old party of malaysia. now the national front ruled and broken for more than 60 years until it was defeated in the last election. then you have the opposition, the alliance of hope let by former deputy prime minister turned opposition leader on while it brought him and the opposition has been making steady gains for the last decade. it managed to topple the national front and the 2018 poles, and then there's a relative newcomer, the national alliance newcomer. but with old faces, it's made up. well, it's 2 main parties are the malaysian islamic party and also versace seen as
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a splinter group of unknown. now, all of these parties have had a stint at governing the countries or voters will also may be able to decide based on that performance in government. now we also have 6000000 new votes as in this election, that's not a small number for a country of a population of around 30000000. these new voters could be the wild card. analysts say, because they, we simply don't know how they're going to cost their vote. so these are being described not only as the most competitive, but also the most difficult to predict indeed won't fly. there's also plenty at stake for some very big names. and the malaysian political lance, if that's right, so some out of describe that as malaysians really choosing what future, what vision they want for for the future of malaysia than do they want more of the same? or do they want something that's different? if it's more of the same, then it would mean costing a vote for the national front. now the problem with this, as many of its leaders are tainted with corruption. its current achieve is on trial
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for corruption. its former chief is former prime minister, not your brother has been jailed for corruption, abuse of power and money laundering. then there is the national alliance there not tainted with corruption, but they are associated with the old way of doing things. and that is divide and conquer. now its chief in recent campaign, in a recent campaign speech said voting for the opposition. the alliance of hope is dangerous. he also accused christians of trying to christianize malaysia of working with jews to achieve this. then then there's the alliance of hope, which is seen as a multi racial, more reform minded and more liberal now to outside as it would seem like an easy choice. but in multi racial, malaysia, it's a lot more complicated. the majority of the population are from the malay ethnic group. we're all muslims, and they make up about 70 percent of the population. they have special rights and privileges and the 2 main blocks seen as most willing and able to prioritize the
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right to the malays are the national front and the national alliance. compatible with the lines of hope, who promising needs based assistance rather than race based. assistant, sorry, 3 that watching the polls for us in hold on for. thank you so much. now moving on and kenya's, former president and were wonderfully to have agreed on the need for fighters to withdraw from captured territory. an eastern democratic republic of congo. m 23 fighters have made major gains in recent weeks. advancing towards the goma, the congress government has the jews one supporting the group. but kick ali is denying that hundreds of people have been killed, nearly 200000 forced from their homes. malcolm web report to his area for our i was pregnant with twins when a bomb hit, her house shrapnel was blasted into her leg and sigh and she passed out. she was rescued and brought to this hospital run by international committee of the red
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cross, which i see are see in coma in democratic republic of congo. an emergency says arion section saved grass and maurice. but they'll never know their father nick walker and get i was in our village. then the fighting started, and one of the bombs hit our house. my husband lost his legs and died and i was taken to a hospital nearby, but no one could help me until was brought here. congos fighter jets have been bombing positions of m. 23. an armed, great, widely believed to be backed by wonder. well, they were wonder denies it more than 200000 people have fled to fighting and them 20 three's recent advances to people here left everything behind when they ran life in the count. it's tough and that hasn't been much help here. they're lining up to register with the humanitarian agency, hoping that more help will come soon. but things much. for those who've been trapped by the fighting. neither side let people who even ambulances cross the
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front lines, areas controlled by him. 23 have been cut off from humanitarian supplies. i c r c says the few health facilities that remain open in areas where it is fighting have no way to get medical supplies from goma. we have been told that there is a lot of wounded, but they just don't manage to reach goma. a lot of help in the conflict area has been looted. a lot of health personnel has left the health stretches. so people can find health care. it seems incredible that jack, semi glory is alive. he's just 12 years old. he had multiple gunshot wounds in his chest and legs. un peacekeepers found him on the roadside and brought him here. offered there, do you shall, quatro marchese. we feel very traumatized by all of this. we're living in the camp in the rain without even plastic sheets for shelter when they were only asking for
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the people in power to bring. he's so we can go home because we're used to doing our own work and living by our own means, jack and his uncle hit him. honor are among the 10s of millions of congo leaves who don't benefit from the countries vast mineral wealth. and there also, among those who suffer the most in the seemingly endless conflicts for control of it. malcolm web al jazeera gamer, democratic republic of congo, are still ahead here on out of there. and i live in bangkok for day 2 of the asia pacific economic cooperation summit and bad blood. the founder of a failed testing filled up is sentenced to prison for defrauding invest. ah, anticipation is rising. and so with the atmosphere you read, i went to my castle
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a ways hello there. let's look to east asia and temperatures across china. still sitting slightly above the average. so it's not as hot as it has been. recently. we've had a front that's pushed its way further east knocking temperatures down. we think some very low figures for the likes of mongolia and a wintry mix that continues to work its way across the far north east. and we are still seeing some of that rain trickle down across the korean peninsula as well as 2 eastern areas of china. but we are still seeing some sunshine break through the cloud and patchy rain. it is going to get weather, however, for the likes of japan. it's been rather dry on saturday, but by sunday toko, we'll see some of that rain and it will turn cooler now was in the south and central asia. we are seeing a bit of a winter storm blow across our gun assigned, bringing some heavy snow to the likes of northern pakistan and india. but further south of us is the launch fine and dry picture, though air quality does remain an issue for new delhi. for the wet weather we have
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to head down to the south, we got somewhat of a swelling system. not really putting itself together to form into anything, but it is going to bring so very heavy rain to most southern areas in particular for chan. i, by the time we get to sunday some of those showers as well. pushing into sher lanka and the south of india to with sponsored by catch all day was hm. mm mm. oh, jesse with
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wow, ah ha, we're watching al jazeera. let's remind you of our top story is this our former u. s. president. donald trump has criticized the appointment of a special council to oversee investigations into him for the war crimes prosecutor jack smith will lead the probes. voting is underway right now in malaysia general election opposition. me the on what abraham cost his ballots and plan versus choosing from $945.00 candidates with the poles that to be the tightest since independence. in 1957 kenya's former president and rwanda's, nita have agreed on the need for fighters to withdraw from captured territory and east and democratic republic of congo. this as em 23 fighters have made major gains in recent weeks. melinda,
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it's from around the asia pacific region are gathering in bangkok for the 2nd day of the a tech summit. and trade talks have been overshadowed by north korea fighting firing, a ballistic missile on friday. the u. s. and south korea held, joined military drills, a few hours after that launch effect needed. also discussing inflation, climate change, and the pandemic speak. tony chang, he joins me now from bangkok. tony, the summit is now wrapping up. should we actually expect any big council? i don't think we're going to see anything big, but the fact that there's a noun, smith announcement, a tool i think is probably a good result. yesterday we saw those side by meetings about north crit, statements released by the united states and its allies condemning the firing of that in continental ballistic missile. we also saw a statement released by the apec secretariat about the war and ukraine,
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but very much word for word pretty much what we saw from the g 20, that most of the countries here in them, the actions of russia. but clearly, not the acceptance of russia and china who represented here, i think we'll, we can expect some kind of communicate at the end. but i think the big points of this meeting was that the, these people were able to come until. and the fact that it wasn't overshadowed like the other 2 big summer through the state in the past 7 days. it asked in the g 20 and bali by other issues, namely and the war in ukraine. i think the, the atmosphere here has been less charge. we've seen lots of bilaterals, there was the opportunity for chinese prison shooting thing down with his japanese counterpart, although we didn't have very much from that meeting was apparently pretty productive. and i think the fact that the tree is so many of these diplomats and leaders haven't been able to meet face to face. and they had this opportunity now
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not just here, but in bali. and penn beforehand has been a great opportunity for them to and out some of the many tensions that have been bubbling on the in this region. course. i think tyler will also be very keen to get this summit wrapped up. basically, you can probably see the very high state of security behind me. we've got a police barbed wire, a swat teams all around. we saw clashes protested try to get to the summit than you yesterday. they didn't get anywhere close. but i think people in bangkok be very happy to see the level of security step down. attorney chang, they across at summit for us in bangkok. thanks so much. tony. the now the 1st train to newly liberated across on has left ukraine's capital, restoring that crucial railing between the 2 cities. the journey is being called the train to victory and will arrive in the regional capital on saturday. what has
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have repaired damage tracks and carriages, which were vandalized by russian forces. the majority of ukraine israel network has remained operational during this war despite repeated attacks. meanwhile, the ukraine's prime minister says waves of russian missile strikes have crippled almost half the countries energy infrastructure. officials and keep wanting that a complete shut down of the city. the grid is possible and the un has warned of a humanitarian emergency because of power and water shortages. he was a man. vitale could skirt the preparations, are being made for rolling blackouts through winter. we have to prepare and have a lot of warm stuff we have mitigation reserve for mitigation, but will be very unusual. unusual station, we hope it's not happens, but we have to be prepared for that. as a bag has worn out from a snowy levine. in some cases, the temperature is already below 0 and that's
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a major concern for authority. president legend is left. you said there's about 10000000 people without electricity as just know for the main electricity provider has said that they're trying to keep the black at short and on schedule, many people around the country i've been experiencing those electricity records as russian strikes have targeted energy infrastructure in the last few days, some of the biggest massage beverages in this country has space since the sauce of the war world, allegedly, one of those missiles, at least, according to the korean, went over into poland until 2 people, the crane and the arguments back. it was a russian massage here from the farm and he says that they are now a part of the investigation and they want to be open and constructive. but what we're hearing from poland, the united states and nato, is that it's unlikely that was a russian we saw that went across the board to pull them until 2 people. it's more likely that it was one from the ukrainian defense,
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but the investigation isn't finished. but ukraine is adamant. beckett was a russian massage out in the country. there's a richer region, the missile strike on thursday. the death for that. when it hit the residential building has gone up to 10 and the nuclear power plant, the nuclear power plant, the russians occupied the class. the 3rd resolution urging russia its actions against the ton and thousands of palestinians and gaza has turned out to mourn the victims of a fire and 21. members of the family died when ablaze, engulfed their residential building while they were celebration a birthday on thursday. a wanting some due as may find some of the images in human hives report distressing. thousands, march carrying the bodies of 21 members of the family. all was killed by a fire at their home. in japan, your refugee camp most were children. this tragedy
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has affected everyone. we slipped through a terrible noise. i came home and family children crying out of grief and fear. may god have mercy on. but everything that happens in gaza is because of this blockade live within. the neighbors said the family had gathered to welcome home and celebrate the birthday of now, here were a ya who had just obtained his ph. d degree overseas. but shortly after neighbors heard screams and so smoke billowing from the apartments windows. some people try to enter the 3 story building, hoping to reach the family, but they were presented by the intense heat and many were injured. the 21 members of the opera, your family have died in the fire. now their bodies remain and separated as they are buried here together in the cemetery. israel, 16 years, see just garza and it's ty,
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restrictions on the interior of equipment in material has left the civil defense and fire department in the pipe territory with limited sources. eye witnesses, se deaths and lead to reason. none of the victims were said. police investigations also indicated patrick stored in there is dental home. if you will, the wire that was caused by a gas leak. most people in garza store fuel in their homes as winter approaches to provide he to during long power cuts. and i've been on the model cam in my lab. we express our full so derek with the entire beriah family and their relatives. and we can son that he and just israeli siege, that caused a lack of capability with a savell defense. and now the department is the major reason for the high number of victims in this tragedy. the policy and president mahmoud abbas and palestinian factions in gaza, and now to friday would be
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a day of morning for those who died. and they called for international pressure to m. israel bo kate, of the strip eunice, see it, al jazeera, gaza, and protest as in iran has gathered at the funerals of people who are killed during demonstrations this week. and is the mother of 9 year olds, count. her flock told the crowd that he was shot by security forces. state officials say the child was killed in a terror attack. human rights group say 343 people have been killed in the protests over the last 2 months. an airplane has caught fire off the hitting a fire truck on the runway of peruse lima international airport to fire fighters were killed when the last time airlines plane crashed and the moving truck, the across 102 passengers and 6 remembers escaped on homes. now you a silicon valley on something? yeah. elizabeth hollins has been handed a length
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a present sentence. a fraud had time as the caea of blood testing company fair enough for documentary books and television, many theories, robbins reports, theme disgrace, now prison, formerly high flying tech entrepreneur, elizabeth holmes, was sentenced through 11 and a quarter years in federal prison. on friday homes was convicted of fraud and conspiracy in january in pronouncing sentence, judge edward davila said, this is sad because miss holmes is brilliant. failure is normal, but failure by fraud is not okay. prosecutors had asked for 15 years in prison homes as lawyers asked for a much lighter sentence of 18 months of home confinement before sentencing homes. apologize saying she was devastated and full of regret. the 38 year old has one small child and is expecting another baby. homes founded thoroughness,
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a silicon valley start up that claim to have perfected technology that could diagnose a multitude of diseases with a single drop of blood. but the technology never worked. a fact, homes kept secret from wealthy investors, like fox owner, rupert murdoch, and oracles, larry ellison home set of persuasive ability and was able to recruit figures like former u. s. secretaries of state henry kissinger and george schultz to sit on thoroughness . his board, digging by investigative journalists, eventually revealed their noses, faker, re and the whole edifice collapsed 4 years ago. prosecutors also asked for hundreds of millions of dollars in restitution, but the judge deferred a decision on that till later. at the height of her fame, holmes, as company was worth $9000000000.00. she hobnob with politicians, celebrities and bill in airs, and the media treated her to numerous adoring articles. now it appears she will be
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spending time behind bars, although she's likely to appeal her sentence. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. ah, ah, just over a days ago now. and catherine is bracing itself an influx of football fan for the wild cup. many of them will come across the land border with saudi arabia. interrogating the reports. authority say they're expecting thousands of fans to cross to saudi cattle today in the coming days in the lead up to the match between saudi arabia and origin. tina on tuesday now they've overhauled the facility so they have created it in with car park by the asking people to bring their cars and park them. and what will happen then is that people, once they've been processed, will board pre buses all the way to doha city center. this is where people will
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come to have their id and passport checked, as well as their higher cards. this 22 counts is here for that to happen. they'll then put that bag through the scanner and beyond here is the bank of buses waiting to take them to day. how we spoke to a couple of people who've been through this process today. and this is what they had to say it's, it's really good, organized, people are weren't coming to help us on the process. part of it is really nice on st. just we are go, we're going to watch this by spin brush. also, we have a to my sound, we are so excited to, to watch this game and of course, pivot of play of that plan. and what do you say for the fan pair that well cut journey is finally underway. when they get on the road to cattle, they will see thousands of flags lining the root, the flags of the world, half of the nations that are participating. and they will really get a sense of the excitement that is.


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