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has to understand, i'm telling you i gave that life lies you around. well, i do, we look good. visitation of people like us in the pony and golden and higher aspects of society. generation change coming seen on al jazeera, from sports champion to bed bound or full trans investigates how the nfl escaped paying billions of dollars to former players suffered devastating brain damage playing americans most popular sports. i'm sorry you did die before 2015. go back to you and your family. i know where he got c t from football. when i looked at it it's all about his brain. be bruce. because the block force when you get playing a position blood sports on. i'm just eda ah if a chief johnny infant tino accused as western critics of hypocrisy
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a day before the world cup kicks off and transform into this. but the smaller lesson giving one side it's juicy. palmer's. ah. you're watching, i'll just 0 light from a headquarters in del i'm getting obligated also coming up. the 1st train from chief has arrived in 1st on a week after ukrainian forces, regain control of the city holes of clothes and what's being called malaysia as most unpredictable election. 3 alliances are battling for power. north korean leader kim jong owns daughter, appears in public for the 1st time inspecting a ballistic missile with her father.
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oh it's just one day to go to the start of the world cup here in katara and the president of football's world governing body has hit out of the critics of the tournament. johnnie infants, you know, suggested hypocrisy and inconsistency when the world focuses on issues in qatar. infant tina defended the treatment of migrant workers saying europe should not be giving what he calls moral lessons, such sabu of the migrant workers. if you allow me we are told many, many lessons from some europeans from the western world. i'm european actually i am european and i just, i feel european i think for what we europeans have been doing in the last 3000 years around the world. we should be apologizing for next 3000 years
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before starting to give moral lessons to people. this doesn't mean that we shouldn't point. edward doesn't work hidden carter as well. of course, there are still things that don't work and the need to be addressed. but this more lesson giving me one sided as just the focus polaris was more from that face briefing into ha, i think in frontier you know, the favorite president has really bristled out the criticism level that katha leveled at him. and he's really wanted to go on the attack against the media on the, on the eve of the world cup. he said that, you know, there have been problems that have been problems with human rights. but he says
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that it's been impossible to make any changes with our engaging that's just criticizing at a distance. maybe even though even having a world cup in council would not allow any of those issues to be addressed. he also pointed out that progress has been made on those issues. it's not perfect, but he said it's a process. the also set it apart, proceed on the part of the international media with various various wars and the european foreign policy over the last 3000 years. deserving of quite a lot of criticism as well. i think for the reaction in the room, maybe there's a bit of a feeling that, okay, that is true. but the international media has also criticized your, for example, for the was in iraq and afghanistan, they've not turned a blind eye to that, that, that rain governments have been doing. but i think also there is
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a feeling that maybe some of the criticism has been on. a lot of the criticism has been fair and a free media plays a role in highlighting the problems that johnny and fantine says paper. and catherine have been working on resolving when rossa invaded ukraine in february. the lives of millions of people were turned upside down. despite that, the national side just missed out on qualifying for the world cup. as where we challenged reports from european just outside key for many young people, football is a welcome distraction from the death and destruction when russian troops closed in on the key of suburb of opin in february, searcy and arena left their apartments and fled. it was april before russia abandoned its push on cliff and the family ventured home again. go mister the baltimore sir. bonham was admitted of gleaton when we return,
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so we found a burnout kitchen and a shall department. here are the remains of a cottage, there went through 2 walls, but fortunately, did not catch fire or in warner. what can the place his uninhabitable. but others had it worse as a door to door young j, as in the just before and pin was liberated, one of the neighbors was killed and we weren't allowed to bury him immediately. his body lay next to the other captured people for several days. and it was 3 days later before he was buried in the yard rebuilding has begun, but help him still bears deep scars at a mortar damage. sports club saggy is back to his job, teaching kids football edition, assailable. that's my job. he tells me these boys have been through hell like him, many lost their homes and fled for through the trauma. and the turmoil, football was a constant. another course i swore oh
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for bulls get them in the morning wherever they are, the boys look for bullying. excuse their relief and away to distract himself. sure . foot boys their favorite thing in life. you can destroy homes and stadiums. conversely, you cannot destroy their love for football and they're going to become football players. all parents watch from the sidelines. the war goes on. but this is a semblance of normality, at least one of the eloquent to learn the children wanted to return home, meet the coach in their relatives as soon as possible. i think football is amazing . children need as much joy, fun and time with their friends as possible. and of course, like millions, if not billions of people around the world, their eyes are on the world cup and capital. but unfortunately, the national team hasn't qualified for capital 2022. so there'll be no ukraine playing there and blue and yellow that football is still helping bring this
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traumatized water country back together. and the kids know who they're supporting. engel and my favorite is spain. my favorite team in my for countries, portugal to rory challenz to 0 here in ukraine saying in ukraine and russia soon i had visited the country for the 1st time since becoming britain's prime minister. he met the ukrainian president and keep on saturday followed the marizza landscape. said they discussed important issues are both there countries on global security. so 1st and you came to supply a 125 m p aircraft guns, and technology to counter iranian may drones operated by russian forces continue supporting your fight to get grain out of ukraine. and it, it is a testament to you, lot of that you have kids so deeply about how this conflict affects the rest of the
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world. we are also working to mobilize private finance to help you rebuild your country. and i look forward to hosting a reconstruction conference in london next summer. the 1st train to the newly retaken city of her son has arrived from keys. the rail linked to the strategically important southern city has been restored. 9 months since russia invaded in february, her son was the 1st major region to be retaken to be taken. it remains under russian forces until earlier this month. most of ukraine's trains have continued to operate during the war despite repeated attacks. hundreds of ukrainians rushed to get aid and press on freedom square. the red cross distributed food and other essential supplies. the city is slowly recovering from russia occupation, but it lacks water and electricity produced. what scared us most was the prospect of someone who wrapped in you all for having a pro ukrainian position. you'd be taken to a prison. you could go outside and never come back. i was pregnant for the war started now there is no heating,
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so we need to warm up somehow. i and i sleep fully dressed with my head on because my head is always cold for 10 days with been cut from the heating ukrainian prosecutors are investigating possible war crimes in the harrison region. they're examining villages destroyed during the russian occupation. investigators say many civilians were killed before the towns were retaken, but the death toll is unknown in currents present to the cues. russian soldiers are committing atrocities in 1st on holes of clothes, the malaysia, and what's been called the most competitive election in the country's history. 3 main alliances are battling for power. the nation's been dogged by political instability with 3 prime ministers in the last 4 years. florence louis reports from columbia. some had been standing in line and hour before poles opened. the 6000000 new voters because of automatic voter registration and because the
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voting age has been lowered to 18, squeezed by the rising cost of living. many vote to say the economy is one of their main concerns for the future, where they send educators to increase 3 oppertunity are back to environmentally living will for everyone else for funding coming generation economic, what's important is the economy to get rid of corruption and bribery and voting for my children's future. and of course, malaysia, though most of the craft is a major issue. the top ranks of one of the main contenders varies a national or national front is tainted with corruption. they were voted out in the last election, but made a political come back as part of a new alliance after the previous government collapsed because of infighting and defection. the main opposition, the alliance of hope is hoping to repeat the electoral victory in 2018. then the,
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the national alliance, a relatively new partnership. they feel accused of encouraging the defection which led to the collapse of the previous government. and i think the considerations that people would meet now would be rich if the more fitting government, rather than where do i cost my protest vote, or redway express my dissatisfaction analysts regardless as malaysia the most competitive election. it's also one of the most difficult to call. some surveys predict the opposition will take the most seats, but not enough to form government on its own. the question of who lead malaysia may still not be clear, even after all votes have been counted. florence louis al jazeera quality port. bridget, well, just from the university of nodding and malaysians asia research institute. and earlier i asked her about the high turnout and how that could affect the outcome. we've seen, you know, over 70 percent. and we're expecting that that will,
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that figure will increase when the final number comes in. and we've seen the lines full of young people that the young people of this country have taken this election very seriously. and they've come out to vote, especially in the peninsula. right. and in terms off the parties who are battling for power, what we understand is that the main battle will be between the long ruling united malays national organization and the opposition leader and are abroad, heem? what do you expect to happen there? i think we're abraham's packets and higher, bonner, the alliance of hope has, has secured the most seat. of course we're waiting to hear, the coding has begun, so we will get a sense of the amount of tally. i think the big surprise will be what happens with the old alliance and national alliance, or virus, and national. i think whether not they're able to kind of have a rebound to the last bit, or whether or not they were actually lose seats. and they've not perform well during the campaign, but we also see the emergence of another coalition. and
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a lot of young people are voting for this coalition. and so we can see, we'll see how many seats they're able to secure. so we the 3 cornered race which makes this particular election in more competitive than in any recollection in history. so if no single party wins, then what are we looking at next? well, we've seen malaysian history that there have been to hung state parliament states families both in a place called pair rock and kinda so there are precedence for this. so i think what the normal precedent is that the person or the coalition that has the most seats is asked to form the government. and i think we will see negotiations, particularly because regional coalitions are expected to do well into and the 2 areas of borneo sub on our walk. so we expect to have negotiations beginning, but after whoever is one the most seats is called and asked the former government. and as for the voters who are coming out, what's at stake for them is simply all about the economy this time around. i think
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it's not just about the economy, but i definitely feel that this is a very important issue for especially for younger voters. but i would say that it's not just about that. there are issues of stability and those that have supported our bond is wanting to have that kind of better more political reforms, a better governance issues of corruption, all of these things mel together. and i think we've seen a very exciting campaign, especially in the last week. so had on al jazeera, this horrendous abuse of power is the latest of a long series of which us, why donald trump is heading out at the u. s. justice department and has millions go hungry and madagascar, we look at what's or oh, is responsible. ah,
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there'll be some flooding in vietnam, took the sullen vietnam, and maybe, especially in hopes, you mean cities that arc of cloud is part of the circulatory system that's been developing over the rather warm south china sea. so the orange top suggest persistence and heaviness. it stretches up this fond also, missed the philippines and you follow that line dance. we put it in militia to singapore and sumatra as the wet areas of the last week or so. their daily shafts east of that but to the north at the northeast monsoon is setting in that normally gives you the cold, stable winter in east asia. last some rain every now and again is rain cutting away by monday from japan have been given to went sunday. but look at the time sheet. you think that she that does look a bit higher and you be right to the higher than the average here they've come down in the air is south the anc. see where they are really hot. recently boylen now 24 . so they're coming up once again. i think as the warmth has been put into the ground, just give it a day without rain or cloud. it might warm up
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a little bit above the average, but it will get cold. asked for india this eastern side kitty is going to be at risk of the incoming slow moving circulation in the bay of bengal. sion eyes the focus they'll be more. st flooding was the last time i think ah, with lou
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lou. hello again. the top stories on al jazeera fee for chief johnny infants. he knows that using western critics of hypocrisy when it comes to katara with kick off for the 2022 football world cup. just one day away, infant tino defended the treatment of migrant workers, saying europe should not be giving what he calls moral lessons. rushes to knock has visited ukraine for the 1st time since becoming britons prime minister. he told the ukrainian president the u. k. will supply anti aircraft guns on technology to counter iranian may drones operated by russian forces. poles have closed and what's a crucial election for malaysia? it's expected to be the tightest race since independence. more than 60 years ago,
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madagascar as famine last year was set to be the world's 1st disaster induced by climate change. many disagree with that assessment instead or blaming poverty and poor governance. either way, millions of people are facing acute hunger. mcclark reports from iraq and southern madagascar. when crops consistently failed, you take what you can find. who cares if normally only cattle lead characters and boiled up, it fills a gap for a while. the hot own was as an a t and it had been antar pulled the she she, the village is in a very bad situation. no food, no water. i. that is the biggest issue in this region. we need help to solve this because people are living on cactus. that's all there is a run ha. in the regional capital of amber von bay, a woman has brought her 7 month old daughter to hospital after she became seriously ill with diarrhea and vomiting to hon. it's 0. i the i how may i live on the market?
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look at them in every day with what the bigger up along the road like with cactus fruits. yeah, i'm exhausted and i just can't westfield my baby because i'm so hungry. i have no make in my prayers enough. if there was no food, you just rec, woods, and slim in here in the mail nutrition unit, they're preparing for big influx in december and january. we're going into what is called the the lean season. so it's a time when it's very difficult for families to grow their own food harvester on food. there's a lack of rainfall we expect cyclones to start appearing sometime in the new year. and so in this is the time and families are really forced to forage for food. and so there are estimates that around $480000.00 children between now and february, april of next year, may need to be treated for acute malnutrition. ah, it's not that the food isn't there in above always market, you wouldn't think times are hard,
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but these goods are mostly imported into the region and spiraling prices, push them well out of reach of the poor. hundreds of thousands across madagascar depend on outside support from the lights of water aid and the world food program. here the government is delivering fertilizer and seeds to farm and they need all the help they can get. but if there's no rain, no amount of fertilizer will i'm the melodic is on a didn't need to hello. so our soil is fertile. but when there's no rain, things this cassandra die, i think in the future it will be a desert hair. i think the next generation will have nothing to eat. i will die young. now the un cool. the simon here back in 2021. the 1st time in tours in the world solely by climate change. but a lot of people disagree with that. they say it's down to poor governance and to poverty. the truth, i think it's a combination of all 3 climate change that it's wreaking havoc around the world,
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calling devastation here in madagascar. poverty, 90 percent of murder, gaskins live in poverty and poor governance inside and outside the country. for the people, though, it's all irrelevant for them these times simply known as katie, the hung nick clark al jazeera iraq exam. former us president donald trump has hit out at the decision to appoint a special counsel to oversee to us justice department investigations. jack smith will lead the inquiry into trumps a legit efforts to overturn the 2020 election results and into his handling of classified documents. after leaving office, smith's appointment comes just days after trump announced he'll run for president again in 2024. i disco castro has more a special council investigation means the federal government criminal proves into former president donald trump will have a new boss that will be jack smith,
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a former top justice department attorney, currently working for the international criminal court at the hague. smith will return to washington as special council to take over the investigations into trumps efforts to overturn the 2020 election results an trumps handling of national security documents. after he left office. the special council will have day to day autonomy in the ongoing cases. taking the investigation out of the justice department's normal chain of command us attorney general merit garland said, given trumps announcement this week, that he's entering the 2024 presidential race. a special counselor is the only way to lessen the appearance of a conflict of interest. allan, but based on recent developments, including the former president's announcement that he is a candidate for president in the next election. and the sitting president stated intention to be a candidate as well. i have concluded that it is in the public interest to appoint
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a special council. this horrendous abuse of power is the latest of a long series of witches started a long time ago. his belief in american strength and his commitment to american speaking from a moral law go gala hours after the special council announcement, trump accused the bite and is ration of political attack. the corrupt and highly political justice department just appointed a super radical left special council. better referred to as a special prosecutor. this is a rig deal just as the 2020 election was rigged and we can't let them get away with it. we can't do it. we cannot let this happen dorky. the white house has consistently declined to discuss investigations involving trump abided spokesperson said the president had not been involved in the decision to appoint a special counsel. it might not have been strictly necessary at this early stage.
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but merrick garland is a, by the books kind of attorney general, he's extremely cautious and he wants any indictment that comes down regarding donald trump's actions to be beyond reproach. the accused or part of this group smith, who previously led justice department prosecutions of democrats and republicans for corruption, is described as an apolitical. and by the book prosecutor, he'll be under pressure to complete the trump investigations quickly and decide whether to recommend criminal charges against the former president. heidi jo castro al jazeera washington. the reuters news agency is reporting that electric car company. tesla is recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the u. s. more than 320000 model 3 and model why cars with possible faulty tail lights are affected. the company says it has no reports of any accidents related to the
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problem. the north korean leader kim jong and has revealed his daughter to the world. her existence had never been publicly confirm before these images are merged . the photos show the 2 hand in hand inspecting a long range weapon. north korea test, fired, or why song? 17 intercontinental ballistic missile on friday. robert kelly is an associate professor at tucson national university. he says the decision to release the images could suggest kim's daughter might one day become north korea's next leader, north cruise monarchy. right? it's ruled by the cam family. and there have been 3 events with the 3rd one. we anticipate that if the current kim were to pass away, that the leadership would pass to a blood relative. now it's never been the case, it's rarely the case and i'll talk or see that you have succession go from a male to a female. so the daughter is actually the chosen when that would actually be sort of a pretty unique moment, but still my sense is that's probably some of the political backdrop for this right
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decision began to show that kim has a family and that these, the people who would would take over if, if you were to pass ways were pointing out that, you know, he had health care in the past and he's pretty obese, obviously, heavy smoker. and this is how his father passed away to from health crisis from his alcoholism. and so my guess is that there's some concern inside the regime that once the kids are old enough, they need to work at the pictures gone. and so that's probably what the people living in china's capital had been asked to stay home. the code 1900 infections rise, officers have once again closed and participation and no dining is allowed and restaurants . strict measures are taking a tool on the economy and fueling public frustration. the government says it's committed to it 0 cover policy. large areas of the northeastern united states around the great lakes are receiving heavy snowfall. the governor of new york state has declared a state of emergency. the weather service says more than a meter of snow could fall by sunday, with some area is experiencing near 0 visibility. meteorologists call the weather
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lake effects notes created when cold air picks up moisture from the relatively warm or lake. nepal is due to hold federal elections on sunday. hundreds of parliamentary seats are being contested. veteran politicians are considered the front runners, but there are more independent candidates than ever before. or on or below. has this report from catman to a last ditch effort to voters soon sammy joined supporters on a bike ride around kuchma and do or he's running for a seat in parliament, just other did he. but even when it, he goes to some set seized many times, but people circumstances, evans improved. that isn't, is dec uses the same legacy. and now it's important to break that legacy on line. a campaign called no, not again, as in no to traditional politicians, has gained traction. in local poles in may, a number of candidates from major political parties last to independence. one of
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the biggest winters wrapper and now mir cartman due balance shot. the growing movement is being referred to as abandoned effect. your net out at the saying we need young leaders. the old leaders haven't done anything. we want to give the young people a chance error. 10 administrations have come and gone since the end of the monarchy in 20 o 8. the top contenders have served as prime minister multiple times. none of the parties that have one elections have finished their 5 year term. there are more than 2400 candid is buying for 100. 65 directly elected parliament seats of that number more than 800 are running us independence. that's to record for elections. the core years have been dominated by well entrenched the politicians. what is too early to tell whether the political tide is turning? sammy is confident of victory, but analysts say the new comers may be popular in the cities and among young voters,
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but they have not been able to make inroads in the countryside. so when you look at the oven areas, you see a lot of social media action happening. when you go to the, the villages you go to fire places there. their demands. are we need villas over here. you know, we need, ah, water and i tapped my daughter, sammy says his platform is no different, but he maintains his opponents. promises are empty and has assured borders that he isn't just paying lip service. lack happens. what i'm offering are things that have been pending. the people would have been satisfied if their constitutional and fundamental rights of education as like employment with mit. oh yeah, no matter who wins and say these elections have proven that there is hope for change. it may not happen now. but there are science a new generation of leaders could govern nepal. one day barnett below al jazeera kaufman, do ah.


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