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tv   First Nations Frontline Black Butterflies The Cost of Going Green  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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over t real to dance transition to democracy, some donors have reduced humanitarian assistance assistance that helped as heavy a jamal get her 4 year old twin daughters out of malnutrition when she started visiting with center iraq. going with the lad that when that i did that year i had learned delsey. i come here every week to get nutritional food that they give to children. it has helped them a lot. the health has improved uneasily. masada organizations such as the world food program say more needs to be done to help those in need much us. yes. funding has to reduce quite thomas some of the door knows how steptoe they've been able to meet our critical groups. it's just about the needs keep increasing. more aid is expected to arrive, but not until next year. and their fears, the number of people in need of support will have risen by van. he bow morgan,
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alta 0 fort sedan. ah, this is al jazeera, these, he had help stories. an explosion at a bus station in west jerusalem is killed at least one bass and an injured several others trailer police say the explosive device was inside a bag. shortly afterwards, a 2nd explosion, injured 3 people. alan fisher has more from west jerusalem though it's been several years since we've seen attacks like this on the transport system in jerusalem. you can see just looking behind me how busy these boss stops can be. and we know know that the police are going to be big, that every single one of these, hollis, what bus stocks across the city. and every single dog that is capable of snipping out explosives, has been activated in israel. and they will be carrying out random searches on the transport system here in jerusalem as well. there has been
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a security meeting in the last couple of hours headed by the prime minister. and also a number of politicians have said it's time for a strong response. officials in take e, a say they've hit nearly 500 kurdish targets in northern serious and sunday stripes . follow last week's bombing. and his stumble for which takia blames kurdish armed group. the p k. k. at least 5 people have been killed in a shooting at a mosque in kabul. pretty savvy attack happened during morning prayers. 2 suspects have been arrested. poor weather is hampering search and rescue efforts in indonesia after the earthquake. this struck west java province. on monday, the shoals say at least 268 people have been confirmed dead us retail chain. wal mart says it's shocked by a shooting at one of the stores in virginia gunman open fire a supermarket in chesapeake killing at least 10 people,
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enjoying many more native is not yet known. and the u. s. supreme court has cleared the way for donald trump's tax returns be released to a democrat lead house committee. the court denied the former president's application to block the treasury from turning over the files. those are the headlines. nice continues here and out there on to fascinations frontline, what's going on in vladimir putin's mind right now? could this war go new player is being on that front team, the golden ticket to electro victory? can americans agree on any immigration policy? is there a middle ground between 0 tolerance and open border? the quizzical look us politics the bottom line ah. ready ready
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ah, moving on to our 1st presentation of this session, mika kaufman, and if the chair on the civic is reindeer, her community homeowner is an advocate of the family right. in the context, climate change wants to raise awareness of the consequences or the culture of investment made in the name of the green transition. there is a warm, green worm birch wor it eats the leaves from the purchase, and if there will be too many of them, they eat all the leaves from the trees till the trees tie the birch warm. it becomes a butterfly that is white or great. 150 years ago during the industrial
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revolution in england, there came black butterflies from the birch worms because the birches got black and white. butterflies could have survived there were easy prey for those so they adapted themselves and became black and living joke much. i think you all have heard about that girl of mine 22nd of march. that decision came from the sleeves come down on. i still felt bad fog here in the all the all with all this movie, different grown. i'm certainly up and they say that they must open this mine in the name of the green transition. some people am our think, or i know i speak for all of us, we call it the black translation. and my worst fear is that we are going to see these black butterflies in our area.
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ah, mm mm. mm, mm mm, i am the chairman for said against army community, the largest sam, a community in sweden, in number or ranges, area and members. we all in the school law in the east part of funded anthem national park. the ranges fall of the reimbursement they migrate in winter time, the ranges want to migrated to the east and in the spring, then we moved to the west. the remove here till the summer grazing area was me. i
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have my family. i'm shallow. my wife's alida, our daughter, who's goes to our oldest son and osler, our youngest son, my mother and father and their parents. the only thing they talked about it was ranges. i didn't realize it until i started to school that every people had ranges . a i used to say a bad day among the ranges. it's better than a good day somewhere else. the highlight of the year for old, the sammy community, it is the coff marketing. every
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ranger has an owner in the koran. then you look for your own ranges and almost every member in the family community has their own personal marketing in the ear. for the way you see the female reindeer, who has a call that is a mark you're looking for a female, or this is you recognize who is the owner of the range. and then you catch the call from all the calls with the same. give me a 2nd or wait one thing i'm very proud of is that we don't use helicopters when we do the ranges. it is like our green transition. we have gone back to walk. easier to communicate with the younger people. we walk my
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daughter, she's the chair woman over the some used to organizations i'm proud to be around to have this culture that i had and i'm going up with but of course you have a lot of fights. you hesitate, we are leaving very natural resources and many people want to have them they say that we can leave the side by side, but they can leave by our side. but we can come by their side because we are the ones who have to adapt ourselves and we can't do it anymore. the 1st time we heard about this plans about mine, it was about 10 years ago. that summer of 2013 changed a lot of my own new on sweden as
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a country that said that that stands up for the human rights and but in the real, it felt that it's, it's not all the humans who are accounted in those rights ah, we had a meeting in the city hall in 2012, then i was and i'm still, i was a member of the city council. we were listening at this british company who was presenting this project. they had one piece of rock from, galloped that they passed around this room and we were standing and looking like it was a rock from the moon. and they were talking about this great project and what boost
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the plans had for them to move to our community. and everything was like a 2nd meeting, everything was positive is like hollow louis up. i may say the least, you know, municipality would survive without a mind because people are moving away from here and they need jobs. i used to ask has anyone ever thought about how many jobs we we lose? the only thing that's going to happen, they're going to get enemies will be each other. this is going to be like a fight between reindeer herders and my work. and i don't want that to happen. we live in a very good instability in many faith to be
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a family rate. i right now we, we are standing in front of guy, look the which is over there. and this is also a place that is very typical sweden, because now we are standing on an area that belongs to the to get some of the sandy village where they have the rangers and you see the areas so complete the clear caps. and that's just one of the industries that are, are working here for the, for the whole amount of guns, cuz i'm all this autism and fell, taught, and things. and i still have the coldness i yeah. and we me and so caught up to be in p at i don't mean all in the hall over time expertise. i don't mean on behold into swati ball. that's not going l markers up front in, in mark not i think that in the green transition,
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you can't kill the planet to safe or you must also give the nature that the space to rest that we are driving to the ground 0. the struggle against is this mind because right now we are where the mind will be i think what we are seeing here today is one of the colonization with that has continued on our lands in marsh. in this year, the swedish government took this decision to say, k for this project, it was
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a decision that i, i can't even today understand right now we are in the rainy hurting area. that is, belongs to yoga scott. so this is a place where the the rangers, so if the sammy scofield luca, find their food for the winter. what will happen to the ranges of yahoo, sca when they don't have this area and him more. where will they go? you also see how close it is to the water. the nature is so much more than just a place where you get income for shareholders far away. it's the library of my people where all the storytelling telling comes from you can fit on the, on a hail in the mountains. and you know, that's what you are seeing. it's the same thing that your ancestors so for may be 500 years ago or 1000 years ago.
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this is let's see hydropower, dan. it is the part of the little lunar river. they had one problem is when they made this hydropower dime and it was that they got the shed should get eternal rights to fish in the river. and this is what they got. the most part of the electricity goes down to the southern part of sweden. not too much of the money stays here in this area. the forest, the mines. all you see here. this is like a colony folder. so portal sweden, awe sweden is
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so holding up a picture that they don't, didn't have any clone history, but they, they have it. and that's something that is continuing to day people. maybe they think that we are against this green transition and that, that we don't want to like to prevent the climate change. but that's what we want to do because we want to be able to continue with our lives and our render hurting . but the green transition isn't that green for us because we aren't being a part of it to is not a justice in it. i would say that our respect, our opinions and our voices in this that this is actually affecting our and under waters. and we have been here for many, many years. so it's not the we that no one lives here and it's children. and in the northern part of sweden, for the mining company it is, it's only
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a jump for them. so when the day is over, they can only they can go home. and meanwhile, we have to still 5 for that. i, we have been on demonstrations. we have that in writing articles, collaborating with other organizations to get this question more and more people know about this in sweden and internationally. listening enough, he came off to his son, most of the in the whole a come scope of these still from his friends before killing our 000-0000
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yeah. ah i love your little chicken true. do the combat or at least get about playing y'all. y'all told me not to call mobile and a half that, so we'll get into means metal b covertly without having that from you. hilton is joe, said he,
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we all us at this company still billed on the phone. they thought think town factors to the left, the for some extra stamps, the have to give you well the, to your, the for believe i job. i have, ma'am. if, when you put us at the mall, toyota tundra, mostly on a map from our toll of called tom. and he happened that close to another media presence laying a family. ah, i'm going to meet my good friend and colleague last, almost passion. he's a ranger heard and is going to tell me about the impact from mining because i don't know so much about it, but he has quite good experience from the had a little eskoville. dish the media
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well yeah, i don't know. the for sure. get meaning or monday they thought about this have you had who they said noon? i've been pretty scary to like the fact it all, but it did all too much thought, but i the fixed motor and may be this, this going to be this can be and going to move. i called a group that's going to be i don't recall may be a fix you found to think it was not going to take him to the my told me 11 minutes to feed. i mean, the main thing to do, like it will have a meeting in the city will have a good internet to put a phone and i was wanting a record of that. i thought enough for him to call it is took me there's a whole lot to still left. should that lottery adult day?
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i'm saying, don't say you are today in the queue, but dr. manish, we're going to want to see the hope but so i meant something that most of them a lot of least they had some of my money to hold and let them know if i'm able to leave. not a problem doesn't negative. and what to do, i spell it out, a bad groove on the phone on thing all on there must have been the phone rang, cut us through one tardy and i'm out of get also going to your for the preferred again, crew and me to hold as well, because holden, me to do the manual, leave a big stuff one, leave leave and, and get my hold on for this. got really, really nice. yeah. i'll, i'll let upon sort of driven the car up through fidelity and seeing okay,
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you've been on the roll and the mark. and i said that it was taught and say there were a disorder test. the still too much else is due to his comment for him and i been awfully store the hit. the suck i out of the air not will be on the bully than hollis din. i'll fall conflict that had a full wanted all enough on groove on a dumb days on a summer he night mom the but i called madame that somebody's org from from doesn't very well they. he said,
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and i've heard listen out there for the rest of the bottle, picked for them. think what they're doing and think the killers to try to handle the firewall. we did to smooth it through a day if your child is so hard to follow. so mean um for man differ from all that, that about of you or scott, my life on port lucy to that as well. but that's not bad. i mean, if i'm good rental miss crawford, i want to go ahead or if we all that and then some some music at roberta knows it moved and i think this person is the
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model. the 1st order, simply so much on that and there's a whole, there's a whole notion out. so can i settle that they had a set of order for that amount? that's not the least amount of can hello not a man. don't tar appropriate a send. i'm not beat down to somebody for the company to go and then call them back or let them know what color mccourt caught out for
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a lot of me who said that it doesn't go on the go. you have anthony now. i have from i don't think it'll be for me to get a controlled tool and it will be love to have some news . blessed almost told me that he lives 40 kilometers away from mine. and sometimes it comes to us to have home in if they will be a mind hearing catalog,
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it is about $25.00 to miss west of what i leave. then. now i'm convinced i will move because i can't stand to live here. if the dust cloud comes here, the many questions, what happens to the peace in the lake they have only 200 meters to a lake? is it possible to eat the fish in this like you could possibly be the piece in the old river? and what happens with the rain is when they eat this polluted lation, what scares me is that that they, we have any answers to that than it's too late. we have been living for about 10 years with adult cloud blue sky. now the dark cloud cloud is doing over us
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we're going to give it to when we're living in this so we will, we can't be quiet about that. the kid always talk about it until it's maybe too late or until it gets the result. ah, look, i get the western i get, they were minding is limits lacking love the music that i get start to give them that mean by most of the ducal like yeah,
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the golden must. a got us kumasi. he had some, a limb. boards eliminated him also lesandra aid. ah, i won't, in the future if there will be a mine, my children shall know, but they have done everything to stuff. so they will not blame us for, for destroying the opportunities for rendered hurting in this area. ah, so that's very important from you that my children should know that we my generation with everything that we could ah,
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