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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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day now the organizing committee says in terms of bookings on the official cut, our 2022 portal on pete days. there are about 100000 booking. that number is expected to increase as much as 30 percent by the time the tournament begin. in just a year, the u. s. government sent thousands of asylum seekers back to hate. if you take to the sea, you will not come to the united states. wish in the back end, i don't see the money period. part in the full floods follows the lives of some of those deported. these people are just trying to have a better lives. no country for haitians. on a jesse you ah,
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this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm tom mccrae. this is the news. how alive from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes? russian missiles targets you crimes, power grid, triggering blackouts as far as neighboring moldova, to explosions during morning. rush hour and whisk jerusalem, kill one person, and enjoy at least 18 others. families in indonesia. barry the day after mondays, powerful is quite that kills more than 270 people in west java. the u. k. supreme court shuts down the scottish parliament but to hold another independence referendum. and we have all the action from the men's football world cup where japan pulled off a surprise when against for time champions, germany ah,
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ah, we begin and you cried, we have russian missiles have targeted the nation's power crit, large parts of the country. and now without electricity, as winter said, sen, this has affected the even neighboring, moldova, where half of the nation has been plunged into darkness. in ukraine's capital cave officials say at least 6 people were killed when russian air strikes targeted a residential building where he chelan says in cave. he tells us more about the power outages than the capital. well, pretty much every city in ukraine tonight has a skyline, a backdrop that looks broadly similar to the one behind me at the moment. as you can see, the barrier lights on anywhere across here. tonight, down on the streets, the only lights you really see all the tale and headlights passing cause street lights not working at all. the only lights you can see behind me are the ones that
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are powered by diesel generators. the buildings lucky enough to have those still have power still have heat spurts across much of the country across most of the city. people are shivering in darkness in their apartments and their homes, and it's a very cold night tonight. so the credit is saying that the number of missiles launched across the country, 71. in total, they said that about 50 of those were shut down by ed offenses. that is, of course, something that is pleasing for them, but you know, the number they got through still did enough damage to cause the site, the se behind me. now, this is a situation that you were having to be dealing with since october the 10th, when the russian started to target energy infrastructure in a made way. since then, there have been successive waves of missile attacks. at the moment, we're looking at least 24 hours of power outages for much of the country. there are
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2 nuclear power stations in the south that have been taken offline. they're running on emergency procedures. at the moment, president lensky has said that he wants to call for an emergency meeting of the un security council to discuss the latest round of miss alt attacks on the country. julia kaz debina is the head of the think tank ukrainian foundation for security studies. she's in krakow and poland and join us now. thank you so much for being on the fuse. our is, 1st of all, do you think that russia has had to resort to attacking infrastructure like we've seen, because it hasn't been able to defeat ukraine on the battlefield? yes, absolutely. this is rochelle static to actually try to force ukraine to negotiation . so they call it because russia current, they need urgency needs to stop the fighting, to regroup, and to actually prepare for another's tribe and ukraine fighting ukraine. gifts
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pushing russia back and reasoning was able to refrain was able to recapture as strategically important city of her son. and now after several months of losing president, needs to present at least some sort of victory to his people. and so she is getting his orders to bombard ukraine and ukrainian critical infrastructure so that she can present ukrainian surrender to his people at this point. the targets the infrastructure targets, do you think that they are legitimate military targets? or are they more of big use to, i guess uses a scare tactic against the ukrainian people in so that it's a terrorist doctor used by the russian federation to actually try to share the granular people and also tried to force them and just to render. so basically it's an attempt, so she could russian political goals by the, by the terrorists,
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doctors attacked attacking printing and civilian infrastructure. and actually today the european parliament adopted the resolution calling russia country, sponsor terrorism. and the 2nd political decision that was adopted the international level, and i think the crane should be pushing for more resolutions like this because what russia is doing is absolutely unacceptable. it clearly cannot win in the battlefield, but it's resorting to terror against late cranium. civilians might be unacceptable, but is it working especially with winter, you know, about to sit in it's actually not working. and if you remember, as early as september of this year when russia just started bombarding ukrainian critical infrastructure president, the landscape made the speech. which resonates until now was the most of the
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craniums living back there. and she said she was addressing president, who can, she was addressing russian and russia russian. then he was saying that, you know, read my lips. what does our choice to be without the electricity or to be without you the choices to be without you? what are it's to be without gas or without you? it's to be without use. so basically what you're graham's, this for the call the nation of the kids long struggle for independence from russia . and so this message from the master is a late and resonate a very strongly and people understand that this is going to be very difficult when people are embracing for this one or they are buying diesel generators. they're moving to countryside restaurants, for example. they get their own generators and so people from neighboring buildings go to those restaurants so that they can work. they can use ensuring that the government is to building out heat up coins for people where they can come and get
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some get warm and charge their phone. so people understand this is going to be very difficult or but the mood is now we're going to keep quieting incredible. ukrainian spirit. thank you so much for your time. and you inside that said juliet kiss debina the hit of the think tank ukrainian foundation for security studies. thank you. a many as a leader has accused the russian lead security alliance of failing to come to his country's aid during its war with as a by schon, russian president vladimir putin, is in mania for a meeting of the collective security treaty organization. or c s t o, it is made up of 6 former soviet states as a by sean is not me about the russia has been to keep back of menia police in israel say to coordinated attacks, killed a teenager, and injured at least 800 people. and with jerusalem,
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it follows weeks of tensions between israeli forces and palestinians after nightly rates in the occupied whist bank. ellen fisher reports from west jerusalem. this is the 1st explosion, silent on video, but deadly. at least one person killed at a jerusalem bus station, 14 others injured is really police believe a bag containing explosives was left at the scene and detonated from some distance by mobil 4 in a short time later across the city in the suburb of remote. a 2nd explosion, this time explosives packed into a motorbike, the metal guardrail taking most of the blast, absorbing nails and bolts wrapped around it to cause maximum casualties. police believe these were coordinated attacks. it's been years since there's been attacks like these on the transport system in jerusalem. a very dangerous development, say government and security officials. israel security minister visited both scenes
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for an update, and as he left, he spoke to al jazeera very, eh, difficult, if i may say terrorist attack to terrorist attack, there's no question that the, that there was a synchronization between them, where they was want, or ish, or several terrorists, we don't know yet, but i'm sure that we will find them. we'll catch them dead or alive. it might may take days or weeks, but we will catch them. both areas are blanketed by security cameras. footages no been reviewed. even the smallest detail is being scanned for clues, the explosions follow months of tensions in the occupied west bank between israelis and palestinians, and deco a series of attacks on the transport system between 2002005 security patrols and buses have now been stepped up the palestinian group, hamas speaking from gasser, praised the attacks, but stopped short of seeing it was behind them. the man expected to be appointed,
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the new security minister and the next cabinet ultra nationalist politician. it em are been given called for a hard line against those behind the attack against it's of league vote mccue. we have to strike price for this terrorism. i say clearly, we need to back up our soldiers and now policeman and returned the killing and got those responsible. what about the buses were soon back running as normal. but the feeling in the city after the twin attacks is anything but alan fisher, al jazeera west jerusalem. ronnie as a bonnie has more on the palestinian response to the attacks. so far we didn't hear from the palestinian authority and it's unlikely we'll hear from them. not before the, the failure authority point, fingers to perpetrators. this is mainly because earlier this year, there were a couple of attacks in which perpetrators where palestinian is to eighty's in those cases. usually the p a remains silent. we've heard, however,
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from mass flemming to had the popular front for the liberation of palestine and the democratic front for the liberation of palestine. all commending the attack saying it natural result for the ongoing israeli crimes and violations against palestinians. now this kind of attack is something we haven't seen, not in jerusalem, and at least 1015 years. we've seen stabbings ramming even shootings that were mainly carried out. why so called longwood stores or palestinians who are often times not belonging to known factions that carry out those attacks. but let me remind our viewers that. so for this here we've seen 148 palestinians killed vice really forces in nablus today. a funeral took place for a 16 year old palestinian killed during confrontations with the 3 forces that traded nablus. also we've seen a high number of them are, listens more than 700 structures palestinian structures that is where demolished
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and occupied the west bank mainly on the pretext of lack of permit. this is just to give you an idea about the number of violations carried out by 3 occupation forces and occupied west bank all happening at a time where a very young palestinian population sees no prospect or hope for a better future officials and took here say they have had nearly 500 kurdish targets in northern sirius since sunday took. he is president of reach of ty of edwin, has told parliament that he is more determined than ever to secure the southern border. the defense ministry says at least 250 members of the kurdish forces have been killed. the strikes follow last week's bombing in sample for which to kia blames the kurdish outlawed group. the p k. k. c on our lay optum was over. as you'll know, our peroration planes, canyon and drones are only the beginning motto from hattie to her curry. you know, a determination to secure all of our southern border with the face phones that are
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the threats to remove the possibility of attack. you know, countries, landsey is stronger today than ever before, but our looms hurt. so my kinda syrian state media, se a power plants and ha saca has been disconnected from the grid because of turkish air strikes earlier, local media affiliated with the syrian democratic forces said the turkish military has shelled more than 26 locations in the countryside of aleppo, the a town where they fought, 3 syrian soldiers with reports of the killed in these attacks. the local sources also say turkish drones target is an oil field and serious north eastern region. ah, the spine made an impressive start to the cattle 2022 campaign out class in costa rica, spain scored 7 goals among them. 18 year old garvey became the youngest go score
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admins will come since pele. it finished to spain. 7 close to recon mill, spain, top of the group after one game. they played germany next. of this world cup keeps throwing up surprises. and this time it's germany with plenty to think about. that were beaten by japan and dia, opening game. the germans took the lead, spots to 2nd half goals from the seminar i blew. gave japan a to one gwinnett holy 1st stadium. it's not upstate group stages only day full of the tournament, but let's go live to sue quack if and doha, sarah. ha ha, that is there. and she's been speaking to football fan center. sorry. what is the atmosphere like? it looks pretty electric behind you. there is out today the brain and people just keep on coming and coming is getting busy. i'm busy. i have many
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bands around me, people that just what brought a musical instruments and i just want to play and they want everyone to join it and you have to present me and say, hey, i'm driving going on. and then you have to find out arrows nowadays. i got to be driving. we have the saudis, that the guy has to have them are upgrades analogy areas that been don migalia, we had this done. i believe i really feels like the music i speak with ah, with oh, how do you feel that you one, again it was the,
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it was unexpected. they don't do it. did you have a strong no. what do you think happened this time for you to win? why do you think that was a a with pretty amazing and real melting point. thank you so much, sarah. well, in the 1st, the game of the day, the run this up from the world cup made a stuttering sound too big cutter campaign grow, i sure will help to a school,
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a strong by morocco, midfield, mass, silicon woodridge played a big part in croatia as best if it's will have all the dies action in a world cup special coverage with the gym manish in around 15 minutes from now. ah, what scotlands 1st minister says, she'll find another way to hold a legal independence referendum after the u. k. supreme court said the vote cannot happen without london's approval. the conservative government says the question was settled in the 2014 referendum when a majority of those who voted rejected the proposal or toys. a referendum is the best way to determine the issue of independence. the fact is, the s n p is not abandoning the referendum rit westminster is blocking it.
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and in that scenario, unless we give up on democracy and again for the avoidance of any date, i, for one, i'm simply not prepared to do that. we must, and we will find another democratic lawful and constitutional means by which the scottish people can express their will. when michael keating's hand ameritas professor of politics at the university of aberdeen, he's there now and joins us now live. thank you very much for being on the snooze. our festival. were you surprised by the courts rolling? i wasn't surprised. taken her. she's gotten back with you. she's referendum or independent for a what was no problem with the supreme court? i got on her right. and i, she, i,
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so she's hard because government to recognize it could become and the only question is the mechanism by which that will be possible on the supreme court hasn't provided such americans. okay. at this point, is there anything, legally the scottish independence movement can actually do? now, legally they can do here is to distinguish between legal and constitution brought because the u. k. government to simply say you can't that around repeating that and i the, i hear the nation that deny a they're going down to say under what circumstances and become so dominant. but then luggage could go on for a very, you know, and we get to that. and it's kind of governance response and say,
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the only thing we can do is call the next you can action which will be next year or 2024. well, i mean dependence referenda, but i'm not make any difference. do anything. it's all legally. and the politically, it would require to get 50 percent of the vote and say that on monday, which is the toner richie soon. it has to the people of scotland just want the government to get on with the major issues facing the u. k. and many others have said that scotland needs to end it's obsession with independence. what's you will take on that? as a matter of is going to people if they wanted independence or mm hm. they wouldn't even, i liked it. i mean the government, a democratic monday government, but if my son simply dismissing they are saying people don't want it dependence. when you have a bad it's not we addressing the question in 2014 majority of those who voted
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rejected the proposal. what do you think would happen if there was to be another referendum held now say off to brick, says the post the show opinion is defined in ha $5050.00 on the question. this is been the case since the record ran. it may be one by my side is really key on having a referendum. i believe a rescue for both sides that rena solidify or support for. and because some people who go to the engine depends last time would not vote in favor because they want to remain in the oriented even remember, got on digital for a lot of johnson and the european union. and they were taken out because of the things that they cannot support for independence to about 50 percent is not getting the. uh huh. and so neither side is really one isn't okay, we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much for your time. that is michael
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casing mirrors if it's professor of politics at the university of aberdeen. thank you. and do nation risky work as a sill trying to fund? so fathers from mondays, 5.6, magnitude earthquake at least 271 people a did and more than 2000 injured. jessica washington reports from the worsted area of shandra. a few days ago, this was a bustling residential area. now there are more police and soldiers than residence as they search debris and soil for victims of this week's earthquake angela and 5. i love the life. my wife and 2 children were married by the landslide. and until now, there is no information about them on such teams have found items from his home, but there is no sign yet of his family members. i have accepted that my family passed away when it seems impossible. i could have survived when they are so many
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fatalities. yeah, but i won't ever stop searching for them. his house was in one of the isolated areas of indonesia as west java province. rescue is initially struggled to reach. this is she to taylor village in change or one of the worst affected areas. residents say more than 20 houses were buried in the landslide, and dozens of their neighbors are still missing. it's where a defeats that he, on his husband was when the earthquake hit. i love my mind when we were recently married and trying to have a baby, but now i must accept what happened. crews were able to partially clear some roads, but challenging conditions remain, including rain and aftershocks, government agencies and humanitarian organizations are trying to get essentials to those in need, particularly in isolated areas. look talk the i won't get him can longer speak with them. we have trucks as in logistics and personnel to affected areas. we also fit
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up clean water facilities that shelter for a particular summer, collecting goods at distribution centers to share with their neighbors younger board, obama, obama, and not familiar. all of us really need proper temps. now it is the rainy season and we need shelter. we need medicine, basic, like right eggs, instant noodles, milk and cooking oil. i all bottle bongo, despite the hardship there are also moments of relief. 6 year old ascot was found alive next to the body of his grandmother. for 3 days he was trapped under a collapsed wall. the unexpected story of survival is a welcome reprieve for a community going through this together. jessica washington aren't 0. she endured indonesia, a protest that the world's largest apple iphone factory in china has turned violent videos on social media show focus con employees marching in john jo and being confronted by police. some have reportedly been beaten, entertained work as
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a protesting against the unpaid wages. and the impact of china is strict cove of 19 policy. walmart employee shot did 6 people before turning the gun on himself and the u. s. state of virginia. the attack took place inside a woman store in the city of chesapeake. the retail chain says it is shocked. the motive is not yet non 6 victims have died. 4 victims are an area, hospitals with conditions unknown at this time. and the suspect is dead from what we believe was a self inflicted gunshot wound, the chesapeake police swat team executed a search warrant at the suspects residents. and with the help of the virginia state police, we cleared the house. we have reason to believe that there is no risk to the public at this time. with a european space agency has announced its 1st ever differently abled estron was
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former british paralympics, prince john mac full is part of a new feasibility study to see if space stations need to a debt to accommodate anyone with physical disability. he's one of 6 you astronauts including 2 women with an am to make space programs more inclusive. when you turn out and say, we're looking for a candidate with a physical disability. i thought it was such an inspiring and exhilarating opportunity and i look the person specification and i thought, wow, this is, this is really aspirational. this is very brave and very bold thing to do. with my broad scientific background and vast range of experiences, i felt compelled to try and help each sir. on to this question, can we get someone with a physical disability to do meaningful work in space? priscilla hid on al jazeera of alive to our world cup studio for a round up of the days action. and to day to remember thought japan against germany . ah
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hell, i received the 1st signs of the righty season. the cross c gulf on that tuesday afternoon. we sold 10 millimeters of frame in shot in the u. a that is around 5 tonton november average rifle. so a significant amount of rain for it doesn't sound like that much, but it did cool some localized flooding. wet weather will be farther north. he could see some showers, longest bells of right just around the rant serial lemon jordan pushing across into roxanne, some wet weather line of showers, arrington, northern parts of saudi arabia, tending to pay to route as we go on through the next. i'll say that wester weather farther north will gradually make his way into iran, here in doha here kata ist iceland and dry temperatures. again, getting up into the low twenty's light winds feeding pleasantly warm. i with the next few days, sent by the tribe of the 2 across northern parts of africa. but quite a brisk res,
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blowing across northern algeria. northern libya could catch a shower or to hear joseph a shower or 2 as well around the gulf of giddy still some wet weather that just clinging on to the southern coast of west africa, but not too much to speak of. the majority of the showers slipping further southwards lobby, shout just around the rif valley. pushing right the way down into zimbabwe, some wet to weather, coming back into angola, was to go for the next hour. so long with south africa. ah ah ah, 2 boxes from the streets of chicago on different paths with the same ambition fighting their way to a better life than themselves and their families. 6 lieutenant
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throw in the volatile world of chicago. south side is no easy task. witness. ring sight on al jazeera. there is no channel that covers world views like we do. the scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen access to health care. what we want to know is how do these things affect people? we revisit places state, even when they're no international headlines. i'll just are really invest in that. and that's a privilege. as a journalist, lou with
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welcome back to you. what well caught today. we are live, i saw studio on day halls, a water front. we've seen another big upsets in the great stage, and a big market stands out by the 2010 champion. spain are in a 7th heaven, d like dog gabby house decide, make a big statement as they roll over costa rica in that open again. japan that spring a surprise at germany. it back to me. i thought i'd let go. complete a memorable come back and another european had to wait. cuz in action, surely belgium faced canada the back of the world cup up to 36. yes. ah. joining me in the studio for this show off, but will alice usher come geisha and jemma seller that we will get much more from august shortly. but we start with the game that finished just a short time ago at to out the amount of stadium spain us thumping
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a costa rica wedding at 7 mill, the spaniards. i opened up the scoring early on that with a danny, almost strike after 10 minutes. mako cynthia then doubled the leads guarantor as it picked up his 2nd goal of the night. after scoring a penalty in the 1st hall, gabby became the youngest player since pa to school the walk up to make it 5 for spain. so for chime esl, substitute, just call us today make for the form as well champion. and i've already finished off the route with the 7. so the thought is the tool meant to spain as they look to refund the so i so they one back in 2010 and it is the biggest ever when the well, but the costa rica is that heavy if the feet ever in the world. well let's
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cross it to out to my mistake where the action happened to we can join joanna roscoe. he was that watching it for us. so joe, a huge a statement from spain in this competition. ah absolutely jemma you can probably hear it's a spanish fiesta behind me as a full on right. and as long as the d jakey's lang, i think the spanish france will be here all night. this was an incredible body. that's really no other way of putting it, these spanish plays well, they were under pressure to show that you could really kind of talk through the idea that there was a risk to put them out there without so much of an experience. and they definitely did that, you know, you mentioned one of the reco separate gabby that he was, the youngest goes school right in a well cops is probably when he was also the youngest player to perform all the world stage 4 by at the age of 18 and 100 days,
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it was incredible. montana really lacked a sense of expectation among the fact that i was speaking to some of the fans earlier that some of them had lost their voice. it's really but they just couldn't believe it. although they all saying that next game against germany. d that not, not exactly sure how it's going to go over the course jeopardy last. today to japan, they're saying, let's just take everyone one day at a time. and joe, i was watching this game i, i did see some shots, a spanish fan crying in the staten, so what was the atmosphere like particular among the spanish bands? it was an incredible atmosphere, gemma. yeah, there was only about 2000 costa rican funds. the rest of it stadium was absent packed to the roof with spanish fans, including the king of spain. king philippe was also there. we saw on the big monitor celebrating off to spain, 2nd gall, and that i think, yeah,
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probably mccarthy, south. i'm still here enjoying the atmosphere. we've heard from many fans actually that they have come to this tournament, not knowing really what to expect, but they've really enjoyed the atmosphere here. they've enjoyed the facilities and the accommodation. and i think if spain can go to the final stages, we'll get a lot of spanish trans booking and extension to that already there. say here encounter john guys or oscar. they're from outside the stadium as thank you for that. now, jemma in the build up to this game, we were talking about how scoring goals might be a problem. but for this spanish side, certainly not the case. yeah. press if it was spain with a brilliant or was it just a case of costa rica being poor opposition? well probably next games are going to tell us that, but i promise you this set national diem had, there's some issues in the final 3rd, of course not to they. i think it was a combination of both. and because i could see a lack of a detour, thin gustavo,
9:36 pm
because said defense, it's probably the worst thing we've seen so far. he and net got out, but there were only good things about spain. the most goals in their history, in any of we shall game in a world cup or in the euro's gabby and teenager extraordinary and natalie for these record that joe was mentioned in. but that he was the m b, p of the game. and if the rival led the mid feel of a spain a blade, their rhythm, they are unstuck, boil. so of course, this has to be the target of germany in the next game. and it's important this big story because it's a really young thing. the 3rd youngest team in katara and they lost the final of the national league. they, they lost in the semi finals of the euro's and, and they need to be curious to reinforce the moral of this very young team under construction to any of the 26 players are making their viewed this, the national coach is also doing he's viewed so it was
9:37 pm
a perfect night for spain and also because if they manage to draw a draw with germany, they out of beer chilly in the north of that just well, yes, that speaking of that game, coming up with germany, do you think spain some re, k, will change his approach to that game given this evening for votes. absolutely not . we've seen a lot of, you know, upsets this woke up and you know, lewis and rick, you'll want to continue the momentum that they've used, you know, from this gay man, just finish off everything before they going to the final game of the group. because yes, you can win your 1st game, but if you lose your next to, then your job dies in your position in the knockout stage is so i think, you know, come all out just wanting to, you know, seal everything and also it's germany. anything can happen against a team like that, that has been hot, you know, in the opening game, losing there to japan. so, you know, he'll go in for everything. absolutely. we certainly can't discount germany and so on. told him that football, that's for sure. jama,
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you're from spain. what has the reaction been back home? of course, part of the fun basis, a lot of happiness, but loose end to get has just spoken. he doesn't want for ya. this is a great victoria is a great way to start a work up for a nation. that is not us that the started well on goal cups. we saw it in philosophy go where they were champions. it was a feed, brazil, or the feed russia a draw actually they have only minus 5 winds in the last 16 years in the world in the world up. so it's not that good. so they are aware of that probably the rival to they bought it to is it but they are happy believe it or not. there are a lot. 5 of critics about the sustains losing the project. a lot. i think here many people are going to be secret. call off tonight. so now it's well cut back. keeps throwing up surprises. and this time it's germany with plenty to think about. they were beaten by japan in the opening game, at the rate just said it was a colleague to stadium, to watch the drama unfold germany on used to arriving at
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a world cup in a state of uncertain see, japan made sure they finished this much with the status of confirmed germany exited the last world cup of the group stage. after losing their opener against mexico. this time out they did at least take the lead. i couldn't do one scoring from the penalty spots germany the chances to extend the lead, the brilliance of japan's keep issue, each gone to ensure that never happened. and in the stadium where japan became asian champions in 2011, this generation of players rally to produce another historic when ready to go hand with the equalizer and then to coma assoni secured a famous to one victory depends goal scorer is perhaps benefiting from
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a little insight knowledge, they both play that club football in germany. japan next take on costa rica with the knockout rooms, iridium sites kind of never go beyond the last 16, a world cup when the draw is made for this tournament. and they were pitted alongside germany and spain, few vacuum to even get out of the group. they enjoyed huge support from funds from all over asia at this match and what is only the consonants 2nd world cup and after this when a belief that anything is possible price this victory that any $15.00 times had a world cup. victory. number 6, arguably the most important result in japan's footballing history and the richardson algy serra at dough house kelly the stadium. well, just, he just said that was probably the biggest result in japan. well, history and we have seen now seen japan and saudi arabia pull off massive shocks to teams from asia. do you think this signifies perhaps the rise of asian football or
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you know, because this tournament has traditionally been dominated by european and south american side, they could be seeing something new happening. i mean, when you look back at the history of the fee for woke up, you have, you know, japan, for example, playing for the 1st time in 1998. you know, as one teams in play at the woke up and in 1950. so you have to give them some courtesy and also europe has that 10 slots at fatty to you know, woke up. so obviously by default they have more exposure and they can come continuously to the tournament that you know breeds a lot of, you know, high class and quality football. so it actually brings into context how big, you know, this victory is for japan defeating a 4th time world champion like germany. so back home, i'm sure you know the japanese a celebrating and you know, making sure that they take it all in. but they know that there's a lot of work to do for saudi arabia. it's massive, you know, we saw today,
9:42 pm
you know, was named as, you know, national home today in saudi arabia, pulling that victory. and you're talking about an identity and team that has, you know, messy, you know, the greatest player on earth, you know, to play the game of football. one so many battling doze and that just gives you the whole context of what it means for them. but yeah, there is definitely arise in the isn't football. and i think so many of the countries now, you know, you run that already played england. katara themselves, the whole, the thinking, you know, what if you know, so you can do this me to can do this and also sorry that they were to host, you know, the 2030 woke up. so they're trying to make sure they prepare, you know, and make sure they have this culture of playing at the walk up. certainly be interesting to see how far the asian sides will go in this competition. now germany, they, gemma face at any need to regroup. now ahead of that massive much spain that was always going to be a tasty one. we all looking forward to it and, but it takes one extra significance now, doesn't it? it does. first, that leaves the group wide open and it would so much spray her on the hunter flick
9:43 pm
because now they need the positive result, the gains, spain, they have seen spain playing and for a team that they saw for the early elimination in russia. it's a lot of pressure because the 4th time champions of team they cannot think about that they can be a crisis is a huge crisis. part of this new project, the fancy flick. so not a lot of time to put the reinforcement and try to have a positive result on spain and germany. perhaps not quite the side they were, but this is still a big shock, isn't it? amazing to japan or germany is a big football mason. if you talk about, you know, the players that, you know, playing the bonus league for bad munich, for all of a across europe. no one can tell you that they so that when coming, it's a big disappointment. and this is a country that has been, you know, chiding out a lot of talent, especially in the last decade and so that drastic, you know, decline from when they won the world cup. and now it's really huge. they really
9:44 pm
need to dig deep and make sure that they can contain this momentum, make it out of the group stages, at least get into, you know, the knockout stages. maybe perhaps, you know, the quarter finals and then anything can happen from there. you know, gemini, still definitely have a lot of work to do. i do watch and senior calls. now the action isn't finished the day, the last match, it gets under way shortly. it's a belgium off against the canada. so not the johnson has more on the game. now is the 2 men who, why the drive needed to play international football, no further than opponents, team, belgium, and team canada. in belgium, there's a schooling machine who was driven to succeed by a massive set back when he was at school, and in canada as the son of refugees who became one of the best defenders in the world. hi i'm samantha johnson. this is wealth cup one. i was given to boyd, i thought he was doing well when he was a schoolboy training with belgians like and he was living away from home. then the
9:45 pm
family who was hosting him dropped at all. michelle, they didn't want him there any more currently it didn't fit in katie b was at a crossroads. he felt he was now seen as a problem, but something clipped the drive to prove everyone wrong. fast forward to capital 2022. he's now part of belgian so called golden generation alongside these guys at in us out and romilly leacock bo superstars in a team past ranked 2nd in the world. canada as katy b as a 22 year old caught up on. so davies, he was born in a refugee camp and gone after his mom and dad escaped war in liberia. they emigrated to canada in 2005. and dave is set out to learn 2 things english and. ringback books when he was eventually signed for his current club reply munich, he had to pinch himself. he only really believed it when the club stars thought to follow him on instagram his lightning fast and currently can it is most decorated player and it's not all about football. davies became the 1st footballer and the 1st canadian to become an ambassador for the united nations and refugee charity.
9:46 pm
you and hcr. and a reminder, he's only $22.00. yes. canada, all way behind belgium. if you look at the rankings, but davis knows as well as any one dreams can come true. ah, well that much is that the act might have been alley stadium where poor east is standing by a forest. are ready to watch this one and po about him have been at the top of the rankings and semi finalists. can they go on better? a well, gemma, russia, 2018 was the greatest moments really for they said golden generation of belgium plays. but i'm sure they were still very disappointed not to go all the way until a meant to make do with 3rd place baiting england in the 3rd place. play off, but you know, this is a generational shift. now for this belgian same off the squad is 29 years old,
9:47 pm
or older. still being lied by the talisman as samantha said, kevin de brewing and he so important for that creativity. it is a very attacking team, but that missing for the 1st couple of matches that start strike romilly, lead calico probably me she bought sure is going to be deputize in for him. so belton obviously never won a major trophy. unlike of course that counts. roberts, i'm all, it's not so famously. what may i take up with wigan in 2013? maybe he'll be giving an inspirational talk to those belgians last. about his days with wigan. kind of derek, close fish. this is a long way to return it aloud. caught full that. what do you think of the at realistic expectations of the canadian fans by looks like we can't tell it as well. kimberly can wait, but i mean this area outside out might been the ali stadium was full of canada
9:48 pm
funds until a short while ago. obviously very keen to take that states for that 1st woke up in 36 years. we have been picking up the canadian football history along the way. there were rumors of a tall, bold man with glasses. who is mexico? 1986. we couldn't find him. we've been looking for people of a certain age, of course, but most of the people said, no, we were, i saw p funds back in 1986. we've only been following football last 20 years or so . there was a canadian fund from the mexican city, all lay on the way canada kicked off the last and ugly previous woke up parents against friends on the 1st of june. 1986, the most memorable health part of that much was a corporal being thrown on the page, stopping gold people. busy dolan from taking a gold kick. in fact, it wasn't really a memorable tournament to total for canada. that still to school that 1st woke up gold out amongst the told us they do have some dangerous strike as this time around
9:49 pm
for you. that's all that been out. he stayed in, we'll let you go and get inside for take off. enjoy the match now. jemma bromley and call kate concerns about his fitness going into the tournament. if he isn't able to play any parts, or if he's not indeed a 100 percent fit for belgium, how much of an impact will that have on the chances of winning tournaments? i think it does have a big impacts, but is not nothing that bo martinez couldn't plan because we know about to look at the problem as with physically. but they don't have a place that decisive bare as a number 9. but sure you would be playing in that position and then the biggest concerns are regarding and then hassan. he has only had one started the season with throughout madrid. he's so in the leonard player, but he never made an impact in spain since his move. but next to him, it will be kevin the boy, enough for me, one of the most talented players of this time. so it's
9:50 pm
a huge setback for bob martinez. but it's not that he doesn't have quality there in the final sort show there is quality over the pitch about him that is for sure. now as to kinda show that kind of short, hardman is that he's going to be walking out, leading his team out on the pitch. and he said he's gonna is gonna be a pin. he's gonna be pinching himself because, you know, he's not about to believe it. how much credit can he take for this extraordinary success in qualifying and you know, just just the turnaround in, in is canadian team. but john had been, 1st of all, is the only coach at the tone of men who is qualified to teams. one to the mens woke up and another to the women's woke up, which is new zealand. and also one, you know, to bronze matters with the canada at the olympics. so he comes with, you know, that sort of background to the start him and he's been to the high level before. but this of course is, you know, bigger than what he's done before. and, you know, in some of the interviews that he's done, he's talked about, you know, how important it is for him to walk into a game when he is the underdog. he loves to be the underdog. so perhaps we've
9:51 pm
already seen japan and saudi arabia perhaps, you know, kind of that can also surprise, you know, belgium, they went into the last few for, woke up in russia as the number one rung team, but to a very underwhelming. and they'll come into this one, you know, prepared to, you know, have this generation, you know, get there above, you know, the expectations that they've been given at home. so i think that, you know, kind of to have that what cats out tonight's against belgium. but this is it, this is the moment it is. the woke up only one player in the canadian side was alive. the last time that kind of played that's a woke up so you can imagine the go keeper dba, so everyone is young. you know jennifer and david and which on and i'll force davis . of course he was born in god came up as a refugee playing at the woke up that sort of inspiration and teamwork will help them to get that extra off that they need to play against the top side like belgium and java, this belgian side or the the golden generation of try as they've been 90. do you
9:52 pm
think this is the best chance for maybe the next for 5 years, maybe next year to win this wildcat? is it now? whenever about jim, do you think i think the squat is a little less candid. but when they perform in russia, they made it to the, to the final stage. and they were really good, tim. and i say die that because of i think that is a lot of the little will not really teen the fight in the defense. because they are older now we're talking all the way they'll boost so that that's make something that maybe they are not that much can do that they but belgium has been doing so well. they have invested so much in this project at bob martinez. i think he's an extraordinary coach. so for me it could be one of these black horses that one of them maybe a little be tied on candidates for the gold cup, but maybe not as much as in russia. okay,
9:53 pm
well there was another game taking place today, the 1st game of the day, and that was the opening matching group f. this one certainly wasn't a classic finished goal us between morocco and croatia, even parents getting close. early on that for croatia, they kept the fresh eye and coffee but kept them out. captain luca, moderate, you're also going place that, but not able to take advantage of a rebound. as his team had the better of the play. both sides had johnson when it's but it ended mill, mill preparation, getting to the final 4 or 4 years ago to find like you say, not final doing them an injustice. that's why you saw this started around that were ok. still hoping to get out of the stages of for the 1st time as since 1986 that we've been in the lot. 1986 kind of the last time i woke up last time launch and tina on the tournament now usher which of these sides morocco or crit croatia do you think will be happier? with that result?
9:54 pm
i think, you know, morocco will be the happier of the 2 because you're talking about decoration team that made it to the final of 2018. and so this, you know, team lead regret the just took the job recently. the coach of moral could just a couple of months ago. he's had a very short time to prepare with a team, but he also understands the team. and he also brought back, you know, the post boy of the team. i came to the edge. it's so incredible to see him play at that level. i sure if i kimmie was incredible today, especially bringing his champions league and p. s g experienced this mark inside. but i feel like they should have won that game. they should have scored. they should have gotten those 3 points, you know, but you have to give it up to them. the one point don't take it home and then they can see what happens in the 2 remaining group games and java for croatia. do you think that they would have seen this game as a real missed opportunity because, you know, they are going to come up against belgium. you know that i'll be a really tough one for them. probably because they don't propose that much. i'm not
9:55 pm
sure if it's a question of do it or that they call them, but i think it's a team with an extraordinary midfield, but not much more. we didn't see that that much more in the, in the forward line. and so i'm not sure if it's a lack of ought to truth. oh and trying not to make mistakes with something very common in opening games in walk ups. but i was definitely expecting a little bit more from the finally, from the last say i woke up. now ladies, we will get our 1st look at portugal on thursday, amid what's been a turbulent build up to the world cover for their captain at christiane. every now day, his teammates, the base country club, i'm country abrinay fernandez, gave his reaction to today's news that went out i was officially leaving the club. was meant to increase. no follow me. christiano has always been an inspiration for me, and it was a dream come true to be able to play with christiana at the club. but we know that nothing lost revenue. it was great for me and it was good while it lasted. he
9:56 pm
hasn't discuss leaving man, she's knighted with me. it's his decision, a personal decision, an issue for him and his family. so we haven't discussed the subject because we're focused on the world cup. we know how important playing flash routine is to christiano and for all of us in this because ok, so jemma now now this manchester united situation has been played out. he's, he's going to separate ways by mutual agreement. do you think this will allow run out? i to go in to this walcott with a clear head, probably because i think is what she was looking for or why she was under the interview just before the woke up. yet probably he wants to eat now too because there is the same huge set. now everybody will be watching the world cup and he might have an opportunity left. remember that he was already himself put in the, in the market, trying to have a team playing in the champions league earlier the summer to keep them find one. so
9:57 pm
probably he needs to lower his salary expectations and do our greeley grade go up. he loves, he will be planning to have a really great, well cut. he needs ne motivation, i guess, but he will now be looking for a new club. she think he will try and know it would seen else by him on to perform even better here in catchall, knowing that the eyes of the world are going to be on him. you know, the clubs are going to be looking and some clubs might be thinking maybe we don't want to take him on out of his mind and i to situation it might be too much trouble, too much hassle. and you think there's gonna be any danger of that? would he think he you know, everybody want him? yeah, absolutely. i mean, since the news happened, you know, i didn't, you know, went on and, you know, last up game. so all the focus that was and messy. now he's going to come to him and say, okay, so what can you do with portugal? you're playing the last game of the 1st round of games in the, in the groups. they just so obviously, you know, everyone wants to know festival is a tension between him and bruno, bruno has just cleared that. and now we can see that, you know,
9:58 pm
this is this good teamwork and they can work together to make sure that they get a result. so it's a tough one for them, but also gotten to have thomas. but tay, it's going to be very difficult for them and their youthful side as well. oh, gotcha. gemma, thank you very much for now. they will base to be back with me later on next year. now, spain have laid down a big market out 2022 with a 7 at goal on ping of costa rica. and we've seen other men memorable, upset with japan coming from behind. reach how many to one that took you my son into here, giving his side effects, not to the great stages. we will happen much more on that. well cut, especially at $2130.00 gmc join us then mm
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