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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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invest indonesia, now, as we move into the 3rd round of the group stage, some teams can breathe easy, knowing that place in the no counsel already secure the others. they know that jenny's coming to an end, for many, it's time to dig deep and focus is that still pledge is a playful castle 2022 on out to sarah a shot to the head. and the silencing of a renowned palestinian american journalist ah, at global outpouring of grief and condemnation. and yet no accountability a thorough investigation into the final moments of her life. and it's on time the end of the hands of israeli forces, the killing of should be in a box on a jessia. ah
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well cut rivals clash the usa be to round to qualify for the knockout stage. that cattle. 2022 england finished top of a group and secure the u. k. bragging rights with a 3 mill when of a whales. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera la you from dough are also coming up during the u. s. as found, leda fall right militia group. the of keepers guilty of seditious conspiracy. to keep donald trump in power. president putin is trying to what the noise winter to force ukraine is to freeze for fleet and nato allies promise to help you. crane survive, a harsh winter was russia continues its attacks across the country with well,
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it was one of the most highly anticipated and politically charged much ups of the football woke up in the end. the crunch group game between the usa and iran was won by the american team at victory which secured their place in the last 16 of the tournament. the only goal came in the 1st half of the alpha mom a stadium, krista, and put us in the school at fort the us. well, they progressed to the knockout stages where they'll faced the netherlands next. victory was hailed by president joe biden. usa usa, that's a big gay man who i spoke to the come to the bars. i said you could do this, they were i, they're gonna, they did it. god love them. well let's bring in contact, wishes direct to the sports business program at washington university of st. louis . he joins us from st. louis, missouri, a patrick good to have you with us. this was a must win game for the usa against iran. it was a nail biting game right down to the final whistle, wasn't it?
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but the u. s. 8. now through. what does this wind mean for the team? do you think patrick? oh, certainly a sigh of relief and i'm lucky to be on with you. i thought i was going to have a heart attack several times in the last few hours. but, you know, obviously with us and canada and mexico hosting the world cup in 2026 and having not made the 2018 edition of peoples world co, we really, it was important to move on to the knockout phase. and you see all these investments that has been made an american soccer in the last 8 years since our last trip to the world cup. so it's, it's relieving, if nothing else to see those investments payoff. yeah, well, i'm glad you didn't abba off the top. patrick one look, i mean, many experts were predicting the usa would not even make it, as you say, to the knockout stage of the world cup. so it was such a young team of players, it's been a steep learning curve for the t muffin. it well certainly has and you think back to when i played soccer in the, in the late eighty's early ninety's, just the development over the years. you know,
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we've been trying to invest in the infrastructure in the sport for forever for decades. but i think what's happened in the last 10 to 15 years is you see better investment and coaching better investment in, in these youth organizations billing greater infrastructure building up towards. and now quite frankly, the media element. when i was younger, we didn't have the, the, the leisure of having, you know, the buddhist lager or the premier league on saturday and sunday mornings. now today's generation has that at their fingertips here in america. so i think that's more inspiring and gives people belief. and the investments to move forward and, and produce the kind of football that we're seeing now. yep. we'll come back to the grassroots of soc other just a little bit later patrick. but let me ask you, i mean, because we can't talk about at the u. s. in iran, without touching a little bit on the politics, it was always going to be overshadowed by the political animosity between the 2 countries. do you think it was a challenge for these young players does focus on the football giving all attention
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surrounding the game? well, one of the interesting aspects about this is because it's such a young team, maybe this was a benefit as relates to simply awareness of the political tensions that have existed over the years. you know, many of these touches there's obviously still many to day. but a lot of these are going back many, many decades. they're having a younger side, perhaps they're little bit naive and, and not necessarily aware of all the things that are going on there. so maybe that was part of it. but again, whenever you're talking about usa versus or, or an they are going to be those political undertones. and so, you know, all the power to the coaching staff in the usa federation to, again, kind of help these players. she passed all of that in focus on the pitch. patrick, just a final thought you, i mean, look with, with, with basketball, american football. i saw he being the big money sports in america. how is sucka changing? they're always seeing. i mean, you touched on this a while ago, i'll be seeing more money come into the game. we see soc icons like david beckham, pa tuning into miami,
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the soccer team in miami. i was the status of sucka. we could put bull in the usa lock of the chains off to this woke up it. well, i hope 2 things will happen. number one is since the north america is our hosting, the 2026 world cup and with the advancement of the american side. in to the knockout phase, i think this is going to help build momentum. but, you know, i, i think one of the other things is, as you mentioned, the team sports in this country because they take away so many great athletes and a lot of these other countries, soccer is the marquee sport. here's the other thing that i hope will bring more money to the sport of soccer going forward in this country. and that is attention spans. we see in this country that baseball has now fallen to the 3rd most popular sport in america because it's so darn slope. the one beautiful thing about the beautiful game is that there is a finite period of time. these matches are finished in an hour and 45 minutes. of course, the knockout stage could be longer with extra time, but this is attractive to advertisers and consumers. tv ratings and sports ratings
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have actually slightly gone downhill. partly because of how long these things drag out as consumers have shorter attention spans the fact that soccer is a shorter time commitment that could be a real boost to the future of investing in american soccer. patrick or it's really good to get your thoughts and your dallas his on the game tonight. thank you, patrick. and we'll have a lot more action from the woke up late in the shut, including alien city. it's passage. we're now in the us, the founder, the far right out keepers group has been convicted of seditious conspiracy. over a plot to overturn ger biden's 2020 election victory. it culminated in members of the group storming capitol hill, long john or the 6 stuart road is accused of instigating an attack to block congress from certifying the election results. he denied the accusations. what should habitants who don't live now from capitol hill jobs? what more can you tell us about the spirit? what does it mean for the biden administration? then?
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it's enormously significant because up to this point we've seen hundreds charged and convicted of various crimes relating to what happened on january, the sex from civil mr. minos trespass to assault them and families. but this is the 1st time and this is these, these 5 but and several others actually who strauser to begin solving next week were charged with seditious conspiracy. that is saying, no, no, this isn't just a demonstration that got out of control when people got over excited, a sort of a police weren't there. they stormed in and they tried to delay and they did delay the certification of the election. what this, what these 2 at extension sit rhodes and his deputy who worked out with this conspiracy? what that means is that underlying this was a thought out pound to prevent the peaceful transfer of power to joe biden. this wasn't simply, over. exuberance is something that hadn't been planned,
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but stuart writes himself didn't even go in. so this is where the complexity of the complexity lies in wait a 2nd. the government itself admitted it didn't prove any, any specific plan to storm the capital of january the 6th. but what it did prove to these jurors is that stewart rhodes and his deputy, and others had discussed the possibility of the go. but there intend to go a violently interrupting the peaceful transfer presidential power. and even though this may have been an opportunistic moment for those who did go in, it was still based on a conspiracy that was still under way as far as your raise was concerned. so that's kind of, that's why it's an interesting one because your sedition. so this means you almost overthrow the government, certainly alms resistance to the government, to the democratic government with united states. but this is how the jury and the jury was instructed, in fact, by the judge to,
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to read it in the specific case in that it wasn't so much that this was the moment where the plan was coming to fruition. but that stuart roads out is deputy, and potentially others had this plan in the mind. so when the opportunity arose, they did it. and what that, what that meant was attempting to, to, to use albums to prevents that the peaceful transfer of the us presidential power. it's such a rad challenge to be brought into court that learn to be successful in all successful successful cases. 1995 again, some islamic militants who proved to have been trying to plot bitch, the blowing up of new landmarks. so you can see the seriousness of all of this so that so it's a very ref rat charged. we bought the loan to be successfully prosecuted. we haven't got sentence. and yet he and his deputy faced up to 20 years in prison for these charges. but yeah, we'll see what happens on appeal and so on and so forth. all right, actually have times the last day from washington dc. you have thank you.
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the the us and nato allies, a promise, more military, a to ukraine, and to help key repairing energy infrastructure. millions of people in the water nation struggling with rolling blackouts during winter after russia attack ukraine's power grids under similar reports in bucharest, when nature 5 minutes met to renew their support. pledges of unwavering support for ukraine came from nato secretary general dns, salt and berg. along with a warning that russia is weapon, ising winter by attacking energy infrastructure, he says nato has found new ways to help ukraine. president putin is trying to force ukrainians to freeze or flee. and they, alice made additional pledges non legal support including fuel and generators, helping ukraine to address the consequences of rashaw sir. strikes against
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their power grades and the u. s. has announced it will supply equipment worth $53000000.00 to help repair ukraine's electricity grid. earlier stoughton berg had assured romania that its air force and troops were being backed up by extra reinforcements. romania has usf 16 aircraft that are replacing outdated. former soviet megs and their pilots are fully stretched. everything is under pressure. so we were in timely miti though. then we fight to again the 2nd. romania coordinates with other nato forces in policing its airspace defense to the skies above nato's eastern flank has never been so intense nato faces of colossal challenge. not just in the air on the ground to
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russia would call this escalation. nato prefers the word de terence here, u. s. and romanian forces on exercise. recently, there were tests of aaron missile defenses, but ukraine is saying, such weaponry is desperately needed it side of the border and the supply line of weapons that are available. this to slow the seasons on weapons, the season on one huge production line. weapons in western countries, it has to be made faster. the quandary nato faces is that it won't take a direct hand in the deployment of weaponry. and so it's down to individual states, but some only want to give non lethal support. ukrainians may well observe that if energy infrastructure is repaired, it won't last for long unless ukraine's air defenses are drastically improved
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sooner rather than later. andrew simmons, al jazeera, bucharest, so, so, so to come here now does air, including anger and grief in the oxide. westbank rallies, 5 palestinians were killed during consultations with israeli security forces. and chinese authorities try to calm public anger caused by strict code 19 locked downs . marina stay with us. ah hello, we seen the storm clouds gathering across the deep south of the u. s. some really nasty weather starting to push its way in and it's all linked up with this cool there that we have across. so the north north western parts of north america, and much warmer air coming in from the gulf of mexico. so the cold, dry air that slips further southwards, and that is a recipe for some violent storms as we will see 25 celsius. therefore dallas is the
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13 there in kansas cop temperature of a router minus one there. a for minneapolis as we go on through the course of where to stay. that all sinks further south as we go with a stormy weather, sliding across a deep south eating away from the eastern seaboard late in the day. i'm pleased to say we will see some live storms linking right up across new england. it's eastern parts of canada and the snow. they're coming into ontario. there's that change in temperatures. big drop minus 5 in minneapolis to celsius for kansas city. 10 degrees of their for dallas. and my show you noticed there is some snow in the forecast just around the northwest them big snowfall. be 15 centimeters, 20 centimeters, a possibility into parts of that northwestern corner of the u. s. and it sinks further south, which as we go on through thursday, wet weather all the way down to central parts of california. ah
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in with in depth analysis of the days headlines from around the world. do you think diplomacy still stands at chung? so i'm not very up to me. think about any negotiation a bit about crypto winter. it's going to be hell holder insight story on al jazeera lou. ah, welcome back. a good reminder, the top stories here. this our for more teams up secure their places to the knockout stage that the cfo will come into. senegal, the netherlands,
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usa and england of all reach the round of 16 sending counter equity and iran out in the groups day. in the u. s. the found the right wing of keepers group has been convicted of seditious conspiracy to keep donald trump and power off of the 2020 election. stuart road was accused of instigating an attack to block congress from certifying jo biden's election victory. he denies the accusations the us an estimate allies have promised more military aid to ukraine now to help key repair its energy infrastructure. millions of people are struggling with rolling blackouts during the winter after russia tact. ukraine's pod with captain has announced his 1st major deal to send liquefied natural gas to germany. it's agreed to supply $2000000.00 tons each year. starting in 2026. the german chancellor left shoulder has hail the agreement as a building block towards energy stability. the move comes as european countries try to cope with high energy prices at uncertain supply as they work to reduce their
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dependence on russia. is ready, forces have killed 5 palestinians in separate incidents in the occupied west bank. their deaths add to the growing number of palestinians who been killed in the occupied territories in 2022, the deadliest in 16 years. bernard smith, reports from ramallah to brothers have become the latest casualties of near daily confrontations between palestinians and israel's military. they leave behind another family, broken with grief and another palestinian community. angry and frustrate. israel's military says, duffer and joanne remar. we were in an area where stones and petrol bombs were being thrown at patrol to other lees ready, occupation forces fatally shot jawad. his brother doth. i tried to save him. he called for help. witnesses heard him calling for an ambulance, but there's really forces shot him in the chest. the youngest duffer was at university studying i. t. hundreds of his fellow students turned out to mourn the
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brothers, as their bodies were taken for burial. this is the most violent gear in the occupied westbank for 16 years, according to the you and huh. we've spoken with the international community to curb ongoing israeli crimes against our people were determined to join international organizations and take perpetrators to the international court of justice. in the west banks main city ramallah, there was a general strike to show solidarity with the latest victims of violence, palestinian prime minister mohammed teeth, as the upsurge in violence is a harbinger of things to come. he is referring to the new israeli government, which will have been for the 1st time, far right. jewish nation is politicians in ministerial post, able to influence the daily lives of palestinians living under occupation, but doesn't sound like a formula. leave the coming attention to bernard smith, al jazeera, remarked, china has deployed more police officers to deter further protests against the
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government's code that 19 rules. some professors were called to police stations to provide accounts of their activities that been unprecedented protests across major cities, demanding an end to lock downs, with some calling for president. she's resignation. patrick falk has more from hong kong. police patrolling the streets of beijing by night a. it's a far cry from scenes in the chinese capital just the day before. the government has increased security and several major cities. following the biggest protests and decades in shanghai scuffles broke out when police officers demanded people delete images from their phones. and not filming any more. this woman is saying, authorities are keeping tight control of what spreading on social media. they don't want people to see that there are other people who are, you know, courageous enough to go to the streets, to protest. barricades now lined the streets where hundreds of people had gathered
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before calling for an end to strict lockdown. sp warranties must testing and disruptions that have been enforced for 3 years. reports quoting demonstrated, say, authorities have opened inquiries into the events of the past few days and have been summoning people suspected of attending protests to give written statements detailing their activities. many people have used the demonstrations to speak out about a range of grievances including censorship and diminishing civil liberties. despite the challenge to the chinese government, unless the down to the force any change, people can go to the street, i somewhat as spontaneously to boys. they are a discontent to demand for freedom. ah, you know, but for any kind of movement to sustain, you need an organizing structure. you need a civil society groups, union activists, but those people are gone. they are in jail. they are silent though. are there any desire or the media briefing on tuesday, health officials did say they would address concerns about excess of controls and
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fine tune regulations to limit the impact and livelihoods. but they stopped short of conceding that was a problem with a 0 coven policy. thanks. yeah, good evening to lela some citizens and the general public se, the biggest problem is the oversimplification of the prevention control, mrs. ja baterri, imposition of restrictions and a one size fits all approach your child. it's not the 1st time the government is acknowledged. public frustrations in the past though nothing has changed, which suggests it could be some time before china reconsider its response to the pandemic. patrick, fog al jazeera hong kong emergency workers in france of rescued. 61 refugees and migrants trying to cross the english channel. half of them had to pull from the water by rescue vessel, as a rubber dingey started to sink. is one of the largest emergency operations in recent months. the migrants are from afghanistan, india, iran, and pakistan. now the man who murdered one of cell africa is leading anti apartheid
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activist has been stabbed in prison. janos wallace was due to be released on parole on thursday oftenly, 3 decades in prison. he was attacked by a fellow inmate and is now in a stable condition. while his shot chris homie, a hugely popular opponent of the apartheid regime in 1993 residents of how i is big island, have been told to brace for possibly evacuations. from one a lower, the world's largest active volcano erupted. there were no evacuation orders in place, but some have already decided to leave their homes as a precaution. it's the 1st time the volcano has erupted in 38 years. about 200000 people live on hawaii's big island. ah. okay. time for a full round up from cut our 2020 to roll potomac is about woke up studio the u. s . i have dr. wrong out of the well comp and secure their place in the law. 6 stayed with a one bill victory at l. to about a stadium,
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rob's s choice keith was on the pitch, will kick off to pick you up at injury open, but there was nothing he could do to stop christian sits putting the us up one bill, but the ford paid the price injury himself going to 1st go, i was like to sub duff here with the way i thought he'd double the us made it the executive of the 1st, but the referee rules about, sorry, iran, what desperate for a goal is a draw would see them through to the count stages. and the di betty baby was saving the doubt in the box, but the referee didn't award a penalty. so the guy did wonderful victory to the us side. well, let's kill their passage is great, which is why beaching british rivals while the wells needed a way to have any chance of qualifying a forego. victory could have not seeing the down spot. marcus rash for that. i've had a 1st said my daddy was that off to the break that back to united spark for the scoring with a brilliant free kick at the i've been already said, you have nothing to keep it to do about that. why don't i mean it like to english,
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double there late that hurricane with the band, if you. so why did the school 22 year olds repairing manager down south states for giving him his 1st stop? i've kept 2022 and it was restaurant. he completed the scoring ceiling a 3 day when we did go all the told him, it's which leaves him a joint top scorer wilds and that stuff kept together. i'll finish the bottom and there are out english, but it's all group b. one except for english will be set a goal. he secured that ticket to the knockout stages with a thrilling to one when it gets ecuador, ecuador remember needed just a draw to qualify, but it was set a goal of the attack early on. just the author of the africans in france, where they were awarded a penalty. it's marla saw the story he 1st well comp goal to get started. goal delayed a corner, could all lead to the equal our our to the guy was to fade, are escaping his boss. to find the back of basically of a nation that is on the part of it though it's hard for us to slice a cap to fill out do cooler body scoring. the widow echo plays that top broken off
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the big so close to got a 3 set a goal because the 1st african team to qualify for the stage. little sorry, group i that that's lives book that spots in the route of 16 with a comfortable way out of the house. cats on the dutch are the date that draw a lot of good guy just to kill progress. so they were better. the party got got the open up so that that was continuing his rather a scoring it every game so far. well, they let the ball florida bit feel to frankie, the own double the late for the baited orridge after the break because i feel comfortable waiting for the top of it. great. could of it more substitute steven back outside the ball in the bike bag with the 5th year about coal. but it was actually rolled out by the i offer a handful by the build up down over hit the bar in the closing stages. but to deal with how it finished the dutch talk that you woke up, jody, the champions becoming the 1st high salut, all 3 groups very gave down
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a beated nbc consecutive that they faced the u. s. fixed. well, let's have a look at those results without football, i missed one for england that united states that going through from group bay, but did they deserve to be the top to do they do? i mean, based on what they've been able to do throughout the entire body of work, they were the 2 teams most consistent. they were the 2 teams that are end up getting the results. there were the 2 teams that showed the most in terms of some type of play, especially against whale and iran, harper for on. yes, but the us with a better team in that match up against the iranians. and that's where the difference in that are being in that group center go, making sure there's an african nation. that is the last 6 data off the data from the continent did. did it in russia 4 years ago. a great, great on my for africa. yeah. well, 4 years ago they were eliminated for out of the group stage on yellow cards. i mean, how close could they have been that time around? keep that in mind when you start seeing l u. c. c. and his team go into, it's going to be a very, although the english press are going to say it's coming home. i was out there
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presenter as well. a lot of people need to keep senegal ingle might go through. but at the end of the day, the synagogue is going to give me a very difficult time, and i'll be surprised that they, if they are the ones that end up advancing quickly that i mean the question here says, how strong do i look in the going into the account status, it's more of a cases, you know, that i could get a lot better do what they need to do a, in a work of you don't want to always start out strong. you want to start going through that a sending curve and they're starting to get to that point in this, in this group stage. now what they end up finding out is that, yeah, they play the u. s. they possibly, if, of course, all the statistics and all the probabilities of going the right way, they might end up playing argentina quarter. but how, how big a deal is it to the kristi police? it's a score today for the u. s. way of aged. we don't know how bad that is. very good at eating back, because that's because he is that creative spark is that he's there. create a spark. he is one of their leading scores. he's that player that makes he's the
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one that makes that engine rev and pull it together. is it at 100 percent? you start to see some problems with the u. s. joe was doing this the other not really. and i said i hate their predictions. are going to do with the what do you oh, so i get this, i lost 16 and, you know, to compare the fact that i use that better than me. so what do you think? set a goal, england, england, and usa, holland. though you say that, let's netherlands devils. okay, going to be interesting. well, let's her, we'll have a look at the interest that those guys but group see it. they are also decided on wednesday font around batches there as well. it's a 1500 g r t kick off with a defending champion, france against judea at education. city with australia. a deadlock are going to be interested in this while that, that alger do start to get the same time that's followed at 1900 t and see by the small bathroom argentina, up against the whole it, the level dog bessie gets never dusky. that, that stadium boyd, several pool playing at the same time. a saudi arabia match with mexico. at the side l. i caught it stadium so plenty to look for to or die 11 of the thought of it
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all say, we'll have it all covered right here are out with china has sent 3 astronauts to its space station. ah, the rock, it was launched on the edge of the gobi desert. the crew will spend the next 6 months living in the jungle station and complete the stations. first of her crew handover in orbit. china has been banned from the international space station since 2011. when the u. s. prevented nasa from engaging with the country, beijing's expected to declare its own space station complete before the end of the year. all the news, of course, on our website there it is on your screen. the address audi 0 dot com that's al jazeera dotcom.


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