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tv   Al Jazeera World Oman History Power and Influence  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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ah, ah mama rising in awe, treat a movement that takes place in kenya, taunting up, aghast. the british demanding return of their lines, nearly declassified documents showing a light on presents colonial past. there is systematic torture, a reign of terror in these count. major human rights abuses. how was this happening? a very british way of to a chance. wanted though new to deny on al jazeera, we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get the plate that others and off a far as i said, i'm going the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. ah,
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i'm told mccrae into how with the headlines on al jazeera for the chinese prison jiang zemin has died. he was 96. he rose to power just after the tenement square. protests, surfing as president from 1993 to 2003 young is seen as one of the architects of china's transformation to a global power to gao from the center for china and globalization explains how young is seen today. i think his legacy is a very great legacy because he was the, a public china for about 30 years. and then his influence actually reached into the 4th generation. and until very recently is very much revered and respecting china and in leadership of china. really oversaw china overcoming the very difficult, challenging pods in the early 1990 s. m,
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normalizing the relations with the united states, the west launch and also joining w t o for example. which by the way, for the subsequent rapid economic transformation of china also and china protests have fought with police and the southern manufacturing hub of gong show his anger over covert restrictions continues. similar demonstrations have taken place in beijing and shanghai. well, not directly addressing the protests, the ruling communist party has warned that it will crack down on what it referred to as sabotage activities. which one is foreign ministry has criticized in countries for commenting on its handling of the recent protests, the us ambassador to china had said that the demonstrators have the right to really peacefully. beijing says its policies have helped contain the virus to doing 2 more such over the years has fully proven that china covered protocols has protected the security and health of the chinese people to the greatest extent,
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and minimized impact on socio economic development. some countries have made remarks on china recently. these nations have enough issues to deal with at home. we hope they would hit the voices that interest of their own people, instead of pointing fingers at others. at least 15 people have been killed in a bomb blast in northern afghanistan. it happened that a religious school and i bark the capital of among and province. the interior affairs ministry students are among the did the school listening to the ruling taliban. no group has. so far claimed responsibility with us forces in northern syria have reduced the number of joint patrols with syrian democratic forces. a group mostly made up of kurdish fighters. the pentagon's announcement comes ahead of a possible turkish ground operation. center casino, who has more from good good gaseous tip near the, to kia syria border. the u. s. a. reducing petros comes out of necessity,
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but no one on the ground and syria wants the united states out because i had spoken to some people in ankara, an air in garza, and they are telling us that it went to us, pulled out for a mass afghanistan. there was an stability when the us pulled up from iraq about it . there was an stability. and now an unexpected, a u. s. blood would again create the same thing and no one wants that are all players on the ground and syria despite the air. they are at odds with each other. the meeting of nato foreign ministers in romania is capital has entered. the focus on wednesday was on what the western alliance has called russia's middling in its neighbourhood. on tuesday ministers disgust sending more air defense systems to cave and western allies also pledged to support ukraine through the winter. after russia targeted electricity lines. more than 13000 wild birds have died in a flu outbreak and peru in the last 2 weeks. biologists confirmed the birds mostly
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pelicans, were infected with the h 5 in one avian flu virus health authorities are concerned. it could spread to domestic poultry. dove issued an alerts requiring farmers to kill their stock. the single cases identified japanese and american pharmaceutical companies have published results of a trial which show a new drug can slow down cognitive decline and alzheimer's patients, the drug called la cannon. bob was tested on about 1800 people. those are the headlines. the news continues after al jazeera worlds. oh ah .
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ah. the state of her mind sets at the mouth, the fed ramp and gulf at the eastern end of the era peninsula. it's always had good relationships with its arab neighbors to the west, as well as with iran to the north. when there's been tension in the region, a man has also tried to remain neutral and has favored mediation. so don ca, boost bonsai decides ruled the country for 50 years and is widely considered to have been a visionary statesman. when he died in 2020, he was succeeded by his cousin sultan high thumb, been thought it on site. the album outside the dynasty has ruled romance in 1749, and in january 2021. so con, hey, thumb nominated his eldest son as crown prince,
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a strong sign of continuity. but harmon's long history is not well known outside the gulf region. before oil was discovered in 1962 fishing and pearl diving were its main sources of income, it was a trading nation and was colonized by the portuguese in the 16th century. it once had a vast empire stretching down to east africa, but also had a strong british presence for over a 150 years. in this film we go back over the last 500 years of harmony, history of tribes, wars, rebellion and colonization, and explore how and why homan still plays an important regional role to day. and the man at the head, the fun, oman adam to dad. maralie had thought if he met the had the phenomena thought if he had cobra saldana with her silly it shall we let her mind her leo,
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i'm sad one of her. my bad sir. had a man who hadn't a living wish will harley and daughter tomorrow. i'll be happy to help while will you love a dealer either? didn't mo at it fear, sir hollins ought to be before us. county examiner might be longer to elijah while on harley, few buxton cather. liquor shami, let her the hill in. but i thought here, kath, i'll kill us sir ellis, shortly a free affair meant ross, half warnesha marlon. larson delgado, general ben into her dude, mozambique her claim, because only i'd worry him that you've come and be her daddy. he and only michel were not in my ye, yes. metal washington, so coffee eaten? well, how body it and why he did hot dough m cadillac wafa on a hannon shade on them in an emphasis mathee. get a little a see i see
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a dockery i with dody. and he gets a lot of bowen food. oh yeah, he's having can make him think about that. what on and what had let that the shell forget that a lot on law had let unpleasant ah ah, people have lived in what's now romance, pre historic times, going back over 100000 years. tribes began migrating here from neighboring yemen around the 1st century of the common era. these tribes were the as abdel case and benny osama. and they came to this area known at the time as my gun. the land of frankincense in a separate migration. tribes also came here from the north of the era peninsula,
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like the nursery, or adena knights, known as the arabs, off the north. they all came here because of the long coastline and very climate. there were deserts, mountains, rivers, and in the south lust greenery. in ancient history, o mong was the only country in that part of the world. if you look at the arabian peninsula as a whole, there are essentially only 2 ancient countries to the east o mom and to the west. yemen and the molten states that now exist off a pot for my mom and yemen. they are all modern inventions. oh man. cookie. yeah, i don't see. i see a lot of the korean c as he bindle public. 30. then
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a lot of them are one will ever santa will. as the 30th coupling me let, we get the how come now have come all home, sierra e and now man k, i don't see i see out of all who malesky will then it will get an a and an abuse that a law hardly was element them a hot one will look at all of that that they said it m a hot over. what a good for us on will look at all. will harbor one look missile heart, other medicare oman abdur, gave that of near glinda events or national amar, my kiernan, see, i see want to have the co other had my alum lahardo lower level are similar level shop for national vendor shield in the fee that can rot that can to get her now to get them like an arab elaine or on the he's a lot of can officially hear any o'mara or him are ut when can he on your i'm but i
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will look no doubt in my lackey, at avi adelaide and as i can see it on the deck, esther land and let the dead. let me die. does she have? what a that leon. wow. has the heat. and is that how you going off he as of yet? oh man. yeah. oh, come to some hail. yeah, no, not a ha. well now sarah. well, when i give ed, ah, i think that important part of understanding all money history has made oman. important threat. it's history. we can go back to 3rd millennium b. c. when oman was trading throughout the western india, indian ocean, and it's always been a matter of location it's, it's there in the indian ocean benefits from the monsoon weather system. and so
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that, that really is kind of the important factors that you have to keep in mind for out of money history. now when we get to the and, and that of course is what brought the portuguese to law muscat was at that time the kind of entree po, the centers poor for that western into notion region ah, play thought it worked already and i am island asserting him hon my, the locked hasn't happened, had he and that name sac be a little to god anatomy and faith. my dad in sac beam and f as a back to you and mine. he then kenneth williams, had athena said that i la either monthly of any shot him. the portuguese arrived in 15 o 7 and were led by the general and admiral alfonso de albuquerque. in 2 years, they occupied ports and cities all along the coast of present day all mon and the u . e. they built fortifications to consolidate their colonization from the al
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hallowani, yet islands in the south to dawson had and muskets on northwards to horde fuckin and hormones islands. oh, we're not wasa little, and you can wish that liddy into a hole of shout mr. martin shahida true and a missionary. yeah. he will get no letter and the whole still not on there. i noticed that the on the day of the chicken in korea, that healthy woman had a bad l. 80. that agreement would be what would give it to live in miss ag it medal or the esla? i didn't win a felony named mistletoe on yahoo. go home, come get it on a former son. and then albuquerque had a reputation for brutality attacking towns and cities that resisted the portuguese colonizers. their whole money resistance was led by the mom who was elected by the tribal leaders. this m, i made system of government in oman,
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dated back to the 8th century. the you on the plate it shall see. year the in the year every year. this one she had me a shockley arrest out the had the record who will let the i should offer are that that'd be it. and the man now sort of an, or should fair, a shot either a good whole of the year. so for the, what can you show you on what fed and therefore ha, that would need? well, i level they are not sort of know what should i will be sent out of what i will for that you know here and it was to me, i wish i didn't read the dotala method, the aim. how had that pain, o y u b t o he demand. what's on the list there, mom,
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for what had the amount to her daughter, man, said i what? or how comes it should in this, in a bad the madison allen, a dad law. so mine's different tribal factions came together in $1624.00 under na said have been motivated, be 1st armani, mom of the yahoo be dynasty. he unified the tribes against their common enemy, the portuguese. the romanies gradually forced the portuguese out of the ports, leaving only muskets unmolested off in the hands of the colonizers. when a man nasir died in 1649, his cousin and army commander sultan, been safe, succeeded him. had the j share who had h o e to la can i mean, no, thought a didn't want to lead men will. how to him we him can not level him as it dell
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latitude had they had effected althea lamesa my beloved ambition. he, yeah, i added can be admin or many in the mic. gentleman had acosta when it was still on e. m, and he, dad makes a my belief. i dad and besedia and lisa was yohina had he's the one with the mac and women. happy. how was swollen in atlanta had me know, and was you it was the line if your man be daddy, must up, matthew, i'm and what's to me. oh hm. seen me daddy. news. but so tom been safe hunt ambitions far beyond the liberation of muskets. he built up a formidable navy and pursued the portuguese into their own colonies. in india and east africa. a man transformed itself from victim of colonization to an imperial power in its own right and its influence extended right down the east african coasts. what he that taken before the c as in romani and sharp africa,
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martha bethel gonna list are modeled worthily on. so i had mombasa, what kula was in goober. well, how the settlement that had been mac, these you had that could. so the fun model, carbonella want to get a little more complicated, like an all in the chart at a 100 to also be in our mind will shortly if we up here. now you do have a credit on a what did he get it like in can i hold on sir kathy ian dean, ian to gary in one of your can her lawrence, jesse and hello to see i see the corolla, serb shackleton, while they're wiggly not clear my daughter had yeah, it'll be the exact list model of the audio and so i had a show for the city. yes, absolutely. my mom said this was done in a well and the, the telephone massage will be some idea of loss with the heavy duty out of it. and for the c s, you know, many there was time disorder kidney. it was not enough for them in bahrain. i to when i went to college and was selling food on a one in a hotel. i did my new jordan, elijah far julian isla, shall paley she because it had to be a camden vasa come on in
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a barbara in woodland, a saturday ya alyssa, hello, got a bill in hand. billie lafayette, martha, i have shuttle italy at their fencing jabard album. bower my boss. however they're going to have the hill one article had the hill and would then kind of walk. i thought to help them. oh man the had need of the i had i li, ma'am see affair than sultan liddy looked. there may be faded avenue in new york. i had the luck of luck with abby. he nick a threat that this out would then y malika network, our data that to have my hulu under ya to be re amani territory continued to expand as did it's navy and merchant fleets. many years later, the british diplomat, samuel barrett miles, wrote the yard obese, became the defacto sovereigns over the indian ocean. and their ships spread fear into the hearts of europeans for over a century and a half. but it would not last
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actually out will be, well mine connecting with abilene hussle for $100.00 a month. oh and not been more should little promise eve or been adamant for fun. where say, he say based upon the muffin nasal pharmacy, if any damage to them you were to sasha hack up and had he'd, victor of a threat that had beat with a laugh were be date in, in him in 1718. the death of the yahoo! b e, ma'am sultan, been safe. the 2nd triggered and almighty leadership crisis. his son was only 12 years old, and so a power struggle between different tribal leaders ensued. the situation was complicated by religious scholars also arguing about the rules of succession. not not the old yard be order descended into chaos and civil war looms. so i can
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hopefully get us set up vena with emma is nino of energy and they'll have night or nally get had with a tower wouldn't at lee been at aero mann. but as emily, that he has a minute caberry yet format of hammered with nozzler lafferty or i'll admit him by the calhoun. i wonder lucas am in a chicago. mcdermott low manny, ella ferry came out funny. if ru alina a in will 40 of allow for the year, and we're benny of alpha, one, how that can work medicine. then she had the other emphasis in the 17 twenties and thirties under the young, safe pencil time. the 2nd tribal alliance has shifted and the stability of the out of the state weakens. this map produced much later. it shows the geographical distribution of the mean,
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amani tribes, but in the 17 thirty's the to it war were and he now we and alex our city it was my 900. it will man be, ha, ha then was 1000000000 not of. and i that caleb has been full mccannen fulani, then man at the who macro man, ill mechanic will any will macro man. that of the habit a more play will get hot like in you will get people well. then we'll get alec. a gun of an alarm. the oversight? no man. no sir. okay. that could be latina, is the at ha l. a team that he accumulated the co awesome or cabul it's been he, us then lateral cousin. why older? and now we're many in our law and they've often and so the shake of our with darby comes from a southern arab tribe, a jamini tribe. and so he sighed swiftly, then our does he play an active role in that civil war?
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not so much. but again, it's kind of a, almost an ethnic kind of. oh i dandy about where your particular family originated a fee. hellam had the sarah kumasi brazelton, a silly be headed in happy good, or holstein a b. i stand miracle hot a year is what i he died having a one honey hear. a doula and fantasy lou now and adults safe been so tom the 2nd resorted to outside, helped to try and defeat his rivals. he sent a message across the gulf to the persian ruler, now did shaw. in 1737. shaw sent a rescue force. but it soon turned into an army of occupation the persians to court falcon and ross in haymarket,
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followed by the city of muskets. but as they had against the portuguese, the romanies resisted, and a new dynastic leader emerged. ash my been side al bruce id. feel like at high the letters that i submitted this aiden was id let, he can now wylie and i lost her heart. okay. ready? and the mom saved muscle fun as well. so hard a can a t at she to why'd you her little as i was out of the hurry for when i did get letters it, i'm address lady why you so hot aqua mo data. and it was good and fantasy la la la mustang, that her father see was the law. it's helen men whom she advocacy animals were hardaman, gil father min, a. but a. com and her real a lot in the must felt. what is that it you mad? i dr. manion and the coolant archive than i li. bad come senate last minute. i agree with emma into couple he man,
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i can hold any and in this app lateral am i? it was stopped by a i meant to say that a man. oh man, a cath, senate, out of 70 to sal. waterbean was bow nakajima beside a madman. ha ha, ha catheter. oh man. ah, my been sigh beside his election in 1749, was aimed at unifying the country. he ruled for 34 years and was the 1st of the albus id dynasty that still rules on to day. but he did not have things all his own way and met serious opposition from the colossal tribe in the north, the almighty coast. that region also occurs up into what's today the united arab emirates, which before it was united arab emirates, was known as the true shall states or the truthful coast. but before that was known
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as the sa helamano, the old mani coast. because that's part geographically all mod, throughout its history. the the ruler of oman, the country, the e, ma'am, made, or the sultan i may have had exercise some influence. ah, they are especially in places like abra gobby do by their, with their closer relationships there. you get to the north where the quasi m tribe dominates. there's always been a fair amount of tension and it's been difficult for the monitors to control that particular territory. elko us in highly column of either auto v o n. yeah. and the shadow children that i said, fema or that saw following the shadow nephew on i love i love is innocent. a will the cutler home see if he, if he, the only out of the had the shot a kaffir part of the, the holly in my live. i'm not a motion to bill when i said
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a one. and now with a month or a mom here, her the month of a month, i do follow up with him. these tensions continued and boiled over at the end of the 18th century. the co awesome tribe in the north rebelled against rule by the album side, the dynasty and that all right now has him. i then oh yeah. and you know, he said, well i have one in for sale. what the 30 day man is. and then if you're available at that, he has a roster then, and now we have a new shift in g n, and we stop lena, see how they can afford. she has him out over daniel, family. i look, i was him that he didn't miss with either your and i feel over near now jennifer, far off for the him. can him at least a flat and a dollar and you know many. i made a mistake. horrible. home or felony, i honestly thought i let you come and i took my other for mental. you don't fear.
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came from a bad the any better that would look awesome for godaddy to ebony season fun. been my the been said a one horrible home. so you called on, but i was aide. what billing what, what delay on the computer? are you at the, in the collison co us, if you add the seats or either muscle fun, maraduke or the how do you want? but if i can read and say that i didn't want to come and look at the, i'm a little hindi, the bridge wrench and try just like deal monies. they weren't really interesting controlling territory. but the problem that existed in the gulf was piracy kind of, this is the, the 19th century idea of terrorism. and one of the, the kind of main practitioners of piracy was the, the quote awesome lead from, from coastal oman, south lamar. and so this,
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this became very disruptive and occasionally the class would attack a british anger. the british wanted to control this region to counter the influence of other european countries and armani see power. there treaties with all men and other emerging gulf states would dominate the region for the next century and a half. ah . as we move into the 3rd round of the group stage, some teams can breathe easy, knowing that place in the no counsel already secure the others. they know that jenny's coming to an end, for many, it's time to dig deep and focus is that still pledge is a playful lag cats on 2021 out to sara. ah,
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ah ah! a shock to the head and the silencing of a renown palestinian american journalist ah global pouring of grief and condemnation. and yet no accountability. a thorough investigation and to the final moments of her life and its untimely end at the hands of israeli forces. the killing of should be in a box on a jessia. oh,
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fun to mccray into the headlines on al jazeera from a chinese prison showing him and has died. he was 96. he rose to power just after the enemy square protest, serving as president from $993.00 to 2003, as young is seen as one of the architects of china transformation to a global power to go from the center to china. and globalization explains how young is seen today. i think it's legacy is a very great legacy because he was the public, china for about 30 years. and then his influence actually reached into the 4th generation. and until very recently is very much revered and respecting china and in leadership of china. really oversaw china overcoming the very difficult, challenging ponds in the early 19 ninety's,
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normalizing the relations with the united states, the west launch, and also joining w t o for example, which by the way, walk the subsequent rapid economic transformation of china. also in china. protesters have fought with police in the southern manufacturing hub of gun show of anger. over coven restrictions continues. similar demonstrations have taken place in beijing and shanghai will not directly addressing the protest, the ruling communist party has warned that it will crack down on what it referred to as sabotaged activities. at least 15 people have been killed in a bomb blast in northern afghanistan. it happened at a religious school in the back, the capital of some ongoing province. the interior affairs ministry students are among the day, the school is linked to the ruling telephone. no group has so far claimed responsibility for us forces in northern syria have reduced the number of joint patrols with syrian democratic forces. a group mostly made up of kurdish fighters.
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the pentagon's announcement comes a hit of a possible turkish ground operation. more than 13000 wild birds have died in a flute outbreak and peru. and the last 2 weeks, biologist confirmed the bids mostly pelicans were infected with the h 5 in one avian flu, virus health authorities, that concerned it could spread to domestic poultry. they have issued an alert. well, those are the headlines. the news continues here after al jazeera world. ah, the sultan, it's a famine, has a rich history and was once the dominant power in the whole gulf region. it had a powerful navy and colonized large areas of east africa. in the 17th and 18th centuries. the albus id dynasty came to power in
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1749 and the same family still rules are man to day. in 18 o. 6, sorry, had been sold on it. bruce idea took power but by the early 18 hundred's other tribes like the co awesome on the northern coast, had their own separatist ambitions. they also often threatened british shipping, which used the gulf waterway as a key trading route to india and beyond. sight been sultan albus id saw that he and britain had a common interest to combat the influence of the co awesome tribe on the northern coast. when the british considered pirates, so the british got together with us sy, you'd been so tom, 1st of all in 18 o 9. and then again in 1819 to try and destroy the ships thought the co awesome are using. and the purpose was to destroy the co awesome ships. it was not to destroy the co, awesome. as a tribe,
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the british were quite content that the co awesome should live there in peace, provided they did not attack shipping. i think these are little while young. i'll send away that a kelly my for him. that ha lemon. your little honestly and lowana ware i was in that of are often dennison i. how young was under brittany? i think only i knew how come the shiver for he got my letter from the plenty. now can nanny, literally shalayna yetter? well, i know that i noted to live. i knew it was id. the end of the money a wide one must learn english ziann. they had our seats aid, our homo, and the mm hm. are you ready to and you are a girl, fara ill awesome by that. and she got a little farther either dad, i'm awesome or what she got it. okay. you read ill, father ill arsenal, said that mom begins show bordeaux so for now we'll j e n demo. ha
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ha ha. would look a lesson for us with him or her as to whom belie? charlotte will do mila as one. hm. well, don't kill emmy at home, lack in bad that, nick, that must say it's a bad day on the late it easiest. i ain't the car to lit up. de malakai lap either salam fossil and that will actually let the, like i, b, m. this was a defining moment in the history of the gulf region. and it's still resonates to date in 18. 20 the british with their overwhelming naval power, negotiated a treaty with the tribal chefs on the northern coasts. this alliance ended the threat to british shipping. and from this point on the area they'd always refer to in formerly, as the pirate coast became known as the true shall coasts. what it did essentially
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was what the shakes were able to do is, is basically claim we've been recognized by the british government as an independent state. and so, russell hi, i had you man charger or marquee wayne for gera, go by abu dhabi all then are recognized by the british through these truces as an independent country. if you look how so this city was signed, ah, and it was in the sense the precursor of, of the subsequent truces of that was signed between britain mc owed to shakes of this region. and that's why it became known, and it was the pit. this was a true city like of that was why it was known as the crucial states. after that time. between 183518. 53 britain entered into a number of agreements with the true shall states in 1892. the link between the british
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and the sheriffs became closer still. they signed an exclusive agreement. so in return for british naval protection, the truthful states agreed not to enter into relationships with any other foreign governments without britons consent. owner alert gimme or a messiah said or man. the home? alco. awesome. okay. that a gala mac, the bail. miserable. a bit. the middle arm that i that i may end up with the hartman. i'll be a funny assault. lome, while i am y n m had did give give, are you to him my for the rules for level one they just room had while they got were had, well, they want to fuck, emma had la b isn't minette martin meddlebrook landing on atkinson brittany a walkie, the brittany is shaniqua mother. he that he is, katie, you may know shoe. the new hampshire been, she'll be in, in
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a little more than been her w. i shall car been and figure out where i saw her. catherine will come by. it had that i cannot be planning to come be thought it had been looking east lebanon. is that the delane yourself there? yes, i deanna luther can with the horrible hat dale you really deny. delica block? hello sir. hello sir. hello sir. hello. my harden, kind of sir. hello, man. sure, maddie. thus alma had written is her mom, had them in a holla, had to know after the 1820 agreement side been so tunnel, bruce, i the realized his influence on the gulf coast was decreasing. so he set about restoring almighty power over it. many colonies on the east coast of africa. i say it said consult on miss la whole mifflin, her garmin levine, a sub who had he saw the lead in the food, the money,
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the month of got shot 3 at leah, i bought the sierra cathedral in my last last getty, behind. if the vehicle was here, i'll put them on him. you're the man. you're actually in the car to see it. so he'd been up to he humbled. shut up really a good behead of the feed and food. the hospital fema bus up woman mac on a busy, odd thing. you bob wallach at the fee. her see her do the laugh at a shout. leah. oman will feel. i'll for them on me with nino athena, honda l. as in bob and leave early not and why have them in thought a while i get off feet money and emma ireland or anything give be my thought, but the awesome i can tanya. lillian but i thought a yellow monia will not cover on your to moment. clearly he a daughter, kill montela capital or money official affair for him and see it said bustled done, but i got a dollar money and but i thought he had no money to empty that data. so on fee
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amount on. oh, for shortly if they appear. oh, see bob, and will papa hot tub be either among other shot the pharmacy go are there was your bar while ready? the only come in and know he saldana with her. celia shall we let her mind hialeah, exile? i'm in. i'm in sad one, the out of her. my bad. a sad manuel, hadn't i love your wish will harley and dr. margaret louder? we have been with the heater, but this material cost validity, did that are mildly fishman column in the so model was kenya with us on yeah. well goes on. what are we really had that he had they had when i thought i was sort of little uncle often? it said he then again, i've got a holiday laura very well. which model he is in give. are ross a nice hopefully were higher up. i had higher up and it will my, our or slightly, what a lucky naya i know for a solvent saheed missile robin had the hill, missouri had been without army to laugh at off. i went to middle cathedral in
3:42 pm
a de la la, la la, brazil. huh. what did doe elected romani? yes, yeah, i did see you'd said been so thought bill you laugh at you let them a thought a heard before. what in by how to year. what gather cascadia could be right there, mechanic. there. oman, when clearly have followed. marcia, that the her wilma, half of the arly half, he cuffed her the he, i'll man up die. you'd been sultan died in 1856. and this triggered a power struggle between his 2 sons. the british intervened and the governor general of india brokerage compromise in 1861 known as the counting awards. but this separated musket and of a man ruled by the way he been side to side. on the one hand, from the lands ruled by his brother, measured from the island of santa bar, on the other the counting award obliged, measured to make an annual payment to his brother in oman,
3:43 pm
which continued for several years when measured, eventually stop making these payments. it caused financial hardship. it muskets and oman. bye bye, but tanya volley any can a how do you? i le, i'll in but i thought a little money. i le dolah. i love money and i can knock the gun, defeat toxeme. hi de leon. but i thought a johan had dolah half an hour and a half to sure old men dynamic. what do you, her fi and my job, but how do you learn spool or money feel more helpful? hindu, while holly did out, i be clearly enough. one minute gotten that data i shot, can they then i'll mark back to sign. you may have thought paula was hedge him, bundle or stool upon it, but it turn the whole list, the layer of he though, sheet in them
3:44 pm
a young buddy that things he would think, 0 god, that i li her well, lead, harden, missouri, cavenella. heb. ah, by the late 19th century, mainland or mine had become weaker in 3 ways. it had less influence over the northern crucial states. serious internal tensions had grown between the sultan in the more secular musket region and the leaders of the more religious interior. and the ongoing british presents continued to undermine the power of the sultan in moscow. in 1888 face of been sultan became ruler. and in the $1891.00 he signed another agreement with britain which virtually made oman, a british protectorate. so the country that once ruled an empire from the arabian
3:45 pm
gulf to east africa saw its stock fall even further. in 1913 face husband, turkey was succeeded, bites a mood, ben face on. but the young lucel tawn inherited a debt ridden country with longstanding internal tensions, and heavily dependent on the british man the whole, oh man female had him news to fucking at animal clam allan goodies, lincoln a knuckle nab him highly castillo, something in hon. quoted men at ident minutes said that it was her aid and use the head while i see as if it ken her mister kitchen when i'm at lace lottie own a little alcohol awesome. and sarah allen gillies and no. so that thomas, yes, he led us to mit 11. to muddle that the home had a sa lottin. was to murder any. are you sure to can he mad halimon hagi? he lamara dr. sadie when he had there to fucking out. and mr. miller and at your car, how about the sonata in obama said the mildly daneen zed at me 2 more filter side.
3:46 pm
fair lisa laugh jani, lena thought, and knuckle down here. and if he had, he fitted ted here. my bad attack him canning in the life fish oxy yet? it said it was 17. what enigma in was i see. i see a lady will they all fee. oh mirage will hargum maybe a little courtesy lou, other than le le digital more wire hard will. the war bought to should either. a lady has somalia in the middle english is the dig though of the will bother over what was available. glasses been do more. i was wanting more a rob l mcgee law. oh man, bill, multiple loc, im gonna shoot him another hot lan. my info the get up. yet mon atheist, melody ah tay modeman face hunt became sultan and muskets in 1913. but the split between him and the him i made in the interior continued until the british broker to deal in 1920 and he recognized the autonomy. though not the
3:47 pm
sovereignty of the almighty interior. he abdicated in 1932 in favor of his eldest son. site had been tame. mood who became the 13th sultan of muskets, uncommon, and exchange of letters from the time, provides an insight into the level of influence and control by british administrators in the gulf region. on the surface, they seem to be a simple exchange of news and a routine visa request, but they actually highlight the complex diplomatic protocols involved in dealing with shift dms, who had longstanding differences. the 1st letter is from britain's political agent in the true shall state of charges to his opposite number in bahrain. he tells him about the death of shaft safe, but how much do sharpie ruler of fajita on the 24th of december 1938 and that his
3:48 pm
brother mohammed ben, ham ads had succeeded him. the 2nd letter follows on from that one. on the 2nd of march, 1939, the british political agent in muskets rights to his counterparts in kuwait seeking advice. on a diplomatic problem. the sultan has sent me a musket passport, given by his government to mohammed ben, hermit shakafur gera, for granting of a visit to bahrain. the sultan claims the shake to be his subject, and granting a visa by me would amount to our ignition of his claim to for gera, which place from our records, appears clearly not to be in the sultan's territories. please telegraph your instructions as the shake wants to leave by the next steamer. the british political agent in kuwait replied with a compromise. you should give bahama to some of harmonious shakafur, gera,
3:49 pm
some sort of unofficial paper, to enable him to landed bahrain, and thus avoid raising the question of sovereignty of huge iraq in the amorous. so there was what called the everett's, then the div. what is not the eminence the shakes her hut her woke well told him as an independent and at this stage, oh, we're not very wealthy and not very powerful. some had loyalty to the saltado musket hum and some, as i say, were operating independently. ah fidela teddy had had east madden allison a year by the soda sinner yet the hood enough's a date as yet to have kobe bankers for holiday heck, yes, yes, he was still dialing his felon b to hate him. cac, totally. it had, he had like a bit of a heavy hitter bay when you lay your call clean up. and i couldn't find out that
3:50 pm
a sly me slot. i don't think was a bad of alec from an estimate glove i had to maggie. so fuck up was am if samuel devane alady data, but hospital. yeah, i did it, but i had a good he does, he se than a cobblestone, said i that will definitely be lead or shade that orlando i le adiana sal dunk. i would have been a dollar and owe money and had either $1.00 hold of you or either he fee or when he can, you met in? it'll be her, i'll a shallow money had the feeling the head of the one good than who her are. maloof was, am you said to 16? minima as a hello? this is she was i the little gone alley. she'll sure what? min hakama willoughby. water will leave. she had the will that be? wow. minimal amount o from the shift side, or how will la colonial work of your fee give her the illness. she thought he though noah had they any other but the had them. but i that the literally lee lee news amalgam of he was he had the i will let me. in
3:51 pm
1968, the british under prime minister harold wilson, announced their plan to withdraw from the gulf region entirely for financial reasons. they needed to save money. at the same time, she excited of abu dhabi, forged closer relationships with the other true, shall states leading to the formation of the united arab emirates in 1971. but this was also a crucial time for modern oman. oil production began in 1967, giving the country resources to develop its own infrastructure in 1970 or mines new leader. so tom cobb was spin, side on sides, began using that revenue to finance a huge liberalization and modernization program. i think the background to the establishment of the u. e is absolutely the decision by the british to leave the
3:52 pm
gulf, which i recall correctly is a decision they took in 1967 as a result of cots in the british defense budget at that time. but they didn't actually implement fully until i think it was 1971. i think the almighty government recognized that the shape dms were more or less independent of all much where there were issues with almost every one of those shape dms was was territories. so you have, you know, you have a dispute with our, with our be around brain, you have a dispute with, due by around a place called where he had to, you have a dispute with who gerra about dba. so when the u. e was founded, ah, russell homer did not join the new federation immediately. there was a short period of short delay. and i think that to lay itself explains
3:53 pm
the ambivalence about identity that existed on the ground. so the were those in russell heinman that wished to be part of oman that were those in russell coma that wish to be part of the new federation. so this was a very delicate situation. and actually you can see this if you look at the map of the north lemar, it's now, i'm the massage dumping. it's sort of, for example, this was an area where the, oh, she would have had no loyalty towards the router mascot. but the other shares they came, they went sometimes they would be with the re mascot, and sometimes they would be acting independently. another fact that possibly a good example of this ambivalence is or it was foot foot for many years. oh, man, had a representative in the m roots, not an ambassador. now, again,
3:54 pm
this reflected ambivalence about identity. if you have an ambassador, you are acknowledging that your interlocutor, the place where the ambassador goes to represent you, is a foreign place. and i, i don't think home on is thought of the amorites as a foreign place and vice versa. because they are, they are almost ah, so close to each other. there is this intermingling, they don't see themselves as fully separate. and 2, in a formal sense to put an ambassador in place, is to acknowledge that other place as fully separate now, britons formal relationship with home and lasted from 18221971.
3:55 pm
while opinions on the british presence very widely, a comparison between its withdraw from the gulf and its departure from palestine, egypt, and aiden. highlight the difference between britons involvement here and elsewhere in the middle east. i love that love on the last oil. is that modern law? the belly a but a father that for you would old the whole house. i bought a town of florida. yeah, i was a little john, but dr. leila, who know well english, but that in a little while the e mail for so long while bobby at the lyla, had he at the to the still not thunder of this and had that he sees it that i used to another a lot of you a lot a lot of me now you can and there you are in the life and then no lady daniels or i nickel and fema right now. same overlaid that the state has
3:56 pm
a whole will have. but can i apply that? defeated him of that with the exact that it will, is it had that is, should i lay her eye on it? should ali, how sleep flora i la had the hidden megawatt and deb, i think, going on with the nasha. ah, so don caboose overthrew his father in a bloodless qu, in 1970. but his 50 year rule completely transformed oman. he had no children when he died in january 2020, but nominated his cousin. hey thumb as his preferred successor in a sealed envelope opened only after his death. in january 2021 sultan high thumb made his eldest son, crown prince. the challenge for them both is that harmony oil will not last forever. and so how they manage to sustain the countries historic influence across
3:57 pm
the gulf will define almond's future a turkish artist, an internationally renowned painter who has been blind from by al jazeera wow, meets an inspiration of figure for visually impaired people worldwide. this man is able to inspire so many people, cited and cited it doesn't matter, sharing new artistic techniques, fingertips them make the impossible possible. painting in the dark on al jazeera, ah,
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anticipation is rising. and so is the atmosphere. you read away, sponsored my cattle aways. hello, we've got a kid scattering a showers across a bunch of south america. many a cloud there that popcorn cloud has erupted. line a cloud to into northern parts. sir valentina went to weather coming in here over the next couple days. because if upon us, heiress temperatures, touching 30 celsius on wednesday afternoon, tad cooler to go on into where thursday winds coming in from one of a suddenly direction, but plenty of showers to the north that to process western side of the amazon. still some live is shasky, head east inside of brazil as well, where to whether they're 2 up towards guy and our french gun, assuring them where to where the 2 still in place, across parts of the caribbean, not quite as live as it has been recently. so some very heavy showers into southern parts of central america. so for panama, costa rican nicaragua, live, he shares,
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i'm pleased to say it is somewhat dry. therefore, trinidad to bog to baker. after a recent spell, a very heavy rain here, still a few showers coming across east analysis. we go through thursday, some showers to just cropping up into jamaica into cuba and also into hispaniola cubicles. see some showers along with mexico. did a bit of wet weather now in the process of clearing away from the east side of the u. s. them live the storm still in place here. and we have got snow gathering to the west the weather sponsored by cattle anyways. they may not be tilted potatoes, they might not have the biggest stadium, but they stand as tightens in the face of the fascist fall. right? to move that you want to show the world that the good guys can sometimes when they are the force behind jimmy, said polly phenomenon. oh,
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the fun to make football on out here allow government lounges era with all stories of discrimination, enjoying from my own lot is interesting. the friction is on how little this of was multiple nit superman and one death many. i was with that as a living, a guy opened up your wish i with to in my teeth. i new series of short documentary by african filmmaking, africa direct on al jazeera. ah .


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