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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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a whole now he's oh, in that was all the, you know, while i mean all of latin america for most of my career, but mil country is alike and its my job to shed light on how and why ah,
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how came jeffries is elected leader of the democrats in the us house of representatives, the 1st black person to lead a major political party in congress. ah, the bucket, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up another religious school targeted northern afghanistan. at least 15 people have been killed. most of them students the breakthrough drug is shown to slow the progression of cognitive decline and outside is patience. and to the world comp, soccer bruce or into the knockout stage is matthew lucky is the hero was australia sees often mo, to for the 2nd. ah,
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i came, jeffrey's has been elected as the new democratic leader of the us house of representatives . he's the 1st black person to hold the role. jeffries will take over from nancy pelosi, who served for 19 years he takes on the leadership at a critical time for the democrats who lost their house majority in the mid term elections. at 52 years old jeffries is relatively young, 6 years younger than the average age of those sitting in the us house of representatives. he has been in the house since 2013 and it's shared the house democratic caucus since 2019. jeffrey has had a significant role in the 1st impeachment of donald trump. he was selected as one of 7 house managers presenting the case against the then president. he's the 1st black person to hold a top party lead a position in the house or senate. heidi jo castro joins us live now from capitol hill. and heidi, as we've just been saying this appears to be a step towards younger, more diverse generation of democrats taking over in the house. absolutely. and that
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is what this trio of new leadership that was just elected, have been telling reporters, not only was jeffrey's unanimously elected as leader of the democrats in the house, but also the number 2. and number 3, they are also relatively young. in their forties and fifties, a very different from the off to gent octogenarians who held those 3 posts of course led by none other than 82 year old nancy pelosi. this new slate of leadership is also more diverse. we have jeffries, who is the 1st african american to lead any major u. s. party in congress. and we also have pete aguilar who is a member of the hispanic house cock as he is now. the new caucus chair. so all of this is a moment that had long been anticipated. pelosi said she would be stepping down from her house speakership role in this new term after
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a democrats very narrowly lost their majority in after this last midterm election. and so this new, these new leaders coming in, we'll have quite the job, cut out for them. come january 3rd when this new congress has sworn and given that they will no longer have the majority though, really be playing defense as their major role against a republican house majority in order to re experts hockey jeffries, to do the job differently to nancy pelosi, someone of course, who's loom large over us politics for so many years. right. and that is something that we will find out. certainly. pelosi had such a strong following. of course, there were some descent from progressives among democrats, but in the end, she was always able to hold all those factions together. partially because, as you said, of her longevity and, and the big shoes that she certainly left to be to be followed. jeffries may have
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a different style, he has been described as and more of a, as a grassroots type leader. he has specifically said that he will try to the more inclusive of relative newcomers to the u. s. house of representative. i'm and this is something that was echoed by his a lieutenants as well. we know that he describes himself as a progressive, but he has a lot of respect and a lot of a, a he has worked with establishment democrats for many years. so because his ascension was due to a unanimous vote, it's likely that everyone will fall in line whether or not that last. so through these next 2 to motorists years, while democrats are again in the minority in the house, that remains to be seen. hardy many thanks, honey. j cross through the old capitol hill. at least 15 people have been killed in a bombing in northern afghanistan. lib happen to the religious school. if i bach
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the capital of summer gun province, at least 20 people were injured. the interior 1st ministry students were among the dead. no group as yet claimed responsibility for the blast fighters. olandt is a professor of political science, a cobble university. he says, the attack is a challenge to the taliban. no, the no gun is done again and passed one year there were several such said big tags happened on us. i was like in missouri and also from those, but didn't as someone got to the 1st time, usually such a tags in isis keeping that they are taken that responsibility. so to talk sort of somehow again, it's lisa, but i was in the country talking about a stronghold of security started by and ninety's. they were known that they brought security to themselves while they were so many other things going wrong. but people who are happy, ordinary people this time, facing to blows,
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ation and security aspect brought us away from and out. the joblessness and other problems take some as on one exemptions on telephone is government, they have been increasing the difficulties for taliban and so many on mother says, which are the main areas of recruitment and stronghold of caliber leadership on prevention level. it should be affiliated with the governor's office or the police force tyler by now that is to go into attacking such kind of centers. again, it shows that the taliban, i've been to lynch on this important area of improvement, which is bringing security to talk. god has done after the fall of carbon, japanese and american pharmaceutical companies have published results of a trial which show a new drug can slow down cognitive decline in alzheimer's patients. alzheimer's disease international says on average one person develops dementia every 3 seconds
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. outside as is the most common cause of dementia, the number of people with dementia is expected to double every 20 years with much of the increase in developing countries. dementia cost globally are more than a trillion dollars about a 3rd of the u. case annual g d p. those costs include direct medical care, social care, and unpaid care, how we force it as more. for over 30 years, scientists have tried and failed to design a drug that tackles the cause, not the symptoms of alzheimer's disease. now comes the 1st evidence of real success and antibody infusion that attacks a specific protein in the brain. slowing the development of early stage alzheimer's by around a quarter professor john hardy. first develop the theory of this. we said that this approach might work 30 years ago and you know, if you'd asked me 30 years ago how long it would take, i'd say 5 to 10 years. so for me it's, it seems definitely momentous. i think for patience, it's
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a real step forward, a real step forward, and it's going to take a couple of years to get it into the system. it's patience like john teeling in the early stages of the disease who stand to benefit the most. john says he felt the ground open up when he was diagnosed. he'd embrace anything that gives him more time with his wife and family. you put it at any mind, you know where you go or end up life. and you know, there's nothing you can do about it, but you can't worry about it because there's nothing you can do. someone be accepting of it. the new drug, la cannon, mad inhibits the build up in the brain of a protein called peter amyloid visible is so called plaques. in the brains of alzheimer's patients. nearly $1800.00 patients around the world took part in a study which showed a 27 percent slow down in the deterioration of their cognitive skills over 18 months. but if approved, the treatment will be laborious and costly. put minister through bud infusions
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twice a month. and will also require major investment in screening for the disease to catch it sufficiently early. and at the moment we did up through kansas trance, regal spinal flit, testing for a from a lumber puncher. and that is, ah, we need to broaden access to ways in which we can have access to those kind of tasks. we also want to see a new techniques that are quicker and faster and potentially cheaper. for example, blood test, if 30000000 people around the world suffer without highness in itself, just one form of dementia. much difficult and costly work remains before treatments . let alone cures a widely available. but this is a hugely significant 1st step. harry faucet, al jazeera london, ah, it wednesday is world cup action, australia beat denmark, one know then a through to the next round. they will now go on to face the winner of group. see
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matthew lucky school. the goal to put australia into not how stages for the 1st time since 2006. and he richardson was an old gentleman stadium for the match. well, some very happy australian fans and players here in our wacker australia, through to la 16 for just the 2nd time in their history and all the fancy hoping that this team can do even better than the side of 2006 who were beaten in the 1st lockout route. oh, i'm very, i from a say and i'm so happy that my home country has actually one very, very proud of the i in america. my i, we're gonna, we're the god. we're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna look up denmore came into this world cup having reached the semifinals of the last european championships, having dominated their welcome qualifying group. and having beats in france twice
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in the wafer nations league. they leave cats are having score, just one goal and with no winds head it is, woke up very excited about the dance team and some other teams as well. but today it's, it's too bad, but it's like you're good championship overall. so it's still good versus too busy and we thought we were, i thought we were going to win, of course, but now we completely lost what to do. that's how it is still a great solomon, very well organized, that discussion is vanya didn't play well. the heather, good euros, and also the qualifications here. some just the place of added on for games. not a lot. just as one area during his time here in cats or australia had coach graham arnold has said that right now, football is only the 5th most popular sport back home. and the national team has endured some lean times, the current score as talk to just how inspirational, australia is run of the 2006 world cup was to them. and they now have the chance to
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be every bit is influential. and to nicea they're out of the competition despite beating the reigning champions. france, why? because re, school chinese is 1st call a catch 2022. that was enough for one. they'll win, but not enough to put them into the last 60 and the game between argentina and poland is about 10 minutes in the school is nell or france or at stadium 974 is the teams played out in a match that will decide who progresses to the next round, poland is on 4 points. argentina on 3 stadium nice have been for is a temporary and you made some recycled. shipping containers also underway, the game between mexico and saudi arabia at loose sales stadium. that's also neil all so far. they will also decide who will proceed from the group. sarah hyatt was outside the stadium before the match. now france repetitions. a mexican font is about to attend the game. brian, what do you know about the performance?
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how do feel makes the code thing to perform? honestly, that no one any calls. com, what do you think will afford today, or of course, to set it up in a sport, a goldstein's wrote of 2018. so we believe today we're going to ask for at least 3 goals. that's mostly a, i mean i believe hopefully that we can win today. and if not a qualified today, a 16 round up lease went today and get some goals because we haven't celebrate any goals. it's our peers woke annual that the largest number of fund tear off and make a big even if i mean everyone planning in to get him. i believe it's the 2nd a business. sure to bring funds throughout the world. we spent a lot of money in this trouble. my family are in general, all the mexicans. so i believe who went to liberate one and on saturday you come from across the border. especially haven't you that you bought
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the book, not just from saudis, but pretty much from all of the region. and why is that? do you think? i think because that's how the national team showed the world that we can do better than what we thought about us. and we've led me to, well, i guess one of the tournament favorites to when we played a shock for people. yeah, of course it is. my personal opinion, i think i was going to make history today, and we will over mexico to neil that there were next. yeah, of course. well, as you can see, i mean the law spans are very much excited towards this, but there is trepidation with the make the con mexican fans rather specifically the saudi things that even if they do this by that they've got this ball, it's fairly strong team at the moment and this walcott has been increasingly thank you very much, is raising the surprising with surprising resolve this me from the,
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in the region and well, in the law we played out very welcoming and i just got my right. so the come on out to 0, ah, fury of south african st system, apartheid era assassin is about to be released from prison. and a modern day owner for tradition inspired architecture. the indian city using small designs to the heat. ah, here's your forecasts for the 1st of december across europe and africa. good to have year long. some torrential downpours of for northern greece, north macedonia, western turkey and bulgaria. think anywhere in this. so and certainly the risk of seen some flooding, some rounds of rain for that eastern side of spain that's going to pour into
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valencia. and we got this weather maker not too far away from the strait of gibraltar will come back to what that means for north africa, one sec, but 1st central europe. pretty typical weather here. some snow over the higher ground are, for example, in croatia off to the northwest right now and, okay, this looks a bit threatening, right, but it's can, can continue to funnel north and break apart. so it's not going to threaten either the islands of ireland or britain with any rain over the next little bit. k off to north africa. we go right now and there's that weather maker. it's going to be adapt day in robot with a hive. 16 degrees at some showers across the gulf of guinea to be expected. now for south africa, high temperatures right across the cape provinces in some spots about 40 degrees. that's going to cause an outbreak of some thunderstorms. and then we've got this stream of rain around southern mozambique, given us some showers, also some showers, and an, and an a repo was a high of 27 on thursday, a
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ah ah ah ah, monitor the top stories here and i'll just era. how came geoffrey said,
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has been elected as the new democratic leader of the us house of representatives. he's the 1st black person to lead a party in congress. jeffries will take over from nancy pelosi, who served for 19 years. at least 15 people have been killed in a bombing at a religious school in northern afghanistan. interior fast ministry says students are among the dead. no group has yet claimed responsibility for the blast. radius soccer ruse are in to the knockout stages of the football world cup for the 1st time since 2006 after winning against denmark, $1.00 and $2.00, nicea out of the competition despite beating the rating champions for 2 major chinese cities. glenn, joe and john ching have ease cove. it 19 restrictions have been days. a protest across china was 1st. frustration mounts against the government strict 0 corporate policy. patrick falk reports protests taking
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a violent turn of the southern city of gong. jo, one video posted on social media, people tear down a cove at 19 testing tense. in another protest, his whole glass bottles had police officers. moments later security forces dress and has met, suits advance information, holding protective shields. the reuters and air p news agencies have verified the videos were filmed and high jew district, but are unable to confirm when they were taken. all the sequence of events high jew is where the bulk of china's recent infections have been reported. much of the area's been under locked and since october, the unrest mark's an escalation and a movement that spread to several large cities from shanghai and beijing. to chung do and will hon. i would say that a la camille potty actually under estimated anger at a cross level. i would, i would not think li are a well prepare for a protest ah, a curry over the past weekend. the latest developments come despite stern warnings
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against taking part and demonstrations. in a statement, john, as top security agency, has called for a crackdown on what it says, a hostile forces. it's not clear who or what the government is referring to, and as yet to provide evidence of any external interference, it's also reiterated confidence in its approach to the virus tune gland to me, don't go fax over the years, have fully proven that china covered protocols have protected the security and help of the chinese people to the greatest extent, genuine and minimized impact on socio economic development. some countries have made remarks on china. recently. these nations have enough issues to deal with at home. we hope they would hit the weiss's interests of their own people, instead of pointing fingers at others. meanwhile, authorities have begun easing restrictions in some areas including junk, jo, home to the biggest i phone factory and ch, reduced mass testing requirements, and allowed more businesses to reopen. still,
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demonstrators fear possible retribution, beijing, some people have voiced support for the protest. her do whatever. i can still work from home, so the lockdown hasn't affected me too much. but seeing them fighting for freedom, i think, is very inspiring her anger about the 0 coven policies, more people speaking out against censorship. and what they say is an overbearing government, patrick, fog, al jazeera hong kong, a key figure in chilliness transformation to global power status has died. former president jiang zemin was 96. he came to office just after the 1989 tiana been square protests and crack down. katrina, you looked back at his life rare among chinese leaders. john. the men seemed to enjoy the spotlight. he stepped into the top job during a turbulent period. he was appointed communist party general secretary in june, 1989 following the military crackdown of student led protests in tenement square.
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his predecessor child the young, had been removed from power for openly sympathizing with the demonstrators. john was a former mayor of shanghai, a city then at the forefront of ambitious economic reforms slowly spreading across the country. those reforms would eventually allow china to grow into the worlds 2nd largest economy and shanghai until global financial hub. although china presents itself as a communist country, an increasing number of party members are becoming millionaires. and some billionaires. as economic growth surged under junk, foreign investment port in, in 1997 patriotic pride sought when britain returned hong kong in 1999, john initiated a ruthless campaign against the spiritual practice of fallen. ha, human rights groups said hundreds of thousands of people were imprisoned or sent to lay the camps. under his rule, china became a member of the world trade organization and was also awarded the 2008 olympics.
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but some things remained unchanged. the leadership continued to crack down on descent. china's market possession of its centrally planned economy brought dangers . the gap between rich and poor widened and corruption worsened a legacy junk successive huge and power inherited in 2002 in chinese history. only mounted on dung shall ping and the current president she didn't ping larger than jam. it remains to be seen whether he will receive the same reverence as china builds its position on the global stage. nato has pledged support to russia's neighbors on the final day of a meeting of the alliance as foreign ministers in romania, moldova, georgia and bosnia herzegovina who fear being destabilized by moscow have all received reassurances from nato. so he didn't says it's made progress towards an
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agreement with turkey on its admission to the alliance. ministers also discussed sending more air defense systems to ukraine. a blast of the ukrainian embassy in madrid has injured at least one employee. officials say the explosion happened when the staff member was humbling and letter. he suffered light injuries and took himself to the hospital, the ukrainian foreign ministry spokesperson. so the injured worker was a commandant, and that security has been stepped up at every ukrainian embassy. thousands of people in south africa have been protesting against the planned release of janos wallace, the convicted killer of anti apartheid lead a cris honey, while a shower being granted parole after serving nearly 3 decades imprison. but as for me to mila reports demonstrate us, while the decision reversed more than 20000 people outside the prison in pretoria, a trying to prevent the release of a man,
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they consider an apartheid criminal. up to serving nearly 30 years for the 1993 assassination of antea party leader chris honey janusz wallace has been granted parole. he was arrested along with now deceased politician clive darby lewis, who was convicted of conspiracy to murder. our government going to live the person who killed him under the to the water us more. so how do i lose the person? who could our hill live to pull know for to for started to we were we are to do what do you want to lose? or madonna, i was before this protest and on the eve of his release, wallace was stabbed in prison by another inmate. prison officials say he's in stable condition. wallace has for years applied for parole off to serving the minimum time required. and for years it's been denied, but the constitutional court ruled last week that he should be released on parole within 10 days. oh, the honey family,
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along with many south africans have always opposed his release. they say, while he may be remorseful, he has never explained, ordered the killing. and why, who did it yesterday's been granted that both of them and with that, let us mobilize upon how our me, our we met with him because his evil ha needed their lives to please she is there we go to days that had children how without a father and we as women, we stand behind head, it can be like that. got, well my name is barbara because i knew i need to go away. the life of his i knew was a freedom i deal for their lives. again. honey was a leader of the south african communist party as well as the liberation party. the african national congress observers describe is killing just months ahead of south
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africa's 1st democratic elections that dismantled racial segregation as pushing the country to the brink of civil war. many of calling for the core to reverse this decision. now, even after so many years, it remains a wound for many sub africans who have unanswered questions. especially since few people have been held accountable for crimes committed in the name of a party. for me, tamela al jazeera, her school will in rural india has been shortly sent for an award of the annual world architecture festival. the design was inspired by tradition and boot to endure extreme heat of the metal went to have a look imposing and intriguing, this giant building breaks the monotony of its surroundings. it's tara caught a collar and geometric lay out are unusual for a school in western india. in general. most people look at schools, hospitals, you know anybody strickland manner without thinking of spaces for social
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interaction, for how to make it in on lively for that isn't because people are spending like half of the the, the school is part of this 40 hector township. in georgetown state, most residents are employees of a cement factory. the region is hot and dry. the architect has taken the climate into consideration in his design. pick angular pillars, shelter, open spaces even in the scorching sun temperatures. heck and reach 45 degrees celsius for the auditorium faces south. and. 7 much of the sunlight, classrooms are on the opposite side facing north, so they get less heat during school hours. joining them is this giant pergola where students gather for extracurricular activities, and it does feel coolio. 2 sets of vertical walls further restrict direct sunlight . inside class rooms are well it, and there is no need for air conditioning curtains or blinds. the corridors are
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mortal on billet street twisting and turning, creating nooks for students. it's not just about the aesthetic or i truly believe that this infrastructure is also designed in such a beautiful way that it meets all our requirements mathematic teacher. they use their space, their teach geometry, it will those students. and we also provide students freed, painful and direct among themselves. the school was built 5 years ago and is inspired by the regents traditional architecture. sanjay, where he says he drew from his own experience studying. and our son was very interesting because we were in a school that has a lot of history. and what is it alone is that the traditional way of building was actually much bigger. you did not need air conditioning. you did not need any kind of, you know, additional shelter because it was already provided for he hopes to encourage students doing.


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