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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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is impossible. the final episode meets 3 young brazilians from modest background, desperate to make their families proud. i'm going to keep working hard to make my childhood dreams come true and to be able to procure my ambition, playing in the world cup the world cup, dream, brazil on al jazeera. ah . but attempt to curb rushes, war, chest, the ear and g. 7 nations agree on a price cap for its oil. ah phillips robin, you're watching out of his own life. my headquarters here in doha. also coming up south korean truck has to fight government orders to return to work. they're demanding higher wages. another palestinian is killed by israel forces in the occupied west bank. it's been the most valued year since 2006 and the united states
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military and bounds its 1st degree a stealth bomber more than 30 years calling it to be 21 rater. ah, welcome to the back of the group of 7 nations, australia and the e. you have agreed on a $60.00 barrel price cap on russian oil. it applies to oil that's imported by tank up and is aimed at cutting off cash supplies to moscow. now the price curve is expected to come into effect on monday, not the same day and even bar go on russian crude oil will also be applied jonah, hope as well from london, has been the subject of really quite fraught negotiations between you remember, states for months now initially, over the sort of market economics of an oil cap at all, and then over the price at which any oil cap might be set,
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poland has joined estonia. they were the 2 main holdouts among the member states in agreeing to an e. u commission proposal. made on thursday to set an oil cap at $60.00 a barrel. with that verification mechanism for the price to be revisited every 2 months to ensure that it remains at least 5 percent in theory, at least 5 percent below. whatever the market value of russian is deemed to be, now, this isn't going to affect pretty much in any way e u countries ability to buy russian oil at any price. because from monday, december, the 5th a band comes into play only you countries buying any rational at all where it has global significance. though, in limiting you countries ability to license and insure vessels, many of them registered any you countries carrying the cbl in russian oil. the so called euros oil to big oil consuming economies like india and china. so the point of any kind of a russian oil price cap is to take as big
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a bite as possible out of russia's war chest independent experts appear to agree. they're already pointing out that this measure as set now appears somewhat toothless with the value of rational already just about $60.00 or even less. so how does the price cut what quote, countries that sign up will only be able to buy oil shipped by sea at $60.00 a barrel, india and china, a russian top oil buyers, accounting for more than 40 percent of export. they've been getting huge discounts and they're not interested in joining the price comp. but western countries say they won't ensure shipments that sell russian oil above it, as especially a problem for india, which has no drug pipeline to russia. western allies, no. russia's remaining oil buyers aren't going to join in on the sanctions instead, the hoping caps give by leverage to demand even lower prices, thereby cutting bosco's revenue. andrew la power is the president of energy
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consulting firm with oral associates, explains how the cap is affecting markets. interesting way because the european union in the g 7 are no longer buying russian oil limits, the number of customers available to russia to place those volumes. which means that china and india are negotiating from a position of strength and can demand deeper discounts for russian wild purchases. as a result, we're seeing that russian oil transactions loading in the baltic or in the black sea are trading at between $50.00 and $55.00 a barrel. well below the price cap. and as a result, the oil market had a very muted reaction today. in fact, it fell about a dollar about the fact is that the price capital european union dan have created a number of exception. we're going to continue to see the check republic, slovakia, and hungary purchase oil by
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a pipeline. as they had been over the last several years and that exception will continue through 2024. in addition, bulgaria has an exemption. they can continue to receive russian oil by tanker to the end of 2024. so there are a number of exceptions to receive oil by a pipeline. ukraine's foreign ministry says it's diplomatic post and 6 european countries have been said parcels containing a little body parts in spain. the area surrounding its madrid embassy has been cordoned off on wednesday, a letter bomb exploded therein. during a staff member, a letter bombs were also sent to other addresses. the spain interior minister says it could be related to the war in ukraine. to south korea now work truck drivers are continuing that strike despite a government order to return to work thousands, march through the capital. so i'm do some supporting the strike for hire minimum
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wages. negotiations between the government to medias of failed to strike as disrupted supplies a phase of a fuel shortage. in the coming days, eunice came passmore from sol on thousands of people are here gathered here in front of the national assembly here and saw an organizer say there are many more in who's on the port city. they are galvanizing our support behind the truckers union which extends its driver for a 10th doing today. they are calling for a moment an extension of a minimum pain system that is going to expire at the end of this year. and they want it to apply to more drug or is it only applies to you. cement had a container troubles moment. now the president use hung out and his government have been calling. these are strikes illegal, and they had booked for the 1st time. i order for workers in the cement industry to return to work and that if they don't, you know,
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my beginning of i'm coming work only, they could be facing constantly including losing their license or even if you gail time. now all the molding as is export lyons economy has been under a lot of good insulation pressure. we are all her 20 year high from the middle of the year, but inflation is still kind of, you know, like resent, which is it's not been ready to explain in 2023 and loans have been harder to come by because the interest rate has with high the rise as well for a regular house. so that's why a lot of these folks are out here. they're saying that who has pro is no longer in now, and they need to hear from those who are able to make the changes in it. because you with no need to this minimum pay system for the trustees of israel forces of killed a 22 year old palestinian man occupied west bank. witnesses say he was involved in
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a car accident with israeli saddler before being apprehended than shot at close range. is ready please say the man stop the soldier while trying to steal his gun of being wrestled to the ground. he was shot point blank. medics from the palestinian red crescent said they were prevented from helping the injured man. 100 and 59th palestinians have been killed in the area since the start of the year. robert bride is in the occupied east. jerusalem, another disturbing shooting. rob with israel's use of force coming under scrutiny again. yeah, there still seems to be some dispute about the exact course of events leading up to the shooting itself according to the people in the town of hawaii. it began with an altercation between the man he's been identified as 22 year old. miss les, i've been off duty officer, according to a police statement. they say that they tried to break into
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a car that had to is raised inside one of them being off duty soldier who had a hand gun. he fired at miss les the man that ran across, producing a knife and attacking a border patrol boat force officer. it was another border officer who apparently then try to grapple this way and that's the man we see in this a clip of video from that. of course the, the what happened next is in less dispute because we'll see a very clearly and the ensuing struggle of the offices weapon falls to the grounds . the palestinian man falls to the ground. the officer then produced what appeared to be a backup weapon. his hand gun and shoot. if lay on the ground several times, it has been roundly condemned by palestinian authorities in that view. this was a cold blooded killing. there's also been a criticism from the e u office here. they have said that they are greatly concerned about what they're calling an excessive use of lethal force by their estimation. this is the 10th
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killing of a palestinian in just 72 hours. and of course, it comes with this uptake in clashes in the occupied west bank. we have had so far we are not even at the end of the year, 159 palestinians being killed in these clashes with thousands more injured. and what is the, the highest number of casualties in 16 years by 45 eastern the thank you. now the u. s. as unveiled it says new nuclear stove barbara more than 30 years. the be $21.00 writer is designed to replace the aging b, one lancer and b to spirits acro, secretary of defense though it also says it's crucial for defending the nation. no other long range bomber can match its efficiency. it won't need to be based in theater. it won't need logistical support to hold any target at risk.
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let's talk about the b b 21 still 50 years and advances in low observable technology have gone into this aircraft. and even the most sophisticated air defense systems will struggle to detect the b 21 in the sky. they've garage is from the gulf international forum. he says the b 20 will bama has a combination of capabilities not seen in us weapons for a very long time. well, it looks to be a pretty significant change. i mean it's allowing the united states to retire to 1st generation stealth. a well 1st generation sell palmer, the b 2, which cost about twice as much for copiers to be $21.00. and the b one bomber which never quite fit in, and it's a, it's a platform that appears well, it's very expensive in absolute terms. it's pretty cheap and relative terms. it has a lot of commonality with existing systems. is the same engine as
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a strike. this the joint strike fighter and it will be upgraded in the future. so it looks like a win on procurement lines. and when on strategic the thing about this farmer is that it doesn't just have self that has other systems as well. so it's nuclear capable. ready it's conventional capable. it looks as though this might also have sophisticated electronics that would allow it to function sort of as an intelligence gathering aircraft. and it looks like it might in the future. they might be able to do it in an unmanned version, which would save a lot of money. so this, this looks to have the combination of affordability, multiple missions and upgrade ability, which we haven't really seen in the, in the long time for us weapons, having a long range bomber allows us to have assets based in the united states that can inflict strategic strikes conventional generally or possibly nuclear,
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if it comes to that without having the forward based infrastructure that's significant. all still had here on al jazeera, we look at how difficult life could be for women who live with disabilities in libya. plus i am partly nathan in southern india where the construction of a mighty $1000000.00 board has been sold by pill dead. aah! anticipation is rising. and so as the, as with most of my cattle anyways, it's the weekend. great to see. here's the forecast for saturday, some showers around turkey is black sea coast, but looks toward the north east. i think this we're going to see the heaviest bouts of rain, including places like traps on the height of 14 degrees. rain come natur, pretty much from all sides. in spain, the east, the south than the north, that we got this band of rain. now placing central and southern portugal,
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pretty much a mass sin ballier at sea as well. that energy is running into the southeast of france, but we'll come back to that in one second to the northwest. we go, a persistent easterly wind. it's picking up some moisture off the north sea and driving it into eastern england. let's talk about this. low temperature is that they will continue to drop in the days ahead. this is several days out waking up thursday morning sub 0 and london minus 9 in edinburgh. that's closing in on a record for the month of december, central york, back to the here in dallas. and so through the alpine region, there is a disturbed weather se france around italy, and rain along the eastern shores of the adrian c at africa. we go some showers extending from october, gonna rate through to free town. see, are the old and we'll dip to southern africa right now. a temperature is on the way up in lusaka 34 degrees. they'll climb in the days ahead. that's it. enjoy your weekend. ah, the weather sponsored by kat are there ways how
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ah, the now was a time to be direct. there is a growing realization that rights can be taken away in this country to cut through the rhetoric. how can we resist this narrative and hard dangers and demand the truth? join me, mark them on hill for up front on al jazeera, with a book about what challenges it would be. so rob, never mind to of all top stories, g 7 nations, australia and the european union of agreed to all the $60.00
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a barrel price capital russian oil. it applies to oil to pull to buy tank. it is aimed at cutting off moscow's revenue. south korean truck drive is a continue to strike despite the government told to return to work the action that's destructed supply chains across the country with face of a fuel shortage of the coming day. is there any forces of shelter the twins to, to be in the man at close range is applied to west bank. $159.00 palestinians, a be killed to the area since the start of sal africa's governing party has postponed a decision on the political future of president several roman poser. it's after an independent panel recommended to parliament should consider logical impeachment. process. composer was investigated because he failed to report the theft of millions of dollars hidden in a sofa on his private game farm in 2020, and he's denied all wrong, dang, and plans to challenge the panels findings. while the n c's,
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national executive committee will meet again in the coming days just ahead of the parties, elective conference, where rom, oppose a was widely expected to win a 2nd term in office. the any fee, if we've done today, decided that they would like that the report to be given to the officials of the ac 1st, the officers must process it. convenient. n w c. was the end up lucy's done. will convince the any. see, and we should do this before the 6th of december. so between 2 more than sunday, we do all that and them it. in fact, let's not discuss today. let's identify louder, fish off to me and publish it, and then come in. so we'll come back to the village of june, has law from johannesburg. everybody who had assembled to report on this meeting
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and to even observe this meeting was quite stunned that barely 45 minutes after the meeting started, that it was abruptly adjourned. and there was a lot of confusion as to exactly why that happened. i heard mister marsha tilly and that sound by talk about the steps that he says must happen next going forward. he says that there's going to be some officials in the agency that are going to be reviewing this independent panels report on so, or i'm a poser and then he says that those officials are going to be briefing another committee of the a in c. and then there will be another meeting taking place of this executive committee, that's the decision making body within the a and c. now the questions immediately are, how can all of the steps be taken before tuesday, december 6? that is a key day in this ongoing political crisis saga, because that is when the national assembly is going to meet when they are going to take up the issue of this independent panels report on trauma hosa. they may vote to go ahead and initiate an impeachment panel with in parliament. so the goals
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ruling coalition and activists have condemned a male politician who slapped a female colleague during a parliamentary session. the brawl has spawns debate about gender based violence, pointing, started after male opposition, and p hit a decade during a budget presentation on thursday, usually retaliated by, thrown this last out in the us say, democratic polo has banked prison by the push to change the parties. presidential primary calendar in 2020 full. the moves intended to give greater power to states with more diverse populations. the plan with the south carolina whole defense primary followed by new hampshire and nevada, iowa and new hampshire have traditionally been the 1st states to kick off the presidential campaign. rosalyn. jordan has more from washington d. c. this is something that would basically up and about 50 years of current
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political practice when it comes to choosing a presidential candidate. typically, iowa has the 1st caucus soon after new hampshire has the 1st primary. both of these states are rather small. they are predominantly rural. they're predominantly white in terms of voters after joe biden lost the new hampshire primary in 2020. he started saying to anyone who would listen, that he thought that the primary system should be changed that other states with more diverse populations that are bigger, that are more urban, should come earlier in the process in order to get a better sense from american voters, whom they want to see as their democratic presidential candidate. he made his wishes known to the democratic national committee. and on friday, the panel has decided that south carolina will be the 1st state to hold
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a primary in 2024. now this is not a process that would, does hold for ever and ever. this is something that bite and says should be revisited after the 2024 election to that. the 2028 primary season can accurately capture the changing of population among american voters. you as far conspiracy theorist, an exchange of sol for bankruptcy to be ordered to pay any $1500000000.00 in damages. the info rules households be claim for yes, the 2012 sunday hook school masika was a hoax. he was sued by the victims. families ordered to pay the damages after a series of defamation trans. early this year, 20 students and 6 staff members were killed in that shooting a court in southern india, his hearing a case filed by ages richest man go. the mcdonny, his company has building a multi $1000000.00 port in the southern states of carola,
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but construction stalls. and protests began a few months ago. fishing committees, he say the project is endangering their livelihoods, fami mit the reports now from very new benedict mary's cooking, lunch for her family. they've been living in this tiny cabin for 2 years after the government relocated them to this warehouse. the sheriff with many others. the fishing community in southern india has traditionally lived by the sea, but rising water levels watched their homes away. merry blames a nearby port project for the devastation. medium ha, i invaded all the coastal erosion started after the construction of the boat began . the land eaten by the sea was mine, sister property, look at that area of water where those boats are kept a few years ago that area was land. our children played football. they. we had evening leisure time day. now the sea has eaten more than a 150 meters of land fishing communities,
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and caroline had been protesting against the villainy in port for nearly 5 months. the fear it'll destroy the livelihood and are demanding the government stop construction. the project cost $900000000.00. the government says the project meets environmental impact requirements and will benefit the economy. once operational virginia will cater for large ships competing with similar ports in the bi, singapore and colombo authorities say this is an ideal location for the board, which is expected to create many jobs. some family support the project sedan and sold his ancestral land to the port developer. he got more than $80000.00 and invested most of it. he says this, it had the next generation that burn the log in. it is a good project i gave learned to authorities hoping it would come to get along with lots of people will get jobs. i am giving all my support to this project. the land was hard earned by ancestors, so it should be completed. most of the port has already been built,
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but construction has stopped since protest began. the company has filed a court case to complete what's left. the government says it wants to resolve the issue peacefully. e, i'm trying to convince them we are trying to provide them what to worldly. ask except the demand this thing, so we have to take care of them. we and our people are sir garn, when we have to look after them. so we are talking with them, we are talking to the leaders. so also we have to ensure that the law and order off the place, isa insurance, the communities anxiously waiting for the court verdict. they disagree with the governments environmental assessment and want an independent study. they said they will keep protesting to all their demands are met. park new metal, al, jazeera, virginia, southern india. now to libya, we're a lack of facilities has made life difficult for people with disabilities. schools and public buildings are often not accessible for those with special needs. i like trina has more for miss rata full. zia monita
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was paralyzed below the waist when she was only 2 years old, like many disabled people in libya, a lack of infrastructure means it's difficult for her to move around. at the had the me sadly thought margaret, growing up, i couldn't go to school because there were no ramps, it's all stays. my father was good, i would fall and hurt myself. even now, most schools don't have ramps so many disabled children can't go to school and she's always dreamed of getting an education. now she visits this high school where teachers offer tutoring, but it's not easy. the challenge organization for women with disabilities aims to create a safe and friendly environment for its members. it's a small but welcoming place for more than $57.00 women who are disabled. here they meet and make hand made items to sell. like dolls, pillows and blankets,
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sales help fun field trips and activities. we dad and sweaty created the organization for ya, coffee, women with disabilities and libya suffer from so many problems starting from their homes. many families do not build ramps and only have stairs the bathrooms are not accessible by wheelchair, so she has to crawl. this causes a lot of frustration and psychological distress. we've made some goals. he tried to commit suicide. this parking lot in the heart of mazata is close to banks. the city council or a court house and other public buildings, volunteers and organizations have marked out a few parking spots for disabled people. but without government backing, there's no control over who parks there and no ramps to help to the seybold get to them. ramadan mac teague heads, the civil society commissioner mazata. he says things are slowly getting better, had in surely how public during the gadhafi,
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regina disabled people who are completely marginalized. but after the revolution, many were wounded in the fighting. and that's created a shift in our society looks at disabled people in general. the government is now researching on how to renovate all buildings to make them accessible for the disabled. although there aren't accurate numbers, the government estimates there are at least 120000 disabled people in libya. the actual figure is probably far higher because of war and conflict in libya, women are widely believed to suffer the most from the lack of infrastructure. but staff in organizations like this says they help ease the pain malik trainer al jazeera masato. ah, well, we know all of the 16 teams that have made it through to the knockout stages of the world cup in group g, brazil her into the next round. despite a surprise while mil last to camry,
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vincent double battle scored the winner be for me to be the center for obviously is celebration and switzerland on through to maybe serbia 3 to and a bad tempered game at stadium 97 for. well, the 1st much, the knockout phase will see the netherlands against the u. s. a at cali for stadium on saturday. the winner will advance were caught a final meeting with either argentina or australia. now the u. s. face a tough test against the netherlands, and it's going to be a closely watched match in the countries football capital. gabriel, alexander reports now from kansas city in missouri all over america. the stage is that for the us netherlands, world cup match on saturday. but here in kansas city, missouri, where i'm at the stage is literally that, that's because there's this stage right in front of a massive tv screen where they are going to be showing the game and in this plaza,
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right where i'm at now they expect hundreds who knows maybe even thousands of us a soccer fan to be here watching all of the action. now. kansas city calls itself the soccer capital of america. of course, soccer being what most of the rest of the world knows of as a football, you'll be hearing a lot more about kansas city in 4 years. and that's because it's one of the 11 host cities for the 2026 world cup. it's being held in the us, mexico and canada. i caught up with one of the kansas city world cup host officials, who just got back from a visit to doha. and this is what she had to tell me. go, how is the cleanest city that i have ever been to in my life? it is so fantastic, so. so rich and vibrant. i love that. but one of the things that i would love to
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bring back is the energy from the fans. the mexican fans were incredible. i saw some serbian fans and we all were out in the streets, kind of dancing and everything going in the metro going up the escalator. everybody was a party. i want to bring that same type of energy here to the g h a arrowhead stadium in kansas city. this place is going to be rocking on saturday, specially if the young us team can win and advanced further and the tournament. ah, got you on there and lisa, who robin and reminder of all top stories. gee, 7 nations, australia and the european union have agreed on a $60.00 a barrel price can upon russian oil. it applies to oil, it's imported by tank. it is aimed at cutting off my case revenue south korean truck drive as a can.


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