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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2023 11:00am-11:31am AST

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there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media spread of also on al jazeera government shuttle access to social media. global food production is wasteful and training our planet. but pioneers are adapting with new food sources. jelly fish is delicious with a very light sea food taste and texture similar to calamari and innovative production techniques. i've seen a vertical farm before, but never in a restaurant after say, this is great. earth rice feeding the billions on it just eat up. ah, 2 years on since the crew and me and law, the agenda is accused of deliberately targeting civilians to wipe out all opposition. we report from inside the country.
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ah, hello there, i'm stacy, attain this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming pakistan, investigate security failures after the death of more than a 100 people in a suicide bombing as moss. i'm the team barber outside a london school as teachers go on strike across the country, pushing for a pay rise that meets inflation. and pipe francis is preparing to hold mass and democratic republic of congo, up to a 1000000 people are expected to attend. ah, not protest as a mocking 2 years since the military seized power and man law demonstrations had been held outside. mamma's embassy in bangkok, human right,
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say nearly 3000 people have been killed by the military since the crew and 2021. soldiers are accused of targeting civilians to spread fear. in a special report from inside mamma out there is tony chang takes a look at how one community on the outskirts of the city of most so has been affected. the ability of doors. so me lies in her modest home relative packs a bag with things she'll need for her journey to the afterlife. her son watches without emotion, as the funeral rights proceed. she died after being hit by an artillery shell and the shelter close to the fields where she worked. the shell didn't explode, but she bled to death after it hit her in the side, who upon a low ground was shaking and my child was crying. the woman shouted, i'm head, i'm hedge license. she cried well, 9. this primary school in the same village was hit 2 months ago, killing a 5 year old girl, an enduring each other's walls, pockmarked with shrapnel and
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a hole left by a direct hit suggest the school was intentionally targeted by mere mas military, in a nearby clinic, a young boy wince, his with pain injured in a traffic accident. the doctor tries to patch him up, but aside from stitching and cleaning the wound, there's very little that can be done. medical supplies, us guess. tomorrow the military government, right? this is that they cut food and medicine to the area. when there is fighting, we have to coordinate with local resist, ankles to solve the problem. even places of worship aren't safe. villages say this church was burned down by the army in the summer, but no one can get in to rebuild or repair. because the area is heavily mind. it's a tactic the military uses frequently. we are, you are neither. they are many land minds. we retrieve more than 700 land mines from john dog village, which the enemy has planned it. they use it as protection when they are weak. we
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have lost wendy lives legs, unarmed, to land mines, of suffer more because of mines than in battle. bank in the village, the body of dos formula is ready to be buried according to local tradition. her possessions of burned. as mourners wail, her coffin is nailed, shut, and load into the ground. another civilian victim of the army that was supposed to protect her. tony ching alto sir, now in australia and missing radioactive capsule, has been recovered. after a major search operation bothered a cesium 137 had gone missing. it's believed to have fallen off a truck on its way to a storage facility. mining company rear center has apologized for using capsule. health officials had warned it could cause radiation bands or sickness if handled. our committee has been set up in pakistan to investigate security lapses at the pish. our police compound that was targeted in
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a suicide bombing on monday. funerals have also taken place. first, some of those killed and mondays attack, which took place in a mosque. the bombing happened during prayers, more than a 100 people were killed, and more than 220 injured out here as kamala hyder says, there are questions about how the bomb managed to gain access to such a high security area where in the district of georgia and at least 18 of those policemen killed in that deadly block. hey, from this district, their bodies of gods have been brought to their religion that you can see behind me, the people who are now have full prayer with the family for sure. that's all you gotta do with family need. we also have the leader of the army national party, and my wife con will also have to pay his condolences. then we ask him that same question. first of all, the big question that everybody is asking as to how good does have happened and said you're think you're gone. and do you really think this was the suicide bomber
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or what you're more than that? you know, thank you for your concern and thank you for the concern of your attorney for this nation and the situation as we speak. we don't know how come a normal guy cannot enter that place. the situation is a clearing up as the time is going. i don't. first of all, the concern is that this wasn't a suicide attack. under kelly, we have seen a lot of suicide attacks, but we have never seen a suicide bomber collapse or building. this is for the 1st time we are seeing a building being collapsed and they're giving good the name of those had bomb. and then number 2, as the building collapsed, i guess when you're watching the television in about 45 minutes, we couldn't even get where the blast have taken place. but in the next 15 minutes,
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we got to know who has done where he was, where he is from, which group he's from. what i think this is a story which has been created and now they're trying to lead to the nation towards x toady. pope frances, a set to lead mass in contrast that within the next hour he's the 1st roman catholic, needed visits and mechanical public of congress to native the pope condemned to the suffering and exploitation taking place in many parts of the continent. nothing went before the pope's 1st stop in africa as the country with the largest roman catholic population, about half of congo, nearly 100000000 people. a members of the church pope frances was due to visit last year, but the trip was postponed because of a problem with his knee. tens of thousands of people lined the road from the airport to the city. the vatican had planned for pope fontaine to visit the
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country's east, but it was dropped after the conflicts that escalated in recent month. i'll country with the fighting and all the problems we have today. we've received the pope and we believe in his blessing. the presence of the pope will bring peace and it will bring great things, not only for the catholic church, but for the entire country. the last pope to come here was john paul. the 2nd in 1983. the population has tripled since then. the arrival time, the why honors and the people on the bike his 1st thought was the presidential palace where he met felix chis. kennedy. elections do. later this year and jesse katy wants to run for a 2nd term. pope said the poles must be free,
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fair and credible. he said greed is fueling conflicts, and the congo, the vast mineral wealth to these lands and the whole african continent continues to enjoy various forms of exploitation. and this is terrible. the poison of greed has made diamonds with blood. the poke, didn't say who he thought was responsible for escalating conflicts. president, she said carrie did. so my love that we had to stop this misfortune which has lasted for nearly 30 years. is that a part of our territory way, in addition to i'm groups, phone pals, gritty for the minerals to commit cruel atrocities with the direct and cowardly support of our neighbor. rwanda, me. rwanda is widely accused of backing the n 23 on the group in the east one that denies it the pope's due to spend 3 days in congo before traveling to
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south sudan. malcolm web al jazeera can shatter democratic republic is called a are attending now to our top story here, 2 years since the co manager. let's take a look at the international response and bring in heidi how tyler. she is the vice president of the european parliament and also the chair of the international parliamentary inquiry on me on my she joined us now from brussels. a heidi, i believe the parliamentary inquiry assessors, what international actors are doing and couldn't be doing to end the violence. now, as the person heading the group, let me start by asking you what your thoughts are to that end because it feels to many like this is now becoming a forgotten conflict. i think erm erm the secretary general of the united nation. sir, mister gutierrez is quite right when he says that the international community has failed myanmar. and what we see after 2 years that the atrocities by the hunk eyes of the increasing and the hunter has no legitimacy as the representative of the
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people any more. you're talking about the agenda there, but how broad is the conflict? now? there is so many armed groups involved ethnic militias. there's new people's defense force as well as the army. has that all meant more fighting in different areas? well, i would say that the, the democratic forces are joining or each other so that there there's, there's a very strong growing resistance against the atrocities by the homepage. and this means that the international community should take sides. we should not any more think that the military that, that my door is the legitimate representative of the people on the, on mark. on the contrary, we should understand that we should do everything to support the democratic forces . now, also encompassing some ethnic girl regional organizations who actually have quite good governance structures to help people. you mentioned the democratic group side, there's also a shadow administration made up of different ethnic groups and also supporters of young sons, u t. the national unity government or you as international act as
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a you engaging with them? yes indeed. and, and the message from the international parliamentary enquirer was very clear that now it's time to do everything to support and give recognition and visibility to this national unity government. because they have the capacity to build a new, inclusive democratic myanmar in the future. so that's a very strong message from the, from us to the international community. and by the way, there will be this sham elections that their home based planning for august. they had no legitimacy, they should not be given any recognition at all. in due time democratic elections will appear if the international community was they on the side of the democratic forces. i'm just curious in your mind, how powerful is the shadow administration as you're engaging with them and that not everyone agrees how things should be run, whether it should work with people's defense for how to engage with the agenda. how likely is it to affect change then?
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well, the thing is that them, for instance, in this old issue of verb of romania that the genocide against the romania is now getting recognition among the national unity government and the democratic forces that they also must there. take their responsibility and that they must them or build an inclusive for a multicultural, multi ethnic girl, or maybe federal myanmar in the future. so i would say that there, what are their shadow government thought that national unity government now needs is capacity building health. and that's what we assert parliamentarians in involved in this inquiry are calling for self capacity building so that they can govern. and i'm, i'm actually surprised to see that they are able to, to help people on the ground do to reconstruct their bombarded schools to, to help bird pregnant women, et cetera, et cetera. so it's quite an amazing ambrose of a democratic government. and despite the help though, the humanitarian situation remains dire,
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and i'm wondering where you see this going. we've seen hundreds of thousands free the country. the border areas are also increasingly over, run by drugs and crime. the fighting is continuing. is there the international appetite to do anything, especially given me and ours relationship to beijing? well i, i definitely think that the, that the humanitarian assistance should be channeled through of ethnic regional organizations because they have the structures in place and they can help and deliver the aid to the people. but now the international community should understand that all the friends of the people of myanmar in the international community must come together and, and be, be tough against those who helped the whole doctor to send them arms and things like that. so m a, russia, china, and i would say that of the us, the on countries thailand is a bit on the, let's say, a city sitting on the fence. they should now also understand that they cannot continue to, to help the homepage, having been dealing with these international actors and seeing the amount of
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interest so to speak, in the international community or, or lack thereof. are you optimistic that anything's actually going to change any time soon? i think that they're the 2nd anniversary of the military cool to day on the 1st of february 2023 is, is ace in our case. and it's an opportunity to, to, to bring the issue back to the international agenda. and i believe that the, the european union and its member states should now work very, very closely with us and as a regional organization to, to, to bring about the change of we should not let this so suffering and atrocities continue it. so it's been 2 years, it's very, very thoughtful for new on marque people. but i've never seen any resistance of this kind from the people side that we'd now see in myanmar. also young people. women play a very big role in this resistance. indeed, and we're seeing more protests today as well. heidi, how tyler, they're the vice president of the european parliament and also the chair of the international parliamentary inquiry on the and i thank you so much for joining us
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here on out there. thank you very much. all stella had here on out a new zealand. the largest city is lashed by even more heavy rain days after floods caused widespread damage. and boeing bits farewell to an icon with the last delivery. if it's 747 jumbo jet. ah, hello there. the weather's turned it pretty windy across much of europe, and we're going to see that continue over the next few days. thanks to an area of low pressure, not just affecting the southeast. that's going to take some really wet, windy and wintry conditions out of the east mediterranean, but also up in the northwest. in particular, places like scotland,
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we have got warnings out here for those very strong winds affecting the north of the island of island brings rain as well here. brighter spells, however, down in the south, but we will see things turn rather cloudy. and those winds continue to blow across into denmark affecting germany and coastal areas of poland. we have got warnings out for the winds, then it's gonna turn wetter and more wintry here. some a break in that weather. however, across parts of scandinavia, we will see it shift further east, across eastern areas of poland into the baltic states and further on to western russia. now it has been feeling a lot cooler here as it has down in the south. the things are recovering for spain and portugal temperatures on the up wednesday into thursday, with lots of sunshine here, a strong wind blows down across from the belly, eric islands, we've got warnings out here for rough seas, some improvement in the southeast for grief. some welcome, heavy snow for the alps on thursday, that should weather update. ah,
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a city defined by military occupation. there's never been an arab state. he with the capital of jerusalem. everyone is welcome, but does the polish structure that maintains the color projects? that's what we refused, was one of the founders of a settlement with this and the story of jerusalem to the eyes of its own people, segregation, occupation discrimination injustice. this is upper thigh to the 21st century. jerusalem, a rock and a hard place on al jazeera. ah ah ha. they are watching al jazeera on this tells you take here and her. that's her
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mind about top stories. people have been demonstrating outside mammals embassy in bangkok to mock 2 years since the military seized pallet rights groups say, nearly 3000 people have been killed since in pakistan a committee has been formed to investigate the security lapse that led to a suicide bombing inside of mosque in a police compound, more than a 100 people were killed and monday's attack and fight frances is said to leave mass in kinshasa very shortly. he is the 1st roman catholic needed to visit democratic republic of congo since the 1980s. earlier the pipe condemned to the suffering and exploitation taking place in many columns of africa for the u. k is largest coordinated strike action in a generation is expected to get further underway on wednesday. up to half a 1000000 train and bus drivers, civil servants, university, electrons and security guards are all expected to walk out disputes overpaid jobs and working conditions. the trade union. congress that represents most trade unions
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in england and wales is opposing a proposed law that would require unions to provide minimum levels of service on strike days. more than a 100000 teachers are also staging the 1st strike in schools in england and wales for more than 6 years. they were given a 5 percent pay rise last year, but once and above, inflation increase of more than 10 percent. well out here as an indian baba is at the hatton school and special needs center in east london. he joins us now from their nadeem. i see no class this morning. i'm guessing well, it's a, it's a nuance picture because at this school it's a school for children with special needs. some children the most vulnerable are actually being taught on wednesday. we've seen buses going in, but as you can see behind me, there's a picket line. some teachers, members of the national education union are on strike, this national strike around england and wales and parts of scotland pushing as you
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are saying for a pay rise which meets inflation. because over the years, according to one study between 20102021 the average teacher's salary actually dropped in real terms by 11 percent. for a bit more on the situation, i'm joined by some are a cameron a teacher here. some are a high, can you tell me about how long you've been teaching and what you've seen in terms of your salary meeting, the cost of living that we're teaching for 14 years. i've spent 2 years in special needs provision and the rest of it in mainstream. and actually over the period of time i've been teaching, i have seen things that really, really difficult. i think cut and, and i've seen a lack of little thin, thin and we'll see the teacher attention and teacher treatment. and actually because of their cost of living and the crisis that we're now in, it just means that our salaries are waited on stretching at all. and it's difficult and do what you are telling me that some teachers actually have another job. how
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common is that? it's incredibly common, i myself had t jobs and either the last 5 years i've hattie try and balance at whacking this full time job. and obviously i like i have my lack lecture, alice and, and then hadn't also worked on the weekends just to make ends need say things are very, very difficult. and actually a lot of teachers are feeling. it's a lot to do with their mental health that they're mation of well being. it is suffering as a result. now, another unions are seen for the payroll to be fully funded because at the moment is up to schools to meet the 5 percent payroll. that was offered last. what are you seeing in terms of how much the, the, the financial situation is hitting your school? well, if schools have to fund the 5 percent, it does mean that cuts will have to happen. and that can be in the resort thing that can be and in terms of trying to get the electricity running through this whole full, do have to find that money and what it means is actually we don't have the teachers, we don't have the support staff and that can actually mean a lot for safeguard, and that can be a very, very became position that teachers put in because you've got
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a class in to manage and you don't have necessarily the resources or the people teach you to do that. and, and actually again, it creates a stress top down from your management all the way down all throughout the school and sort of a roach dressed out as a result that we'll see lots of people beeping their horns as they drove past in support. some parents were hearing around the country are worried about the impact on their children's education. but what would your message be in terms of why you needed to strike? i think all of us are in the position where we care about our children. i've. i got into this job because i care about the education for them. i want children to have high quality education. and what we're trying to say today is we want the government to fully fund our pay, right. say that actually some of the stresses upon schools and are no longer stress so that we can focus on giving children the best education that they can possibly have. and so that's our message today. we want the children have high quality education and the government needs to fund that. thank you very much for your time
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. thank you so much. and in and as we were saying in the introduction, this is part of a day of strikes in various sectors across the country. bigger impact on the transport network with trained drivers out on strike other civil servants border for staff which could impact services at airports and the like. but this will be ongoing unless there is a breakthrough in, in many of those sectors. there seems to be an am pass with the government saying that they're talking, overpay the union saying that there has been no meaningful offer on the table. and he and barbara bar at that school for us and london keeping an eye on that strike. thanks so much cindy. now, new zealand, the largest says he has been last by more torrential rain flooding in oakland, forced road closures and caused landslides. the city remains under a state of emergency. nap was declared after unprecedented down was on friday for people have died. thousands of homes have been damaged and many businesses have
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also closed. it's been a tough saba with the way that the way that it is. ah, you know, this is albriton by the time of year and local businesses had been hurt and had been hurt or with a lot of or what i caught out of town locals are staying away in order to restate in the way because of our, the weather that we've had for what is saw the, the majority of summer so far. now, u. s. defense secretary lloyd austin is in the philippines to discuss deploying more american troops as part of efforts to deter china's increased military activity and south china. c. u. s. forces have also been helping the philippines with so horde counter terrorism operations as it battles a decades long conflict in the southeast and a black man who died at the hands of u. s. police officers will be laid to rest. later on wednesday, the family of terry nichols gathered at a church in the city of memphis on the eve of his funeral, to call for police reform. they were joined by a community and religious leaders. 5 officers have been fired and charged for the
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fatal beating of nickels on january the 7th gabriel has under was ap at gathering there in memphis accountability and justice. that was the key message from the family of tyree nichols and also civil rights activists here in memphis. as they held this press conference a day before, tyree nichols, a funeral service will be held. now al sharpton, a national civil rights leader will be giving the you a g at the funeral. but he was here and he spoke, and he said, there's not only accountability here in the memphis police department, but something bigger in america also needs to change to prevent further cases of police brutality against young black men. we are here to establish and proclaim, then we are going to continue to fight this fight around police brutality
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and killing until we get federal laws changed. the funeral for tyree nichols will be held here in memphis on wednesday morning at a huge church. they're expecting more than 2500 people to attend, including the vice president, kamala harris, as well as activists. and, and people from all over the community are coming here as well as the family of george floyd. the black man was killed at the hands of a white police officer in 2020 in minneapolis, minnesota. and they're saying that this will be a celebration of tyree nichols life. a life that was certainly cut short too soon. he was only 29 years old, and his family says that this will be a moment in the funeral service to honor him and his life and legacy. last, at boeing, 7 for 7 aeroplane has been delivered, knocking the end of an era in aviation. the jumbo jet transformed trans continental
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travel, millions of people during its 5 decade from the an reynolds has the end of an era in aviation. as the final, boeing $747.00 to be built was delivered to freight carrier atlas airlines. we all share in a deep admiration for today's guest of honor, the awe inspiring queen of the skies, glowing through a gala ceremony for the occasion. but it's a melancholy moment for aviation aficionados, i don't think is really anything quite as iconic as the 747. i think anybody who's a bad of aviation and it has any kind of soul, it can't help and shed a tear for this. a rather sad if inevitable moment, and as it slowly begin, when the 747 made it's made in flight in 1969, the aircraft size sleep design and highly advanced technology amazed travelers,
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the nose for those who could afford it. the upper deck was an airborne island of luxury in free champagne. the upper deck was a thing of beauty. just still access through that staircase. p like you were in your own private, louder. but it wasn't just a jet for the jet set before the 747 long distance air travel was unaffordable. for most people, the new aircraft range and capacity changed all that. the engines were the 1st high bypass commercial engines in service, which meant their economics were so much better than previous generations of engines. and that really help get ticket prices. over the years. the $747.00 carried some historic passengers including ayatollah homemade. he's returned to iran from exile in 1979. and the nasa shuttle piggyback aboard a specially modified $747.00. an unforgettable sight in the sky here.
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since 1990, the 747 has been the official plane of us presidents air force one. the aircraft was also involved in aviation histories deadliest disaster. in 1977 to 740 seven's collided on the runway of an airport on the spanish island of 10, a reef, 583 people were killed. advances in engine technology and development of lighter weight materials eventually caused most airlines to shift from larger aircraft like the 747 to smaller, more economical to engine jets like the air bus 320 and boeing 737. the remaining passenger models of the $747.00 will be phased out over the next decade. rob reynolds al jazeera. ah.


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