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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2023 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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nubile energy with a goal of cutting the cost of power in half. the nation's energy planners are harnessing the rain forest rivers to power hydro plants like this one near kato, even in the capital of georgetown were going on. as oil boom is being felt, the most solar power is transforming the landscape and the power grid event boom, can continue. experts say the fossil fuel bounty of the guy and east coast has the potential to provide clean energy to the countries remotest regions and lift the fortunes of the next generation. there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media. try to focus on al jazeera government shuttle access to social media with tens of thousands of people. joined pipe frances, as he celebrates mass in democratic republic of conduct,
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where live in the capital kinshasa. ah, hello there, i'm associate aim this is al jazeera life and also coming up 2 years on since the coo and manage agenda is accused of deliberately targeting civilians to wipe out all opposition. we report from inside the country pakistan investigate security failures after the death of more than a 100 people and a suicide bombing at most. and boeing bids farewell to one of its most recognized jets with the last delivery of its 747. ah, well, thousands have turned out to watch pipe francis lead mass in the congolese capital kinshasa. he's the 1st roman catholic leader to visit democratic republic of congo since the $980.00. the pope condemned to the suffering and exploitation taking
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place in many parts of the asking confidence. well, let's speak to malcolm when he joins us now live from kinshasa. malcolm deal see has african largest catholic population, but it's really been quite the crowd there for math. if you go yeah, there are several 1000 people have gathered here. problems leading math right now on the podium, which is been put off on just beside the wrong way of an apple in congress capital kinshasa that was being used as a venue to fit this crowd of several 1000 people who really came to hear what he has to say interestingly, the, the math service is a mixture of traditional sounding songs and fresh and very lively the music as well. which sounds a bit more like what you'd expect to hear in some of the evangelical church here in
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congress that known as revival church is those churches where the catholic church here has to compete with. now, increasingly, as they become more popular, particularly for young people for and you can recall when this trip is 1st plan for francis, it was also supposed to travel to northeast in d. c. but even though that's not happening anymore, i believe he's still going to meet with some communities from me. hold on. yeah. later, today's g to meet with people who've been effected and displaced by the conflicts in east, in congress. he was meant to come to congo in the middle of last year. and as you say, was meant to visit the eastern part of the country. but then because of the problems with his knee, polk branches trip was delayed. and when the new eye surgery was published, the bicycle left easton congo office, and it didn't say why that resume, thus because of the escalate incomplete in the east. and when we were there
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covering that conflicts in november in the middle of a, of a field near the town of cuba was a half constructed. enormous podium bit like this one here. but even bigger, ready for a crowd of thousands of people to come and see the pope instruction wasn't finished, the visit did not look, saw him. it was being used by congolese army commodities to command that operation against the m. 23 armed group, widely understood to be a proxy neighboring rwanda's, although rwanda denies it, and since they're not complex, he has escalated further, still would be across all of those meetings with the pipe later on today as well. for now, we'll leave it that malcolm web for us on the ground in kinshasa, the capital and democratic republic of congo. thanks so much math. now protestors are marking 2 years since the military seized power and mana demonstrations have been held outside me on mars embassy in bangkok, human rights cream, say, nearly 3000 people have been killed by the military since the crew and 2021
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soldiers are accused of targeting civilians spread fear in a special report from inside man man. out as here as tony chang looks at how one community on the outskirts of the city of demo so has been affected. the body of doors so me are lies in her modest home relative packs a bag with things she'll need for her journey to the after life. her son watches without emotion as the funeral rights proceed. she died after being hit by an artillery shell and a shell so close to the fields where she worked. the sheldon to explode, but she bled to death after it hit her in the side who form along the ground was shaking and my child was crying. the woman shouted, i'm head on hedge license. she was 9. this primary school in the same village was hit 2 months ago, killing a 5 year old girl, an enduring each other's walls, pockmarked with shrapnel, and a whole left by a direct hit suggest the school was intentionally targeted by mere mas military,
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in a nearby clinic, a young boy winces with pain injured in a traffic accident. the doctor tries to patch him up, but aside from stitching and cleaning the wound, there's very little that can be done. medical supplies us guess. tomorrow the military government, right? this is that they got food and medicine to the area. when there is fighting. we have to go with local resist, ankles to solve the problem. even places of worship on safe villages say this church was burned down by the army in the summer, but no one can get in to rebuild or repair. because the area is heavily mind. it's a tactic the military uses frequently. now, you know, they are many land minds. we retrieve more than 700 land miles from john da village, which the enemy has planned it. they use it as protection when they're weak. we have lost many lives, lakes, amount of land, mines of suffer more because up minds that in battle back in the village,
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the body of those formula is ready to be buried according to local tradition. her possessions of burned as mourners wail her coffin, his nailed shot and load into the ground, another civilian victim of the army that was supposed to protect her. tony ching alto sir. early i spoke to heidi how talent she is, the vice president of the european parliament, and also the chair and the international parliamentary inquiry on me unless she told al 0 the international community must do all it can to support the joint as opponents the democratic forces are joining our, it's other so that their disc, there's a very strong growing resistance against the atrocities by the hunter. and this means that the international community should take sides. we should not any more think that the military that, that my door is solidity made 3 percent that people, the people on the, on mar. on the contrary,
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we should understand that we should do everything to support the democratic forces . now also encompassing summer ethnic girl. and regional organizations who actually have quite good governance structures to help people. and, and the message from the international parliamentary inquiry was very clear that now it's time to do everything to support and give recognition and visibility to this national unity government. because they have the capacity to build a new, inclusive democratic myanmar in the future. it, what are the shadow government thought that national unity government now needs is capacity building health. and that's what we assert parliamentarians in involved in this inquiry are calling for so capacity building so that they can govern. and i'm, i'm actually surprised to see that they are able to, to help people on the ground to, to reconstruct their bombarded schools to, to help bear pregnant women, et cetera, et cetera. so it's quite an amazing embroil of a democratic government. and by the way, there will be this sham elections that,
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that whole days planning for august, they had no legitimacy. they should not be given any recognition at all. in due time, democratic elections will appear if the international community will stay on the side of the democratic forces. no committee has been set up in pakistan to investigate security lapses at the pasha police compound to talk it in a suicide bombing on monday. funerals have taken place for some of those killed and mondays attack, which took place in a mosque. the bombing happened during press more than 100 people were killed, more than 220 injured. under their as kamala hi, to says there are still questions about how the bummer managed to gain access to such a high security area. where in the district of georgia and at least 18 of those policemen killed in that deadly block. hey, from this district, their bodies of gods have been brought to their religion that you can see behind me, the people who are now here for prayer with the family to sure,
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that's all you gotta do with families. we also have the leader of the national party and my wife on we're also here to pay his condolences and we ask him that same question. first of all, a big question that everybody is asking as to how could this have happened and said, you're sick, you're gone. and do you really think this was a suicide bomber, or was it more than that? you know, thank you for your concern and thank you for the concern of your attorney for this nation and the situation as we speak. so we don't know how come a normal guy cannot enter that place. the situation is a clearing up as the time is going out. first of all, the concern is that this was into so sorry to talk. unluckily, we have seen a lot of suicide attacks, but we have never seen a suicide bomber collapse or building. this is for the 1st time we are seeing
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a building being collapsed and they're giving good the name, offices and bomb. and then number 2, as the building collapsed. i guess when you watching the television till about 45 minutes, we couldn't even get where the blast have taken place. but in the next 15 minutes, we got to know wisdom where he was, where he is from rich group. he's from what i think this is a story which has been created and now they're trying to lead the nation towards that story. a black man who died at the hands of us police officers will be laid to rest. later on wednesday, the family of terry nichols gathered at a church in the city of memphis on the eve of his funeral, to call for police reform. they were joined by community and religious leaders, their well 5 offices have been 5 and charged for the fatal beating of nickels on january the 7th. hey,
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bill is aunt i was also at that gathering in memphis accountability and justice. that was the key message from the family of tyree nichols and also civil rights activist here in memphis. as they held this press conference a day before. tyree nichols, a funeral service will be held. now al sharpton, a national civil rights leader will be giving the eulogy at the funeral, but he was here and he spoke. and he said there's not only accountability here in the memphis police department, but something bigger in america also needs to change to prevent further cases of police brutality against young black men. we are here to establish and proclaim that we are going to continue to fight this fight around police brutality and killing and till we get federal laws changed. the funeral for tyree nichols will be held here in memphis on
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wednesday morning at a huge church. they are expecting more than 2500 people to attend, including the vice president, comma, la harris, as well as activists. and, and people from all over the community are coming here as well as the family of george floyd. the black man was killed at the hands of a white police officer in 2020 in minneapolis, minnesota. and they're saying that this will be a celebration of terry nichols life a life. there was certainly cut short too soon. he was only 29 years old, and his family says that this will be a moment in the funeral service to honor him and his life and legacy. well, for many, the latest example of police brutality is also reminiscent of the $991.00 being of rodney king and los angeles activist say it's
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a sign of how literal has changed since then. john 100 reports now from chicago and warning. you may find some images in his report distressing at protest after protest in the united states in recent years, activists have insisted they won't be fooled again. why do you want it now? many thought they'd seen progress now the fatal police beating and tiring nichols in memphis. has many questioning whether they've made any headway at all in stopping police brutality against african americans. i thought this was over with after george floyd, i really do is the head of black lives matter in lake county, illinois. clyde macklemore. no wide eyed optimist. had found new hope in recent years, but one incident after another, his dashed in the state of policing has not changed us. jim crow, this is, it was in about 7 black police officers. it was about policing in this country.
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each incident bears the name of a black victim from the deadly police, choking of george floyd in minneapolis to the crippling shots, fired into the back of the surviving jacob blake and consortia, wisconsin. the memphis assault was so ferocious, it reminded many of the brutal $991.00. los angeles police beating of rodney king also captured on video. since then, police have grown more militarized, but they're also more monitored. there has been progress and holding police accountable for misbehavior through technologies that record what they do at the scene. there's not been progress on the street toward repairing the fracture relationship between black urban america and police officers. last year, police killed nearly 1200 people in the us,
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according to the nonprofit group mapping police violence more than in any year. in the past decade in black americans made up 26 percent of them, though they make up just 13 percent of the population across the country. it's not just communities energy moralize. it's also the police themselves here in chicago over the past year. they've up recruitment efforts, bringing and 950 new officers, but it's still well short of the 1000 and more who's left. once again in chicago, new york, los angeles, and now in memphis across the us, demonstrators are lamenting the depth of another black man at the hands of police. reevaluating the state of civil rights in america, john henry and al jazeera chicago are still ahead here on algebra. class is curtailed and the u. k. as teachers join the countries and biggest coordinated strike action in a generation ah
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hello. they will start in southeast asia and there's good news for the philippines . you can see the satellite image, a lot of the dense cloud has ease. we are, however, still seeing some heavier showers pull into the very cell. those waves of whether continue for borneo those edging up into indo china in particular to vietnam and another blast of weather moving into the benet peninsula. by the time we get into friday, heavy rain continues for java island in indonesia. and that tropical moisture feed down into northern areas of australia in particular for the northern territory, you can see that mass of heavy rain that could bring some flooding as it moves across into queensland across the west. however, it's still a very hot, dry picture. we are going to see things cool down across the southeast as
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a cold snap starts to move in, bringing some wet and windy weather to the likes of tasmania as well as victoria. now as you hop across the tasman to new zealand, further flooding in oakland, we are expecting that rain however, to shift its way further south. some morning still out for the bay of plenty on thursday. the heavy rain massing in the very south. we will start to see it work its way to middle parts of the south island, but christ church the some warmth at $31.00 degrees celsius. ah, african story from african perspective. if conditions select one that is cuz you with one and the 5th sample. short documentaries, from african filmmakers for booking a fast filled and head. for me it's really important to teach the present comes and
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build something that i can be proud of. the paint it and she hand africa directs on algebra. ah ah, hello. they are watching out a 0. i'm the stars yet a here and do ha, let's remind you of our top stories. thousands have turned out to watch per francis that lead a mass in the congolese capital. kinshasa is the 1st roman catholic leader to visit democratic republic of congo since the 1980s. he will have been demonstrating outside manners, embassy in bangkok to market 2 years since the military seized power rights groups see nearly 3000 people have been killed since the can. and in pakistan,
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a committee has been formed to investigate security lapses that lead to a suicide bombing inside a mosque in a police compound. more than a 100 people were killed in monday's attack. well, the u. k. that largest coordinated strike action in a generation is getting underway there on wednesday, up to half a 1000000 train and bus drivers, civil servants, university lecturers and security guards are all expected to walk out and disputes overpaid jobs and working conditions. the trade union congress that represents most trade unions in england and wales is opposing a proposed law that would require unions to provide minimum levels of service even on strike days. more than a $100000.00 teachers are also staging the 1st strike in schools and england. and wales for more than 6 years now they were given a 5 percent pay rise last year, but once and above, inflation increase of more than 10 percent. let's be to out here as an indian barber, he is at the hatton school and special needs santana east london. he joins us now from there, the deem, as we've been saying,
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not quite class as usual there this morning. no, it's a mixed bag, but according to the national education union who have organized this strike, which is affecting schools across england and wales or perhaps 85 percent of schools impacted with one in 7, they predicted actually closed on wednesday or rising to one in 4 here in london, this school is actually open for the most vulnerable children. it's a school for a primary school for kids with special educational needs and talking to the, the teachers here, the issues at the same as, as elsewhere it's, but firstly, pay being able to keep up with the cost of living according to one survey between 20102021, or the teachers generally had a, a, an 11 percent pay cut because of in flacier. but it's also other issues. they're talking about retention. so many teachers deciding to leave because of the, the,
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the gripes with pay. and that puts more pressure on existing teachers and then they're calling for a fully funded pay rise in line with inflation, which means they want the government to pay for it. because last year's offer, a 5 percent has to come out of school budgets. and of course, that then limits what the schools like this can offer in terms of services, in terms of equipment and so on. we've heard of schools having to decide to turn off the, the heating and in some situations. now the government insists that it is negotiating, but in the last couple of hours the any use general secretary had said that's not true. where is the education secretary? they've been asking saying that this didn't need to happen if there were serious talks on pay. i want nadine with or thing not as a teacher walking at survey. so how is the broader strike actions across the country been affecting things that well, this is
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a very unusual situation for this country. we've got the hats, half a 1000000 public sector workers out on strike on wednesday. so not just teachers, not just education, but as before, the rail sector hit with train services affected as they have been drastically. in recent weeks, we've seen previously a workers at various and rail companies. now it's the train drivers are on strike a but other transport. her areas like bosses, we've got people at board of force, which could effect her services at airports, earth, other civil servants, right across the country than various sectors out in a coordinated m are action. if you like. the government says there is simply no money to me. all of these demands, let alone try to give everybody in those sectors or a pay rise. that is in line with double digit in flash. and they also suggest that that could fuel inflation further. the union say that that's nonsense and that they
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really are, are fed up with the government not offering a decent in their view, pay rise, which will keep people in their professions. largely the public has been sympathetic towards these strikes. the government probably thought that that might drop off. we've seen some signs of that in the the rail strikes, although a majority or rather are almost half in the last pope was still sympathetic. but generally in particularly the teachers strike backed by a lot of the public. who of course see what it's what, what the cost of living is doing in terms of the the service offered. uncle nadine bother across our strengths for us in east london. thanks, anthony. now u. s. defense secretary lloyd austin is in the philippines to discuss deploying more american troops and positive efforts to deter china's increased military activity there in the south china sea. u. s. forces have also been helping the
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philippines with so called counter terrorism operations. as it battles a decades long conflict on the southeast. while in estrella and missing radioactive capsule has been recovered after a major search operation, the hazardous cesium a 137 had gone missing. it's believed to have fallen off the truck on its way to a storage facility. mining company, rio tinto has apologized a losing the capsule. health officials had warned it could cause radiation burns or sickness if handled well across the tasman new zealand. larger says he has been lashed by more torrential rain flooding and all gland forced road closures and caused a more landslides. the city remains under state of emergency that was declared after unprecedented down was there on friday for people of diet. thousands of homes have been damaged and many businesses have also been closed. earlier i spoke to peter newman, he is a professor stan ability at carson university in australia. he says there's no question that these extreme weather events are caused by climate change. it's very
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clear that these extremes are happening with increasing intensity and frequency. we cannot continue to use fossil fuel to the way we do. climate change is increasing the energy in our atmosphere in wise that we have never seen. so no records will be able to say once in a generation anymore, it will be happening increasingly. so we're talking every year having a one in 100 year event. this kind of thing is now going to be happening. it is not any longer possible to say once in a generation, the increase in action is quite exponential in my experience of 10 years in the i p c. c. we are now seeing dramatic shifts in action. everybody is lining up to do something. we've still got the recalcitrance, particularly in the gas oil and call industries that want to keep producing more.
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but all of the businesses that are signed up for net 0 as saying, no, you will not get anything from us any more. you must move on, the world is changing. and certainly it's a very big political issue now in every election in australia and new zealand. this is, this is happening around the world. all an underwater volcano has erupted off the van of water archipelago in the south pacific ships and aircraft have been warned to avoid the area about 70 columns. there's no for the capital port. viola clouds, an ass and debris, had been seen rising above the east at the volcano. notes unami has been detected. american actor alec baldwin, has now been formerly charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of a cinematographer on a film set back in 2021. helena hutchins died after a gun pointed at her by baldwin was fired at during the filming of the western rust,
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the films armor has also been charged with the same offences. the last, boeing 747 aeroplane has been delivered, knocking the end of an era and aviation. the jumbo jet transformed trans continental trap of millions of people during its 5 decades in the air. from reynolds has been the end of an era in aviation. as the final, boeing $747.00 to be built was delivered to freight carrier atlas airlines. we all share in a deep admiration for today's guest of honor, the awe inspiring queen of the skies. lowing through a gala ceremony for the occasion. but it's a melancholy moment for aviation aficionados, i don't think is really anything quite as iconic as the 747. i think anybody who's a bad of aviation and has any kind of soul, it can't help and shed a tear for this is rather sad if inevitable moment,
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and as it slowly begins to ruin, the 747 made it's made in flight. in 1969, the aircraft size sleep design and highly advanced technology. amazed traveler only knows for those who could afford it. the upper deck was an airborne island of luxury in free champagne. the upper deck was a thing of beauty. just still access through that staircase. p like you were in your own private, louder, but it wasn't just a jet for the jet set. before the 747, long distance air travel was unaffordable. for most people. the new aircraft range and capacity changed all that. the engines were the 1st high bypass commercial engines in service, which meant their economics were so much better than previous generations of engines. and that really help get ticket prices back. over the years, the $747.00 carried some historic passengers, including ayatollah homogeneous returned to iran. from exile in 1979 and the
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nasa space shuttle piggybacked aboard a specially modified 747. an unforgettable sight in the sky. since 1990, the 747 has been the official plane of us presidents, air force, one. the aircraft was also involved in aviation histories deadliest disaster in 1977 to 740 seven's collided on the runway of an airport. on the spanish island of 10, a reef. 583 people were killed. advances in engine technology and development of lighter weight materials eventually caused most airlines to shift from larger aircraft like the 747 to smaller, more economical to engine jets like the air bus 320 and boeing 737. the remaining passenger models of the $747.00 will.


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