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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2023 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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and over the next few days, some wintery and weather, however, creeping across afghanistan into northern areas of pakistan. it is set to get wetter here on friday, but across the north of india. much dryer. that sure weather update. ah, the 1970s was a pivotal time for cinema theater in the middle east and north africa. in the 2nd of a 2 part series al jazeera world meets the creative risk takers who broke new ground for censorship. and developed their own voices. the seventy's in the arab world stage and screen on al jazeera, grief and anger in pakistan after dozens of people are killed in an attack at a mosque in for shower. the pakistani taliban has been blamed where there security
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failures and can be in battles government when the war against the armed court. this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm fully back table. pakistan is morning, roughly a 100 people killed in a suicide bombing at a mask in bish hour. the attack was the latest in a series blamed on the cherokee taliban or the pakistani taliban. but the gross leadership has distance itself from the bombing saying, holy places should not be targeted. however, it hasn't come commented on why one of its commanders initially claimed responsibility and took place in a highly fortified police compound. so was there a security failure and what's behind the increase in attacks in pakistan will be
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putting those questions and more to, i guess in just a few minutes. at 1st this report from our hider in the shower. i'm standing on. what was the roof of the mosque? it was afternoon prayer. the suicide bomber had placed himself in the front row of the congregational prayer, and i did renew, detonated to wife. although demand rescue and relief and recovery effort and now over, you can still find the rescue teams here in order to ensure that nobody is still under the rubble and unaccounted fall. this had been a difficult operation guided out in the dead of the night. but it had also left difficult questions for the o. tarter deed, what were doing when they knew that they were the security today, the intelligence agencies had gone. your daughter, deans, that suicide bombers had penetrated into the studio for shaw, that they were the tent of an eminent or died. but they took it lightly. they did
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a sense of complacency. people have go on. so for what happened here? how did the suicide bomber get into such a sensitive place? answered are needed by the people who are angry. that asking difficult questions, but the administration under your tartar did except for 4 doors, but junior deeds will tell you that there isn't a fight against that day to day. what the people wanted to go to dig. hundreds of policemen were brendan care, dead or 4 soldiers who were in short beats and secured in this country. but they are now the most walner but. and we have seen an increase in spite of our dogs against a policeman who have been complaining that they don't have sophisticated equipment . they don't have flag jacket, they don't have the kind of sophisticated weapons that they're getting to say using people in bucharest on have rendered great sacrifice. and over the past few years or what 80000 people have laid down their lives in this country. and i've gotten
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a big question now raised in the administration, able to. busy cope with the new challenge, people are asking difficult questions. the test is very high. the enemy ordered was city is really quick and also committed. and it will be a huge challenge in order to condense this new spike and violence that, that he got. dollar bon buggers on has been able to bring and sophisticated rebrand from one it on. they are now trying to gain a for gordon budget on. and it will be a huge challenge for the security apparatus in order to ensure that the sacrifices of the people of budget on do not go in. when all the pakistani taliban has been fighting the government in islamabad for more than 15 years, trying to impose its hard line interpretation of islam. mik law, it has ties with afghanistan's taliban in june. last year the group announced a cease fire with the government after talks broken by the afghan taliban. but in november it ended the cease fire accusing the military of increasing attacks on its
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members. since then, the group has expanded its offensive, ambushing police and security patrols. it wants the government to release its members from prison and reduce military presence in former tribal areas. ah, or for more on there some now joins by our guest, soul of whom are in islamabad. empty. our school is the executive director of the center for research and security studies and independent thinktank javin. all right, man is parliamentary correspondent for pakistan's daily english language use paper . the nation and ma shives id is a founder and senior fellow at cat bab and advisory firm that focuses on public policy, a warm welcome to you all. thank you very much for joining us on inside story, empty as goal. if i can start with you, i know you've lost a family member, your cousin who was a police officer impish, our in this attack, a heartfelt condolences the suicide bomber. as we heard our correspondence sais
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struck a mosque frequented by police in a heavily guarded area of per shower. was there a security failure in your view end? if there was who was responsible for the security failure? i think this certainly was a bit security failure. and also the question about the suicide bumper, the police officials dealing with the entire episode? i still not sure whether it was just one suicide bomber all by himself. or was there any big explosive planted somewhere? because the impact the way did the ceiling, the roof caved in, does not speak of suicide jacket. having been exploded. its impact usually is, does not spread to the concrete, in a sense that up. and we were told that the pillars, the concrete columns of fall,
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of the roof came down as that because of the impact of the detonation. and this is what then cause these nearly, i would say more than 100 debt. so it's a big, tough questions. big suspicions allegations all pointing towards a security lapse as to how it happened. it's still being investigated. michelle, by the correspondence mentioned that they were intelligence reports, intelligence agencies issued an alert on january 21st, apparently saying that attack was likely to happen in the shower. why were these intelligence reports not taken seriously? and who in your view is to blame for the security failure? i mean, let me, let me talk to the 1st one for the 2nd one 1st and that is who is to blame for the security failure? i think that without question, the responsibility for securing freedom and livelihoods,
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and the property of box on the citizens of the states that islam republic, because pakistan, remember this is an assignment republic of pakistan that has already defeated the g p. r between 20142016 pakistan and the bike sonny military and the intelligence services worked a hand in glove with civilian law enforcement and all of society kind of counter terrorism. and so a counter insurgency, bob pushed back against the ttp, that essentially ended the ttp. the fact that the oven balaban took over in gobble in 2021 is at least partly to blame for this resurgence, but principally that distracted the distraction of the pakistani military and the intelligent services away from securing the lives in livelihood. this rat taught with what sharon, what are they distracted by by domestic politics,
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by trying to manage the discourse by trying to make sure that only what they approve is sang and sanctioned is what finds herb space in the newspapers and on television by determining who the prime minister is in 2018, the military decided that they wanted a prime minister that they could work with. they got one, and then they got sick of him and then they got rid of him in early 2022. so i think when and a military that is very good at killing terrorists, that is very good at clearing and holding territory that belongs to the people of pakistan. even when it's so good at it when it allows itself to be distracted by domestic politics. then the result is what we saw in the shower yesterday. javin our man in islamabad. do you agree with that? is the pakistani state, the pakistani military air to blame as that much i says, for the complacency and, and for the lapse in security that well for the last 2
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decades we have seen there is a lack of clarity. we have seen bad little misery operations on there. and also at the same time, we have seen that f b stocks are also going going on in some of the areas it has been confusion in this fight against terrorism. we have seen this situation, different government policies we have seen, they have given you stop by our ministry and we have seen that community operation on the 8. i think i am talk about opperation back in the news operation, writing the job and 14 abbreviation. but now
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it is bit difficult, right? but what i found are, to what extent javi to all the political tensions that we seen in the last year in pakistan, you know, the officer from a prime minister in ron caught in a no confidential the protest. to what extent are those political tensions to blame for all the security failures we've seen in the past few months? we were expecting from under the bon to clear the pot to play the rule. ah, ah, but we have not seen much it. ah, you consider to rule in it. oh, well intelligence bureau operations are going gone. we have seen d r a are making dinner for some easter and see what it says. and is facilitator operations are under me actually? no. and now they're as they're on michael lee has mentioned domestic quantities is
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a messy issue. okay. all are me and blair's are on the same beach. okay. interesting. let me come to you m t as and i wish i had talked about the afghan taliban. and the fact that that could have been that is perhaps a factor in the rise of attacks in pakistan by the pakistani taliban, that they feel emboldened now that the government of the well, the leadership in afghanistan is the taliban that they feel emboldened. interesting, low. interestingly though, with this attack, the afghan taliban to one of their officials, so hail, shaheen have condemned, or the attack impish. our saying that places of worship has their sanctity in their religion. what do you make of this? and the fact that the pakistani taliban itself has tried to distance itself from the attack ah, what, what is going on here? and what's the relationship between the p t t and the afghan taliban?
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what is a very complex sub issue, but let me say that the is the relationship between the afghan and about signing taliban is very symbiotic that bullets consider themselves as of each other's comrades. and the box on he thought yvonne have vowed allegiance to the afghan taliban till when they tried to distance themselves from the box on it. i live on, it doesn't hold any water. secondly, it nearly 1800 prisoners had fled. the jails of, of gun is done when the taliban returned to power. in august 2021. many of them were either t t p r i s k or al qaeda leaders. yes, to dad has a considerably contributed to the search in widens. however, we must underline that by gast, on, is facing a sort of proxy terrorism. it has been facing this proxy terrorism for more than
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a decade. it under different franchises, you know, you may, there may be a different name, but your objective is the same. and that is to prick the state of pakistan to create a sense of instability in this country to project pakistan as an unstable to debtor stricken country. and this is, i would say being extended it driven man, i'm saying good proxy terrorism. this is being externally driven and i had, and i hope, oh, well i would a name, but there are, there is no method to this madness that we see in this country. these couple of a few 1000 people cannot really even imagine to capture the state of pakistan, the where the i been claiming they have been issuing denials in many cases, but these denials steadily or water. and i think this is a pretty unusual conflict that pakistan finds yourself and regardless whether the
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army, the military mix, a blame, also having broken their box. but i don't think we have broken their backs. this is a continuous fight that we shall have to fight until we have is all the number of issues that are connected on china that are connected. china, us rivalry as well as american india. i relationship and bug hassan's relations with india, so called lobby sal, which are, are they external factors at play here? you think as in tasmania and talk to us about the rise in insurgency in pakistan. what is behind this and, and why are security forces specifically being targeted? well, i think it, there is no question that pakistan is the target of many different adversaries that don't seek to undermine and damage the pakistani project. this is so this is a fact of life for buckets danny's that we've dealt with since the founding of the country in 1947 up as some viewers worked all when others wouldn't buy. this done
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was split into 2 in 1971. pakistan has been the victim of for perhaps the most sustained wave of terrorism really anywhere since 2001 since the u. s. mission to free of honest on of the taliban began in october 2001 and was back. as none has done all this back on is also can currently be tarred and feathered as being too soft on the taliban and being incapable. what i alluded to earlier is that the body of all has been restored to more showers. that, that the pakistani government, the government in islamabad directly supported the afghan taliban in their i. insurgency back in afghanistan, directly supported them in asking the government there and to international forces . i. so i think that those are accusations that you know, sort of only hold water to the extent that the buckets danis since day one have
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argued that the only way the issues honest on would be resolved would be around the table. that was the box money position in bond in 2001. and it was the consistent sustain position of boxes on across a military dictator and elected government of coalition partners, a government of only one party than a government of their direct adversary. no matter who has been in power and buckets on the box on is that the same thing? you will have to have a conversation with the taliban in order to resolve the issues in an honest dom. unfortunately, that advice wasn't he did, but that doesn't absolve barkus dawn of its responsibility of protecting pakistani citizens on lives. so yes, there are boxes, bonding adversaries, not just india, but other countries as well that seek to take advantage of instability, economic crises, political crises, there, there has been policy terrorism and pakistan right? since 947. what the argument however, needs to be focused on is the box on the stake capable of fighting this and what it
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is proven between 20142016 in particular is that is absolutely capable of defending this country. a protecting park on the lives of re reasserting the rebel. but when you look at current, the current situation in pakistan, and i'm going to put this question to job aid. you've got to guffman today, which is having to deal with multiple issues and economic crisis. and energy crisis is the pakistani government in its state today capable of fighting this insurgency? well, it is a challenging task. it is, you can say that it's darting right now. nation is somebody's session is going on and i believe that they will discuss about it about attack in be show or what i would say. that and statement will not serve the real and please,
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this is not going to be that this is opposition, less parliament government should images, the someone on pocket is gone. pres, dish will discuss this issue. they should make a strategy to deal with this manners. and also i would say i would mentioned here that opposition allusion can see iran con betty in so they should also party spirit in this part of your confidence to jock out as did you to me that is in need of unity to deal with this issue it is right now, are we going to, for one of the key now you've got in the, in the aftermath of this attack, because as you know, iran con, has been very much opposed to this government has been calling for elections in pakistan. are we going to see a bit of more of unity now, in the aftermath of this attack or not mean political place or not on the same page
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we are seeing in the ga bar, you can see the fees processing fees. i meant you can see that the militants in the any trade in park is done and structured now. now it is difficult to find to find these details. but our defense minister as into that a ration military operation would be the auction in an issue. okay. ah, m t, as can the pakistani government, i'll put the same question to you as i did to javin, can the pakistani government, which is to day having to deal with a multitude of crises and an economic crisis or an energy crisis as well as waiting for a bailout from the i. m f. candidate old. so take on and win this war against the pakistani taliban or his pakistan going to know the same fate as of gown,
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his son and be one day ruled by the taliban. well, certainly a box on is not going to take the afghanistan now wrote as far as um, terrorism is concerned. but unfortunately, pakistan's politicians as well as the military leadership as a whole, have not arisen to the strategic level that is required to fight the multiple crises that this country has been facing. the military has been wanting to refund the country. it has been wanting to take the country out of economic crises, but it refuses also to disengage from political management. so that is the dilemma that up august armies have phrased. the military is very good at fighting terrorism at to fighting. also criminals as it has demonstrated. but obviously when it gets into this destruction, what moshef ads are sad, the destruction, their destruction, basically that undermines all the commitments all the vows that the military gives
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itself of helping by august on move out of economic, social and political prices. so that it, unless it really disengages from the man political discourse and let's the forces of, or political forces as well as of forces of economy a, handled up a project itself. it will be very difficult up for august on to grapple with decent crisis. all right, michelle, your thoughts about those. you've said that the military in pakistan, the government and the politicians, hot distracted what are going to be the political consequences, elvis attacking your view. they're those have said that this could be used perhaps as an excuse to delay the election to which are scheduled for later this year. what are your thoughts on this? look, i think the focus of the conversation needs to be, are on the victims of this attack. and how this is going to be prevented in the
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future. but frankly, if you look at the history of how terrorism has been fought and pakistan, politicians have had a very marginal role. and the reason for that is that the entire national security conversation in pakistan is entirely and completely dominated by the military and intelligence services. the fact of the matter is that until the military learns how to take orders from elected leaders and exit cute those orders to the fullest without believing that they are any better than politicians. any less corrupt than politicians any more competent than politicians. pakistan is going to continue to struggle. it's going to be very good at doing things like beating the ttp like it did in 2014 and 16 and that it. and then it is invariably going to let the jack back out of the box because the cycle of getting back into political management, the allure of that,
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and the habit of that the culture that's been established in this country is extremely powerful. we have many other problems in pakistan that contribute to this . we have a calcified series of dinosaurs, both politically, in the bureaucracy and in the public discourse that dominate the conversation in a country with the median age of $23.00, a cut b, that's bursting with youthful energy and entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. but one whose creativity and entrepreneurial spirit is being, is being stuffed and to top it off, a culture of fear is emanating. so because these kinds of terrorist attacks are allowed. so any immediate, michelle, how do you protect this population? how do you ensure that such attacks don't happen again and, and, you know, how do you bring about security in the immediate well, in the immediate run, there's no option other than robust counter terrorism operations. there was in june of last year, there was
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a lot of conversation about potentially making concessions to the ttp and st. people like like in the us, like java like myself all around the country. we weren't the only ones. lots and lots of backus donnie's who were very patriotic, who loved their religion, who are extremely nationalist. they all used in unison said that we have to be insane to be considering even considering the concession of any kind of suspension of the constitution, the concession of any kind of suspension of the rights of individual pakistani, his groups of pakistani is it. but the fact that these things were considered, and the fact that those conversations did not have the approval of parliament were not discussed on television shows, were not written about an op eds, but simply were conceived and discussed big. but people in the military thought it was a good idea, that is the kind of thing that this country is going to have to for ever shut down and never revisit. if it does, it,
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we will continue it. today's the ttp. tomorrow it'll be another alphabet soup concoction, but anybody that that allows the constitution of pakistan and our democracy to be undermined. opens the door for terrors. all right, david, i'm gonna get you to tell me what you think the media action should be in order to, to prevent an attack, such as the one we saw in p shower from happening again. how do we protect the pakistani population? well, i would say that human and military, you can see that really pre my to us as is a problem, our purple had to deal with this terrorism. now the issue is that our party government should review the national action plan. they have our medicaid operation when we talk about the ration of vision as a job. so as ration a military operation,
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what successful night and big, what is sunny goldman should revisit this national action plan. it will, it will prove it to you to be empty as you have the last word. javi talked about the us. there are, if the security situation were to further deteriorate in pakistan, would the u. s. and pakistan join forces you think to address these a failures and are, you know, is that likely to happen anytime soon? well, i hope not because the, the boss 20 years have been flight traumatic go for the entire box on the nation. just because of this. a relationship between the u. s. the student, so corporate strategic partnership. so one would hope that the u. s. once again does into extended arm of cooperation. i think the army is a robust enough to deal with these issues, but the most critical important issue is the empowerment of civilian law enforcement agencies. even in this case that this tragic incident,
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we have seen that the police are was under kind of complacency just because in critical matters the provincial police forces are not given the kind of autonomy that they need. and how did, in addition to that, now we really need to be on the alert all the time it, we cannot re land, we cannot order our guards in the situation that bugs on fire injured self and it is a continuous constant struggle. thank you so much gentlemen, for a very interesting discussion. thank your entire school machine id, javiar rama and thank you so much and thank you for watching this edition of inside story. you can always watch this program again any time by visiting our site al jazeera dot com for further discussion. go our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story. he can of course, also join the conversation on twitter. i handle is at ha, inside story, from me fully back table and the whole team here in doha. thanks for watching. bye
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for now. ah, ah. there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media spread it on al jazeera government shut off access to social media, a city defined by military occupation. there's never been an arab state. he with the capital of jerusalem. everyone is welcome. but as the poet spectrum that maintains the color projects, that's what we refused. a was one of the founders of a settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own
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people, segregation, occupations, discrimination, injustice. this is apartheid in the 21st century. jerusalem, a rock and a hard place analogy. 0 tough times. the man tough question. what exactly are you asking for you? what the troops on the ground, the rigorous debate we challenge conventional wisdom racism is some deeply entrenched in the country that is identified with america. so when you challenge racism, it looks as if you're challenging american and to man the truth. there is no serious discussion about this because it goes to the very root of who we are up front with me. mark them on hill on al jazeera. ah, i'm robinson and dough hobble the top stories on the al jazeera protesters would be mocking 2 years since the military. you seized power in me and march demons.


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