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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm AST

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or directly impacted, it has strengthened global alliances and deepened divisions with far reaching effects on the lives of millions of people worldwide. in a week hood special coverage al jazeera explored every aspect of the conflict, the human, the political, and the economic, and the possibilities of resolution. ukraine war, one here on, on algebra. informed opinions far right extreme is there is real and need to be tackled as soon as possible. frank assessments. there was a job about the drum government that it's not in for him, nor does it go inside story on al jazeera. ah, ah,
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hello there, i'm laura kyle: this is the news al alive from dough. ha! i'm avery, and fit again in key. if where president biting has laid an unannounced visit ukraine. stanch democracy, stange the americans stand with you and the world stands with you. meanwhile, e u foreign ministers are in brussels to discuss peace and security as the war in ukraine is. it's one year mark the lime sammy's aiden, live in law about 2 weeks after earthquakes, rocks, a region, the focus shifts now to re settlement aid and reconstruction. i'm john gas rosco is sports is barcelona, restore the 8 point lead in the spanish league robot love enough. ski helps boss i beat unable to nil ada. thank you, broke league, 2nd leg against mental unite. later this week.
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ah, cave stands ukraine, the stance of democracy stamp start was the message from you as president joe biden . as he made an unannounced trip to the crate in capital just days before the 1st anniversary of the conflict. ah, ah. air raid sirens sounded across cavers by a friend of ukraine's president followed me. zalinski walked through the streets earlier in a joint news come from spite amounts to new military aid package. with $500000000000.00 and sa lensky said that russia had no chance of winning any school. americans hidden awesome osama of tape lee. this is really the most important visit in the
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whole history of the ukraine u. s. relationship. this is a visit in this most difficult period for ukraine when ukraine is fighting for our own liberties for the liberties of the world. and this underlines the results that we have already achieved, lee and the historic achievements we might gain altogether with the whole world. if the united states still with euro one year later, key stands and ukraine stands, democracy stands. the american stand with you and the world stands with you. key has captured a part of my heart. i must say people here in ukraine's capital of welcome to visit. it was a new suit. it is anniversary of the full scale invasion in this kind of moral support from the leaders of this world biden and the prime minister fatally this upcoming. why that's really indicative act that we're not alone,
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and they're not tied a few crane. we hope that this kind of support will also be in the future. i expect that it's going to be more help, so we can win pasta. so i may see to please, so keep as it was on may 21st birthday. let's go live now to my colleague hotter abdel homie who's so in downtown kia, just the other side of law made on square here. honda, this is exactly what the ukranian leadership would have wanted to see right now, isn't it? absolutely, a show of support from the president of the united states, the biggest supporter of ukraine when it comes to civically to the military support and the military aid that has been flowing into this country and to have the u. s. president arrive in cave honor quite as a special day for ukrainian just as he was arriving in keith. he had taken this
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long, this train overnight in secrecy, from the polish border to give, well, people to day in the capital and around the country where celebrating the fallen. there was a ceremony that was happening just above may, dan, in a par, quite a solemn ceremony. we spoke to people, there were saying that this was remembering every one who had lost her life. not only since the war started, but all the way back to the protest in manda and when there was that bloody clam down on the protesters, and every one who has lost his life ever since. well, shortly after a biden himself was standing in front of a wall, is called the wall of remembrance, next to the saint, michael's cathedral. and there you have the pictures of many soldiers who have lost their lives ever since, as separate as to the took up arms back in 2014,
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a very strong day to come on the 1st visit here in cave. and then these demand, the president of ukraine and the president of the united states, hugging each other, big accolades between the 2 and standing side by side in a show of defiance, initial of solidarity. but with a clear message that the military support will come, that they will be for the air defenses, them the air surveys system, which is extremely important because when it comes to superiority in the skies, certainly russia has that improves over and over again at regular intervals. that it can head to well beyond a dumbass at the heart of ukrainian cities. ah, of course, as you said on this day of remembrance for the timing of this visit is particularly significant. yes, because of the day of remembrance,
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because also tomorrow and it's a did come in, had announced that a president putin would be giving a speech back track back to february 2022. ah, well, the vladimir putin had given a speech on the 22nd of february, and then 2 days later, the invasion started. and then we're heading towards the 24th of fabric. that's when the 1st bombs started falling over the ukraine. the beginning of that invasion, invasion that many around ukraine didn't believe would happen. many thought that there was a lot of talk, a lot of it as some describe it to me at the time hysteria. but that volume imputed would actually not do that. so certainly a very symbolic weak, the timing of those visits coming exactly at that moment. last year, this time president zalinski was warning of the threats was telling the
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international community that they needed to speed up when it came to, to military aid that more weapons needed to arrive urgently in the country. and then we sold was unfolded over the past sir. so certainly the timing was very well coordinated between the administration of joe biden and the presidency. a staff of for president zalinski out of various her though ha, made reporting live from downtown keith. that's workers who warsaw i look for sure is serving by for us or an unannounced visits for us. we knew of it was hour or 2 before it happened when the streets went quietly, roadblocks were put into place. when was all of this for the devotion? well joe biden was always had he here a to or so he's due to leave actually in a few hours time from washington d. c. to make a big speech on tuesday. but the planning for
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a trip across the border has been in the works for a number of months. the decision to go was finally taken late on friday afternoon, a joe biden went out for dinner on saturday after you went to church, as he normally does. and the white house decided to keep a tight lid on things as well by even issuing his shadow for what he would be doing in washington on monday, at, even though he was on a plane heading to this part of the world. though the template for the visit was established last year when secretary of state antony, blinkin and defense secretary lloyd austin, made a trip to keep. at that point, it was all about small entourage an overnight train. the window was being blacked out and arriving essentially in secrecy. and that seems to be exactly what joe biden did this time around as well. but what it was also happening was that there were phone calls between washington dc and more school, essentially saying a couple of hours before the visit. the president is on his way to keep. please
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make sure that there is nothing that could happen. that would cause a problem between the united states and russia. they didn't want any sort of escalation, any miscalculation to cause a problem. and it seems that the visit has gone off without a hitch. the president is now on his way back. he will make that big speech on tuesday, but while he was in keith, he delivered what we thought he would do here. in warsaw, he announced a new package of aid for ukraine that includes half a $1000000000.00 and munitions and weapons, including how it serves and also javelin anti tank missiles, which have been hugely important as far as the ukrainians are concerned in de tearing russian attacks across the country, but the president wanted to make sure that he could impact see, he supported the ukrainian people. he wanted to do it when he was here in poland a year ago, he wanted to go across the border. but at that point, the secret service said look, that there's not enough notice here, we can't guarantee your safety. we think this is
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a bad idea. he did want to go this time with a bit more planning. it appears that the secret service we're able to see this is doable, mr. president. and he was able to go to keith to express his support for the ukrainian president, the ukranian people and ukraine itself. how serious allen? the fisher reporting live there from warsaw island. many thanks. will e u foreign ministers meeting in brussels to discuss plans to supply more ammunition to ukraine? our diplomatic editor james base has more from the belgian capital solidarity and also support. um and we've seen this similar patton, i think, throughout this last year that keep keeps asking for things. europe says we'll think about it, delays for some time and then gives it. so we've seen a progression from light weapons to heavy weapons, to artillery to tanks. now the focus is on potentially on fighter jets. that's the,
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the thing that the key is asking for now. and for now, the nato and european leaders are saying, well, we're think about it, but not yet. but there is, i think, another urgent issue on the agenda which is re supplying some of these weapons systems that are already there in terms of the ammunition. and the particular concern is about the artillery and the artillery shells. because currently we're told that the ukrainian artillery are using more shells at a faster rate than they can be manufactured by western factories. and what we've learned now is that there's going to be a meeting in the next 24 hours. that's going to take place here in brussels, the e, u. nato. we think the ukrainians, we understand it's supposed to be the foreign minister caliber. we're not sure whether i'll make it back in keeping it time. but an important meeting in 24 hours time to try and solve this issue, or try and get some progress on this issue of re supply of ammunition and particularly artillery shells to the frontline, particularly in the east. oh,
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well that's it for me. it keith, from a member of the analysis all for president biplanes, visit the ukranian capital continues now with laura window. it does indeed, agent, thanks very much. as the sunsets on of a busy day in key, let's now get the view from moscow and speak to our correspondence. there are some out been javert and a some biden's visit. i mean, it comes at a ramp a sensitive time. now, the kremlin doesn't and explain to us why absolutely nora. it comes just a day ahead of the state of the union address from president vladimir putin, where he is going to take the whole year into account and explained to his people and the power powerful elite in moscow. on what has russia achieved in the last year? so it is not just significant because of that address, but also president biden is visiting keys just 2 days ahead of the anniversary on
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the 24th of february, off the one year of the ukrainian war. and so, yes, there is a lot of symbolism there, but so far we've only heard from dmitri method of saying that this is a visit where again, what russian position has been that it exemplifies how there is a rest in a lions need to us alliance. and its proxy fighting in ukraine, saying that nobody cares about the people of ukraine, but the military industrial complex need to and the u. s. is going to continue to make more money, send more weapons and make sure that the war drags on. so yes, there is a lot of activity on the diplomatic front, not just with the us president, but also because of the diplomats who are going to be hosted by moscow, including the trop, top russia, top chinese diplomat for the one year who's also in moscow pledging support for russia thing that it is very different from what you're hearing in cuba is talk
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about more weapons and how to ward off attacks where the chinese have been talking about a proposed piece plan and how this conflicts this for needs to come to an end it is also worth noting that china is not just a partner in the, on the diplomatic front, but it has been a key ally against the sanctions that moscow has faced. and there is a number of things that the russians have been able to import from china and provide them with cheap electricity, cheap gas and petroleum products, which has helped china. so as the anniversary comes to a rose, as it is important for give to sure that there is a united stones that it has from its rest in their lives. similarly, moscow wants to hold the world of growth that it does not stand alone. indeed it does, we're watch out for that tiny visit in moscow as when it happens, as i am been driving for the moment. thanks very much indeed. but as part of our special coverage, marking one year into the ukraine war, our environment ester nick clark, will be exploring how it is set back
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a fight against climate change. june in on monday, at 1630 g m t. and also then again at $230.00 jim t on choose day. ah, now lets take a look at our other top story of the day a turkish predator which app type. edwin has visited areas affected by a devastating earthquake 2 weeks ago for a 2nd time. at these 46000 people have been killed in southern turkey and northern syria, many more as still missing, but hopes of finding any one still alive are all but gone and rescue efforts have been scaled down. and aid convoy from doctors without borders has entered northwestern syria, where millions have been left homeless. lot health organization says 26000000 people in both countries now desperately need help. some they done is in the
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dark, near the syria border with syria. and 1st of all saw me just a little bit more. but what we know of present designs visit to the affected areas today. yes, laura, i hope we can have helicopters going over what the president was talking about shows the focus that is happening is shifting right now onto re aging people and reconstruction. we talked about how they've already made the run $21.00. go ahead and he was explaining how they've increased the budget that's been put aside for reconstruction effort in the earthquake to 350000000 layer is clearly trying to get a message out on the government moving quickly as efficiently find me that way
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. but if you go to talking about a new land reconstruction thing we're going to from now on, not rebuilding our cities closer to mountain. nothing valley is implying that valuable lessons will be learned from this terrible theories of earthquakes and off the shocks. he's also talking about he gave a breakdown of how many houses and how many buildings will be rebuilt in various areas. talking about thousands of units and thousands of buildings in each of the area to clean. this is a message to turkish. people say we hear your voice, we hear pain was criticism at the early stages of this operation, the aid was not coming soon enough. the government was mobilizing soon enough, included the government and sending a message. now that, you know, they are in top gear and they're on top of this, i'm going to ask now that we can bring in some overview shots where you can
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understand the scale of work that needs to be done here, where we're standing right now. this was the at the center of the 1st earthquake, of course, and you might be able to see a lot of devastation around in this area which is resulted in a lot of tense. in fact, on one side, on your screen left, those are, that's at 1010 camp that sent up to how's syrian refugees who escaped here from the syrian war. and on your screen, right, you've got a tent city for turkish residents of this area who are displaced by the earthquake now have both been displaced by below 2 latest earthquakes and authorities sang, they came to try and get people out of this kind of tent situation. it's not the most conducive to returning people back to normal life and a lot of people have been impacted. so they're talking about now constructing something by calling contain the cities, their target,
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a 100000 container units within 2 months. well, there's a lot of damage to be assessed. natasha renamed takes a look now at the assessment in terms of cultural damage in on takia. president ergo, on was here in on takia today. he says, the city will be rebuilt from scratch, and takia is a historic city with roots dating back to $300.00 b. c. it celebrated for its diverse, tight knit community. religious pilgrims flock here, and people have told us repeatedly, they have a lot of cultural pride in their city. ah, is the 2nd sunday since the earthquake? the antonia protestant church is resuming services. but the pastor now balances the
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top. what used to be the wrought iron gate about with bible in hand. well you know . busy we walk 5 minutes, a log, deserted streets to find the greek orthodox church. we stop rare passer by to ask where it's gone. and the hubby b l. new jar mosque believe to be built in the 7th century was one of the oldest in the country. now in ruins on talk, yet known as antioch in ancient times was one of the biggest jewels of the roman empire in modern turkey, a, it's a city celebrated for its diversity. we're the because of this, there is brotherhood here, not discrimination. we all live together. here are churches here are mosque is here . they're all next to each other. we'll one nation, one, fist. it's duchess religious history. that's been lost. a ties house of parliament
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built before the area became part of turkey, is now tilting precariously brooklyn. i was, i be she in. it's impossible to describe scenes such a beautiful city like this in ruins. i hope will return to our good old days. this is a beautiful city and i love it so much and i'm not going to leave the minister of culture and tourism says on takia and had tie province or a mosaic, a place where historically and until to day adherence of the 3 monotheistic religions found a home to worship the government is promising to rebuild damaged heritage. sites like this one within a year introduce regulations for reconstruction and provide financial assistance to private building owners. in anti k sky on thank here will return to its diverse community. until in days we will return and continue to preserve the cultural fund
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takyo, and it is customizable. then people here are put to mention that an takia has been decimated by multiple earthquake since the 2nd century. each time it was rebuilt, they say history will repeat itself. the pastor of that church says until there is a new building, he will continue to hold weekly sunday sermons, amid the rubble. the government says it hopes to begin reconstructing damaged heritage sites. next month. so far it has surveyed $433.00 artifacts. more than half are damaged. at this point, experts say there is $84000000000.00 worth of losses. inter kia thank you so much. and patrick, her name, the reporting, live to us from untouched here. well, there's a lot of stories of damage, of course, and obviously it's not just the cultural heritage sets at stake here,
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but people's lives too. we've got 2 people here to join us. one, a refugee from syria. one is a displaced person from turkeys. i'm gonna ask them some questions, are gonna translate hello, translate from their arabic and turkish into english as we get on. first of all are marabella adult bay. i am going to 1st of all, start by asking what situation brought them headed to recount for us the conditions that brought them from their lives in their homes, to what is now a 10th net and chart. they assured listeners interested. nip them nonetheless, or to let them ado on on that either or let himself so lucian, and he is on the melody. excellent. let him know what, on on the lay shall the law gwinnett on the each other the colors. so he said obviously they're how suffered dirt damage and they had to relocate, it wasn't safe and they've come here to this tent city, a lot of people being put up in the tense. and let's talk now to mohammed mohammed,
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he's from syria and he was displaced 1st by the war. now he's been displaced again by the earthquake here. i don't was that him because that mohammed for inter, dear tanya jani. oh, well, and yet, taylor told kear collage it be so, but what we're will an is elza avon, salvazar alberta, the meridian i, chad, no into my la la m island judge and can watch it sub dash hust. so he said he was displaced. first of all, by the war in syria, they came and settled here 8 years ago. but now the earthquake destroyed their home has been completely rumbled. so him and 8 members of his family had no way to go. they had to come and be housed in this sir, in this tent. well, let's try and find out now what the conditions are like at danbury, a sham kasheila, renaud nasir, yeah, sham kosher lanham. was it shant, shall the la they come in to judas? a yellow rock there, let the mist shall adams again. then there are the similar up,
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had angry problems york and he come with arthur more le let get a key effect. lovario. my carvajal clare fet, let dart them all door. a gun alert. thou are the on that they are the mid to let charlotte and listen, mark i shuddered. had i knew for a meal and it executed him is what? uh huh. and it shouldn't. it shouldn't get shut. mother high at the mozilla e dammit du du du gin. and so he said that sir, they've been provided the state is providing them with what they need. they've given them tense. they've given them clothes, they've got food for now. life has to, to go on as best as it can in these conditions emma been necessity. elake has to have mohammed cave attended a little foreigner. yanine must have had no lamarcus at attorney or i didn't feel him. oh mac, a sort of an i had to look in were louis would did that when she offered handler. but, and the he said he wants to thank the turkish states, looking after them. they've been provided similar story with attend, with what they need with close it. it is a cold night that is descending upon us here. been
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a hand you back right now to natasha in doha. ah, now thousands of people are protesting outside israel's parliament, against the government's judiciary reforms and have been weeks of rallies against the move, which would allow the commerce it to we legislate laws struck down by the supreme court. amongst other changes it's going to affect everyone if it doesn't make a difference. if there's, if there is no way to serve you the government to make whatever policies at once, without any limitations, it could brick houses against against the logistical. look at the consumer. every one will be a factor of wallace that speak to sarah har. it who's in west jerusalem and sorry, earlier this crowds were pretty large. what's the looking like now? ah,
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ah, unfortunately, we don't actually have a sound with, sorry, it's not just the noise of the protest that's covering that up. we're having a few technical issues that we will try to come back to her in just a moment. so hes here on out to sara with north korea warns of telling the pacific into a firing range after launching projectiles for the 2nd time in 3 days and in sport. yet another one for spanish gulf a john lamb sees him returned to the tom outlining ah, with there's been flash flooding recently in
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south paolo in southeast of brazil and the rulings out till about 9 o'clock local. the after that the rain storms tend to move slowly south, so the picture will be one of porto allegra, meaning seen increasing risk of those thunderstorms. they're also true in land south we talk the sunny science. no reco, breaking temperatures now, but unfortunate breezes they're still in the fire effect to potter chillies about is not an improving situation. forecast wise for the thunderstorm. well, the line from pot allegra just catches the society paraguayan goes up towards norton parts of brazil on the south of venezuela, parts of columbia as well flashed running still at the 10 shows and increasing the cloud, i think on this can be inside off. but nicaragua, costa rican probably panama not excessive rain, just a bit dismal. i have to say, asked the u. s, it still looks fairly spring like along the east coast, but some significant snow in canada. there's more to come. as a storm goes through the northern states in the u. s. the upper midwest july. but i
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think more newsworthy is what's happening on the pacific coast. another winter storm is on its way south and it's really quite cold. i was still coming down to low levels in northern california and keeping going evening to wednesday. ah, serious dorcas days was one man leading the country through uh, pleasant to alice out as last legitimacy. he needs to step how has he retained control through over a decade of war? we examined the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human assert, master of chaos. on all jazeera women, ron micro businesses are key to center goals development and to improved food security. access to finance helps them succeed since 2014, nearly
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a $180.00 micro enterprises, collectives and small businesses across synagogue received concession re financing . these loans were made possible by an initiative administered by the q 8 good. will fund the q 8 fund partners in development, lou ah, ah, hello, daniel watching al jazeera, his reminder of all top stories. at this hour. he was present terabytes and has made a surprised trip to the cranium capsule key just days out from the 1st anniversary of the conflict. bible says the u. s. will provide ukraine with
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a new military aid package worth $500000000.00. ukrainian president, florida zalinski says russia has no chance to win the war. rescue f as in tuck here, winding down 2 weeks off the devastating quakes tucker, emergency services, according and to almost all search and rescue efforts. more than 46000 people have been killed in turkey. i'm syria and thousands of people are protesting outside israel's parliament, against the government's judiciary. reforms have been rallies against the move, which would allow the commit it to we legislate laws struck down by the supreme court amongst all the changes of them on this as speak to us our hearts at those protests in west jerusalem and are those rallies are still going strong and people still out on the streets the 30 all they've been here for hours. tens of thousands of them. we apologize. the technical issues earlier,
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but it's a bit of johnny because of the number of people that say, hey, they've done a loop around. they went past the canal where the coalition government is right now going through the 1st reading, which will be one or 3 votes in new judicial reforms which a cross section of israeli society is again, they feel that under mccrass's mood by listen, yahoo coalition government made up of ultra nationalists and ultra right wing coalition policies. now. nathan, yahoo and the coalition government says the supreme court pay has always had the upper hand and they've called that on democratic. what's the government? one pay is to have more autonomy over whether or no that is struck down by the supreme court that they can revise that ultimately giving them more power. now, one thing to remember is that the israeli government has several ministers that have many conviction, including the prime minister himself,
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who is on trial for corruption. now, a lot of these people have come from different parts of society. you have features, you have the tech industry that is concerned, that money will be taken out of the country by foreign invest concerned us. these new judiciary reforms that will be coming in through now. the us has even intervene than that which normally doesn't get involved in israeli politics. and it's all for the government to put the brakes on that decision to negotiate would be a position policy even the, the president himself has put on a pause to bring the people to come together and decide what's happening. notice is 7 weeks of protest with saying his, well, so far the government hasn't heated. those cause to discuss these, this reform, the judicial form that's being potentially will be brought in through these votes. now probably past the se, but they're not necessarily against these reforms. they just concerned that the way
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it's done a lot of the foss tracking measures that the new, all right, when government is bringing in, this is unprecedented in the 75 years of israel that considers itself a democracy. we've never seen. seems like this. the protest of keep coming back every single week and they say they will continue to protest against these potential just reforms but could have bigger rep for caution. not when it just comes to the supreme court, but also civil liberties. and the way the country operate, even on a micro level, within the community of israel. so this just gives you an idea of what to expect this vote could take weeks, were yet to see what's going to happen. we're still waiting to hear what the 1st reading, what the outcome is, as they continue just in front of me there in the parliament building for israel, mary, and sing to follow devout developments as they move through the connect. it. thanks very much, sarah, for the latest update. well,
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you in security council has that just an arthur issued a formal statement expressing deep concern and dismay with israel's announcement last week of the expansion of is illegal settlements in the occupied west bank. it says such settlements impede peace and security council is holding a special meeting on monday to discuss the issue along with escalating tensions between israelis and palestinians. a number of israeli settlers has quadrupled in the last 30 years, more than 700000 israelis. and now living in illegal settlements in the occupied west bank, that's according to the piece. now organisation, palestinians say it's costing them their land and resources. the, the abraham reports from the occupied westbank hammered, ably hat, is one of only a few palestinian bedouins left in the mazda jet area in the occupied west bank. the lifestyle depends on hurting livestock, but it's now under threat. over the last several years is really settlers have
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begun, establishing hurting, and farming outposts for him. the hat that means half of the land available for grazing are now off limits, soccer, palestinian, shepherd's. c. settlers often attack them and their flocks went on me. apollo didn't want any bedouins, here is some one protects me and my life cycle we won't leave, will be reassured if peace activist come and help us expose israel. those settlers are not just crazy people on to lose guesses in israeli policy gonna let's is that some of those who attack his family come from settlement out both like this one. it's been expanding into more palestinian lands since that was established in 2004 palestinians say they've gotten used to the cycle. the more violent settlers exercise, the faster they get pushed off of their lance. all his summons together of earth opposed to cruel jericho. jericho worn the extent of an odd dru atkins, has been monitoring supplement expansion for more than 2 decades. worked the road
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there was his research shows how those outposts are used to take more palestinian lands. he says, the way they spread out is not random. 77 subtler farming outposts have been established in the occupied west bank. 66 of them during the last decade. although they are not recognized by the israeli government, they receive funds and services from governmental bodies. grazing has played an important role in determining their location at guests as farming outposts are used to control palestinian lands that build up settlements cannot move the river settlers which hard whirling invisible. they belong to. the most extreme and north, while i'm termed sector with embry, is rarely selma's. in order to establish such an outpost, you need to be willing to use a lot of to exercise. allow violent and postilion policy, and herders are not going to live or learn. leslie are fretting 45. these are now
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in this area that's down from 75 just over a decade ago. many were forced to give up their better when lifestyle altogether. those who remain peter, it's only a matter of time. ne debra him al jazeera, the occupied west bank. and out of there a film investigating the killing of rapport. assuring abil aclu has won a major us journalism prize the documentary part of the full line series as being honored with the prestigious george polk award. sharon was shot dead by israeli forces last may was reporting from the janine refugee camp in the occupied west bank of he saw rental heather. lincoln royal. so he homily went to the world full austin, your mom of those who she quoted at been in a much of her in this episode of 4 months. we speak to witnesses from that day to her family. when a us citizen has killed the administration,
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has failed to do its bare minimum and search for answers and accountability in the killing of city. mclaughlin. well, i speak now to layla al arianne. she is the executive producer of fault lines and joins us now from washington. d c, lena, congratulations on winning this award. it has a little bit if you can, about the filming of the documentary. sorry, i can't hear anything. no problem. layla, can you hear me? it's laura in doha. yes, i can hear you now. fantastic. i was just saying, congratulations many congratulations, but winning this award. and perhaps you could tell us little bit about the filming of the documentary. sure, thank you so much. we decided to make this documentary because she didn't walk with the us citizen in addition to, of course, being
6:41 pm
a renown palestinian journalist. and we felt that the story of her killing actually told a larger story last year should be and was one of at least $125.00 palestinians killed and occupied westbank. and not only did her killing the israeli military enjoy impunity and her killing as it does with the killing of other palestinians. but as a us citizen, it was incumbent upon us to also seek accountability for her killing. so our team correspondent should, if i could do some senior producer computers, she grew traveled to the occupied westbank to interview showings, colleagues, to talk to them about the events that preceded her killing as well as what followed . and what you see in the film is really a forensic accounting of her shooting. and we also interviewed her family, her nice blog, and her brother, and talking about what it was like to hear about her killing, as well as their fight for accountability, given that sharing was a us citizen. and what our investigation found is that the critical eye witnesses
6:42 pm
that our team interviewed were not actually interviewed by the israeli military. so when it's really military came out with this report in september saying that one of its told the soldiers had likely which killed serene but that it happened in cross fire. we raised major questions about that narrative, given that they didn't even speak with the witnesses and that the conclusions of their investigation actually are contradicted by the evidence, which is video footage of the scene showing that it was very calm in the area. there were no, there was no exchange of gunfire. and the eye witnesses themselves contradict the results of the israeli investigation. how much access, if any, did you actually get to israel and to be israeli side of the story? the early military refuse or requests for an interview and also did not answer a list of questions that our team sent them. referring us to their investigation
6:43 pm
which was not transparent, they have not received, released the body camera footage from the scene that day. they have refused to give interviews about her killing, and they even said that they will not cooperate with an f b i investigation, which was there were reports at the f. b, i would investigate her killing back in november. and they said very clearly that they will not cooperate with it. and your conclusions that you said in your documentary, as you say, with a different to israel's conclusions. what attention has it drawn as it attracted from other people or other bodies investigating showings. but there's been numerous investigations and to show means murder by a number of news organizations, including the washington, washington post and the time cnn, as well as the united nations, as well as our investigation. and what they've all concluded is that an israeli soldier, shot and killed sharina, fired her colleagues fire to anyone even approaching her that day,
6:44 pm
even after she was shot and killed. and you know, these investigations are irrefutable. however, one of the lines of accountability we pursue in our film is that, unfortunately the u. s. both the state department and the white house has given deference to the israeli investigation, despite the fact that there is a very big questions about its credibility and the fact that its conclusions contradict the evidence that's out there. ok later i'll around leave it for now. thank you very much, taking time to join us here on the news. our thank you for having now. japan is calling for an emergency you and security council meeting off to north korea laura to the series of mythos office, east coast. mama vall has more north korea says these are the pictures of its latest missile tests on sunday. south korea and japan say the weapons launched were short range, ballistic missiles. on the part of the piano, young destiny,
6:45 pm
what it described as a rocket launcher system of can deliver tactical nuclear weapons. kin your junk. the sister of north korea lead it says whether to use the pacific ocean as its shooting range depends on the united states. japan has demanded an emergency un security council meeting to discuss the issue with him. i couldn't get out of it since last year. north korea has repeatedly launch missiles in quick succession, significantly increasing tensions north korea series of actions and threatens of the peace and security of japan, the region and international communities. and our absolutely unacceptable o. u. s. and south korean war plains carried out to highly visible response to saturdays launch. south korea's defense ministry set the drills headed by nuclear capable american b. one bonus for the united states commitment. to the extent the details of its nuclear weapons. the us and japan helped similar separate exercise of
6:46 pm
a waters of japan's west coast. north korea, i think basically wants to deter the u. s. and south korea from doing military drills. us a soft grey would like to deter north korea from conducting additional missile tests because that's not really what deterrence does. it's really just about trying to prevent the others that raising the cost to the other side of potential conflict or war. yes, diplomacy sanctions and international censure have done little to slow north korea missile program. 100 funds are just, you know, the clean up cost in new zealand from the side zone gabrielle is expected to reach billions of dollars. a national stage for emergency remains in place while people recover from the nation's most significant weather event. this century, several 1000 people are so caught off on the east coast of the north island. at least 11 people died in the storm. there is no doubt that as a country we have
6:47 pm
a steep mountain ahead of us and we will climb that together. we know that this recovery is going to come with a big price tig, and we will have to once again reprioritize and refine focus area fits in their resources. we will build big better. but we will also need to build big more resilient than before. and they said a 6 people have been killed in flooding and landslides in brazil, sao paolo region was hit hardest by heavy rains. a state of emergency has been declared for the 5 affected municipalities. more funder storms are forecast in the coming week. and vision of people in peru have been taking to the streets and protests against discrimination and exploitation. protesters a calling for the resignation of president dina, below our say on latin america as to lucy newman has more from piano in peru ah, in the former inca capitol of cosco native catcher. and i met
6:48 pm
a musicians perform source on traditional instruments believe to date, back at least 5000 years. with these activities allow us to generate funds to send to the capital for those of us who are maintaining the struggle as never before bruise. indigenous communities are organizing and rising up. 6 2 months of roadblocks and protests have paralyzed much of southern peru and revealed an underlying rage that goes beyond the initial anger. over december's impeachment of a president of this region had voted for overwhelmingly a capital lea. my is only 600 kilometers north west of here, but for bruce indigenous peoples, it's a different world. one that they tell us discriminate them and not just recently, but for decades. in fact, centuries from the time of the spanish conquest. peru is a centralized country where the lion's share of wealth and power is in lima.
6:49 pm
testers insist that bruise gold, silver, gas, and oil all come from this region. but did the indigenous communities get crumbs in return? she can almost the nettle since we have so much wealth we should have access to technology, modern techniques, the internet. instead, we continue working the land with oxen and picks, but we've had enough. we won't give up until we're heard and treated like parisians who have rights, where mo, at every roadblock, testers, sing a song that has become viral against a new president, deniable art they do offer. oh dina assassin, the people repudiate you, how many more dest you need before you resign, it says, a reference to the more than 50 people killed in recent protests. the majority of them in this region. almost all of these demonstrators are subsistence farmers. they have no access to potable water,
6:50 pm
sewage or electricity or decent health services in schools. many are illiterate and don't speak spanish from the doctor beck ending at the i have very roadblock. 70 year old. they're not of that insist she wants to send the world a message. oh, we're not stupid. we have brains, ears, eyes, hence feet. but they treat us like ignorant peasant. we've been orphaned by the government. we have to fight her, our grandchildren. o leon, the current political conflict, the lid seems to have been lifted on, perused deep class and racial divisions that are making many of bruce 4000000 indigenous citizens feel disenfranchised, and exploited by the rest. c newman al jazeera who know pursued, still has hair on alta, thera all the sport, and one of the biggest dolls antennas went his 1st torment after more than 3 months out injured
6:51 pm
ah. with
6:52 pm
oh, the scale of the destruction when you see it, my air is shocking. more than 70 percent of the buildings in this town have been totally destroyed. tons and tons and tons of thousands of people homeless across this region. hovering efforts turned into mom and i do, sir, my don't even have temporary shelters. many of my friends that they have lost and hope to a future together. are now gun lou . ah ah,
6:53 pm
let's get it was bought now and has jack. laura, thank you very much. robert levin dorski scored his 1st goal at the new camp since october to help barcelona restore the 8 point lead at the top of the legal bossa were up against struggling cabbage and oxygen to write play by fit on, taught us the home side went ahead through sub job beto, late in the 1st half, it was still time for 2nd fall time 11 dorski making it to nil, which is how it finished. vasa have one left past 7, league games and r unbeaten, an 18 matches in all competition. when lee can muster newish what it didn't on cohort, we were lucky not to concede. i think they at least deserved one goal offering. we're doing a lot of things well, but we haven't won anything yet. we're in a very good position leading by 8 coin. but the still a lot of games to be played, but we are happy. yes. next up planner, as mentioned, i said in the rope league, the spanish side will have a job in my hand, keeping marcus, rush for quiet. the strike is called twice as united beet,
6:54 pm
less the 3 now in the premier league. russia now has 20 people, goes this even a big week for united who also knew costs and the leak cup final on sunday. and in a massive game for the new final against newcastle. so it shows if you put the, the work and you know, invest in the team which we've been doing, even when they've been low at some point to the season. we've always stopped by it and it really shows you excited to be involved in big games in paris, such amount of twisting on the fitness of name off the brazilian school against lille. beholding stretching off with a sprained ankle, p. s g with 3 to down and kill them. equalize the 87 minutes and utmost that lena messy to win the game with a free kick in stop in time for 3. the final p s g 5 points clear at the help of
6:55 pm
the french li i things at times in the race for the german wonderfully go by and munich us to talk. but you don't now have the same number of points of beating her to berlin for one cream at me school one and set up another for going injured. walk her voice, also a great free cake. made it a twins from 8 games in 2023. in argentina boca genius were up against the record for a martin palermo. now managers play 10 se paloma one to copper liberty. the title with book 2 and 6 old is docker one. this 131, know, but to bring us go with the pick of the goals to help them these up to 7th place spanish goals. so john ross has returned to the top of the world rankings off to yet another when on the pga tool. the genesis invitational in california was hosted by 15 on major when
6:56 pm
a tiger was playing the 1st 7 months. he finished and ties the 35th place on one on de paul. but it was wrong. they took the victory, 2 shots clear at the field on 17, under its just when of season and when not even amount shit. rome has won 5 of his last 9 events. mal replaces coffee scheffler as well. number one, i've never had 3 p g 3 wins. in a season and to do this early on this incredible and to do it on the golf course. i mean, talk about the history of riviera as the golf course. the history of tiger woods is a player. those to combine in this tournament it's. it's a pretty big deal. 15 of my lines, 9 star 7 been wars on top 7th and 13 tournaments already. i don't need a ranking to tell me to validate anything, you know, having the best season of my life. and hopefully i can keep going from one spaniard to another. and one of the most exciting 1000 tennis call us our class has won his
6:57 pm
1st outing of 2023. 19 year old us open champion, has been since the paris masters last j with hamstring and abdominal issue. number one spot in that time but picked up where he left off beating camera nori and straight set. when the argentina opened and borne aside his, it's his 7th atp title. not quite enough to lift him back to the top of the well ranking, and it pleased him to win 590 point to the current number one. no fight, joke of which. now the 4 went, number one, done whomever the one, the rotted them open, the russian b finished to be back inside the world's top 10 mid event. now head to the middle east to take part in the council. jason tatum stole the show in the n. b, a all star game with a record points whole. it was team yaneth against team. the bron in the annual exhibition began. its only lasted 22nd because of ritz injury. the bron b and b. as all time leading scorer did his best and tain the crown before going
6:58 pm
off injured himself, but anything you can do, i can do better. hate him responded with an impressive move of his own. the boston celtics saw went on to rack up $55.00 points, which is the most ever in an old so okay. he also had 10 rebounds and 6 as he, on his way with the wind. i was told by him. so that is all you support for. know i have more later laura: so thanks very much indeed. and that's it from me laura kyle: for this news. but don't go anywhere because i'll be back again with all the team in doha, in just a moment for more of the day's news for you all the way to ah, ah, ah,
6:59 pm
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