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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  May 6, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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guy ] he's back! and it looks like he's craving italian. ♪ [ male announcer ] the fiat 500l. it's a lot bigger than you think. [ godzilla choking ] check out the whole fiat family at . hello. you're watching "gmt" on bbc world news. i'm tim willcox. our top stories. tensions in the city of sloviansk a day after 30 pro russian separatists are killed. the foreign ministers are meeting in vienna to diffuse the crisis taken ukraine to a brink of all out world. a knife attack in china at a railway station. celebrating the 20th anniversary of the opening of
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the channel tunnel. on the program, aaron is here. it's a change for some of coca-cola's key recipes. >> absolutely. how did a teenage girl in mississippi force the world's biggest drink make tore change the formula of its drinks? i'll tell you. social media. we're going to take a look at how]sm/kiçw$a3ñr consumers arou have found their voice. it is midday in london, 3:00 moscow, 2:00 p.m. in sloviansk where ukraine claims 30 pro russian fighters have been killed in a government led assault. it's a clear sign the tension between the two sides is erupting into all out come bat. the government says four troops died in clashes with what it described as 800 well trained rebels. aim is full control of the east ahead of plans by the antikiev
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movement to hold a referendum sunday. russia's foreign minister arrives in vienna where he'll no doubt be questioned about knowledge on the latest events. >> reporter: the makeshift barricades today in sloviansk, the base of the pro russian forces base that went on to take government buildings in eastern ukraine. the country's interior minister said government troops boattled 800 separatists killing, he says at least 30. four government soldiers were killed. it maintains they have sloviansk surrounded. people living here see attempts to seize back control. this man says he hopes the authorities in kiev will hear the people and stop attacking and there will be no more
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casualties and that at last there will be a referendum the country and world will know what we want. the rebel forces say they'll hold a referendum sunday. the government appears to be trying to prevent it taking place. all that is left to us is hope, this woman says. hope for god, for common sense, for kindness. kindness is a cause. but in vienna for the council meeting, britain's foreign secretary charging russia with wanting to stop ukraine's presidential election may 25th. >> russia is intent to disrupt the elections. i believe that's the strategy of russia at the moment. i think there's strong support among the nations ukraine having elections. of course the doors of diplomacy
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remain open as well. >> but for now, events on the ground, this unverified video apparently showing pro-russian activists on monday overshadowing the diplomacy. with the french president warning today of chaos and the risk of civil war if the presidential election did not take place. this seems to be increasingly what passes for normal life in the contested regions of eastern ukraine. bbc news. >> for the latest, let's go to david stern, our correspondent from kiev. this operation has been going on some days. do we know what the precise balance of power is in sloviansk and other towns david? >> well, tim, no. it's difficult to say. apparently the insurgents of pro russian separatists are still in control of the city of sloviansk and other towns. of course the ukrainian government says it's been taking back territory making end roads. of course they said yesterday in
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mike's report they are saying that they killed 30 pro-russian activists. we cannot confirm this figure. we can say yes, this is now a major operation that's under going. sloviansk at the moment appears to be quiet. those are reports at moment. we've been told the airport in donetsk, the main city there in the donetsk region has been closed. at least to international flights. not clear what's happening with regional flights. as i'm in kiev now, the situation -- >> i was going to ask you, do we have idea about whether loyalties of these city, populations, lie? >> well they seem to be mixed. it's difficult to say. when you have armed separatists in your midst you may not be speaking freely. it appears there's a significant portion at least in sloviansk and perhaps other towns of the
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local population that does support it. other people are not as vocal. obviously that would be a risky move to go out and say you oppose this. what would be interesting to see is as activists and separatists carry out this referendum may 11th. what exactly the reaction of the local population would be. >> yeah. looking at vienna the council meeting as well. is there anything kiev authorities are hanging onto some sort of diplomatic solution here. >> well difficult to say. there's diplomatic solutions that seem to be in effect or perhaps even dead in the water when they've been introduced. they are hoping for the support of the west obviously. in specifically support for these presidential elections. nationwide presidential elections may 25th. there's great hopes here this will give legitimacy to a leader here in ukraine which could
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hopefully contribute to stabilization in other parts of the country. latest in kiev, thank you very much indeed. in china, six people have been injured in the latest knife attack at a railway station, this time in the southern city. it's the second such incidence in a week. as many as four attackers hacked people in a square in front of the station. there's no motivation for this attack. it comes a week after another a attack in the station in the western region. china blames religious extremist for a bomb and knife attack last week on the 30th of april that killed one bystander. that attack follows another in march by a knife yielding man in southwest china which left at least 29 dead according to news
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agency. a bomb bursts on the scaquare lt year. any details about today's attack? >> it was suggested there might be four attackers involved in this incident. now police in the southern city say that there was just one attacker. they say he was shot at the scene, now in the hospital receiving treatment. authorities say six are injured after he started slashing passengers. there's a lot of conflicting accounts. authorities have yet to say who the suspect was and whether he belonged to any group. the fear is of course that with two attacks at railway stations in the last two months, the fear was this could fit that path and been yet another one of these attacks. >> the authorities talk about the concerns of the militants in
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places like that. what are they actually doing about it? what is the situation like on the ground there? >> i was there about a year ago. there's a heavy police presence when i was in the city. in fact there were check points in the city. if you wanted to come in the city, you had to show your id. when you speak to muslim minority in that part of the country, they'll say they can't talk about issues. there's intense surveillance. they're often pulled in by police for questions. chinese working in that region, many of them are fearful from attacks from wiegers. they often go around. i saw tour groups in that part of the country with armed guards. the situation is intense. i'm sure it's become
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increasingly intense in the past couple of months. >> thank you very much. chinese police arrested a prominent human rights lawyer in beijing. he was obtained after attending a meeting to discuss the upcoming 25th anniversary of the military crack down on the square. he's charged with causing disturbance. it's been increasingly used against participants. a diver involved in searches for dozens of missing people from the south korea ferry disaster had died. he lost consciousness and pronounced dead at the hospital. 260 died when the ferry sank off south korea's coast. 40 passengers are still missing. nick childs has this. >> another victim of the ferry disaster on the hospital floor his crumpled diving suit. three weeks after the sinking, he became the first diver to die
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in the hazardous situation. >> he was taken out of the water by other divers but he was already unable to breathe by himself. he was unconscious. >> in south korea today is normally a national celebration to mark the birthday of bu da. this is a country still in shock over the sinking. >> i pray for the victims to be with the bereaved families who lost their lovered ones. >> they continue to flock to the memorials of victims of 470 a board the ferry, most students from a single high school. some 260 are confirmed dead, 40 still missing. still the questions over how and why it happened and anger over the handling of the disaster by
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the authorities and the ship's operator. the investigation continues into why the ferry heeled over at search a fatal angle, the theories are that the car go on board shifted dangerously. despite the search, nothing else has turned up. still to come, u.s. and britain offer help in the search for the more than 200 nigerian schoolgirls abducted by the militants boko haram. [squeals] ♪ [ewh!] [baby crying] the great thing about a subaru is you don't have to put up with that new car smell for long. the versatile, 2015 subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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gunmen burst into a school in the capital abuja this morning. no child has been abducted. it comes as growing condemnation of abduction of 200 girls at the school in the northeast.
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that mass abduction and military's failure to rescue the girls ignited national outrage in major city across nigeria. united states and britain offered to help in the release of the teenagers. >> what happened here, the actions of boko haram, the spoils of terrorism is disgusting, immoral. it should show everybody across the world they should not give support to such a vile organization. it is an example of why we have set up the preventing violence initiative. >> the british foreign minister william hague there speaking. we are joined now. before we look at what happened in the north in the hunt for the 200 girls, what information is
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called parents to come into the school to take their children. that's the information we have for this attack this morning. remember this is the place within the city where there were two bomb attacks that killed about a hundred people. >> there must be great nervousness among parents and children many in nigeria's schools. looking at what happened on the border, is there any suggestion this offer of help by america and britain will be able to locate where these groups are traveling around? we're talking about potentially
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250-260 people aren't we? >> i think given maybe the equipment brought by the united states and the united kingdom in this escape, i think they'll be able to get something at least information on the whereabouts of the girls. the nigerian government has used aircraft and helicopters without success. i think this help coming from international community is good news for nigeria. nigerian president has spoke ton president barack obama two times over what happened in nigeria. i think what happened at the moment is good news for countries to come into nigh jur into nigeria.
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>> what does this say about the save our girli ins campaign. >> it took him three weeks. parents came out on the streets of major cities in nigeria to protest. after the protests the president came out and addressed the nation on this situation. he said the government is doing its best and will continue to do its best to find out where these girls are. i think nobody is convinced the nigerian government is doing this after three weeks there's no information on the whereabouts of these girls. >> thank you very much. every year tens of thousands of west african migrants hoping for a better life in europe go on the journey across the town
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on the edge of that vast desert. this is the main point on the people's smuggling route. some arrive there and never make their final destination dying of thirst or sold for money. >> reporter: this is where the promise of a better life starts. ancient and secretive. the gate way to the sahara and home to smugglers of all kinds. behind closed doors lies brutal reality. this is nothing like she expected. she left nigeria with big dreams. instead she's selling herself to men desperate to reach europe. >> i'm not happy. nowhere to go. no job. >> you thought this was the only
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solution for you to make money? >> yeah. >> what would you like to do in europe? >> i'd like to be a nurse. >> money is what they hope to find in europe. it's what they need now. they're at the bank to cash whatever they have left or get help their family may have sent. in the migration business, people are another commodity. this man is smuggling up to 300 people a month. >> we charge you $500 for the ride to libya. count another $300 so we can bribe police at check points. we can give them credit. that means they'll pay double on arrival. >> this is it. >> reporter: the long road through the say hardhara begins.
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this is the most extreme journey migrants will take. you either make it or you don't. there's no going back. the blazing sun is punishing, deadly. west african migrants have told us about being kidnapped by militia, sold to police and thrown in jail up to six months. they were beaten and starved, deported, left with nothing. they are now going home. >> they will not see their parents again. one was beside me telling me my brother that's the end of it. i'm sorry. i will not see my mom again. i said no, don't cry. >> reporter: the risk involved in this grim journey north are no deterrent.
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thousands of african migrants will transit here each year without jobs, without prospects. nothing will stop this exit. in other news, yingluck has appeared in court to defend herself of charges of abuse. the court says its will give the ruling on the case on wednesday. she could be removed from office and banned from politics if found guilty. proposals to make it easier to find the black box recorders. the airline continues to draw a blank. there's a ping locater that would make it easier to find it underwater. it wants to record longer to find more information about the
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causes each crash. it is the longest undersea tunnel in the world connecting two historic enemies. today the channel tunnel is celebrating the birthday connecting britain with france. it's considered one of the greatest engineering fetes of the country. the real moment in time breaking through national barriers. it's the day britain was reconnected with europe for the first time since the ice age. here is that tunnel today. that's the service tunnel that runs between the two rail lines either side of this wall here. it meant for the first time in thousands of years you could walk to france. >> 30 miles to go then, it's been voted one of the seven wonders of the modern world. they dug out enough spoil to
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fill 13 wimbley stadiums. the older technology meant engineers didn't know for certain two ends would meet up until they knocked through the first hole. it's an extraordinary achievement that's become everyday. >> it's comfortable. you're in your own car. i wouldn't travel any other way. >> it's all right when it works. simple. over the last ten trips i had, there were four delays. >> around 400 trains disappear down here everyday. the view is not great. there's plenty of storage in these walls. for 40 meter or so below the seabed of the english channel, two of the mighty machines that carved out tunnels are still down here buried. it was too expensive to get them
7:25 am
out. they filled them with reverse gear. >> it's not been an easy ride. 4 billion pounds over budget, the project was crippled with debt for years. the owners facing bankruptcy. in fact it made its first profit two years ago. >> i think the first 20 years of the tunnel have been pretty tough. but now with the finances sorted out, with the operations working well, with the positive outlook in the economy, i think 20 years in we're well placed. >> fans have come and gone. still the most practical way is the underground route. >> they've been dreaming up projects since napoleon 200 years ago. in the end they weren't far wrong were they? today's tunnel doesn't carry anywhere near the number of passengers they originally predicted. for many it remains one of the great engineering achievements of our time. bbc news in the channel tunnel.
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you're watching "gmt." coming up in the next half hour, south africans prepare to cast their vote in the general elections. we look at the main contenders in that race. how big a challenge is the ruling african national congress facing? we'll have the latest details on that ahead of the poll tomorrow stay with us. ]]you are feeling d without standard leather. you are feeling exhilarated with front-wheel drive. you are feeling powerful with a 4-cylinder engine. [ male announcer ] open your eyes... to the 6-cylinder, 8-speed lexus gs. with more standard horsepower than any of its german competitors. this is a wake-up call. ♪
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i'm tim willcox. coming up this half hour, a day before the vote in south africa, they're confident in victory. how much support have they lost? does eczema reduce the risk of skin cancer? we talk to an expert. also on the program, aaron is back. you're looking at a missed opportunity in the business world. >> absolutely. it's a market worth nearly $100 billion. few retailers have tapped into it. with the growing muslim
7:31 am
population growing in number, we're going to look at the fine line between fashion and religious modesty..y5< hello. welcome back to "gmt." to vote in the general elections wednesday, the fifth poll since the end of the apartheid. the group has been widely criticized over campaigning and abuse of state resources like food to bribe voters. there are allegations the anc blocked advertisements on the public broadcasting. the approval rating has sunk to 5.8 out of 10. it's 20 years since the south africa election led by mandela where he came to power. the party is expected to win
7:32 am
again. the stagnant economy and scandals means they may emerge weaker. 264 of 400 seats. the main opposition party, democratic alliance has 67. the third largest party is the congress of the people. there's a new player widely expected to make significant games. the economic freedom fighters led by julius following expulsion from the anc. andrew hardy spoke to julius on the campaign trail. >> bringing a message of hope to them. >> you are criminal charges still facing you? is it not possible you'll end up in jail rather than parliament? >> i'm not going to answer because this government will
7:33 am
hate me. if they had a case against me, they would have locked me up. >> people in the west are scared and worry you'll turn this into a land reform. >> this is our country. what we do with our country has got nothing to do with those outside. they must give us time to decide what type of future we want for ourselves. we want our economy back. let the economy benefit people of south africa. >> you're offering to double people's grants here, social grants. >> yes. >> how will you afford that? p pop lichl? >> no. we must take money and give to needy not politicians. >> what do you expect to get in the election, what percentage?
7:34 am
>> i don't get in the boxing ring. i'm getting in to win. i'm fighting to win. that's what we are fighting for. >> freedom fighters talking to andrew hardy. we are joined now live from johannes esburg. looking at anc victory everyone is predicting, what would be a failure for it in terms of the vote? >> tim, good afternoon. the anc goes to 60% would amount to a failure for the party. they reached their absolute apex in 2004 when they garnered almost 70% of the vote. in 2009 they dropped.
7:35 am
there's indication they may go significantly lower than last time. >> is it the party itself or is it the present leader? you talk about under mandela. >> very well during the course of the election campaign they want to separate president zuma who's not popular from the party itself. it's a referendum on the last 20 years, on mandela's anc and referendum of what they've achieved since 1994. they've done that well. president zuma is not very popular. we don't see what extent that will cost them at the ballot box tomorrow. >> it's corruption, unemployment which are the big drivers in this poll. looking at the democratic alliance which is often dismissed as the white people's
7:36 am
party, are they seen as organizer across the board, particularly among the thriving black middle class no? >> that's one of the big questions we're going to see answered over the next several days. next couple of years they'll transform into a multiracial multicultural party. in the previous democratic party in 1994 they barely got 1% of the vote. they've got big hopes to score close to 25%. they've done well to change the face of the party into one that's more acceptable to the majority. >> in terms of the voting, is it widely accepted last elections and tomorrows will be transparent, free and fair? >> the integrity of the results is beyond question and reproach.
7:37 am
they'll be unhappy about ballot boxes that haven't been counted or stuff like that. there's no question the results will be free and clear and the results will be the support of all parties that contested it. >> you froze because of our communication link there. we got you back in the nick of time. thank you very much indeed. just as the freeze happens, there's movement to my left. coca-cola a with big changes all because of a teenager. take a rest there. the world's largest drink maker talking about coca-cola plans to remove a controversial ingredient from some of its brands. they're going to do that by the end of the year. are there's an online petition set up by a teenager from mississippi. the substance known as bvo will be cut from coca-cola fruit and
7:38 am
sports drinks such as fanta and powerade after concerns of the element that's also found in flame retardants. you don't want to drink that. rival pepsi removed it from sports drinks last year. great to have you on the program. pepsi got rid of this last year. do we know why it's taken coca-cola so long? some say it's arrogance they continued using it. that's why the story is not clear. pepsi moved quicker in circumstances. coca-cola is still responding to this pressure saying it will remove it by the end of the year. pepsi certainly move d first. >> we couldn't ask for a better example for the power of social media right? one teenager sitting in mississippi somewhere got online and started this petition and
7:39 am
forced the world's biggest drink make tore change. >> this is what's happening in the digital age. we can see about bvo in soft drinks, the real example of a teenager having a voice becoming as powerful as one of the world's largest brands. coca-cola is $80 billion around the world. it's a i great example of everyone's voices equal on the internet. >> you don't want to play around with $80 billion do you? is there a case that it's cheaper for coca-cola to change the ingredient than not to listen basically? >> certainly that's true. when you look at the size of coca-cola, we value in best global brands. $80 billion, you don't play with that. this is the opportunity of growth on the upside. you've got to measure carefully so that you don't erode brand
7:40 am
value. brands at the end of the day are about trust. this is one of the opportunities for coca-cola to perhaps get on the right side of this story and move quickly to satisfy a customer that's created this movement. >> i guess that's part of the key i imagine this this world. it's about getting it right. the big corporate, if they listen and can take this negative, and then i guess turn it into a positive. >> it's an opportunity and a challenge. we can see organizations that move more slowly or organizations that aren't actively listening to customers through social media that feel they're behind the curve. the web is a great tool for organizations that want to engage with customers, want to listen to customers and have active conversations. this is that conversation becoming public and coca-cola moving quickly to satisfy what a customers are looking for. >> an interesting story. appreciate your input and time.
7:41 am
thanks. let's talk about this. this is called the biggest missed opportunity in the business world by some. for decade, women that wear modest clothing have had limited options available. that i tell you is rapidly changing. take a look at this. according to bloomberg, the fashion market is worth a staggering $96 billion. it's growing fast. it's because of the expanding population. up to 6% of the world's population, women under the age of 25. it's this demographic of women that are increasing, going to work earning their own money. with that they are demanding more choice. now modern dress designers are starting fashion lines to give women the chance to express their individuality through their clothing choices. some examples here. as the modern fashion space moves main stream, there are
7:42 am
challenges ahead. a professor of cultural studies at london college of fashion explained to me earlier. >> for many people looking from the inside looking to put modern and fashion in the same terms. it's clearly not. there are many different interpretations about what is required within islam or any particular area where covering is required. women in north america or britain will say to me i want to dress fashionably to challenge stereo types about muslims with primitive, not modern, not part of the western world. quite often that will say if i'm dress and behaving in a way that's appropriate, there's no reason my clothing shouldn't be brightly colored, embellished or attractive. >> interesting story.
7:43 am
let's touch on other business news making headlines. the banking giant barclays shows profits have fallen 5%. the bank reported $2.9 billion and hit by a 28% slump in all money it makes in the investment banking business. the bank trades currencies, bonds. it had a grim three month period because revenue dropped 41%. the german company is reported worse than expected sales at the taylor made golf business. the firm losing ground to nike said net profit fell to $283 million, sales fell by 6%. the insurance giant, aig as it's known has reported a 27% drop in the last three months profit due to hire disaster loss
7:44 am
in the casualty property insurance business. the company fell 1.6 down from $2 billion from last year. got those numbers? good. tweet me on twitter. i'll tweet you back. @bbcaaron. >> did you get those numbers? beautiful outfits. >> bye. stay with us here on bbc world news. still to come. out of sight, out of mind. where did the former security chief disappear? [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance,
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hello. you're watching "gmt." i'm tim willcox. our top stories. tensions running high in eastern
7:47 am
ukraine after the deaths of 30 pro-russian insurgents during the government war on the strong hold. police in china say a single man was responsible for a knife attack where six were injured. he's said to be shot and wounded. breaking news just coming in on the last couple of moments. another pharmaceutical deal. germany's buyer agreed to buy the consumer health care business merk for $14.2 million big bet on the buyer. highlight to focus on non prescription medicine market. it owns copper tone sunscreen and allergy meds. that news in the last couple of moments. in china, an epic power
7:48 am
struggle is underway. a victim of the military operation he once controlled, he was once on the standing economy of the bureau, but his name hasn't been mentioned several months. china is waiting to see if the president has the strength to confine the enemy behind bars. we report on the fight and implications. >> reporter: this family home is giving no secrets to scandal hunters. hong is still missing presumed victim of the security system he once controlled. national media no longer speak his name. here in the village he's still the favorite son. no one believes the stories of corruption. their house is no better than the one next door, he says. there's no sign of luxury. these neighbors say it's politic, power struggle at the
7:49 am
top of the communist party. this group pointed me towards the family graveyard and pressed me for the latest rumor on where he's being held. >> when he last came here a year ago, all local dignitaries turned out to pay tribute. not anymore. chinese politics is a cruel game. when his brother died -- look, you see his name in black. there were no key members of the family at the funeral because they were all in detention. >> is it time to write his political obituary? the farmer's son who's life journey got comfortable as he accelerated through ranks joining the limousine class, running an oil company and province of 80 million and china's internal security. the harmony in the press is paper thin. the fight to take him down is
7:50 am
bitter. china is a political cycle which offers a new president no electoral mandate. strategists play this game of siege to improve real life tactics. the president seized 300 of the pieces. the former security chief knows his secrets and has support from others who have made it rich in high office. >> they're all watching his next move. they'll have to obey. they won't need to fear him. he will be a paper tiger. >> fighting tiger, the president's own description of his anticorruption campaign, to show the other tigers who's boss to bend the government on will on policy and reassure the
7:51 am
public he's punishing the party's fat cat. corner predators are dangerous. china waits uneasy for proof this president has tamed his tiger. bbc news china. sufferers of the skin condition eczema could have less chance of developing skin cancer according to research here in london that shows the body's immune response to eczema, to shed cells from the skin could stop tumors from forming. we have one of the professors. let's look how big a problem skin cancer actually is. one in three cancers diagnosed is now a skin cancer according to the world health organization. exposure to sun is the main cause of all skin cancers. the most dangerous type of cancer, malignant melanoma is five times more common in britain than it was in the
7:52 am
1970s. director of the center for stem cells and regenerative message, thank you for joining us on the program a. how definitive do you think this research is? >> well we did the research because there's so much surrounding surroun surrounding studies based on populations whether or not having eczema changes s susceptibili susceptibility. >> has this been around some time? is this something you researched in previous we'res? >> i think the idea that the immune system might have something to do with cancer is relatively new. certainly our understanding of what causes eczema is changing and improving all the time. our study was at the right time.
7:53 am
it could not have been done sooner. >> eczema is painful, disfiguring, tackles psychological problems for people as well. are you saying actually if you have that it can be harnessed in ways for others that don't have the skin condition, this could lead to a reduction in skin cancer cases? >> i think it's important not to push the findings too far. the fact of the matter is most cases of eczema are in young children. most places of skin cancer are in the elderly. i wouldn't say if you have eczema, it's fine to smoke, drink, stay in the sun all day. what's interesting, those that have eczema and a known genetic defect in the skin barrier, particular types of treatment would be beneficial in fighting kansa cancer. >> is that link to actually
7:54 am
consider trying to change the body's immune system the way forward in treating other cancers? >> the cancer community is excited about the possibility of modifying the immune system by therapy. different strategies are available. what worked for one cancer might not work for another. already in the clinical, results were melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. it looks promising. everyone is excited. >> is there a way of doing this in the future which will protect children of developing skin cancer or other cancers when they're adults? >> i would give the advice to protect yourself from this and other known cancers. in following up, we believe cancer could affect your risk. it's important to be aware of
7:55 am
main dangers. >> what are survival rates of people surviving from skin cancer. five times from the 1970s. how deadly is skin cancer? >> melanoma is a deadly form of cancer. it's usually removed by surgery. the combination in certain patients with eczema, combination of immune therapy and surgery could give a good result. >> what's the next stage of this experiment? >> i think the next stage is go back to the clinic and trial different groups of eczema patients to find out if you can identify ones who benefit from a particular type of immune therapy. >> thank you for joining us here on "gmt." a quick reminder before we go
7:56 am
over our top story. tensions mounting in eastern ukraine following the death of 30 pro russian fighters in the government on the rebel strong hold. it comes as the foreign minister lavrov says holding talks on the matter are pointless because the first agreement with ukraine wasn't implemented. from me tim willcox and the team on "gmt," see you tomorrow. 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. man: yeah, scott. i was just about to use the uh... scott: that's a bunch of ground-up paper, lad! scotts ez seed uses the finest seed, fertilizer, and natural mulch that holds water so you can grow grass anywhere!
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