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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  May 16, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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and it looks like he's craving italian. there are lots of fiat cars to choose from, like the four-door 500l... which is surprisingly big. [godzilla choking] check out the whole fiat family at . hello. you're watching "gmt" on bbc world news. i'm tim willcox. our top stories. on course for the biggest landslide victory in india for 30 years. a vote for change as hindu leader modi takes the vote. i'm live in central delhi where supporters of modi are gathering space preparing for a evivictor
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victory. we're asking what it will look like for india. turkey has more of its dead workers buried. aaron is here looking at what the modi government means for the economy. >> absolutely. that performance to unblock stalled investments, create jobs and reignite the economy. it's a huge investment. we'll go live to mumbai to see if he can fulfill all those promises. hello. it is midday in london, 7:00 a.m. washington, 4:30 p.m. in delhi where the bjp is celebrating. the results show the group with the landslide victory.
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the scale of the predicted victory such that the ruling congress party has already admitted defeat. we have the latest from the election commission of india confirming bjp has won 51 seats and congress party so far just five. when you look at the commission's projections, you can see why people are talking about the biggest landslide victory in 30 years. it's currently predicted bjp could take a total of 279. congress may only have 47 seats in the parliament. for our special india election coverage, let's join delhi outside parliament. a political earthquake there. >> reporter: completely tim. it's been an extraordinary day so far. as you said, it began about 11:00 local in delhi when we heard the congress party. surprisingly quite early on in
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the day they announced defeat in this election. quickly after that we started to see a real movement of bjp supporters hit the street of delhi. here at the lower house of parliament, it became apparent modi would become the next prime minister. we've been speaking to analysts ñr the course of the day.ñr the course of they say this is indeed a crashing defeat for congress. of course as you said a historic win for modi and the bjp party. we are waiting to find out t out if we are looking about a win that is incredible when we speak about the bjp getting some 300 seats. if that is the case, that's never happened before here in indian politics. in fact the projections of the electoral enough to rule the party behind me by themselves.
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completely exceeding expectations. a short time ago, modi appeared in the state of gujurat where he was born and governed 12 years. the first thing he did when hearing the success of the bjp party was visit his mother. he sought his mother's blessings saying shortly after that tweeting india has won. this is great news for indian people. that is scene in gujurat. he soon then left his mother's home to crowds that gathered there as you expect of course. he is extremely popular there. those scenes of large crowds are also replicated here in delhi at the bjp headquarters. the bjp party leaders gathered there to hold the news
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conference an hour or so ago took 30 minutes to quieten down bjp supporters. they actually said stop people coming into this building because they could not begin the news conference. incredible scenes there. we're going to get a sense of what was heard there. we have our correspondent there listening to the president of the bjp party. >> first time it happened that we have crossed the geographical and political and social boundary. we have attained height. all cast, creed, race, we have transcended that. bjp has become victim victor --
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become victim tore yus. hundreds of rallies in such a short time. we believe these results because of this as a result it will start a new era in india. i believe that. >> reporter: that is the president of the bjp party there speaking in the last hour or so of course saying how thankful they are for the support of the indian people and also saying this win means india is inclusive crossing political divides, geographical boundaries, cast and different religions. modi has been criticized as being a man that is divided based on principles of hindu
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nationalism. he's a member of the rss right wing party. we can get the latest from the bjp headquarters. very much handing out the sweets there for celebrations. >> reporter: that's right. the celebrations haven't stopped since they began several hours ago. what's incredible is the intensi intensity. i've been in and out of the bjp headquarters. they've got a giant screen flashing results. every type a victory comes up, there's massive cheers. every time a congress governor loses, there's the same cheers. they've never crossed 200 seats in an indian election. they're poised to claim victory entirely on their own. we've been speaking to a number of people that were confident of victory but certainly not this level. everyone here has nothing but
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praise for modi. they've been chanting his name, congratulations messages on a massive banner. what's frightening is the expectations have scaled unprecedented heights from the markets, middle classes to man on the street. they expect nothing short of miracles from mr. modi. >> reporter: and do they even care about how the numbers are going to stack up when we get a full sense of results here? >> i'm sorry. you'll have to repeat. fire crackers went off nearby. >> reporter: just asking they probably don't care how many seats they've got. 300, 315, 350. >> reporter: well i just got a bit of that. i think the basic thing here is
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if bjp is able to make up a majority on its own, of course it means for the first time in 30 years india would have a government that's not coalition government but government led by a one party alone. that's the one reason i think a lot of people are really please a ed across india saying it means his hands are not tied by political allies. he has the mandate to take the tough decisions he's been promising on the campaign trail. to set the india economy right again. decisions to try and make india a strong nation and one he'll put india's interests above all. it's a victory that's watched closely not just here in india but across the region andhvb acs the word. many waiting to see what the government will mean for theç rest of the world.
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>> thank you very much. sanjoy there at bjp headquarters. i can tell you the main road that leads to the headquarters completely courted off with immense security in that area. as you imagine, lots making their way in to join in supporters of the bjp in what will be one heck of a victory celebration. who is modi and what kind of leader will he be? he's a 63-year-old t-shirt seller from gujurat. >> the man set to be india's new prime minister on the campaign trail. it's been a longer journey from modi's humble origins in the state of gujurat. this is the street in the small town where he was born.
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the original house replaced now. this is still known as modi area. almost everyone here has the same family or cast name. >> his younger brother remembers their days together and the prime minister's temper. >> narenda loved flying kites. i had to hold the spool of string. if i refused he would get angry and hit me. then i did what i was told. i think he still loves me. >> were you scared of your brother, i asked. >> i'm still scared of him even today. >> so should india be scared of him? >> anyone who's concerned for the well being of the country
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has nothing to fear, only those who work against the country need to be scared. >> this is the small railway station where the young narenda modi used to help his father selling cups of tea on the trains stopping here. during his election campaign, he made a point of saying he had no ties to his family today and had devoted himself instead to serving his country. his brother expects little from him now. >> i wish he would help the next generation of our family, but i'm sure he won't. he won't even offer tea to someone without a reason, especially his family. >> it's just one more way in which modi represents a big departure in india.
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for the first time a man totally on the other side of the tracks will lead the world's largest democracy. some fear it's a gamble, but others say he's india's best hope. bbc news gujurat. >> reporter: reporting on the profile of the next prime minister of india, narenda modi. this is a crushing defeat for the congress party. humiliation, disappointment. gandhi has spoken. this is what he had to say. >> i'd like to start by congratulating the new government. they've been given mandate by the people of our country. i wish the new government all the best. from my part, congress party has done pretty badly. there's a lot for us to think
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about. as president i hold myself responsible for what happened. thank you. >> reporter: there speaking outside of congress party headquarters, just a few minutes ago. we understand that sandra gandhi spoke saying we hope this doesn't compromise the interest of the people. i take responsibility for our loss. incredibly sad moment. it has to be sad for the family there to take defeat in the landslide evictvictory. many say this could be the end to the congress strong hold that they've had for decades here
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in -- here in india. gandhi wishing the new government well there but accepting the congress party has done particularly badly. >> not just the congress has done badly, it's done much worse than the worst performance ever. it's unlikely it will reach the number of seats required for the state of main opposition party in parliament. we could be in a situation where we have a government in overwhelmingjority to be the main opposition party. this is an amazing moment. >> are you struck by it? >> i'm absolutely struck by it because even let's say a year or maybe a year and a half ago, if you had asked anyone about search a verdict, i don't think anybody, including those within the bjp would have said this would happen.
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the odds were all against modi. he's fought and fought hard and fought with great determination. the congress has sort of presented him with this victory. congress did not fight. congress did not put up a fight. it's taught that politics dynasty would carry it forward or politics of right based legislation they brought out. the voters read as part of the politics not rights. >> gandhi we heard him say there we have a lot to think about. they didn't get mobilized. there was modi crisscrossing the country. do you think the congress almost
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sat? >> modi is perhaps the most -- he's got the largest mandate ever. he's the biggest business figure in politics. we have a group of muslims whether or not they voted for modi will today -- it's safe to say the largest minority in india feels insecure about his rise. there was a lot to oppose modi on. his model of development is also contested. there are questions about it. the point is the congress did not raise those questions or pursue in any manner. >> what happens to the congress party now you think? i said the question looming is whether or not congress has to separate themselves from the gandhi. what do you think? >> that connection can never be
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broken. what the congress has to do is use this time and opposition to reboot itself, look at how india has changed and see hangout it has failed to change with that india. it has to talk about secularism. it has to talk to a younger, more impatient andqsl;ujt border who does not havez nostalgia about the congress, independence movement or about the years of dynasty afterwards. >> it's interesting you mentioned the young group. i want to ask you, narenda modi in particular, he's on twitter, google hang out, facebook pages. the congress party didn't seem to be that engaged with the young vote. they weren't relative on social media. >> congress has been more heavy in terms of projection and
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campaigning. politics of entitlement of sitting back and expecting the water to come to you rather than you going to the water. the bjp has been quicker on the draw. so it has been in this campaign as well. modi particularly is a master commu communicator. the congress party has had failure of communications, failure to realize the need for communication. >> great talking to you. i know the debate will continue days and months. thanks for joining us. the editor at the daily newspaper here. we've heard from gandhi at headquarters. this is his mother making a statement a short time ago at the congress party hq as well.
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>> translator: congress has fought this according to policies, projects, plans that faced opposition. didn't get the support of the people. the thing that we hoped was for support. we didn't get it. we agree in democracy defeat and victory both happen. this verdict is against us. i accept. we humbly respect this verdict of the people. together with this we also hope that the government will protect the country. they will not compromise anything for the sake of the
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country. i congratulate the government coming into power. as far as congress is concerned, the india national congress, my party, will always struggle for principles, for aim, for its people, policies. the support we've got i thank the voters. i also thank my volunteers. i am the president of my party. that's why i accept the responsibility of a defeat. thank you very much. we have heard the spokesperson saying she accepts her party in congress's defeat. we heard from her son saying we
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have to go away3#x and think ab what happened to their party. a crashing defeat for congress.ç we are still waiting to crunch those numbers. we eventually find out the full set of results. we know the bjp party have won. modi is said to become the next prime minister in india. stay with us on "gmt." we're going to be back in 20 minutes time. we'll be speaking to two voters first time in this election and what they think about the results. back to you in london. >> we'll proceed in a few minutes. thank you very much. if you're away from the tv and want the news from india, go to the web page. all the results from the elections, in-depth stories, pictures, the company which runs the mine in turkey where nearly 300 have died said it is not to
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blame for the accident. government says it had been expected several times since 2009 and there were no loopholes in the investigations. we are live where the mine is based. >> reporter: as the death toll mounts, so do the questions. turkish authorities have given the number of those still missing. for explanations, people looked to the mine's owners making public comments. we learned many victims had no chance such was the speed of the disaster. >> the main issue here is the whole thing happened in only three to five minutes. it took three to five minutes for the gas and fumes to fill in the production areas. we managed to gather the people in the vicinity here. most people here were saved.
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>> many questions remain. the rescue chambers like these, the owner first said there were two. then admitted neither were in use. >> the mine owners are talking to media. there's few clear facts about why this disaster happened and what the company did to prevent it. the mine's owners are giving confusing answers. at worst, they're being evasive. >> the company's claims of good safety make people suspicious. this man worked in the recovery effort and saw 27 people dead. >> i'm not satisfied. if the government assigns more importance to safety measure, this would not have happened. i'm not happy with what they said today. >> so still no answers for some grieving relatives. at least viewer are waiting now for bodies. bbc news in soma, turkey.
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>> you're watching "gmt" on bbc world news. in a few minutes we'll be back in india for the latest on the resounding victory for the bjp party. let's show you pictures of the man who's going to be prime minister in india. narenda modi. they're greeted by his mother in her 90s. modi 63 years old. their mother blessing him, greeting him, congratulating the man. perhaps one of the most poplarizing of politicians in india at the moment. a man who now has dealt a crushing blow to the congress party, the party of the gandhis, the congress party which has been in power ten years since india independence. this man, narenda modi, a
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polarizing figure. a man who's rebooted the economy. he plans to create millions of jobs and open the economy to foreign investors. we'll be looking at all those developments in a few minutes time. stay with us here on "gmt." rejoice... for you have entered the promised land of accomodation. ♪ booking.yeah!
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first the cookie at check-in. then a little time to kick back. earn double hilton honors points with the 2 "x" points package and be one step closer to a weekend break. doubletree by hilton. where the little things mean everything. welcome to "gmt" on bbc world news. i'm tim willcox. our top story. the most resounding victory in the indian election in 30 years. supporters of modi celebrates. we'll talk to one of the most wealthy prominent indian about what the this means for those working out side the country. i'm live in central delhi where we'll speak to two first time voters in this election to find out what they think about the possible modi government. also in the program, aaron
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is back. touch screen so yesterday. >> we're also used to doing this, touchy touchy. what about this? no touchy. i mean illusions on our cell phones and tablets. we've got a report on what we could all be doing in the future on something like this. hello. welcome back. results in india's marathon general election are coming in. it looks set to be a historic finish. early results show the hindu nationalist party is on track for a landslide victory with modi set to be the new prime minister. the scale of the predicted victory and crushing of the ruling party means it's already meaning defeat. the latest we have in the election commission of india confirms bjp has taken 71 seats.
7:32 am
congress party just so far seven. look at the commission's projections. you can see why people are talking about the biggest landslide 30 years. it's currently predicted bjp could take 279 while congress could only have 46 seats in parliament. let's see the importance of the role of younger voters in the election. let's go outside delhi now. >> reporter: yes, tim, thank you very much. welcome back to the central delhi where we are outside the lower house of parliament. in these elections, the young vote has been particularly important for all political parties campaigning in last five weeks. since 2009, 100 million new voters between 18 and 23 years have come into this election process. these are a generation born back
7:33 am
in the 1990s when india was experiencing prosperity and economic boom. they've been led to believe disallusion with the ruling government. let's find out for ourselves. i'm joined by two first time voters. you voted for the party. we'll speak to you in a moment. congress. how you feeling? >> good day in indeed. the party has come crashing down. after what has been happening in the economy, everyone buying this dream. >> why did you vote for him? >> i voted for them because is! see this as a stable prime minister.
7:34 am
i find modi out of all of this, he's trying to act like the jack of all trades but master of none. it didn't appear to give modi my vote because the major 2002 charges still against him. bjp declare their prime minister victory early. they've had seven months to campaign. >> reporter: most money ever spent on the campaign in indian politics. we haven't mentioned much about the common people's party. it's been concentrated on bjp and congress. you voted for the party. tell us why. >> actual ly it wasn't a made u choice. i didn't want to vote for bjp. vote was supposed to get between congress and bjp. >> this was a calculated move
7:35 am
not to give your vote, your young first time vote to bjp party? >> yes. >> i don't see modi to be exactly what she said. speeches are like verbal trying to show the other person down. it's not doing any good. >> you say that right, but he has got a majority, a landslide victory. he did try to appeal to the young people. people like you. we saw holograms, multirallies he hood across media, social hangouts. he was plugged in. >> the only thing in congress, i don't think they take initiative to come out you know. as a first time voter, if i watch television i see bjp twice in ten minutes. congress once in an hour. so the frequency. feels like they accepted defeat
7:36 am
from the beginning. we look forward to a stable government and leadership that inspires confidence. >> reporter: does this mean you may change? >> no. this is just a learning experience for congress. i'm pretty sure after five years they'll come and will take the position. i do appreciate what they've done. believing in bjp -- i don't buy that so early. >> reporter: okay. your vote didn't go to the party that's now going to rule india. are you concerned? >> what's on my mind is what government comes to pass should work for the people. like counting the majority of
7:37 am
india like looking at users and receive urban areas. what about the rulers? people treated independent. promises that people make, ministers make. that's what they look up for. i think the minister should live up to their expectations. that's about it. >> reporter: thank you very much. i know you're disappointed in today's results. bjp with a landslide victory here. from two first time voters here, still an element of doubt whether or not modi can deliver for them. their vote is important in future elections to come here in india. tim, back to you in london. >> thank you very much indeed. let's stay with that story. results of the indian election widely anticipated by the business community in india and indeed across the world.
7:38 am
let's go to linda who joins us from singapore. the market is celebrating. >> reporter: they certainly did. the benchmark stock index for india hit a new record high and international investors expressed confidence in mode i did government by pushing up 1% against the u.s. dollar. it's on the basis he'll implement structural reform in india. that's a tall order. that hasn't happened in 60 years. joining ining me to talk aboutr he can deliver on these promises is the chief economists. let me pose that question to you first. is it little bit overexuberant over the victory in terms of the business community's reaction? >> you'll get better than expected outcome. the market will jump in expectations of a better
7:39 am
tomorrow. that's fine. sometimes expectations get rewarded, sometimes they don't. there's good things in the making in the sense it's a majority for them. if they want to pursue the legislative route beyond the executive route, they have leverage. >> that is key. lots of economists think they know what to do to build industry. sometimes if implementation falls down. you've got a sober view on this. >> that's right. beyond the investigative channel, the question is the entire body of governors. a lot of product stuck in india is not because laws are not investment friendly or executives don't want those to be implemented. they're stuck because of issues. all economies need to get the ball going. it's a tall order no doubt.
7:40 am
>> reporter: what do you expect of modi? do you think he'll attract more foreign investment like he did in gujurat. >> that is to wait for the time being. the budget in july they'll have to put together a document that's credible and give signals to the market whether it's responsible fiscally. that's the first test. >> reporter: do you think he can turn around india? he has sold his campaign to making india like rival china. >> one has seen from modi speeches in the past, he has wanting to be like china. in the past because of not
7:41 am
making, we can see delivering. beyond that it's india, complex and confident. a lot to be done. >> india complex and confident, full of potential. thank you very much. that was chief economist at the bank. it could be a little time before we see whether or not modi will be able to deliver policies to transform india. for now, back to you in london, tim. >> linda, thank you very much indeed. with me in the studio is british indian member of house of law and one of the wealthiest men in the uk. modi says the good days are coming. do you think they are? >> i think one of the greatest things which have happened in my view of the election is first of all i want to congratulate modi and his party for the victory they've had. more than that i'd like to
7:42 am
congratulate the indian voters who have shown majority and forgotten about lower cost, higher cost, et cetera and voted for what they think should be a stable government. >> this is a man who says he can reboot the economy. he'll address corruption. he will get india work again. what will that mean for people like you, the non resident indians and how that will help india perhaps in terms of its international reputation? >> if he manages to eradicate corruption or reduce it, i don't think there's any country in the world that doesn't have corruption including some of the problems we have here. if he can manage to reduce corruption and also grpolicies, don't think he has to worry
7:43 am
about investment. in my view to make india smaller is look at poverty problems, look after the health of the nation, education of the nation. it's such a big talent in india of young boys and girls who are dieing to get on with their lives. that's what we have not ended up looking for. they're looking for only business testing. that is not the country. there are 1.2 billion people. >> is there a change people 50 to 60 years ago people would leave, migrate, come to europe to create wealth and businesses. now people aren't because india has so much potential. >> migration the last five years has been the other way around. there has been a disappointment in the last five years unfortunately despite of the
7:44 am
fact that he's been a great man. >> just briefly, this question mark over modi and what happened in 2002. is he going to represent india now including the muslim minority? >> elections have shown india wants to get on with life not happen about what happened in 2002 because there have been inquireti inquireties. you can't just get on. you have to be cleared of that. he has run three times marvelously well. there's no question about it. even my company has an appearance that is a country where things move. you have to forget about it. >> we're out of time. thank you indeed for giving your response to that overwhelming landslide victory by the bjp. if you're away from the television and want to get most
7:45 am
up to date news from india, go to the website for the latest. lots of analysis, pictures as well. stay with us here. still to come. we find out more about the future of touch screens. instead of hanging out on the couch, you could be hanging ten. what are you waiting for? (vo) celebrate this memorial day with up to 40% off hotels at travelocity. (gnome) go and smell the roses.
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hello. you're watching "gmt." i'm tim willcox. our main stories. the bjp party are celebrating early results suggesting a landslide victory. modi is set to become the country's new prime minister. the owners of the turkish
7:48 am
mine where 280 have died in the mine, the owners denied negligence. let's get the economic impacts of this bjp win. >> as linda was telling us, markets are up, investors are happy. modi governmentzg9k,,, list. let's talk about that. india's market jumped. india's right wing opposition leader modi heads for a landslide victory. his message of jobs, revival of an economy growing at a decade level of below 5%. let's get the latest. our friend in mumbai, let's go live to her. she's somewhere. i know you can hear me. before we talk about this huge
7:49 am
to do list, just tell the audience around the world why are the markets happy? why are investors happy? >> reporter: well i am -- just to give you a feel of where i a. i'm outside the stock market. i've been here all day. now the crowds dwindled a little bit. today we saw lots of people standing not just watching the stocks ticker on the building but also the huge television screen flashing results. some of them are still waiting to see modi come out and speak. we haven't heard from him yet. the market did cross a high 25,000. it has come down to the closing. i had a stockbroker with me earlier and asked why was it even an anticipation over the entire week? one of the reasons he told me was the business community, investors particularly do believe in narenda modi's pitch.
7:50 am
his pitch has been his economic track record in the state where he's managed to make it easier for people to set up businesses where he's made sure the economy is valuable. he's been selling that throughout this election campaign. most people believe he might be able to replicate that success across the country. they believe that stability, consistency, someone willing to make decisions. that's confidence reflected in the markets today. >> you get -- you mention he's pitched, all sorts of things. unblocking stalled investment in infrastructure, creating jobs every year. it's a big to do list. where do you start? what do you think is modi's priority? >> well most people that i've been speaking to today from the business community definitely think within his first 100 in power he'll make a big economic
7:51 am
investment. on many of those like projects being cleared and goods and services stacked, one common act across the country. it just enough for a central government to decide that. for it to be implemented across the country, he needs the state government to agree with him. even if we have a central government, at the end of the day he's going to need to get regional leaders across parties, across the country to agree with him and see that's implemented on the ground. that's what businesses are going to be watching for. they're going to watch him closely over the next six months. >> not only businesses in india but the world. we'll talk to you soon. joining us live from outside the stock exchange there. now we all do this, right? tap, tap, sliding, doing this. we are always thinking touch screens are the way of the
7:52 am
future, we may have to think again. if one company has its way in the future, we're going to interact with optical illusions on the smart phones and pads. that's the stuff in the air we touch. essentially three dimensional interfaces that project the experience of like watching i guess in a 3d movie. without the need to wear the funny glasses. bbc tried it out with scott of intel labs. take a look. >> i come around here. suddenly this 3d image comes up into view out of nowhere. looks very realistic. i don't see projectors anywhere. how are you doing this? >> we call it floating display. it doesn't look like a projection. you can see it projected in 3ding space. we take a normal lap to be screen. running it through the glass that bends it upwards and
7:53 am
projects it to a real image. >> that looks like a camera. how is that involved? >> this is a depth camera. it sees in three dimensions. it sees your torso, head and body to interact with this. >> if i wanted to touch it like this, first of all it takes a while to register, to change. >> that's actually on purpose. that's a user experience feature that presents is accidental presence of buttons. >> in what way is this used in the real world? >> it's used in such a way you're not touching actual screen. we think this is useful for all technology. people see buttons and want to reach out and touch them. this is how out it works. it's a way to interact with technology. >> is it accurate?
7:54 am
bank machines take money out, you want it to be accurate and not a frustrating experience. could it work in that way? >> the accuracy is a big factor. if it doesn't work exactly, then it's not working. the price of the glass goes down and we get better at manufacturing it, you could see this application all over. >> touchy, no touchy? take your pick. follow me on twitter. i'll tweet you back. get me at @bbc aaron. >> how long until we see that? >> obviously you weren't watching. >> i could do it from here. >> you could do it with your feet. something like that. thanks very much aaron. you're watching "gmt." let's bring you news coming in
7:55 am
from kenya just in the last couple of moments. some blasts have been reported on kenyan tv. scours of people injured in the market in nairobi. twin explosions we're hearing that the market. that coincides with two travel companies in the uk to evacuate 400 britains from the area in the country because of blasts. these have taken place in nairobi. several hours flight from mombasa. just 2 information that scores of people have been injured. all we have is there were twin blasts in that market. much more throughout the next few hours on bbc world news.
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