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tv   BBC World News  BBC America  May 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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hello i'm geeta guru-murthy with bbc world news. our top stories. is history about to delete itself? europeans can remove personal information from the net searches. outrage in india of the two girls raped and murdered. at least three men have been arrested. ukrainian troops push forward as the defense minister vows to bring order to the east of the country u. how do you check an rang tang's teeth?
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we find out how zoo keepers are using techniques to save these apes. now we probably all googled our own name. sometimes we dredge out faces of long forgotten embarrassments. now you can apply to have it taken down if you live in europe. google launched a service to allow people to ask for online searches to be deleted. the reason, earlier this month google chief executive warned of serious consequences. he says it are will be used by other governments that aren't as forward and progressive as europe to do bad things. other people are going to pile on probably for reasons that most europeans would find negative. google is the world's largest internet search engine and
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processes 90% of all web searches in europe. what do you want to do if you want to have that deleted? fill out this online form. find it by going to the bbc website or going to and search for remove content and follow the steps in the form. google will consider if there's a public interest of the keeping interest online for instance does it apply to malpractice or convictions. when is google going to start to remove anyone's links is unclear. this is good news all around for people at the end of the day that want to get rid of embarrassing photographs. i talked to our information reporter. >> this is not removing from the internet. it's removing from the google search. pictures on photo sharing sites,
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the best way is go to those sites as opposed to google to have them taken down. when someone search their name and see things that make them look silly, they will welcome this. >> there was a spanish case. >> the reason this entire system now has come about is a case a couple of weeks ago where a spanish man who had a lot of debt and had to sell his house in 1998, an article was archived and searchable by google. when you searched his name, that was the top result. he felt that was unfair. he cleared his debt, way into the future now. he said when people search for his name as a business men now, this was hurting his reputation. >> if you've got a record, any kind of criminal rorksd if people want to check you out. journalists, police or whatever, that's going to be harder isn't it?
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>> the decision google has to make and this is the continuing problem. the decision google makes is whether the public interest is less important than the individual's rights. in the case of someone with a history of sexual abuse, there's report in the newspapers, that will remain. they say the public interest is so important they don't have the right to process. >> it is said it will be used badly. >> we get the sense google is trying to put up the sense. they don't want layers of warning to what they do. there have been requests to remove things like that. so far they've not been allowed. what larry page is doing is protecting his interest and the technology industry as a whole. the ukrainian government says hit will continue a military offensive against pro
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russian rebels until peace a and order is restored in the east of the country. kiev claims parts of donetsk and luhansk regions are declared russia. reports say four international monitors were detained in eastern ukraine thursday. we have the bbc ukrainian service. we've had confirmation from russian troop withdrawals and more focus on east military. >> there was withdraw of troops on the russian side of the border from 40,000 to estimated 10,000. the pull back has happened there. from the ukrainian perspective. there's a large number of infiltration of russian fighters, militants from the russian territory into the
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ukrainian territory that change add. the fighting on the side of the pro russian separatists. there seems to be a build up there particularly with reports of people from other areas taking part on the side of separatists in ukraine. >> how worried is kiev about that? >> well, i think on the one hand there's been a shooting down helicopter with one of the generals of the national guard. there have been attacks on the ukrainian military. there's loss of life on the ukrainian side. however the ukrainian military men and politicians are upbeat because they think they're squeezing the rebels into the areas around donetsk, sloviansk. a lot of commentators in ukraine are thinking those are feelings are premature. there's a lot of training of
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rebels, more sophisticated weaponry seen in photographs, in the videos. certainly humanitarian problem is exacerbating. a lot of citizens are sheltering now in the areas of operations. children are evacuated. humanitarian conditions are not good. the problem persists. it's not clear how purely by military means it will be possible to solve it. >> we must talk about the gas negotiations as well. quickly, on the russian troop movement, we've been talking about russia taking its troops back from the border for many days. it finally happened. how significant is that? >> it is significant obviously because president putin said the maneuvers, war games are officially over. troops are being pulled back. however, there's still a lot of troops on the border. there's also quite a lot of
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menacing talk about humanitarian assistance. the spokesman for president putin said yes, there will be humanitarian assistance. when asked about military assistance to rebels he said i don't know. ask the ministry of defense what their plans are. he didn't rule it out. >> russia is threatening to turn the top off on gas tuesday if not paid. where are we on that? >> negotiations are three part, russia, ukraine and yoeuropean union. their position is ukraine should pay part of the debt. russian position is ukraine should pay higher than the european price plus the $5.5 million. ukraine position is there's no debt because russia owes ukraine for the gas. ukraine is prepared to pay a
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lower price than russia claims. disruptions to the european union and if russia cuts off gas to ukraine, ukraine will probably have the results last until september. after that, it will be difficult. >> okay. many thanks indeed. now the families of two teenage cousins who were allegedly gang raped and hung from a tree have expressed outrage of the way the police responded to the crime. they say it took police 12 hours after the girls went missing from her home in uttar pradesh. let's speak to our correspondent. take us through the crime itself which is pretty grim. >> yes, on 27 evening, these two girls age 14 and 16 went out. as the family members tell us now, they went out because they
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don't have proper toilet back home. they have to go out to relieve themselves. they didn't return back. next morning, 28th morning, their bodies were found hanging from a tree. the report said the report confirmed rape and death by hanging. three of the policemen have been suspended because they -- the family members went to rest their case and alleged policemen didn't show readiness to register a case in the first place and asked what cast are you from which declared discrimination. since then it has become a point of outrage. there have been silent protest. one man has been arrested, the man accused in this whole case. now there are political leaders coming on national television saying there has to be a free and fair investigation.
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also the cast angle to the whole case. it's a flash point now the india. >> politics because the girls were from the bottom of the social order really. they have many grieve answances. there's antagonism in terms of demands. >> absolutely. they come from the lower cast. they're obviously the social structure is such they're not only economically backwards but socially backward. they fall through the crack all the time. the police system here, we all know living in the country, they lack sensitive. most forces are full of people that come from upper class.
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there's a clear power situation that goes into play. there's a huge anger towards police in this case. it doesn't surprise me. >> many thanks. in other news today, the funeral is taking place of poe ran's last communist leader, general jaruzelski. tens of thousands signed the online petition to bury him in the historic cemetery. referendum on scotland's independence from the country has begun meeng strict spending limits will be imposed. scotland voters are deciding if it should become independent from the rest of the uk. steve ballmer has agreed to buy the la clippers team for $2
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billion. this is after the owner was banned from making racist remarks. this is the second highest price of a franchise after the dodgers baseball team many 2012. more numbers wi. >> the power russia can wheel through gas reserves. russia gas company told ukraine it will cut off gas supplies tuesday unless it pays billions of it says owes. by the end of next week, ukraine will owe $5.2 billion. it's a figure kiev disputes. they were locked in buying gas $485,000 per 1,000 cubic meters.
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the former president rejected a deal with the trade last year. russia tore up the deal reinstating the original price. european union officials are brokering talks about the two sides. it's worried the effect europe is still heavily reliant on russian gas. half still comes via ukraine. now to india where official growth figures may underline the challenges face add by the country's new government and modi. they're likely to sew india's stock in the worst slow down in a quarter of a century. india's economy is expected to have grown annual rate 4.8% in three months, barely up on the previous quarter. that means two years in a row of growth below 5%, worst run in 25 years. we'll have more on the stories throughout the day. before i go i want to tell you about japan where there's
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bad and good news. last month consumer prices rose annual rate 3.2%, highest inflation since february 1991 and represents a strong recovery from two decades spiral of falling prices. the problem is the japanese household spending fell sharply, down by 4.6% in april. a figure worse than expected. it seems shoppers are deterred by higher prices after a rise in sales taxes at beginning of the month. that's a round up of your business. geeta, back to you. >> thanks very much. stay with us on bbc world news. we'll look at numbers produced by boarder agencies. where do they go and why? new car!
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to allow personal data to be removed from search results. three including a police officer have been arrested following the gang rape and murder of two teen girls in india. it's a difficult and dangerous journey with absolutely no garn dee -- no guarantee of success. 40,000 have been detected on one of the main routes from north africa to italy. that's before the annual migration season reached peak. we have this exclusive report. >> dramatic pictures from across the eu in one of spain's north african area, may grants celebrated after scaling the fence. in the french port, anger has authorities moved in to makeshift camps. it's part of a search of illegal migration into europe.
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along the main route from libya to italy, 25,000 migrants arrived in four months. that number has surged to almost 40,000. there are other routes with smaller numbers, but based on existing eu data the total this year is probably in the region of 60,000. this is more than at the start of 2011 a year that eventually saw the arrival of 140,000 migrants. according to the eu borders agency, if the current trends continue and with the summer months approaching, there's a strong likelihood numbers will increase further. where do the migrants come from? a glance at the faces we saw this week gives you some idea. from west africa to south asia, they come far and wide. the largest groups are from syria, afghanistan. experts say we shouldn't be surprised or alarmed. >> i'm sure the problem is not
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going to go away as long as we have these major conflicts in syria. now ukraine and iraq, afghanistan, mali, nigeria, egypt. you name it. these problems won't go away. a surprisingly small number of people will need to seek shelter. >> small numbers in relative terms, but it seems too much for europe to cope with. italy complained it's spending 300,000 euros a day patrolling its patch of the mediterranean. in last week's elections, it suggests europe is not in a welcoming mood. >> with me anna from the british refugee council. you look at transsupport refugees. when you get a number like that,
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it's inflammatory to people against immigration. they look at being flooded with even more coming. what's the context of that? >> it's a simple context. this reflects what's going on across the world. people are coming from countries like syria consumed by civil war, somali, afghanistan, countries of human rights abuses. that's a direct correlation. at the moment the largest proportion are from syria. >> as we see pictures as we did wednesday, people from morocco, people trying to scale walls. in spain, people in cali stopped from the british coast. the desperation is that they've left everything behind. friends, money, houses. do you think europe is taking the right take putting up
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barriers still? >> absolutely not. we have to acknowledge this as an eu wide problem that requires an eu wide solution. >> you've had election results showing ordinary people on low wages face a threat from migrant workers. they say no, we don't want them. >> issues are slight different. what's imperative, what we can't get away from, 700,000 died trying to cross last year. this is not acceptable. some of those are seeking safety. people are fleeing persecution, conflict and putting lives at risk. >> if you're an italian, english
6:23 am
builder, you say that's fine. i've got a job and family to feed as well >> this is my country. >> i would suggest actually for example in the uk, we received lower numbers than other eu countries. proportionally we're below average. >> europe wide? >> europe wide numbers still. look at lebanon. more than a quarter of the population are syrian refugees. we need global solutions to these problems. >> what do you suggest? >> i say in eu context first and foremost we need safe routes for refugees into europe. there's one way which is through these places. the uk for example -- 691,000 were in need this year. the eu provides 500,000 places per year. we need to increase that number. >> what do people do here? i asked 12 to 15 years ago. there's a language problem, housing, schools. >> that's one of the advantages of the program. it's much more managed. people are identified as refugees and relocated to eu. there's a program ready to receive them.
6:24 am
they're helped to register with gp, get children into schools and get jobs. >> very quickly, one sentence, when you see the front national and compare, what do you say to david cameron and people that say do we run scare or take the argument? >> in terms of absolutely we need to put human rights and protection of people at the heart of border controls first and foremost. refugees must not risk their lives coming to europe. >> thank you. just quickly, we move to an pals. orangutans are endangered species. experts look in their mouths. >> the keepers are here today checking the animal's teeth. this animal dentistry project could help with the conservation of wild orangutans living in
6:25 am
forests. they lose their baby teeth as they mature. looking in their mouth is a way of looking at their age. conservations work with wild orangutans in asia that have to decide to move them from a village or farm for possible conflict with humans. the orangutan having a teeth checked takes a bit of bribery. >> bring a bowl of grapes up here. hold them quite a few so you can see. they'll generally open wide. >> it was initially thought they lose temporary teeth at five years old. there's evidence they don't lose them until they're eight or ten more like a human. >> the study is still ongoing. these animals will munch on oblivious by opening their
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mouth. bbc news. >> let me know what you think about our stories. click on that page. i'm at goieeta guru-murthy. see you soon. woo-hoo, bomb that cherry lip through the doggy door or it's pittsville, brah. it's never too late to learn a foreign language! go and smell the roses!
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. hello. i'm geeta guru-murthy with bbc world news. our top stories. is history about to delete itself? europeans can ask going toll remove personal information from internet searches. there's outrage in india after two girls were raped and murdered. at least three men have been arrested. ukrainian troops push forward as the interim defense minister vows to bring order to the east of the country.
6:31 am
and a rathe uprising about crack down. now we've all done it probably, googled our own name. maybe found photos we'd actually rather forget. now technically you can apply to have them taken down, at least if you live in europe. google has launch aid service which lets people ask for online links relating to their private life to be deleted. the the reason, a ruling by the european court of justice earlier this month. there's already warning of serious consequences that it will be used as other governments that aren't as forward and progressive as europe to do bad things. he says other people will use it to pile on for reasons europeans
6:32 am
find negative. google is by far the largest internet search engine processing 90% of all web searches here in europe. what do you do if you want your search to be deleted? fill out this form online. find it on the bbc website or going to and search for remove content. follow the steps on the form. give your name and details. google says it will consider whether there's a public interest in escape cooing each piece of information that it's checking online. could it relate to financial malpractice or criminal convictions? is there public interest keeping that there. the time frame as to when google will start to remove links is at the moment still unclear. after that court ruling, the european commission welcomed the decision. >> it confirms deposition of the european commission that european law can apply to search
6:33 am
engine. this is the position the commission has taken in this case. this is the position we have taken in the european data protection forum. it's a not good only for commission but citizens that see they're better protected. >> we have a media lawyer, mark. thanks for joining us. what do you think? >> it's a retro grade step. we have a problem people try to print and air brush their digital histories. of course we have to look at who's already applied. 50% of the people who have applied already are people with criminal convictions, pedophiles included. we're seeing also scammers. people who are taking the public for money, want their histories of that being exposed remove ed from the internet. these are bad actors abusing
6:34 am
what is a bad law. >> you have been also obviously involved with people that are celebrities or in public life that say my public life is public. why should i have this public stuff online for others to look at. it's not fair. >> october. we've all done things within our lives which we prefer weren't public. that's part of who have we are. we embrace it. it's how we enrich ourselves. for example, if you look up the british deputy prime minister -- absolutely. he did something as a student he's not very proud. it's on the internet on page 48 of google if you happen to go look. most people don't look at page 48. if you put nit clegg in, you don't get it in the first pages. it does mean academics and
6:35 am
students of modern social history, someone that wants to write a biography of him for example can do so. if you take the case of those that brought the case. this was a man who was made bankrupt publicly in a spanish court f. you were going into business with him, you would want to know if he was a former bankru bankrupt. >> you can go to other records held of people's financial histories. everyone entitled to a fresh start. >> part of the problem with him he was not somebody who was particularly well known. the only thing people knew about him was the fact he had been a bankrupt. >> more generally though -- obviously past that case, yes you google something here you get one set of results. google in china and get something different. if this was to catch on in europe, is it pressuring othe i governments to happen?
6:36 am
>> no. we'll see a two tier internet. we'll see search returns. if you put in knit clegg conviction, you will not see that in the european union. you'll that in india, canada, far east, south africa, wherever you happen to be. that's a retro grade step. we ought to see the same information. we condemn china and saudi arabia and north korea for putting up the firewalls around and not letting people see what the full unadulterated information is on the internet. we should be able to see that about our public figures here. >> gob to be a feast for lawyers. >> certainly. going to make lots of money. >> thanks for coming in. thanks. well it's a difficult and dangerous journey, this without guarantee of success. bbc there's a sharp rise in may grants heading for europe in recent months. earlier this year, 40,000 have been detected on one of the main
6:37 am
routes, sea crossing from north africa to italy. that's before the migration season has reached peak. paul adams has this exclusive report. >> dramatic pictures from across the eu in one of spain's north african enclaves, migrants celebrated after scaling the fence. in the french port, anger has authorities moved in to demolish makeshift camps. it's part of a search of illegal migration. along the main route 25,000 migrants aarrived in the first four months of this year. the italian government says that has surged to almost 40,000. based on existing eu data t total this year is probably in the region of 60,000. this is more than at the start of 2011, a year which eventually saw the arrival of 140,000
6:38 am
migrants. according to the borders agency, if the current trends continue and with the summer months approaching, there's a likelihood the numbers will increase further. where do the migrants come from? a glance at faces we saw gives you idea. west africa to south asia, they come from far and wide. the largest groups are from syria, afghanistan. experts say we shouldn't be surprised or alarmed. >> i'm sure the problem is not going to go away as long as we have these major conflicts in syria, now ukraine, iraq, afghanistan, mali, nigeria, now egypt. you name it. as long as these problems won't go away, a very small number of people will need to seek shelter. >> small numbers in relative terms but it seems too much for
6:39 am
europe to cope with. italy complains it's spending 300,000 euros a day controlling the patch of the mediterranean. the success of anti-immigrant parties in last week's european elections suggests europe is not in a particularly welcoming mood. paul adams, bbc news. the families of two teenage cousins who were allegedly gang raped and hung from a tree india have expressed outrage. they say it took police 12 hours to respond to their calls for help after the girls went missing. we have an editor with us. do we have reasons why police took so long to respond? >> what appears to have happened is that people that allegedly committed the crime were from the class as some of the police officers. when the father and others went to the police and said please find these girls, they were
6:40 am
apparently ridiculed by police officers who said go away. we don't want to talk to you. you're low class. we're not interesting in hearing your story. it took so long for the crime to be investigated. >> class plays a big part in india life. police are use to dealing with a multitiered society. is it as simple as that? >> in rural areas like uttar pradesh, it is. for a long time, if you were of high class, which the perpetrators were -- you could get away with raping and murdering a girl. wh what happened reflects this is still medieval in attitude. >> it's not just about class. it's about the whole corruption
6:41 am
of the police across the country. there's been a campaign against that. we have a new prime might be administer. >> modi is from a low cast. this is part of his popularity. for a long time, we saw police side with or be supported by or populated by people of higher class and people with money and influence. they haven't acted on behalf of all indians. >> for a lot of people, getting anything done is about slipping money to the police officer or their family. to get anything done, to get a crime investigated. to change that is a huge task isn't it? >> it's a huge task. it's nothing short of revolution in india. steps are underway to change it. there's been a lot of pressure in india to have someone look at corruption in the country and rule on it and try to weed it from the state institutions like the police.
6:42 am
change is happening. it will probably take a while. >> thanks very much. now in other news today. the funeral of poland's last communist leader, general jaruzelski. he imposed martial law to crush the solidarity movement. tens of thousands have signed the online petition. the husband is hopeful the appeal against his wife's sentence will be successful. the husband was there wednesday when she gave birth to their baby girl and she was apparently being treated well. now at least two people have been kill m.d. central african republic during exchange of fire
6:43 am
between protestors and peace keepers. several were wounded when violence broke out. the last few weeks has seen an upsurge in violence from the rebel coalition and militia. the ukrainian government says it will continue a military offensive against pro russian rebels until police and order have been restored in the east of the country. kiev claims parts of the donetsk and luhansk regions that have been cleared of separatists. meanwhile the monitoring organization says it's lost contact with teams based in lieu happens. they're push ago head with military operations as you said.
6:44 am
it comes directly after the helicopter was downed by the rebels creating losses for the government. perhaps they're trying to bring in some positive news right now. we don't have confirmed reports now about fighting. it's expected the tensions are continuing there. there could be some fighting around luhansk as there has been. as you say -- >> david stern i'm so story. we're going to leave it there actually. that line is obviously having problems. apologies for. that hope we got a gist of what he was saying about the ongoing tensions in that region. stay with us on bbc world news. there's more to come. taking old age for a test drive.
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this is bbc world news. i'm geeta guru-murthy with the top story this is hour. the internet giant google launched a service to allow europeans to ask for personal data to be removed from search results. families of two teenage indian girls who were raped and murders say police ignored their calls for help over 12 hours. the former chief executive of microsoft steel ballmer has agreed to buy the clippers basketball team for $2 billion. the sale came after the current owner was banned by the sports governing body for making racist remarks. this is the second highest franchise, slightly less than the fee paid for the dodgers baseball team in 2012.
6:48 am
>> well donald sterling was forced into it following the racist remarks that he made in a taped conversation to a girlfriend. that prompted a lifetime ban by the nba commissioner silver. he was given a maximum fine of $2.5 million. it looked as if donald sterling would be forced out of the nba. it appears that's the case with this offer now tabled. a considerable amount of money, $2 billion. an incredible sum. he only bought it for $12.5 million in 1981. it appears he's been forced out. we wait to force out the other 29 nba franchises will vote on this. it appears donald sterling's long standing association with the nba will soon be over. >> the former chief executive of microsoft potentially taking over. how does owner ship change? what happens to the team?
6:49 am
>> there's a concern you imagine at this stage the franchise could be moved elsewhere. we wait to see what steve ballmer says when the takeover happens. that's a main concern it could be moved out of la. we wait to here. he should, we think, keep the team in los angeles. the key thing is there were a number of bids on the table. this was the most expensive, highest. he's willing to pay a considerable amount of money for it, $2 billion. we think that exceeded much more than the other bids on the table. this of course being negotiated with donald sterling's wife shirley who he's given permission to preside over the deal. it's been calling a arabian secret uprising. the region is on the largest oil fields. in a special investigation our world series, our journalist is going to unprecedented filming
6:50 am
access finding out how the sheer community is reacting to the violence government crack down. >> this is a coastal region in the eastern province of saudi arabia where most the country muslims live. they claim they suffer discrimination from the kingdom suni leaders and get little resources. the uprising kicked off in early 2011 with protestors demanding the release of nine men held for years without trial. security forces were sent in. dozens were arrested. the protests didn't stop. three years on, check points still ring in the area. it's difficult for me to move around with the camera. i could be arrested.
6:51 am
although few have spoke tn to med media. i've tracked down men that agreed to be interviewed. they wanted their voices altere altered. >> i meet dozens of protestors and secret meetings. it becomes clear there are no unified demands. all want major reform in the countr country. in the early days of the uprising, protestors say they
6:52 am
were unarmed. i found proof at least one protestor used a gun against security forces. the government has always maintained they'd been fired on. >> he has closely monitored the uprisings in the gulf. >> the ruling family or elements that are now in charge don't want any political reform and really wanted to show the iron fist. the reaction can be apathy or violence. there's no way of engaging with the state at the moment if your reformist in saudi arabia. >> in february, two policemen were killed in a shootout. both sides are entrenched. in the cemetery, there's a special plot for those killed during the uprising. for more than 14 months, the bbc
6:53 am
has requesting an interview or written response from the saudi arabia government. we've yet to receive an answer. bbc news saudi arabia. >> you can see a full report this weekend on bbc world news at the saudi arabia secret uprising on the website, world. do you look ahead and wonder what your life is going to be like as you get older and how you're going to manage? >> at the massachusetts institute of technology they've developed an age lab and suit which they say simulates the aging process. it gives you an idea of what it's going to be like. you can go from age 20 to 80 in a few minutes. we tried out the suit. >> this is agnus, age gained now
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empathy system. >> when you wear this system, it shows the ages process. >> it gives you the idea of walking in the person's shoes. we will give you an idea of what it feels like 20 to 80 in minutes. this is the frame of the suit to where to put the belt, buckles and straps. we'll impair joints, neck movement. women's entire frame is weighed down by weakening bone structure as well as muscle structure. this is adding weight and also restriction. one of the issues around aging in the physical body is not just what you can't do but the simple things you used to do such as reaching for something on the shelf. this adds the weight.
6:55 am
now you'll feel not just the strain of hamstring pulling. take a few steps. older adults are slower taking steps. it's muscle tone and weight. these are latest fashion in shoes. we tend to lose the fact at bottom of the feet. your feet hurt, and you blame your shoes. it's not the shoes. it's your feet. we have goggles to identify empathy, natural aging. it's more blurred. you'll need corrective lenses. we're going to put the helmet on. this will hold down your back of your neck and head to give you the hump. as an older adult, if we don't change the environment around us, we find older adulthood is turning inward and retiring. what we want to do is open up the world, make it more successful, youthful even if all of us are not necessarily young. >> my feet are starting to hurt,
6:56 am
particularly my soles. my knees are starting to feel pain, my lower back and my head. feels like i do actually want to sit down. >> what a difference 20 minutes makes. >> it's not easy. what will the future look like in 50 years for me? >> it will be a lot better and easier for you than it was for your parents. aging society is reason to reinvent society to live longer better. >> we're not sure what we think about that suit and the whole process that's going to come all our direction. some people of course live forever. that is john linen. the former beetle's star items up for sale in the auction.
6:57 am
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