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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  December 23, 2016 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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hello. this is sport today live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: roma tigthen their grip on second spot in the serie a as napoli slip up. fireman sam. sam allardyce is the front runner to replace sacked crystal palace manager alan pardew. and spin a winner — ravi ashwin is named cricketer of the year. hi there. wherever you are around the world, welcome to sport today. roma's 11th win of the season over chievo verona tightened their grip on second spot in the serie a, as they try to chase down leaders juventus. massimo allegri'sjuventus side play in the italian super cup on friday. meanwhile, third—placed napoli had to settle for a 3—3 draw at fiorentina. colm harrison reports. roma had to come from behind to claim the win that reduced the
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advantage at the top of the table. chievo verona got a shock lead after 37 minutes. right on the stroke of half—time, they equalised, and early in the second half, edin dzeko put them in front, his 13th league goal of the season, one behind the leads top scorer. with victory already secured, diego made it 3—1 with a penalty in stoppage time. roma are four points behind juventus, but the bidders have a game in hand. rapley looked to be heading for defeat at fiorentina despite leading twice, but each time, there were pegged back with federico scoring both equalisers. with six minutes to go, fiorentino got in front for the first time, though— two to the home side. but a stoppage time penalty salvaged a 3—3 draw in a vital point for napoli. elsewhere there were wins for cagliari and torino.
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sampdoria were held to a goalless draw by udinese. palermo against pescara finished 1—1. both sides remain in the bottom three. offers from as far afield as kuwait and australia have been received for the infamous "chosen one" banner that was created by a group of manchester united fans to mark david moyes‘ appointment as manager back in 2013. the banner is presently in storage at a house in salford quays near manchester — not far from where it hung on the second tier of old trafford's east stand. on monday, moyes — now in charge at sunderland — returns to united for the first time since he was sacked in april 2014. that was just 11 months into a six—year contract after taking over when sir alex ferguson retired. sam alla rdyce ice sam allardyce ice is the front runner to replace alan pardew as crystal palace manager.
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the former newcastle and west ham boss had guided palace to the fa cup final earlier this year. but palace are just one place and one point above the relegation zone. here's our football reporter david ornstein. one win in 11, in that sequence was a run of six straight defeat. they sit one point above the relegation. this time last year, crystal palace were six in the premier league, outside the champions league places by goal difference. it's really has been a sorry story. remember how strong their defence was under tony pulis and it has gone the opposite way. people at the club saying they have been unlucky with refereeing decisions and that the spirit is still high and whoever comes in as manager would like to continue the spirit but improve results. they reclaimed number one spot in the test rankings, and now india have the icc cricketer of the year. ravi ashwin has become the third player from his country to win the prestigious sir garfield sobers trophy.
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the spinner is the highest ranked bowler in the longer test format of the game. he's also the number one all—rounder. during the voting period, which ran for 12 months until mid—september, ashwin took 48 wickets in eight tests and scored 336 runs. we had a transition of captain that has taken over a year. we are on the right track and have a great bunch of boys. they are dedicated, this is but staff and the coaches. thank you so but staff and the coaches. thank you so much again. here is the icc team of the year in full — australia's david warner and england's alistair cook are the opening batsmen, with cook named as the captain of the team. remember, the voting period was up until september — before england's 4—0 defeat in india. the team also includes england's jonny bairstow as the wicket—keeper, with australia's captain steve smith only named as 12th man.
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there's no place at all for the indian captain virat kohli, and that hasn't gone down well with indian fans. the former england cricketer james taylor has been reflecting on a year that changed his life. diagnosed with a serious heart condition, taylor was forced to retire from the game at the age of 28. a defibrilator fitted inside his chest has already helped to save his life — but months later he is back — coaching, commentating and still smiling. angela rafferty has this exclusive interview. it was a day that changed his life forever. the day he nearly died, but somehow, against the odds, survived. a lot of these cases are found in postmortem. that is the only way to detect it, and it is too late by then. luckily my body did its job, and my heart certainly did its job.
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very lucky, but also unlucky in a lot of ways. i can't dwell on what would have happened and what should have happened. no one could have predicted how life has turned out. taylor was in his cricketing prime, playing for england and living history. all are wanted in my dream was to play for england, and i fought so hard. they had been so many ups and downs and i thought i should have played more than i do. i grabbed it with both hands, and it was coming good. then it was all taken away from me again. the best moment i have ever had in my life was one of the last days i ever played cricket for england, catching one of those catches and winning the game for england, among some great quys game for england, among some great guys and the team, playing for your country. it doesn't get much better than that. that is what i set out to do. i achieved than that. that is what i set out to do. iachieved it, than that. that is what i set out to do. i achieved it, just less than i imagined and hoped. his have an ongoing challenge, he is learning a new normal. his heart regulated by a
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defibrillator fitted new normal. his heart regulated by a defibrillatorfitted inside his chest. after the operation, it may well have saved his life. when most people have an operation, they have an operation to make something better. my condition can't get better. my condition can't get better. but if something was to go wrong, it is a safety net. people don't know, but it has happened again, and it did itsjob and gave mea again, and it did itsjob and gave me a shot, to say the least. coming to terms with life after cricket is tough, but a smile is neverfarfrom the man who believes the support from social media helped him through the darkest days. lying in bed being a bit cynical and thinking, if i did die, i wonder who would miss me? it was like i died, and it was overwhelming. i had 26 million tweets to me or about me in the first two hours of the news coming out, and then it got to 60 million after 2a hours, which is phenomenal.
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the positivity coming my way, i dread to think where i would be mentally dread to think where i would be m e nta lly if dread to think where i would be mentally if that support was not there. no longer able to play the game he has devoted his life to, taylor has developed a newfound love of golf and is also coaching youngsters, helping to make a difference. i love it. trying to help others and move through them and see what they can achieve. reflecting on a year but so easily could have been his last, taylor knows he is likely to be alive. could have been his last, taylor knows he is likely to be alivelj have always been invincible, the fittest, the strongest. good at cricket. 0ne fittest, the strongest. good at cricket. one of the best. then i realised i'm not even in the sport. that was the toughest moment. as happy as i can be. yes, i'm not playing cricket were doing what i love, but i am a lot more chilled out than i was. slightly forced upon me, buti out than i was. slightly forced upon me, but i realise the important things in life, and life is not too bad, that is for sure. finally, skiing,
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and the reigning world cup slalom champion henrik kristoffersen won the latest event of the series at madonna di campelio in italy on thursday. kristoffersen dominated the event, which was held under the floodlights in the italian dolomites. he was leading after each of his two runs. the norwegian edged out marcel hirscher of austria by a third of a second to repeat his victory from last year at the same venue. kristoffersen, who's the defending world cup slalom champion, is now 60 points behind hirscher in the overall standings for the season. lots more sport around the world on the website. that's and you will find news on the knife attack from a burglar at her home, saying she was shaking and fortunate to be alive, but petra will speak
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publicly for the first time on friday following her release from hospital. we will have coverage of that here on bbc bodies. —— bbc world news. but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hi there. i'm sure you've already heard but barbara, the second named storm of the season, is heading to the uk for friday. now, yesterday was the quiet before the storm in many respects. barbara, out in the atlantic, continues to develop and deepen, and that's going to be swinging to the north—west of the uk over the next 2a hours. it has been a relatively storm—free start to winter, of course, but that is all set to change as barbara comes hurdling in off the atlantic. tightly packed isobars really squeezing together and focusing the strongest winds on scotland. as we start off the morning, the breeze will be picking up across all of the uk, but it will become quite windy quickly in the day across northern ireland and scotland. quickly, gales will develop here but the strongest winds will be heading into the western isles
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as we head through friday afternoon. this band of rain then pushes its way eastwards across the irish sea, where we could get gusts of 60mph, perhaps 70mph around some of the exposed coasts and hills. this band of rain is going to be very squally indeed. eastern england starting on a dry and bright note, but it will cloud over, and eventually we'll see this band of rain arrive during the evening time. but it is not the rain that's going to cause problems with barbara, no, the met office's amber weather warning is enforced for the strong winds. gusts of 80mph, perhaps 90mph focusing on the western isles through friday afternoon and then heading towards the northern isles as we go through friday evening and overnight. so the windy weather will continue as barbara slips northwards. blustery wintry showers will follow then as we go through friday night with snow returning to the mountains of scotland. things could get quite tricky, even blizzard conditions higher up. further south, the band of rain clears through, and we will be left with dry conditions as we start off christmas eve. so some decent weather for travelling around actually across england and wales,
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but further north, and west, we've got those blustery showers, still some further falls of snow to come across the mountains of scotland. those temperatures will be dropping away a little bit on christmas eve. highs ranging from around 4—11 degrees celsius, from north to south. heading into the big day itself, christmas day, you can see on the charts, still tightly packed isoba rs. but notice they're tilting towards the south—west so southwesterly winds washing over the uk, and those southwesterly winds are mild winds, so we're going to have quite a mild day. you can see this yellow colour working its way across the country. some of us around london could get up to around 111—15 degrees. so, yes, very mild, but it will also continue to be very windy, particularly across the north—west. even quite stormy for some across the exposed north—west. but then as that works through, we'll be back into the colder air, and late on christmas day, we could have some snow showers returning to scotland. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: shock
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as donald trump tweets that the united states needs to greatly expand its nuclear capability. new images of the main suspect in the berlin attack. his fingerprints have been found inside the lorry driven into the christmas market. australian police foil a christmas day terror plot to target melbourne. five people are arrested. we meet the seven—year—old syrian girl whose plight moved people around the world, with her descriptions on social media of life under siege in aleppo.
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