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tv   Review 2016  BBC News  December 25, 2016 9:30am-10:01am GMT

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crowds have begun gathering at sandringham, to watch the queen and other royals arrive for a christmas day church service at their norfolk estate. the archbishop of canterbury speaks of the "anxiety and uncertainty" felt by many in the world in his christmas sermon. only news we're getting from the palace. we heard that the royals we re palace. we heard that the royals were expected by buckingham palace is saying the queen will not be going to mary magdalene church today because she is suffering from a heavy cold. she delayed her visitor to sandringham because they were feeling under the weather, both higher and the duke of edinburgh, and it seems it has got the better of her today because she's not able
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to go out to church. she's going to miss it, which is a rare thing because she does like a traditional sandringham but this cold is not an easy one to shake off. buckingham palace as saying she will not be attending today. now on bbc news, it's been a busy year in sport, from the olympics and euro 2016 to andy murray reaching the top of the tennis ranking. adam wild and jess creighton take us on a trip through the year's sporting highlights, in review 2016: the year in sport. hello and welcome to salford, the home of bbc sport. with the olympics, the paralympics, the european championship, and a whole host of other major sporting events, 2016 was a year that began full of optimism, and it did not disappoint. 2016 was a year of
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extraordinary sporting achievement, athletes striving to go faster, higher, stronger, if those were the aims then this is very much the reward, heroes parade, returning paralympics and 0lympians, many are living up to the high expectations, so many surpassing it. there's only one place really we can start this review of 2016, and that is some 6000 miles away, from murky manchester,
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rio, where this heroes parade, really began. brazil welcomes the world. butjust who would be lining up beside them after months of claims and revelations of widespread doping? russia were at the olympics, their track and field team were not. but as they say in sport, you can only beat what is in front of you. team gb, at times, were beating everybody. adam peaty takes 0lympic gold for great britain. in the pool, the best british games for over a century. above the waves, around the bays, roaming in rio was truly spectacular. and it is great britain who are men's 0lympic champions. it is carnival time for great britain. history being written and then rewritten. these were tales of triumph, passion. britain had found its golden touch.
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all games need their superstars, we had plenty. some catapulted themselves onto the biggest stage. for others, a final flourish before a fond farewell. there were those that arrived as superstars leave as legends. usain bolt is going what he always does, it is gold again. the triple triple. andy murray is a double olympic gold medallist. some were making history. some were doing what no brit had done before. some award no one had done, for a very long time. justin rose of great britain takes olympic gold. whilst others, well, they werejust doing what they have always done. mo farah has gone, he is away, he is going to get gold for great britain again. the double double. arise, sirmo farah! but amidst such company even giving everything might not be enough. at times it was just enough.
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that is the golden goal. great britain, they have won the olympic gold medal. marvellous moments in the marvellous city, and that was before the pa ralympians arrived. when they did, those special moments just kept on coming. 147 medals for para gb, 64 of them gold. again and again expectations were met, and then exceeded. you can see a detailed review of all the rio games on the bbc news channel over the festive period. so many extraordinary achievements on which to look back and enjoy. thank you, rio! few people could have predicted the scale of the success for great britain in rio, but then perhaps 2016 was the year of unexpected triumphs. and there were no bigger shocks anywhere than in the premier league. in the beginning i felt something special,
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but of course i could never have imagined this. there were no odds i would have taken at the start of the season. 10 million to one, i would have thought, no, it isjust wasting £1. it is impossible. in january, february... the more that the games passed, we started to believe, maybe, you know? we are in the champions league, man! come on! there's only one chance in life. this is our chance. the title has gone for tottenham. claudio ranieri wins the premier league, leicester city are the champions of england. seeing my team do this it has been amazing. we've done it! this is a team of players
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where they have been plucked from other clubs, free transfers, it isjust the most incredible achievement, i believe, in british sport. i cannot get my head around it. i think it is genuinely the biggest sporting shock in... probably all sport. i cannot think of anything that surpasses it in team sports. and it means i have to wear my pants presenting much of the dates? and it means i have to wear my pants presenting match of the day, so be it. the fans are dreaming. keep dreaming. why wake up? leicester repeating that season was always a lot to ask but they did continue the journey into the champions league. there were hopes of another upset in the fa cup,
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crystal palace went ahead, but their joy would not last. a rare moment of triumph for louis van gaal as his reign came to a rather inevitable end. the league cup went to manchester also, city defeating liverpool on penalties, the reds were also defeated in the europa league final. manchester clubs dominated the domestic cup competitions, the woman also did their bit, manchester city winning the continental cup in the woman's super league. a more established name and the fa cup. arsenal ladies winning for a 14th time in front of a record crowd. in scotland, celtic were champions again. with glasgow city dominant in the women's game, and at hampden park, the long wait for a scottish cup ended for hibernian. and celtic, league cup champions, after it was awarded
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for the second time in 2016. but for the other home nations, well, plenty of tales to tell from their summer holidays. with wales, northern ireland, and england, all making it to the european championship in france, hopes were high for a summer to remember. but at times those memories were threatened with being tarnished, violence on the streets involving england fans a worrying reminder of tournaments gone by. on the pitch, disappointingly, it was the same story. a late russian equaliser in marseille set the tone for another tournament to forget. a horrible end to the night. but whilst they were underachieving, northern ireland and wales, well, they were far exceeding expectations. 2—0, niall mcginn! for both, it was a first european championship. even a late, late defeat against england could not
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stop the wales journey. a rare high note for england, but it was wales who carried on the song. ramsey, on—side, aaron ramsey with a chip, and wales have the lead! ramsey, weaving it through to gareth bale, he is onside, surely this time... wales 3—0 russia. that is what it means to the fans. look at them. in paris they would meet northern ireland. what a moment for everybody involved. only one team could progress, a heartbreaking end in particular, gareth mcauley. another welsh win, and they go to the quarterfinals. with the northern ireland tournament over, they left with plenty of credit
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and plenty of new friends. if only the same could be said for england. ahead against one of the tournament's big surprises, iceland, it did not last. defeat was as humbling and humiliating as anything in living memory. there is disbelief right around the ground. from england fans, and iceland supporters. the england manager, roy hodgson, has resigned in the past few minutes. now is the time for somebody else to oversee the progress of this young, hungry, extremely talented group. so it was left to wales to fly the flag for the home nations, a quarterfinal against belgium, perhaps the most magnificent night in their football history. williams! towards robson carnot. taylor is available. what a turn, what a goal! go and wake your kids up. something special is happening here tonight. wales are going into the semifinal! in leon, portugal were waiting.
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for most fans, even beyond their wildest dreams, passion, determination, and desire had carried them further than anybody thought possible, but even all that just was not quite enough. it is all overfor wales. it will be portugal in paris on sunday. welcome to the end of the month—long party. to upset that french party, portugal took the time. 109 minutes, to be precise. but the wait for a first major tournament win was worth it. the stadium is stunned. kings of europe. portugal. back home, for wales, hopes that this now might begin a new era of success. wales came to the airport and i got my shoe and my book signed. for england, a new era also. but there would be no success. tonight at ten, a significant error of judgment means that
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sam allardyce is no longer the england football manager. he had been in thejob forjust two months. the fa has terminated his contract with immediate effect... so in came gareth southgate, the third manager in as many matches for england. and as the football association continues to recover, above them, fifa were trying to start afresh with a new man in charge of rescuing the damaged reputation of the organisation. danny willett was not even supposed to be at the us masters, let alone win it, but the early arrival of his baby son allowed him to take part. his round finished, he watched on from the courthouse asjordan spieth collapsed. a quick call to tell his new family that he would be bringing home a very special souvenir. the 2016 us masters champion, danny willett. there was a first major
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winner too at royal troon in the open championship, an astonishing final round from henrik stenson earned him the claretjug. in the women's british open, we are in chana gann became the first major champion from thailand, in fact this was a year of maiden major winners, dustinjohnson taking the us open and jimmy walker securing the pga. all this made for one of the most eagerly anticipated ryder cups in recent memory. raucous, emotionally charged, as we have come to expect, but, for europe, they could not quite live up to the expectation, a first us triumph since 2008. 2016 was full of success for sporting greats, but that still only one who can lay claim to being the greatest. and this was the year we said goodbye. injune, muhammad ali died at the age of 7a. we will not see his like again.
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boxing owes him a great debt. for british fighters it has been some year. they now have a glittering array of world champions. but tyson fury is no longer amongst them, his battles outside of the ring continue. in formula one, lewis hamilton was the defending champion, with his eyes on a fourth world title. the season began in melbourne, and he quickly realised retaining that crown would not be easy. victory for team—mate, nico rosberg, in the opening race, hamilton second, the tone set for the season. by the time they reached barcelona the lead of rosberg was 43 points, on the track they too would be much closer. a crash on that one open the door for max verstappen, formula one's youngest—ever race winner. at silverstone hamilton was out on his own, leading from start to finish, nowjust one point separated the pair.
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but in malaysia, hamilton's hopes appeared to go up in smoke. so down to the jewel in the desert in abu dhabi. victory for hamilton, but it was not enough to stop nico rosberg winning his first world title. it came just days before his shock retirement. the year in rugby union began as always with a bang, in the six nations tournament, and whilst all teams had their moments, the story of success was built here at the home of english rugby. they had been a side in crisis, but a new coach, a new captain, and suddenly they were looking like a new team, and in this tournament, nobody could compete. a glorious grand slam one on foreign but built in england. fowler, just the beginning, they had to go to the other side that was just the beginning, they had to go to the other side of the world to see just how far
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they had come. a 3—0 whitewash of australia and again the rugby world was taking note. fittingly, it was back at twickenham, against austria, that england completed their flawless year. in the women's six nations, france were crowned champions. whilst in the club game saracens were all conquering, premiership and champions cup winners, core triumphing in the pro 12. in rugby league 2016 was a year history making achievement and heartbreaking near misses. alessi had famously never won at wembley, ahead, just, against warrington, but they managed to cling on, as the wolves agonisingly let it slip. warrington did win
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the league leaders shield when it really mattered, at the grand final, again, they fell short. the four nations then was there an opportunity to test british rugby league against the game down under, for scotland, the progress continues apace. a draw with new zealand, their greatest ever result. for england, disappointment. defeat to the kiwis and then eventual winners australia shows the northern hemisphere is still some way behind. england's hearts are being ripped out. for england's cricketers, an eventful year. an historic series win over south africa, and then against sri lanka, captain, alastair cook, became the youngest batsman ever to 10,000 test runs. series against pakistan, bangladesh, and india were rather less successful, but the real heartbreak came at the world t20, all the way to the final, before falling final hurdle. victory battered from their grasp,
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carlos brathwaite and the west indies, uncontrollable, ben stokes and england, inconsolable. it was a double for the west indies as they claimed the women's title as well. drama only rivalled by the end of the county championship season. middlesex, winners, and one of the tightest finishes in years. so much of sport is about getting across the line first. 33/1 shot rule the world lived up to his name, winning the grand national. on—board was teenager david mullings, proving that on its 169th running, this great race is still this great
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race is still a fairy tale. but being the first to cross the line is not always everything. getting to the finish can be a triumph too. 2016 was the year of the 1,000,000th finisher of the london marathon. just a little behindjim imus omron, and elliot chaudhry, who missed the world record by an agonising seven seconds. getting to the end, just, was johnny brownlee. the heat of cozumel taking its toll, even on one of sport's very best. being helped toward the line by his brother, alistair, one of the defining images. second—place, and second place overall in the world triathlon series. but there are some who won't mind being put to the line. just 13 minutes after leicester city
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won the premier league, another of the city's sons, mark selby, became the world snooker champion. quite a double celebration. even in this crowded year of sport of this corner of south west london remains centrestage, for two summer weeks at least, still, for the british. wimbledon had remained, for that one, something just to watch and admire. more recently, and in 2016 in particular, there was so much here to celebrate. the crowds stayed always come, and now with a little added expectation, to go with all that hope. having lost the australian vienna french open finals, andy murray was again the flag bearer for british tennis, but these days he is not quite alone. liam brodie on the other side of the net, and the all british vat and the round one, the signs are encouraging is the result was. and it is a welcome back to this fw
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19th for andy murray, straight sets. for murray there would be tougher times ahead, not in round two. for a moment, it looked like he was in trouble, but it was only a moment. john millman, flawed in straight sets, murray, through to week two, but something far less familiar was happening on court one. but if he was making things look simple, the quarterfinal, against a jo wilfred tsonga, was anything there will be no novak djokovic in week two at wimbledon. there was now a chance for andy murray. all he had to do was take it. thomas berdych in the semifinal
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proved little obstacle. andy murray in straight sets, a demolitionjob, really. that is sunday afternoon ta ken care of. the men's singles final is between mule is routledge canada and andy murray of great britain. for the woman's trophy, another familiar name. the wimbledon champion, serena williams. a 22nd grand slam title, equalling the record of steffi graf. but this year at wimbledon had a very british feel. heather watson, mixed doubles champion.
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jordan while, wheelchair doubles champion. and as for gordon reid, he was peerless, winning the wheelchair doubles with alfie hewitt before going it alone to take the singles. and it was a story that would just get better. good luck andy, you have always been our number one, we love you. go on, world number one, win it. come on, you can do this. you are world number one and you should stay good luck andy, you have always been our number one, we love you. go on, world number one, win it. come on, you can do this. you are world number one and you should stay number one. game, set and match, andy murray. 2-0, 6-2, 6-1. wimbledon and olympic champion, andy murray, finishing the year ranked as the best in the world. his brother, jamie,
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doubles world number one, with gordon reid also at the top and johanna konta in the top ten, it has been an incredible yearfor british tennis. and there was still one more piece of history to be made. nobody had ever been awarded the bbc sports personality of the year three times. the bbc sports personality of the year 2016 is andy murray. it has been an amazing year for sport and i am very proud to be a part of it, thank you, i hope you all thank you for watching.
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good morning and merry christmas. mild temperatures so far today. we have achieved a temperature of 15.6 celsius twice before. as we go on through today, we take a look at the big picture. we had in mild deer between weather fronts but there is cold a lurking —— mild air. ahead of
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the colder air it stays mild this afternoon, plenty of cloud with some outbreaks of rain and drizzle, particularly through wales and the west of england but over high ground, decent sunshine. we could get close to that christmas day temperature record. reading through scotla nd temperature record. reading through scotland into northern ireland. if few breaks are likely in northeast wales and parks of yorkshire —— a few. gusty winds to the east of the pennines. overnight, a band of wet weather pushing through england and wales. the cold air follows behind with plenty of wintry showers in scotla nd with plenty of wintry showers in scotland and snow falling on the hills in northern scotland as temperatures at up close to freezing and a very cold feel in the strengthening wind from storm conor.
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severe gales in the north of scotla nd severe gales in the north of scotland and an amber warning for gusts of 80 miles an hour possible. plenty of showers across scotland is at the risk of some disruption, but elsewhere across the uk, the wind is not as strong. most places will be dry. there is actually quite a bit of afternoon sunshine on the way, but it will feel colder, temperatures back down into single figures, something closer to what we might expect at this time of year. better news through tuesday and wednesday, strong winds in northern scotla nd wednesday, strong winds in northern scotland will ease and they will be dry weather to come. this is bbc news. the headlines at 10am. the queen will miss the traditional
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christmas day service at sandringham, as she recovers from a heavy cold. the duke of edinburgh and other members of the royal family are on their way to church on the norfolk estate. in her pre—recorded christmas message later today, the queen will pay tribute to "ordinary people doing extraordinary things", like volunteers and carers. president putin orders an inquiry after a russian military plane bound for syria crashes into the black sea with more than 90 people on board. # oh, come, let us adore him. also this hour. the archbishop of canterbury speaks of the "anxiety and uncertainty" felt by many in the world in his christmas sermon. the most reverend justin welby says the power of god can chase away "the fear of terror". it has been such an intense year
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