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tv   Review 2016  BBC News  December 26, 2016 6:30am-7:01am GMT

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on the career of george michael throughout the programme today. in other news: to bring you authorities in russia say they have located the site where a plane came down yesterday soon after taking off from sochl yesterday soon after taking off from sochi. the victims included nine journalists and over 60 members of the moscow—based red army choir which was on its way to perform in syria. the uk should leave the european single market when it exits the eu. mervyn king told radio four‘s today programme that trading under the same conditions as countries on the continent could prevent britain from taking full advantage of the opportunities of brexit. i don't go makes sense for us brexit. i don't go makes sense for us to pretend that we should remain in the single market and i think we re in the single market and i think were all? is about whether it makes sense to stay in the customs union. if we do that we cannot make our own trade deals with other countries. 50,000 people in england or a type of type 2 diabetes and could be held
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by an nhs programme that is being extended from today. the advice on better nutrition and exercise has already helped 20,000 people and forms part of a package of new methods to curb type 2 diabetes. the prime minister of japan is methods to curb type 2 diabetes. the prime minister ofjapan is set to visit pearl harbor 75 years after the deadly attack that drew the united states into the second world war. abe is travelling to whole i.e. where he will visit the naval base targeted by japanese bombers where he will visit the naval base targeted byjapanese bombers in 1941. targeted byjapanese bombers in i9ai. 0ver targeted byjapanese bombers in 1941. over 2000 targeted byjapanese bombers in i9ai. over 2000 americans, targeted byjapanese bombers in i9ai. 0ver2000 americans, mostly military personnel, were killed. an adviser to the japanese government said that he was not prepared to offer a enough apology for the attack. shoppers are expected to hit the high street today for traditional boxing day sales. the number of people going to the shops is expected to be down compared to last year with analyst saying that earlier discount events like black friday and cyber monday will affect post— christmas sales. 0ver £3 billion is expected to be spent at
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the registers today with £900 million spent online. i will be back at seven o'clock with the headlines andi at seven o'clock with the headlines and i will see you then. but first, 2016, a great yearfor the 0lympians and paralympian of britain. we can ta ke and paralympian of britain. we can take a look now at a golden summer in rio. is coming four years after a stunning one ten games, rio 2016 was a tough act to follow. and while the buildup was far from ideal with political scandals, financial crises and worries about the zika virus, brazil was always going to offer a spectacular setting for south america's first ever 0lympic spectacular setting for south america's first ever olympic and paralympic games. there would be plenty of time for celebrations after woods and we had big
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ambitions, the best everfor an 0lympics. paralympics gb were hoping to better their hall in london. first of the athletics. the stadium erupts! three gold medals for great britain. syd ney sydney 2000 heptathlon champion was there as jessica and sydney 2000 heptathlon champion was there asjessica and hill and mo farah tried to defend their respective titles. we were all looking forward to the repeat of super saturday from london 2012. mo farah in the 10,000 metres. it was not without its drama. the falling. he was clipped. the bunting, the barging and mo farah still managed to come through and the atmosphere was electric. mo farah is the first
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british athlete to win three olympic gold medals. jessica ennis hill was not great to have it all her own way in the heptathlon. straight back after giving birth, could she retained her title? she fought hard and competed with such valour. to come away with a silver medal was a great achievement for a woman who has just graced our track for so many years. and greg who was desperate to try and retain his title. a jump of desperate to try and retain his title. ajump of eight desperate to try and retain his title. a jump of eight metres and 29 centimetres was only going to be bronze. he meant was that 5000 metres final. mo farah going for the double bubble. could he do the double? he did it on every count. gold again to great britain!l
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double bubble. my legs are a little tired but i did it. i did it! it is the dream of every athlete, as i said, and! the dream of every athlete, as i said, and i cannot believe it. we had high hopes in the four x one relay. would the women come through and takea relay. would the women come through and take a medal? yes, they could. doing a fantasticjob to bring home a medalfor britain. and who could forget sophie in the women's hammer throw? a totally unexpected bronze medal but she had to work hard for it. coming through on her sixth and final throw. overall a fantastic championships for british athletics but you will definitely have to go to mo farah. hello. i am vicki holland and in rio i was the first british woman to win a olympic triathlon medal. it was
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difficult conditions, a hilly bike ride, tough conditions in the surf. hot and ride, tough conditions in the surf. hotand humid ride, tough conditions in the surf. hot and humid is ringed finish and i came out with a bronze medal. having watched the olympics since i was six, to come home and finally have a medal was everything i ever wanted. we have a couple of other superstars in triathlon. the boys winning gold and silver. they are the pioneers of triathlon and i am pleased to have w011 triathlon and i am pleased to have won a medal alongside them. the british success did not stop there. golf made a controversial return to the ludwig is in rio and justin rose became the first olympic gold—medallist in the sport for 112 yea rs. gold—medallist in the sport for 112 years. andy murray had a number liveable year and offended if olympic tennis title after in a peek battle. —— andy murray had an unbelievable year. he defended his tennis title after an intense battle. a matter of medals away from the stadium is the velodrome, one of
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the stadium is the velodrome, one of the most challenging and finished just weeks before the limb pics began. any issues that the organisers had with that paled into insignificance thanks to the difficult buildup that the gb cycling team had. the performance manager resigned after allegations of sex as comments on bullying. results on the track had been mixed at best. once again, they peaked when it mattered most. there was just one gold medal for grabs on the opening day at the track. the men's tea m opening day at the track. the men's team sprint. 0r four years great britain has struggled to fill the anchor role. but let out by defending champions, another scotsman rose to the occasion. who will claim the gold medal? the gold medal goes to great britain! the olympic champions again! the next day all of the focus was on sir bradley wiggins. could he become
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britain's most decorated olympian of all time? the british quartet trailed all the way until the closing stages. willoughby australia? will closing stages. willoughby australia ? will be closing stages. willoughby australia? will be great britain? it is great britain a world record time! another day another gold for great britain. a successful defence of the women's team pursuit as laura trott alongside her teammates came the first british woman to win freely big gold medals. not to be outdone by his fiancee, jason kenny retained his olympic crown in the individual sprint defeating his compatriot and into silver. becky james put over two years of injury and illness behind her to take silver. while mark cavendish‘s status as one of the all—time greats on the road is undisputed, and his third olympic games, an olympic medal was still a big hole in his cabinet. and many doubted that would
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change. howell wrong they were. —— how wrong they were. the sixth and final day predictably provided more gold as laura trott emphatically defended her title. oche james celebrated a second silver in the individual sprint and kitty showed her promise for the future with bronze. jason kenny going for a british record. in the final event he was hoping to secure his third gold medal of the games and equal the record of his predecessor.‘ golden hat—trick for jason the record of his predecessor.‘ golden hat—trick forjason kenny! six gold! so for an third olympics ina row, six gold! so for an third olympics in a row, the british team dominated the cycling. not to be forgotten,
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out on the road, christopher followed up a third tour de france victory time trial and a bronze. swimming is undoubtedly one of the most popular olympic sports. but the british team has been notable absentee from the podium. they miss their medal target in london winning just three. four years later, led by a new generation, the results would bea a new generation, the results would be a little different. here is double olympic champion rebecca appleton ‘stake. double olympic champion rebecca appleton 's take. we are on target of four also gold medals and was quickly got that rolling. at pt ta kes quickly got that rolling. at pt takes olympic gold for great britain. he has obliterated the world record! most of his time it was down to a fingernail, winning in such a way over 100 metres is huge. it is surreal to get the first goal
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but this is a product of seven years of work and, more importantly, for my country. it means so much to me. just to be one of those who got a gold medal lifts you. and to come away with a silver medal in the relay is impressive. the fact that we came back and got a silver, the women did equally as well. jasmine got two silver medals which, for me, iamso got two silver medals which, for me, i am so attached to because they we re i am so attached to because they were the events that i used to do. i was so were the events that i used to do. i was so pleased for her and rio was her moment. siobhan as well, she is ina her moment. siobhan as well, she is in a difficult event so the fact that she scared the dominant champion is a sense of what is to come and i think they will have an even better tokyo olympics. inspired
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by the success of the british runners, the british divers wanted to make their own impact. as far as britain is concerned it is no longer about tom daley. sure he was the challenging for more honours but he also has a few talented teammates. here come the british divers. jack law and chris smith. this pair are gunning for a medal today. there you go. yes! that is good enough! yes, yes, yes! this is the moment for jack and chris. yes! come on! it is gold! pure gold forjack and chris. they have done it! tom daley and dan
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goodfellow. this will need to be so good. the last one. will it be enough? this will be a low, so close. let us wait and see. they have done it! they are bronze medallist! a silver to add to the gold they got in the synchronised. a terrific performance. hi, everyone. i'm jade jones and i won my second taekwondo olympic gold in rio. it wasjust relief more than anything. having all that pressure, with being numberone, so much expectation. so it was just amazing to do it on the day and nail it. it was a great games for gb taekwondo. you may remember this interview! i was a half second
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from accomplishing my dream! i don't want to cry on tv, but i'm distraught! don't worry, he'll be back in tokyo. but in rio, there was another impressive medal. bianca walkden claimed heavyweight bronze. one more sport i like and gb happen to be good at is boxing. like me, nicola adams also defended her title. whilst there was silver for super heavyweight joe joyce and josh buatsi took home bronze. rounding off the combat sports isjudo. sally conway claimed olympic bronze medal in the —70 kilos division. still to come on the programme: we find out how the british rowing team continued their gold—medal run which goes all the way back to 1984. hollie webb gives us her take on that penalty which secured the gb women's hockey team an historic first—ever olympic title.
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and we take a look at some of the record—breaking successes for britain's paralympic athletes in rio. next, to gymnastics, and a sport which from a british perspective has undergone a massive transformation over the last decade or so. back at the 2004 athens olympics, gb had just one male qualifier and won no medals. they now have some of the best gymnasts in the world. and here at the rio olympic arena, history would be made. london 2012 bronze medallist beth tweddle watched it all unfold. this summer was incredible for team gb gymnastics. i don't think ten years ago we could have ever dreamt of coming home with seven olympic medals. max whitlock picking up double olympic gold, one of them being on the floor, which, to be honest, i think i can openly say i don't think anyone would have expected. he suddenly found himself in medal contention and i don't think even realised when he had won the gold, i think his coach actually had to tell him. and then to put that behind him
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an hour later he had to walk out into the pommel final with louis smith. we knew it was going to be a close contest. but louis did the routine of his life and then max whitlock also performed the routine of his life and took home that gold. i have completely outdone myself, me and scott can stand here very proud. it'sjust incredible. to come into the olympic games, i don't know what to say, i'm just so happy. to see one and two for great britain on that olympic podium was so special. the next medal came from amy tinkler. she's the only other girl that's won an olympic medal and she's only 16 years old. three weeks later she was picking up her gcses. so itjust shows how far british gymnastics are coming on. nile then went on to pick up that medal in the high bar, the first—ever british medal for us on that piece of apparatus. that is going to challenge, nile wilson. we cannot forget about max, he also picked up a third medal with the bronze in the all—around.
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three olympic medals for him. and finally, for trampolining, bryony page picking up that surprise silver medal. i don't think she could believe it. what an achievement. for me, to stand there in the stands, being on the other side of the stage, i thought i was going to be a little bit nervous, and a little bit — do i wish i were still out there? but actually i was just proud to be british. one of the major worries heading into the rio olympics concerned water pollution, following the discovery of drug resistant super bacteria in the guanabara bay and some inland venues. would it impact athletes in some of britain's most successful sports? in short, not much. years of intense preparations clearly paid off as david mcdaid explains. there are no guarantees in sport of victory for helen glover and heather stanning comes pretty close. they'd gone five years unbeaten into the games and ended their career together with another success, defending their olympic women's pairs title.
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they are fearless, they are without equal, they are history makers, great britain's glover and stanning defend their olympic title and they have done it in such style. there would be gold medals, too, for the men's coxless fours and the men's eight. many thought that katherine grainger would retire after london but the temptation to return proved too strong. aged over 40 and after a long break from the sport it is perhaps little surprise she and vicky thornley failed to impress in the lead up to the games. but when the pressure was on the result was different. it's a silver medal today. considering what we have been through the last couple of years i'm so proud of what we have done. that is a medal that not many people would have given us so i'm pleased. tokyo ? mum and dad, i promise, i'll never put you through that again. after the rowing, the lake was clear for the sprint canoeists
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and liam heath lived up to his billing as one of the pregames favourites with victory in the k1200. he also partnered john schofield to siler in the same distance in the k2 category. few sanoe clarke as a medal prospect in slalom, but he produced one of the shocks of the games with a near—perfect run to claim k1 gold. it was absolutely great. david florence secured a third successive silver of his career, teaming up with richard hounslow to finish second in the c2 event. finally, to sailing, and there would be no sir ben ainslie in these games but his replacement in the finn class, giles scott, delivered a performance ben ainslie would have been proud of. to win his maiden olympic title. saskia clark and hannah mills also navigated the tricky rio waters to perfection, and upgraded their london 2012 silver to rio gold. the windsurfer nick dempsey took silver and became the first man to win three career olympic medals in this event. hello, my name is hollie webb and i was a member of the team gb
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women's hockey team that won a gold medal at the rio games. we knew that if we could get a good game under our belts in the first game then we could use that momentum all the way through the tournament. and the game is tough, as we expect against australia, but we managed to win that game. an absolute beauty! we topped the pool, and won all of our pool games and i can remember thinking that night, gosh, we're going to have to win every single game now to win the rio olympic games. so our next massive, massive focus was the quarterfinal. what an easy finish for lily owsley. we drew spain. we managed to win that game as well. the semifinal we were up against the kiwis, who were ludicrously fast and so athletic and we managed to win 3—0. our coach just said to us, 0k, one more game. great britain are in the olympic final. the netherlands hadn't lost at the olympic games since 2004. we knew it would be a big challenge.
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the dutch played out of their skins and were sort of all over us. we had to fend for our lives. inside the circle, maddie hinch is down, the angle... they had four chances and scored three. it ended 3—3. we were in a positive place going into the penalties, and each person went, maddie was making some incredible saves, as she always does. maddie hinch absolutely brilliant. it came to the third one, and helen scored hers. great britain are off the mark in the shoot out. if i scored my last one then that would be it, we would win. so we went up, made sure i went really slowly so the goalie was waiting for me. made sure i looked in the eyes and looked as big and confident as possible. hollie webb on her way, to win gold for great britain. webb... turns, scores! that's the golden goal. great britain have won the olympic gold medal. the best feeling in the world. hi, i'm charlotte dujardin and i won
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the individual gold and team silver in the dressage in rio. winning my individual gold meant the world to me and it was the perfect way to finish my career with valegro. i was not gb's only equestrian gold medallist. showjumper nick skelton became britain's second oldest olympic champion of all time. he's done it! two other sports at the diadoro cluster were rugby sevens and shooting. the men's rugby team took home silver in the sport's olympic debut, while gb shooters had two bronze medals to celebrate. ed lling in the trap and steven scott in the double trap claiming the honours.
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can you sum up what this incredible bronze medal means to you? easy, there you go, this smile. finally, to badminton. gb secured their first medal in the sport since 2004, with marcus ellis and chris langridge claiming men's doubles bronze. rio's breathtaking geography and spectacular seafronts make for a stunning setting but the city isn't without its problems and life for disabled people here can be far from straightforward. so the rio paralympics was seen as an opportunity to improve accessibility and attitudes here in brazil. the british team were hoping to improve on their medal success from london 2012. dame sarah storey already had an incredible haul heading into rio and that was further extended. three gold medals saw her become gb's most successful female paralympian of all time with 14 titles. other highlights included jonnie peacock sprinting his way
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to a stunning defence of his 100 metre crown. the historic 1—2—3 for the gb archers, an emotional table tennis victory for will bayley, and brilliant hat tricks for hannah cockroft on the track, bethany firth in the pool, as well as for the equestrian stars sophie christiansen and natasha baker. there were countless others who also excelled. here's kate grey's take on the best of the rest. the older more experienced members of pa ralympics gb delivered once again here in rio. but the young new stars have also made their mark. the one standout performer was kadeena cox, for whom one sport just wasn't enough. winning gold in both cycling and athletics. that is so crazy! it isjust normal, but everyone seems to think i have done something special. it is amazing, the support and the warm welcome.
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it makes you feel so special and grateful for everyone that has supported me. 15—year—old ellie robinson and kare adenegan were inspired by london 2012. four years on they've now become medallists here in rio on their paralympic debut. it was also great to see the veterans of the team still topping the podium. sasha kindred and jody cundy both competing in their sixth paralympic games and both still winning gold. but we can't ignore the fact gb's success has been helped by the absence of russia and the doping ban. but considering there were fears that these games would not even happen at all in the lead up, for 11 days the brazilian people have embraced the paralympic spirit. gb finished an impressive second in the medal table behind china, with a stunning total of 147 medals. back to the olympics now and away from the golden performances of the british team in rio, there were of course many incredible achievements by athletes from other countries as well. usain bolt rounded off an unbelievable olympic career with the third sprint treble forjamaica, winning the 100 metres, 200 metres and the 4x100 metre relays.
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i look on it as an accomplishment, you know what i mean? i enjoy pressure, i live for these moments, and for me it is beautiful. i came through and i was proud of myself. from the greatest sprinter of all time to the greatest ever swimmer, michael phelps has rewritten the record books time and time again for the usa. and extended his honour list to an incredible 28 medals, 23 of those gold, from five olympics. he has said it before but insists he is now retired for good. next to the host nation and from poverty to the podium. raffaella silva grew up in one of rio's toughest neighbourhoods, was disqualified at london 2012, and labelled an embarrassment. a fairy tale turnaround was completed with an emotional victory and brazil's first gold of the games. the title the hosts craved more than any came in their favourite sport, never before have brazil won an olympic football gold, but inspired by barcelona star neymar, they finally completed football's grand slam of titles. 200 million brazilians
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scream with delight! there were also pretty wild celebrations from the fijian rugby sevens team, who won their country's first—ever olympic gold, while american teenage gymnast simone biles dazzled with four gold medals, a star now and for the future games. it was a golden games for so many nations, but with 67 medals, 27 of them gold, it was a historic olympics for great britain. they became the first nation ever to beat their totalfrom a home games and just four years later, and finished second on the medal table behind the usa and ahead of china. rio 2016 was an incredible games, it saw us say goodbye to major names like sir bradley wiggins and jessica ennis—hill, who won't be competing at the next olympics. but it saw the rise of new stars who will be looking to build on their successes. so from the road to rio we are now on the trail to tokyo. hello.
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this is breakfast, with naga munchetty. george michael, one of the biggest music stars of his generation, has died at the age of 53. after a string of top ten hits with wham in the 80s, he had further success as a solo artist, selling more than 100 million albums. we'll look back at his career. good morning, it's boxing day, monday the 26th of december. also today: a day of mourning in russia for the 92 people who were on board
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