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russian officials investigating the crash of a plane in the black sea on christmas day say there was no explosion on board. the tu—isli came down shortly after taking off from sochi, killing 92 people. the country's transport minister said it had been established that the plane's equipment wasn't working correctly. in three weeks‘ time, donald trump will be sworn in as 45th president of the united states in a ceremony on capitol hill before moving in to white house. but in the seven weeks since his election, mr trump has opted to stay at his home in trump tower in new york, a city that voted overwhelmingly for his opponent hillary clinton. as our correspondent nick bryant explains, trump tower has become a magnet for those who can't, or won't, accept the trump ascendancy. chrsitmas songs. christmas in new york city. it's hardly a season of goodwill towards all men.
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people coming out here in the streets to oppose this woman—hating, racist, disgusting fascist regime. in places, the carols have been drowned out by anti—trump chants. the buildings that bear his name have become focal points of protest. many new yorkers hate having donald trump in their midst. new yorkers loathe trump. and always have. and that tells you a lot. this is his hometown. new yorkers hate donald trump. and have for decades. we know him better than anybody in the country. it is despicable that a new yorker could be so egregiously against women, people of colour, people of different religions. when he comes from the most beautiful melting pot of new york. it is a dagger in my heart, to be honest, as a new yorker. it makes me want to cry, right now. i'm sorry.
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protests large and small have become almost a permanent feature of life in new york city since the election of donald trump. and feelings are particularly intense in manhattan, his home, where nine out of ten voters supported hillary clinton. some new yorkers have registered their disapproval by campaigning to have his name removed from their apartment buildings. and here at this playground in brooklyn when pro—trump graffiti appeared alongside swastikas, it was quickly transformed into a shrine of love. a rally shortly afterwards displayed the deep community leaders here that the deep community unease here that reports of hate or bias crimes in new york have increased by 115% since election day. i reject donald trump's vision of america. new york city, i'm asking you to do the same. the billionaire is synonymous with this city, his name remains emblazoned on buildings, even ice rinks. but this christmas, the big apple has something of a gotham—city feel,
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with the president—elect cast by many of his fellow new yorkers as the super villain of the piece. nick bryant, bbc news, new york. some of the voices. outside trump tower, with just three weeks to inauguration day. there's more throughout the evening on the bbc news channel, we are back with the late news at 11pm, now on bbc one it's time for the news where you are. goodbye. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm steven wyeth. staging an impressive comeback, rafa nadal cruises to victory on his return from injury. carlos cashes in — tevez becomes one of the world's best paid sportsmen with a move to the chinese super league. and mps claims questions are left unanswered after the retirement from cycling of sir bradley wiggins. rafael nadal has made
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a winning start to his latest comeback from injury. it was an emphatic victory, too, against tomas berdych at an exhibition tournament in abu dhabi. a wrist injury had troubled nadal throughout 2016, but there were no signs of rustiness. this was the first point back on court. it set the spaniard on course to take the first set 6—0, and he completed the job in the second. nadal will play milos raonic in the semi—finals. earlier, david goffin beatjo—wilfried tsonga in straight sets too. the belgian will now face andy murray tomorrow lunchtime. murray has his sights set on success in the first
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grand slam of the season, the australian open, which begins in mid—january. murray has lost there in the final five times, he goes in as world number one this time. i played really well there in the past and it hasn't happened for me, so i need to do something a little bit different this year. but i love the conditions there, i enjoy the tournament a lot. i'll be going in hopefully playing well with a lot of confidence, because of the way i finished 2016. swansea have ruled ryan giggs out of the running as a successor to bob bradley. giggs had been the early favourite for the job but swansea have decided elsewhere. however, bbc sport understands the wales manager chris coleman remains a contender, despite his wife suggesting otherwise on twitter. bradley departed after the boxing day defeat to west ham afterjust 11 games and 85 days in charge. the hammers boss slaven bilic
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doesn't believe that represents a fair chance for the american, and, having been under pressure himself, certainly has sympathy for bradley. it is a short amount of time. basically, it depends totally on luck. what people are expecting from you to make something in a couple of months' time. and that's not with preseason, that is straight, you have a game in two days and you have a game in five days, you know? he did not have any chance, to be fair. but i think he was lucky to win a few games, and all that. liverpool managerjurgen klopp has dismissed claims he wants to sign arsenal's alex oxlade—chamberlain next month. the midfeilder has scored six times in all competitions this season, but klopp made his position very clear following reports linking the player with a move to anfield. usually i don't say anything about
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tra nsfer usually i don't say anything about transfer rumours but i can make an exception, johnson's. if we think we have to do something —— an exception, nonsense. if we feel a player can help us injanuary, fabric, march, april and may, player can help us injanuary, fabric, march, apriland may, and the season after, then we would do something —— february. but if not, then argentine striker carlos tevez appears to have become one of the highest paid sportsmen in the world after moving to the chinese super league. the former west ham, manchester united and manchester city striker has joined shanghai shenhua. they are coached by ex—brighton boss gus poyet, have agreed a £71.6 million deal with argentine club boca juniors, including a salary for tevez of £615,000 a week. tevez joins a growing list of high—profile players to head to china,
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including graziano pelle, ezequiel lavezzi, jackson martinez and oscar. sir bradley wiggins may have retired yesterday, but mps on the culture, media and sport select committee say that british cycling hasn't shown proof that a package delivered to him in france in 2011 contained a legal decongestant. wiggins and team sky have denied any wrongdoing. and while one of wiggins' former team—mates says his achievements in cycling won't be repeated, he agrees that the questions over his use of certain drugs via theraputic use exemptions have cast a shadow. it's a real shame that all this tue has come right at the end of his career and there is a cloud and it's understandable. in terms of the rules of the sport, he has broken none. the uci, the world governing body, wada have said there
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is nothing to answer for. but there is still obviously a question of — has it been ethical? and i think that is a separate issue, but it is certainly not the ideal way that bradley wiggins would have wanted to retire. has that been potentially a little bit of a push into him making this decision now? potentially. will we see him back in six months racing? who knows? former world champion ricky hatton has called for more support for retired boxers. hatton said if there were some kind of union in place, others may be able to avoid the depression he's suffered in retirement. hatton fell into heavy drinking and drug—taking, and tried to take his own life on several occasions. he said that after quitting, boxers tend to spend the rest of their lives on their own. england all—rounder david willey was in fine form for perth scorchers, as they beat melbourne renegades by four wickets in their latest big bash match. willey took 2—15, as melbourne made 148 from their 20 overs.
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and perth looked to be cruising towards their target, with former england batsman ian bell making a rapid 22. but there was a batting collapse, it went down to the last ball with perth needing three to win, and ashton agar smashed it for six. not a bad way to finish. australia captain steve smith enjoyed himself in melbourne overnight — and not for the first time. he scored a century for the third test match in a row at the mcg, as his side ended day four of the second test against pakistan with a 22—run lead. the aussies are 1165—6 in theirfirst innings — with smith 100 not out — but it's unlikely they'll be able to make anything of it, after four days of bad weather. south africa are closing in on victory in their first test against sri lanka at port elizabeth. the tourists are chasing an unlikely 488 to win, and ended day four on 240—5.
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south africa's kagiso rabada and spinner keshav maharaj each took two wickets. james wade is through to the pdc world darts championship quarter—finals after a thrilling comeback win against michael smith. the sixth seed was trailing 3—1 but won three sets in a row to claim a 11—3 victory and set up a potential meeting with peter wright. earlier, daryl gurney also edged through 11—3 against mark webster, whilst dave chisnall beat jelle klaasen 4—2. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. good evening. lovely sunshine in the midlands earlier today but we've already seen the fog thickening up
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again and we are likely to see patchy fog in the southern half of the uk. questions about the extent but there will be some poor visibility in places, especially east anglia and the south—east by the end of the night. north and west, too much wind to stop fog from freezing. by the end of the night, seven, 8 degrees in glasgow and belfast but wetter weather to the north—west of scotland. the north front will be with you for some time. cold in the south east, temperatures close to freezing. some of the fog will be slow to clear. some breaks in the cloud to the east of the high ground and some wetter weather in the west leeds north of scotland. but double figures in much of scotla nd scotland. but double figures in much of scotland —— wetter weather in the north of scotland. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7. the russian president announces
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a ceasefire deal between the syrian government and opposition groups to come into force at midnight. translation: the documents have been signed. between the syrian government and the armed opposition in syria. there is a document on measures to help control areas covered by this ceasefire and an agreement on the start of peace talks. family doctors warn that patients might have to wait a month before seeing their gp. they say the system is overstretched. devon and cornwall police investigate the discovery of the bodies of two men at a flat in st austell. detectives are treating the deaths as unexplained. and in the next hour, tributes to hollywood star debbie reynolds who's died at the age of 8a.
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