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hello this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and steph mcgovern. more than 100 stars of the olympics and paralympics are recognised in the new year's honours list at the end of a glittering year in sport mo farah, jessica ennis—hill and andy murray are among more than 100 athletes honoured. nearly 1200 people are on this year's list, from entertainers to community workers, we'll be hearing some of their stories. it has not been easy. it is finding the time to do so. that has not been an issue for me because i have enjoyed it and it is about helping each other to grow. good morning, it's saturday 31st december. warnings of travel disruption on the roads and at airports as foggy conditions continue to affect parts of the country. security plans for new year's eve
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celebrations are modified in response to this year's terror attacks in berlin and nice. hull city are off the bottom of the premier league after a 2—2 draw with everton. should a young footballers be stopped from heading the ball? we have to look at the fact of the damage being caused to children. football is the game of football, if you take heading out, where do you draw the line? and matt has weather forecast. still some foreground across southern areas but nowhere near as bad as history. i have the details and details of what the conditions as we finish this year and head onto the next. see you in minutes. good morning. first, our main story. more than 100 olympic and paralympic stars have been recognised
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in the new year honours list, with knighthoods for andy murray and mo farah. jessica ennis—hill and the rower, katherine grainger, have received damehoods, while the gold medal—winning paralympian, lee pearson, has also been knighted. 0ur correspondent, andy swiss, has the details. at the end of a glittering yearfor british sport, for five of its greatest stars, the greatest of honours. first, a knighthood for the man who spent 2016 scaling dizzying new heights. commentator: wimbledon champion again, a supreme performance. after winning a second wimbledon, a second olympics and the world number one spot, it's now sir andy murray, a fitting finish to a remarkable season. there's also a new title for mo fa rah‘s collection. gold for great britain again! the double double. he described his knighthood as a dream come true. having come to britain as an eight—year—old from somalia,
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he added, he could never have imagined it. another athletics star, meanwhile, becomes a dame. london 2012 heptathlon champion, jessica ennis—hill, who retired this year. there's also a damehood for rower katherine grainger. after five medals at five consecutive 0lympics, the perfect ending to her career. it's not something i ever thought i would get but what a great time to get it. it's the end of a 20—year career for me in competing for my country, and it's a lovely way to bring the curtain down. and there's a knighthood for one of britain's top paralympians. dressage rider lee pearson won his 11th gold medal in rio. among the other honours, two sporting couples. cbes for cyclists jason and laura kenney, while hockey gold—medallists kate and helen richardson—walsh become an 0be and mbe respectively. and after their impressive run at euro 2016, wales football manager chris coleman becomes an 0be, and his northern ireland counterpart michael 0'neill, an mbe.
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just a few of more than 100 sporting figures honoured for a memorable 12 months. andy swiss, bbc news. stars of the stage and screen, have also been included in the new year's honours list. ken dodd said he was ‘tickled' to have been knighted at the age of 89, and joked that he would wear his medal in bed. patricia routledge, the star of keeping up appearances has been made a dame, an announcement that would make hyacinth bucket proud. ray davies, frontman of the kinks, said he felt humility and joy at hearing of his knighthood. he's been recognised for services to the arts. and he picked up the best—supporting actor award at the oscars earlier this year, now mark rylance, star of the film bridge of spies and bbc two's wolf hall, has been made a sir. around three quarters of those who received the words were recognised for their services to the community. people are working on the door, they
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said i'm looking for a job. i am the type of person were if i can help i will help. i was looking forjobs for people, it then got so popular where it began to be 20 people on my doorstep. i made a facebook group called manchester job opportunities and now we have 17,000 members, over 200 getting full—time jobs and i have linked with more than 200 businesses. he got the british empire medalfor that. businesses. he got the british empire medal for that. he businesses. he got the british empire medalfor that. he is only 22 as well. congratulations to all those awarded today. there's a warning that heavy fog could cause further travel disruption today. yesterday the uk's biggest airports, heathrow and gatwick cancelled more than 150 flights. the met office says driving conditions will be difficult in many areas of central, eastern and south—east england. 0ur reporter, simonjones, is at heathrow airport this morning.
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there is still fog, but it looks clearer. how is it going? still a lot more delays? it is a bit better thanit lot more delays? it is a bit better than it was this morning regarding the fog. you canjust than it was this morning regarding the fog. you can just about make out the fog. you can just about make out the fog. you can just about make out the fog —— the planes coming and going. easier to hear them than see them. there are long delays on many flights from heathrow and gatwick and other airports in southern england. some flights have been cancelled. ba this morning have cancelled. ba this morning have cancelled around 50 flights, largely to and from heathrow. seven and have thousand passengers are going to be affected by that. it is because there is a yellow weather warning in place for this fraud. that is in place for this fraud. that is in place for this fraud. that is in place for southern england, parts of central england, the midlands and also the humber. we also have
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problems on the roads. advice is to ta ke problems on the roads. advice is to take care because in some parts driving conditions could be reduced to around 100 metres. best to check before you head out on yourjourney today. we will keep up-to-date on the weather. around 3,000 police officers will be on duty across central london tonight as crowds gather to celebrate the new year. greater manchester police and other forces say they've also stepped up crowd protection measures. scotland yard says extra resources have been brought in to keep people safe following the terror attacks in berlin and nice earlier this year. we've spent a long time carefully planning this operation with our partners. they include westminster city council and the mayor's office and many others, to make sure people coming to central london on new years eve have a fantastic time. and when they come to give us extra time because there will be a search regime in place. there's something like 3,000 police officers on duty in central london alone and stewards as well. meanwhile, the german chancellor angela merkel has said that islamist terrorism is the biggest challenge facing her country.
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in her new year message, mrs merkel referred to the deadly truck attack in berlin earlier this month by a tunisian asylum seeker. damian mcguiness joins us from berlin. tell us a little more about what she said. she referred to the three attacks we have seen this year, saying that what was particularly propulsive for her was they were committed by people who were pretending to be refugees. what is interesting is that she stood by her migration policy because she said it was right and proper that germany had helped people who legitimately needed help, people fleeing from syria because she said when you look at pictures of the bombings in aleppo, it is impossible not to want to help. she stood by the fact that germany would take in legitimate refugees. that is a wider debate here because the attack we saw in berlin just before christmas was
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carried out by a failed asylum seeker, someone who should have been deported and wasn't and that is the debate in germany, about what to do with those people whose application for asylum has been rejected and told to get them out of germany for the sake of the security of the country because we are seeing unprecedented levels of security in the run—up to the celebrations. donald trump has praised russia's president putin for his decision not to engage in a row about the expulsion of diplomats. in a tweet, the us president—elect said he always knew the russian leader was ‘very smart‘. president 0bama has ordered 35 russian diplomats to leave the country after accusing moscow of interfering in november's presidential election. 40% of councils in england have no procedures in place to prosecute people who misuse disabled parking permits. new analysis of official figures found that in 61 local authorities blue badges could be used fraudulently without fear of being fined. the finding has been
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described as ‘staggering' by a disability charity. they host of other big stars have been recognised in the new year ‘s honours list, including the whole gb women pass by pocketing. it has been an outstanding year for them. they became the first squad to win gold. we will have one of those medallists, no nba. first, let's have a look at some of the highlights from rio. holly webber on her way to win gold. she scorers. well, how does it feel hearing that
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last remark it is mad. winning the gold was insane and one of the best moments of my life so far, to have an mba isjust making it sink in that i only gold medallist. very excited and very proud. have you had a chance to share the news with friends and family? it was my mum who said you need to check your e—mails. i said, who said you need to check your e—mails. isaid, why? she said who said you need to check your e—mails. i said, why? she said you just need to check your e—mails. she knew before i did and she was really proud, as is my dad. to be honest, it is more for them, the amount they have done for me and the time and effort, they got me here. huge thank you to them. my granny was the next
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person, but i had to keep it confidential. how did she react? she is 96 in march and she is a tough cookie, one of the first people are killed. what about the rest of the team? this is history maginn, the fa ct team? this is history maginn, the fact that a team is one, you have altered the mbe. there were 16 others representing team gb there. without us being a group of 31 we would never have achieved what we did. as well as the background stuff. i uncovered some of them have not been recognised. i will write a letter to get in on the next year ‘s honours list. it is full credit to eve ryo ne we have honours list. it is full credit to everyone we have and the fact only 16 have been honoured, that is a credit to wider team. when we watched that as outsiders, this is a really special moment. how would
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your own actions? is it still looked like something that didn't happen?” am getting goose bumps watching it. it never gets old. you can see from oui’ it never gets old. you can see from our faces that we go into shock. pure elation and joy. it is incredible. the mbe has made it sink in that much more. as well as all that, you also went into the jungle. he did really well in that. did you enjoy it? i loved it. it was tough. i learned things about myself. i love the jungle and there was pressure only to go there and be able model and act like an athlete but it wasn't too bothered because i have been doing for 16 years and to experience it, keep oche on the map and export crude and make sure we are inspiring the youngsters youngsters then every little helps. a lot of sports stars sit one of the
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things about new year ‘s honours is it is it as an opportunity to say to someone somewhere who might be watching the snow, you could be doing what i have just done. maybe it can happen. absolutely. it is very easy for youngsters to say i wa nt to very easy for youngsters to say i want to be the gold medallist. that is brilliant and love the fact youngsters aspire to do that because it can be used. you just have to make sure you never give up. it is important that is hockey girls reach out to the grocery might look at that and say that is intimidating, i don't think i could do that. it is important to get them involved, the nature of the healthy and enjoy the social side and to recognise that sport is crude and get out, get the local hockey club, football, whatever sport. if we inspire one youngster, let alone a thousand, we have done ourjob. you talk about being a role model, we see the glamorous side, the winning, there
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isa glamorous side, the winning, there is a lot of hard work as well. how long have you been training for? it must feel like for ever.” long have you been training for? it must feel like for ever. i got my first senior international cap in 2007, that was the start of my career. that was it. people see the champagne moments, what they don't see, which happens more often, by the terms you are injured, you don't get selected for you wake up at six aim to be on the page a7. there are tough times when you think, what am i doing this? you look ahead and you think, that is my dream and i want to achieve that. now, you are going to achieve that. now, you are going to have an mba, that is in metal, do you have a place for them? they are in my bedside drawer at the moment. there is a cabinet being built next to my montage that my boyfriend got me, a big montage of the press cuttings from the olympic finals.
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what they could present. congratulations. face to see. it is coming up to 70 minutes past nine. now, the main stories this morning. andy murray and 0'farrell have been recognised with natives while jessica ennis and becomes a game in the new year ‘s honours list. thousands of travellers face disruption as fog in parts of england leads to flights being cancelled. let's find out what is happening with the weather. fog has been causing issues once again. this shop, from wiltshire. there is some folk out there. it isn't as dense as widespread as yesterday. that is some good news, but causing problems on the roads and at the airport. city parts of fronts, belgium and
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the netherlands. the good news is, with more praise of developing and we are starting with that as widespread it will withdraw through the swinging. mr across southern areas into east anglia. there will be brighter breaks and the beast of wills. and the start in north—east england and even some hazy sunshine in this scotland. he will visit north of mainland scotland it is thoroughly wet. as before 2a hours. well over 100 millimetres, four inches, has fallen for something that could minor flooding. inches, has fallen for something that could minorflooding. another issue to be wary of. green edges towards the north of northern ireland by the end of the afternoon. with from god, what spots of rain. most of us will be dragged through new year's eve. temperatures up to 12 degrees. where the club lingers, five or six celsius. if you have plans, heading off to a big outdoor event this evening, this is what you can expect. reading for a time this
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evening. some heavy rain and gusty winds. that spreads into northern england by the time we reach midnight. the bells will rain in 2017 with largely clear conditions, just one or two wintry showers. as we finished with a 16 in southern parts of the uk, patch of rain and drizzle. by the time we get to me that it will start to throw it down in the north—west of wales and some gusty winds. temperatures will hold up gusty winds. temperatures will hold up nicely in south—westerly winds, feeling increasingly cold across scotla nd feeling increasingly cold across scotland and northern ireland. cold, arctic air is coming our way. it will be with many of us for new year's day. come on behind the weather front that will stand much of southern england and south wales to new year's day. clearing away in the day from those in england but as colder digs in the could be wet snow mixed in on higher ground. best day of brightness for newsday. if you wa nt to of brightness for newsday. if you want to work of the events of the previous day for the northern england and those in scotland, even
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here there will be one or two wintry showers and abide to the wind. it leaves us with the drier conditions from old and tuesday. lots of sunshine poor dave brad trost by night. what are you doing tonight? i am celebrating with an early night, iam about am celebrating with an early night, i am about three o'clock tomorrow morning. we should celebrate with the australians and a few hours. they are supposed to help disabled people live independently but an investigation has a a0% of councils in england are failing to prosecute motorists for misusing blue badges. figures from the department for transport should disabled parking permits have been used without fear of finds in 61 out of 152 local authority areas. james taylor is from a disability charity and joins us how from a disability charity and joins us now from our london newsroom. good morning. give us a sense of how this is playing out in the lives of people, what difference does this
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make? it is staggering that many councils are not committed to tackling blue badge abuse and prosecuting blue badge misuse. councils have a duty to disabled people in that area and taxpayers to get this right. many disabled people, around 2 million, rely on the blue badge scheme to live independently, to take part in the community and to contribute to the local economy and, for them, the scheme is a lifeline, whether it is going to work, getting to school, being near to park near tesco's. are you hearing many stories of the abuse of the badges? what are they doing, borrowing them, using them when they shouldn't be, what do you hear? misuse can take several forms. it can using a stolen badge, altering a badge, knowingly using a stolen badge, but the majority of cases this year have been drivers
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using a badge belonging to someone else. fines of £1000 are available, however that is a deterrent if policies are not in place. what do you make of the fact that local authorities, what this asks is do they have a policy for prosecuting drivers and what becomes apparent is an awful lot don't? we want to see consistency across the country. some councils are doing a lot to clamp down on blue badge misuse, but what is clear from the data is that many are not. no, blue badges are a lifeline to many disabled people and help them to live independently and contribute to the local economy. when blue badge misuse takes place it stops this from happening. when blue badge misuse takes place it stops this from happeningm when blue badge misuse takes place it stops this from happening. is the dan suter ticket out of the control of local councils that local authorities? treated like you would authorities? treated like you would a different motoring offence? the
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powers are there, what we need is consistency and greater awareness. there are councils that have taken many steps to micklewood wrists and drivers aware of the prosecutions that are available if they do part ina blue that are available if they do part in a blue badge space. we need to see that happening more across the country. thank you very much for your time. time now for a look at the newspapers. now, and longfield is children's commissioner for england. thank you forjoining us. that's the good work for dry because you started with a nice cheerful story. going global as well. so, this is billed as it charts to give you reasons to be cheerful if you feel that 2016 could have been better. it tells us that why there
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area better. it tells us that why there are a lot of things that need sorting, actually, in missions for the last three years, greenhouse emissions, have flattened of. diseases are following, sri lanka has eradicated malaria now, for instance. extreme poverty following in the world. also an interesting point about connectivity in africa. that is the place that by 2020, 300 million people will be connected digitally which will be twice as many as in north america. that will be an amazing change over the next few years. the number of people who live on less than $1 and 90 cents a day, that is another drop. with many of those statistics, maybe it doesn't feel like that. with greenhouse emissions it says it has two dropped by 80% to stop the earth
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warming up to the amount needed. there is a lot to do, but interesting. nice to have a bit of cheerful as well. we have a story about twitter. for the twitter community, this will be a big thing. we have seen increasingly politicians taking to twitter and making big statements on twitter over recent weeks. they have been unable to edit their tweets before and there has been a big push that they should be able to rather than just delete them. are we talking after you have posted it? yes. at the moment there is no edit button. we have to get rid of it, delete it and put another one up instead and not you will be able to edit it. yesterday i did a tweet and made a mistake. i posted that wearing a christmas suit. instead of hour that
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i posted out that and i thought i'll have to delete and read it. it is unhelpful. there are ways people can find deleted tweet. it will become particularly important with a new resident who will carry on tweeting. you have shown the treaty is putting out at the moment. weather and of those get and that it would not, we shall see. people are pleased that is on its way. it is an easy communication method to misunderstand. it is so brief and so fast. actually, it is faster than most medication. it is doubly risky, in many ways. that is why charlie is not honoured. we all like going to
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the pictures, this is andersonjones who has taken it a step further. he is quite quirky. this is a gentleman in stoke who loved his local cinema so much that when it closed he wa nted so much that when it closed he wanted to build one in his back garden. it is in replica of the 19805 tune. he has 3a seats, it has taken 19805 tune. he has 3a seats, it has ta ke n yea rs 19805 tune. he has 3a seats, it has ta ken years to 19805 tune. he has 3a seats, it has taken years to build. it is in his garden. it is only for family and friends, he has the good seats, a replica carpet and he has a little for you and people, his wife who is very supportive, comes out with refreshments. there is an usher. this is an absolute replica. for someone, i love the film cinema paradiso, which is about being in love with cinema, i think there is something lovely about this. there is no financial gain. he hasjust put a lot of time and effort into
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it. what would be your first film, if that was yours? i love cinema paradiso. it is about someone grew up paradiso. it is about someone grew up in italy with cinema. i would go for that. and you can pause when you go to the toilet as well. there are toilets in here as well. it has got it all. lovely to see you. happy new year. let's see what is still to come this morning. 2016 has been a year of highs and lows. we will be joined by the scottish first minister nicola sturgeon and we will talk to her about plans for a second referendum on independence. we have very clearly run the royal pictures over the sequence. 0ne very clearly run the royal pictures over the sequence. one of those moments. you want the charities will look you up. 0lympic stars of
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course. who was the thing they all played well with us throughout the 0lympics. so, but to look forward to from us here. we will bring you the best bet in our major review of the last 12 months. the headlands are coming up. hello, this is breakfast with charlie stayt and steph mcgovern. coming up just before ten, matt will have your full weather forecast. but first, a summary of this morning's main news. more than a hundred 0lympic
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and paralympic stars have been recognised in the new year's honours list, with knighthoods for andy murray and mo farah. murray's spectacular 2016 saw him win the wimbledon title, an olympic gold medal, and bbc sports personality of the year. but the biggest honour of all was saved for last, although the 29—year—old said he felt he was too young to be a sir. four—time olympic gold medallist mo farah said that being awarded a knighthood was a "dream come true" for a boy who arrived in london from somalia unable to speak any english. jessica ennis—hill has been made a dame for her services to athletics. on her twitter account, she said that she was "truly, truly honoured". rower katherine grainger is britain's most decorated female 0lympian. she's won five medals at five successive games and is now dame katherine. and gold—medal winning para—equestrian lee pearson is no stranger to meeting the queen.
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he's been knighted for services to his sport. stars of the stage and screen, including ken dodd and patricia routledge, have also been included in the new year's honours list. they're among more than a thousand people to have been recognised, as our entertainment correspondent lizo mzimba reports. # happiness... # he's been one of britain's favourite entertainers for more than half a century. now ken dodd has received a knighthood. the best day ever, you can't get better than this. i've played lots of big theatres, i've worked abroad, but this is it. this is the day, yes. i'm very, very proud. the "bouquet" residence! the lady of the house speaking. actress patricia routledge, she's been made a dame. # yeah, you really got me going # you got me so i don't know what i'm doing... # kinks frontman ray davies said he felt "humility and joy" to become sir ray.


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