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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 1, 2017 10:30pm-10:40pm GMT

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from disabled supporters has been met. and chelsea have stated they won't fully meet the guidelines until they develop a new ground. for years the constraints of old stadia, like stamford bridge here at chelsea, has been offered up as a reason for clubs failing to meet accessibility guidelines. but today's extensive report from the premier league doesn't draw any conclusions on that, it does however show that an awful lot of progress has been made in this area. however, for some, it's still not enough. and the equality and human rights commission says there'll be consequences. for those clubs where they are not meeting their responsibilities under the equalities act, the commission can and will take legal action against those clubs. but the premier league says rapid progress has been made and several clubs, including manchester united, are undertaking major structural work to improve access. for campaigners, it can't come soon enough. it's absolutely wrong that young people with disabilities haven't been to their home stadium to see their teams. it's absolutely wrong on any level and that needs sorting. it can't go on and it shouldn't. right now the wait goes on for the right result,
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but there is hope on the horizon. katie gornall, bbc news. newsnight is about to begin over on bbc two. here's evan davis. we're going to be hearing from one of the women who resigned from labour's front bench team tonight in order to defy the referendum result and vote against brexit. what is her message to the public? join me now on bbc two. that's newsnight with evan. here, on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. have a good night. good evening. these are our headlines: manchester city close the gap on the top four in the premier league after hammering the hammers again. it's a miserable manchester united forjose mourinho as united slip up at home to the bottom club. a winter of defeat in india for
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england as they add a twenty20 series to their test and one—day competitions. good evening. last night, the top for all dropped points in the premier league. it was a chance for the two manchester clubs to capitalise this evening but only one code. manchester city thrashed west ham in the fa cup a few weeks ago and they dished out another heavy defeat to move level on points with liverpool in fourth place. adam wilde reports. a trip to these bright lights holds little fear for manchester city. it was less than a month ago that they inflicted west ham's heaviest defeat in halfa inflicted west ham's heaviest defeat in half a century — 5—0. surely they would be met with stiffer resolve
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this time. that's not the way it looked when the visitors went ahead. such was city's confidence, they left the likes of sergio aguero on the sidelines. his absence was never felt, such as their talent. amidst their attacking riches, few come with greater hopes than gabriel jesus, the olympic gold medallist fitting wayfinding is his first goal for the club in this olympic stadium. the west ham mood was sombre by half—time. when yaya toure made it fourfrom sombre by half—time. when yaya toure made it four from the spot, there we re made it four from the spot, there were plenty who had seen enough. for those that stayed, there was precious little to cheer. west ham we re precious little to cheer. west ham were rarely a threat. fourth place in the league was now within reach for city. to start with, the game
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was... between the boxes we were clever and we were able to do that, so... clever and we were able to do that, so... are attacking, front and behind, was good as well. manchester united beat hull last month, but a goalless draw at old trafford tonight sees them four points adrift will stop hull had a keeper in inspired form, making save after save, particularly in the second half. he was revelling in it, rising to the occasion. a point for them back to 19th, with sunderland returning to the bottom. they tried
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to see what the referee would allow them to do. they had feedback, they we re them to do. they had feedback, they were comfortable then, comfortable to do what they did, and i am not critic with that because they are in the position they are. they are fighting relegation. every point for them is gold, and i'm not critic with them. peter crouch scored his 100th premier league goal, giving stoke the lead against everton. that was cancelled out by an own goal. everton stay seven. if we had lost that game, we would have been pulling our hair out, to be honest. we didn't deserve that. you always know when it is all square or you have a slight advantage and the opposition can get one chance, and at this level, more often than not, they take them. three matches in the scottish premiership. celtic are 25
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points clear at the top after beating aberdeen. they stretched their lead because second—place rangers were beaten 4—1 at hearts. jamie walker scored twice in the second half as they closed the gap on the ibrox side and third—place aberdeen. boyata scored the goal against aberdeen. owen morgan says his team just were not at the races today. they've lost their twenty20 decider in bangalore by 75 runs, losing the last eight wickets in the space of 18 balls. test series, lost, one—day series, lost, surely not this too for england. they had a big breakthrough, with virat kohli paying walkies and paying the price.
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—— going walkies and paying the price. we won't be seeing that ball ain! price. we won't be seeing that ball again! different bowl, same result. trainer reached a half—century again with ms dhoni, and it meant that england had to find 203 for victory. that will help, a reverse sweep for six. while there were many more maximums from joe root and captain owen morgan, they were both out in successive balls. the bowler that got them, chahal, got six in total. no one wins a match with statistics like that will stop all three series gone. time to come home. very disappointing. 60% of the game we we re disappointing. 60% of the game we were competitive and write in
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amongst it, but fell away terribly towards the end, committed a cardinalsin of towards the end, committed a cardinal sin of losing two players in one over, allowing india to build pressure. we weren't up to it at all. and other injury blow over england ahead of the six nations championship. they will be without george kruis for saturday's opener against france at twickenham. he will see a specialist tomorrow about a knee ligament problem he picked up in training yesterday. eddiejones said he is not ruling his locked out of the championship entirely. the funeral of graham taylor took place in watford today, where he enjoyed most club success as a manager. graham taylor's coffin was draped in a union flag as it entered the church here, and today really was a union of football past and present as his family were joined by the
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likes of sir alex ferguson and former players whose careers were shaped. the former watford chairman, sir eltonjohn shaped. the former watford chairman, sir elton john could shaped. the former watford chairman, sir eltonjohn could not be here but he sent a message about his contribution to the community. it is that relationship with their plans that relationship with their plans that has had thousands of them lined up that has had thousands of them lined up the streets today, listening to the service being relayed outside, and they have been remembering not just graham taylor the manager who led watford to success, but graham taylor the family man who built not just a club ik community around him. it is an accessibility that we don't see in today's multi—million pound contract media trained day. it is pa rt contract media trained day. it is part of why he has been held in such
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high esteem across english football. people came here notjust to say goodbye to a great man and a great manager but to say goodbye to a golden era in football. that is it. from all of us at the sports centre, good night. coming up next, it's the papers.


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