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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  February 9, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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hello, i'm ros atkins. in this is outside source. this is outside source. one of donald trump's closest aides has been reprimanded according to the white house. kellyanne conway promoted the clothing range of the president's daughter in a live interview, something federal ethics rules prohibit. meanwhile donald trump says these comments about his pick for the supreme court are untrue. and on and on and on and poor comments made by president trump about thejudiciary comments made by president trump about the judiciary —— he comments made by president trump about thejudiciary —— he is disheartened and do moralisedm about thejudiciary —— he is disheartened and do moralised by the comments president trump made about the judiciary. a colleague has confirmed that neil gorsuch made the comments, but he has yet to confirm himself. we'll be live in washington. also south africa's president has been giving his annual state of the nation address — not everyone is happy with him, though. you are constitutional delinquent. you are constitutional delinquent. you have to leave! and then things got more heated, as members of the economic freedom fighters party fought with security guards who ejected them from the chamber.
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we will run you through that extraordinary series of events. this is the world's biggest refugee camp in kenya. it was going to be closed by the government, but the country's highest court has just blocked that. we will talk you through that with the help of our correspondent in nairobi. and if you want to get in touch — #bbcos. as we do on every programme, here is a full update on what's been happening in the trump administration in the last 2a hours: first, kellyanne conway — she's a white house special advisor, she's definitely in donald trump's inner circle, and according to the white house she's been reprimanded for comments she made in an interview. it's all related to a story that starts with this tweet from donald trump yesterday. "my daughter ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @nordstrom. she is a great person — always pushing me to
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do the right thing! terrible!" the president was taking issue with a retailerfor dropping his daughter's clothing line. next that tweet was retweeted by the @potus account. so that's the official twitter feed of the president of america pushing out opinion on an individual business decision. that was yesterday, then today kellyanne conway went onto fox news and said, "go buy ivanka's stuff. i'm going to go get some myself today," "i'm going to give a free commercial here: go buy it today, everybody." ido i do not have the rights to play you that clip but i can show you the court. —— quote. and it's that which has got her this summons. we can now speak to anthony zurcher in washington. same old story. how much trouble is shein? same old story. how much trouble is she in? there is a federal law which pretty much speaks directly to this,
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which says "an employee shall not use his public office for his private gain or the endorsement of any products, service or enterprise." so when kellyanne conway stands and says you should go out and buy the nordstrom product thatis out and buy the nordstrom product that is pretty clearly a violation of this federal law. the way this has been handled in the past usually is for a supervisor, someone within the agency, to recommend that employee, possibly block their pay and some sort of suspension, so the curious thing here is it would have to be trump's and white house punishing kellyanne conway, and the question is whether donald trump himself or someone in the senior staff would be willing to sanction kellyanne conway for comments that we re kellyanne conway for comments that were basically in line with what the president himself had just as many as are of the opinion, say ‘aye'. to the contrary, ‘no'.. as are of the opinion, say 'aye'. to the contrary, 'no'.. presumably there is no chance of donald trump being sanctioned 7 there is no chance of donald trump being sanctioned? —— the president himself had just tweeted. no, the
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president cannot be sanction, but there could be an adverse action towards a specific company, so opened himself up to lawsuits. the curious thing is kellyanne conway, the with these comments, and it kind of came off as a joking aside at the end of the interview, but with these comments everyone all of a sudden is speaking about kellyanne conway, from democrats, to good government people, to republicans, so she is catching the heat that the president was just yesterday. imagine a destroyer pulling up between an incoming torpedo and aircraft carrier. she sacrifices herself but the main ship survives. all right, taking one for the team. here is another story. neil gorsuch is donald trump's nominee for supreme court. this is democratic senator richard blumenthal. he says mr gorsuch told him that mr trump's recent comments on the judiciary are "disheartening and demoralizing". here's the clip:
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my strong hope is that he will be more vehement publicly. he certainly expressed to me that he is disheartened by the demoralising and abhorrent comments made by president trump about the judiciary. next — enter the president on twitter. @realdonaldtrump — "sen.richard blumenthal, who never fought in vietnam when he said for years he had, now misrepresents whatjudge gorsuch told him?" combated comments from the president. combative comments from the president. let's do an outside source fact check on those claims. we know that former republican senator kelly ayotte, who is helping with mr gorsuch‘s confirmation, issued a statement saying the comments were not referring to any specific case but that he finds any criticism of a judge's integrity and independence to be "disheartening and demoralising." so that backs up that
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the words were used, though it's not the same as mr gorsuch saying so. and it doesn't confirm the context. i guess that means we cannot be too precise about whether the president is right or wrong? right, it is all second—hand information, and what i think this will do is increase the pressure onjudge think this will do is increase the pressure on judge gorsuch to either confirm or deny he said that personally. i imagine at the senate confirmation hearings for is just a ship he will be asked directly, do you agree with what donald trump is doing with his immigration order in questioning the judgment of so—called judges, and he will have to a nswer so—called judges, and he will have to answer that or dodge it, but in the background there will be these stories about how he has already told people with the cameras running that this was a problem. he has not denied it but been silent so far but iam not denied it but been silent so far but i am not sure he will be able to stay silent too much longer. 0k,
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i am not sure he will be able to stay silent too much longer. ok, so the president attacking a democratic senator. a major retailer, and now. . . donald trump has also attacked senatorjohn mccain, who is one of the most senior republicans. senator mccain said a recent operation in yemen wasn't a success. we actually discuss that on outside source yesterday, that operation. trump told nbc news "when you lose a $75 million airplane and an american life is lost? i don't believe you can call it a success." i don't believe you can —— john mccain told nbc news. i don't believe you can we might add that 12 civilians including children were also killed. here's the president's response: @realdonaldtrump "sen. mccain should not be talking about the success or failure of a mission to the media. only emboldens the enemy! he went on to described a 'winning mission‘. these two have formed? yes, this goes back to the beginning of donald trump's presidential campaign when he questioned john mccain's heroism.
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john mccain of course is a decorated hero, fought in vietnam, a prisoner of war, but donald trump said, "i prefer my he was not to be captured." and prefer my he was not to be ca ptured." and at prefer my he was not to be captured." and at the same everyone thought it was ridiculous, donald trump has done it now and his presidential campaign will collapse. of course it didn't it went on and john mccain eventually came around and somewhat supported donald trump's presidential campaign but obviously there is a lot of tension and bad blood still there and as soon and bad blood still there and as soon as and bad blood still there and as soon asjohn mccain said something, donald trump was very quick to fire offa number of donald trump was very quick to fire off a number of tweets this morning pushing back. thank you very much, anthony, live with us from washington. well, that was american democracy. this is what south africa's democracy looked like today. president zuma gave his state of the union speech. it was a tumultuous affair.
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before things got physical, the verbal attacks started coming. have a look at this... sitting in front of us here, is a man... you're out of order. and incorrigible man, brought in, and that has been found by the constitutional court, and this story... a majority to keep him, but it doesn't make him a legitimate president! mr zuma has collapsed his own right to address us here. mr president, 4a! soldiers to protect you... that was the leader of the economic freedom fighters party — or eff as everyone calls them. after a number of disturbances, security guards were called, and this played out live on tv.
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he was being called an honourable member but we willjudge how honourable —— i will let you judge how honourable he was... the people in white are security guards. you would have seen a major right hook going in from one of the eff members as they were escorted out. that wasn't the end of it. if the eff members left in the middle of a scrum. the biggest opposition party, the democratic alliance, also exited. this is its chief whip. as we speak there are military personnel with rifles in combat fatigues on the parliamentary precinct. there are a riot police lining the streets outside and on the precinct right outside this building. our guests, they have been it with some form of tear gas. madame houster, madam speaker, no democracy should have to witness what we are witnessing in this
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house. this man has broken south africa. you are breaking the parliament. after that the democratic alliance's members watch out. they had lots of disagreements with president zuma, but they said they had militarised an area with lee grant that should have no military presence. that was going on inside parliament but if that was not enough, this was going on outside... supporters of the government, the anc government, plus supporters of the eff and the da, the two main opposition groups, and police had to use stun guns to disperse the crowds, so that also spiked, and in the middle of all of this president gorsuch did also give his speech. here's one part... in these 20, 30 years of our freedom,
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our mission remains. our quest for a united democratic nonsexist nonracial and prosperous south africa. guided by the national development plan, we are building a south africa that must be free from poverty, inequality and unemployment. whilst the global economic environment remains uncertain, indications are that we have entered a period of recovery. the last point to make is that the president is notjust under pressure from the opposition. he is under pressure from some people within his own party, the anc. the anc has been in power since the beginning of democracy in south africa, 1994 and end of apartheid. some people in the anc think there is too much corruption, too much bad governance and there is a risk they could lose
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the next election, hence the huge pressure on the president from within own party as well as from the opposing parties. stay with us because coming up we have a report from the us state of new hampshire. it was a year ago today that donald trump claimed victory in the new hampshire primary. the bbc‘s rajini vaidyanathan went to find out how voters there were feeling a year on. and we'll have more later. official figures show only 86% of a&e patients in england were dealt with within four hours in december. that's the lowest since the 95% target was introduced 13 years ago. provisional data leaked to the bbc has also suggested the performance worsened again in january. our health editor hugh pym explains the extent of the pressures for emergency departments across the uk. it was 86.2%, the worst since
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records began in 2004. scotland was actually higher, 92.6%. wheels down at 81% and northern ireland just below 70%, so the same pressures everywhere —— wales were down. different bits of the uk reacting in slightly different ways. let me quote another statistic. almost 500,000 emergency admissions to hospitals in england in december, another record high. this is outside source live from the bbc newsroom. iam ros i am ros atkins. our lead story... key trump advisor kellyanne conway has been reprimanded by the white house after she promoted a clothing range owned by donald trump's daughter ivanka. miss conway told a breakfast television programme to "go buy ivanka's stuff." her comments have been labelled over the line and unacceptable.
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know some of the main stories from bbc world service... —— now to some of the main stories from bbc world service... the international committee of the red cross is temporarily suspending its aid programme in afghanistan after an an attack on one of its convoys killed six staff dead. two are still missing. bbc pashto, that one. bbc mundo reports that julian assange will be given a month's notice to leave the ecuadorian embassy if the country's main opposition wins the presidency in next week's election. guillermo lasso is the candidate — he was talking to the guardian. this man in australia spent hours keep his head just above water after his digger toppled into a waterhole and then pinned him where he was. he was ok. i cannot believe you haven't already seen this. he was rescued and there we re seen this. he was rescued and there were no injuries. the good news. one of the reasons we've got a social media feed that is always available for me here is that twitter has
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become essential to news. as you'll know it's donald trump's number one way to communicate. many other public figures use it too. but here's the thing — twitter is losing money. it has 319 million users worldwide, but since 2011, it's lost $2 billion. today, it reported a loss of $167 million for the fourth quarter of last year. and with a certain inevitability, its shares dropped nearly 10% in early trading. on the bbc north america tech correspondent, live with us from the north coast. —— west coast. an awful lot of money to be losing. what is twitter spending it on? the losses have grown in the past year because they have been trying to invest in new ways to keep people on the platform, on twitter, and also attract new people do it. they have been striking deals with the nfl to
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short—lived american football on twitter. that does not seem to have increased engagement to the level they hoped it would. that is where they hoped it would. that is where they are spending the money, but having said that twitter losing money has really been a problem for it. a silicon valley company losing money is almostjust part of the package —— not really a problem for it. what has really been a problem is that user number you mention, just over 390 million users, active daily users, and that has barely moved over the past year, and the fa ct moved over the past year, and the fact they are not growing at all really is a big problem for twitter when you compare it to something like facebook which has exploded over the last few years with 1.6 billion users, and 300 million or so does not see many at all because it is not. thank you for that. let's highlight a company making money. snap — this is their website. it's a little known start—up based in new york specialising in real time video communication.
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in the past week shares in snap have surged 95% — but that's because traders thought they were buying into the firm behind snapchat, which is called snap inc. don't take your microphone off yet, iam hoping don't take your microphone off yet, i am hoping to ask your question on this! how is this possible? surely investors know who they are buying? you would think so, wouldn't you? laughter i think itjust goes to show how excited investors are for the people who make snapchat. some people are getting ahead of themselves and investing in snap interactive, although an impressive company in its own write nothing near the $20 billion evaluation snapchat will eventually have when it opens. but i am sure snap interactive are not complaining about their lucky break! you can take off your microphone now, ok. they've live with us from silicon valley. we have spoken about
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twitter. next... the bosses of america's top airlines and airports met donald trump at the white house today. top of the agenda — the us air traffic control system. he said, "i hear we're spending billions and billions of dollars, it's a system that's totally out of whack." you might need some help translating that one. samira in new york. what did he mean by that? laughter i think when it comes to the way the aviation system is run here in the us, he does make a good point, that it is quite outdated, and when it comes to air traffic control, they are slow to modernise. but what some airline executives have been saying to mrtrump in airline executives have been saying to mr trump in this meeting, the best way to modernise is actually to privatise the air traffic control. right now it is being governed by
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the faa, the federal aviation administration, usually the way it is done by most countries around the world. a government oversight committee that really runs the traffic, but what some airline executives have been arguing with mr trump, and it seems he has taken to that argument, that they should actually outsource that an privatise it altogether. we know mr trump is very keen on keeping business in the us, so if it were privatised with that be privatised with american businesses prioritised? that is a big question. you know, nobody really knows. this is the first discussions about it. what has been said is that some of the structures of this private company that would exist, it would be nonprofit in nature, but what some of the executives were arguing, it would just allow things to move a lot faster in terms of being able to modernise and keep up with different technologies and different systems. thank you very much, samira, good to
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speak to you. a report now from rajini vaidyanathan in new hampshire. rajini's there because a year ago today donald trump claimed victory in the new hampshire primary. it was his first major step towards the white house. hillary clinton ended up taking the state in the election — but the president still has a lot of supporters there — as you'll see in rajini's report. just like the person he voted for, keith is a businessman who works in the hotel industry. i saw it all the way of... owner of a small construction company, he is a registered independents does not vote along party lines. if he were a politician we would not have elected him. i would politician we would not have elected him. iwould not politician we would not have elected him. i would not have voted for him. he connected with the people of new hampshire because of his spirit, his spirit of independent. donald trump's dreams of becoming president we re trump's dreams of becoming president were built on his first victory in the republican primary in this state. now he is in office, keith
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has no complaints. have i disagreed with anything so far? no. i think he is doing exactly what they elected him to do. how many of you voted for donald trump in the new hampshire primary? none of us. but by election day all but one of these republican women voted for donald trump. they believe the president should be given a chance but there are divisions over policy like his temporary travel ban. it is a 90 day ban, it is like the demonstrators on the winning's what and everything they are doing, they are protesting before anything happens. there was not enough thought to the roll—out of that executive order and how it would affect people. sometimes he comes across as crass and | would affect people. sometimes he comes across as crass and i think everyone of us you would admit to that, but like she said, give him a chance. president donald trump owes a lot to the state. he scored his
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first primary victory here, kicking offa first primary victory here, kicking off a winning streak and giving him momentum. but it is also here he got his first taste of presidential politics of the decade ago. he was thinking about the presidency. that was in his mind. mike dunbar, woodworker from new started at trump campaign we back in 1987 to encourage the then 41—year—old to run for the white house. he even persuaded mr trump to make a speech in new hampshire, where he ruled out a bid. it was mr trump's antiestablishment stance that appealed to mike then and still does now. i think what cause me to vote for him both in the primary and the election is that i had experience with him in 1987 and ifind that he did not change. he is the same guy. he waited for history to come around for his moment. he has shown an amazing display of leadership. it
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took me 30 years but i finally got what i wanted in 1987. and sordid donald trump. he lost the state of new hampshire by a narrow margin in the general election, but he won the big prize, in ajourney the general election, but he won the big prize, in a journey that started here, in more ways than one. new hampshire, iwant here, in more ways than one. new hampshire, i want to thank you. we love you. you started it. remember, you started it. a minute left of this half of outside source. i will quickly show you a report from a chinese village featuring a pretty impressive commute... until recently a trip to work or school meant scaling and 800 metre cliff face. have a look at this. scaling an 800 metre cliff face. have a look at this. translation: stay with us on outside source. in
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our sports section we will look at downhill mountain biking and downhill mountain biking and downhill skateboarding. that is coming up in five—minutes' time. stay with us for that. hello. our weather may have turned colder, reaching for the gloves and scarves again, but spare a thought for new yorkers. on wednesday the temperatures hit 17 celsius, a record for the day. today and tomorrow it is no better than —2, and there is so much snow falling. talk about wardrobe dilemma. when you go from one extreme to other. the reason there is much snow, a major winter storm in the north—east of the usa, this area of low pressure. and north east and dragging in loads of moisture from atla ntic dragging in loads of moisture from atlantic into overland and dumping ten inches, 25 centimetres, or more,
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of snow into new york city, boston as well, with strong winds, blizzard conditions. this system is not hanging around very long. swept away on thejet hanging around very long. swept away on the jet stream, but cold air is still in place for friday, as we have seen, and that other snow maker working through the great lakes, toronto, montreal, some snow there. by toronto, montreal, some snow there. by the time it gets to the north—east of the usa, we will again see some snow there. by the time it gets to the north—east of the usa, we will again see some snowfall, but at this stage in new york there may well be a floor under way. more likely to be rain rather than snow. we will keep a close eye on that —— there may well be a thaw underway. in australia, record heat still in parts of the south—east. temperatures soaring once again to almost 40 celsius in sydney, and also in canberra. again, these could be record temperatures. only a slight recovery through the next few days. temperatures for sydney and canberra come down a little on sunday into monday. melbourne,
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though, that temperature is not quite as high, in the mid—20s here. let's now look at something else the attention. this weather system in the north—west of africa. in the centre, it is about to turn things much better and windier. into morocco, but also for anybody travelling to the canary islands, there will be stormy conditions on there will be stormy conditions on the way. that is through the weekend into the start of next week. this is a low pressure area pushing its way further south. it is going to pull into portugal with some heavy rain and parts of spain as well. another one in the central mediterranean producing really rough seas around that with copious amount of rain falling in parts of italy, and also sardinia and sicily. two big areas of low pressure. notice they are a long way south of the uk where, here, what has been established is a cold easterly wind with plenty of cloud and some snow flurries or snow showers. in fact the potential for seeing just a light covering of snow
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here and there is increasing in the next couple of days. friday, west is best for any sunshine, though it will not be knocked. you can find out about that than half an hour. —— it will not be much. hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. let's look through some of the main stories here in the bbc newsroom. kellyanne conway promoted the clothing range of the president's daughter in a live interview — something federal ethics rules prohibit. we still wait for a court ruling on mr trump's travel ban. i've a report from montana, focusing on those who support it. those people need to understand that the women of montana at an too. ——
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at armed. there have been more revelations from the un about the treatment of the minority muslim community in myanmar. i've been speaking to bbc burmese. plus sports news. if you haven't seen downhill skateboarding before, you'll want to stick around for this!
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