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tv   BBC News  BBC News  February 13, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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now it is time for our newspaper review. we start with the south morning china post — their front page includes an article on north korea's ballistic missile test — the first by pyongyang since president donald trump took office. the paper reports that china may be more willing to support further sanctions against north korea because of the incident. next up it's the frankfurter allgemeine, with a picture of frank—walter steinmeier who's just been picked as germany's president. the former foreign minister was elected by a special assembly with an large majority. greece must agree a deal or risk triggering a euro crisis — that's the headline in the business section of the telegraph — referring to the country being under pressure to bring in further austerity measures. a strong message from the uae's prime minister as the world government summit kicked off in dubai. the gulf news reports on shaikh mohammed telling the meeting that the uae will not tolerate any kind corruption. the financial times reports on voters in switzerland rejecting a plan to reform the country's corporate tax system. and emma stone appears on the front of some of today's papers,
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including the independent. she's won a bafta award for her role in the film la la land. the film also won four other trophies — including best picture. still have not seen it. joining us is nina trentmann from the wall streetjournal. china willing to do more but in south korea, you were there when they carried out a miss out —— missile test? when i was in south korea, just because of proximity, 60 kilometres, and everything from pyongyang does reach seoul and i find it interesting that four years later we are talking about the same
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thing all over again. is this poses quite a challenge to the trump administration. the defence minister saying last week that there would be a reaction if north korea was going to go ahead with tests, which it did. there is not much of a diplomatic manoeuvre, really? we have seen calls for the security council to deal with this but it seems that the north korean quite unwilling to discuss this further and it is quite a challenge for beijing, the closest ally to north korea, to change their position although north korea is dependent with trading from china so that could be a lever and president trump could be a lever and president trump could try and get the chinese more involved. we use google translator when we did not have a translator
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but what does frank—walter steinmeier say? let us be courageous. it is quoting from a speech he gave yesterday when he was elected to be germany's next president. from a german point of view, are quite heartening message because germany should be defending the rights of minorities, remaining committed to be a free trading country and did not refer directly to mrtrump but country and did not refer directly to mr trump but it has been interpreted as it stuns against the politics of mr trump. he also said to be courageous in trying to embrace the have—nots and that is a political message many world leaders are trying to get across, this rise in populism. he is a social democrat and it is in his party '5 dna to
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think of those that have not been as successful as others. this is also a message for germans to think of the numberof message for germans to think of the number of refugees said to —— took in an not to make people afraid of the refugees as extreme groups have. you talk about haves and have—nots and we move from germany, who are the haves and to greek have—nots. there seems to be no end in sight? it is also one of the things that was happening a couple of years ago and it is something that has stayed with us. but there is a challenge to move forward because there is quite a disagreement between the imf and, for example, the german government
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as to how to proceed with this. the greek government asking for some form of debt relief, some aircraft, but the germans saying that would breach of the list on treaty —— lisbon treaty. several billions of repayments lisbon treaty. several billions of re payments are lisbon treaty. several billions of repayments are due this year so we will see injuly, for a five billions that greece needs to repay sirwe billions that greece needs to repay sir we will see an acceleration of this debate andy may turn something bigger. germany also has a big role to play in terms of its financial pressure that it can bring on anybody that has dealings with it. is there a feeling in germany that it is needing to hold back those calling for greece to just be thrown out? there has been a sense a number
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of yearsjust because greece has been lent to in favourable terms in the past. when itjoined the euro is, one of the reasons for that was the whole credit spread for a lot of southern european nations came down and germany has a sense that if you have international treaties and and germany has a sense that if you have international treat pay nd and germany has a sense that if you have international treat pay for and germany has a sense that if you have i so 'national treat pay for and germany has a sense that if you have i so it itional treat pay for and germany has a sense that if you have i so it is jnal treat pay for and germany has a sense that if you have i so it is jnal t a at pay for to— 7, if greece, thing to negotiate. if greece, portugal and italy remain in that they cannot buy german goods, that is the other side of the coin. that's true. talking about international treaties... that's true. talking about international treaties. .. we are with the uae... you go for the treaties and i will go for this thing about corruption. swiss voters have rejected an overall of the tax
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system have rejected an overall of the tax syste m — — have rejected an overall of the tax system —— overhaul. there was this idea that switzerland needs to be brought in line as far as its tax system is. it is another challenge for politicians to seoul. they have rejected the idea to... there is international pressure from the oecd with the fact that multinationals have control and in some parts of switzerland they gather lower taxes and it needs to end at some point and it needs to end at some point and this was looking at a way to do this but unfortunately voters, 60%, rejected this. they need to come up with something different here. rejected this. they need to come up with something different herem the west, we talk about corruption. i not sure if everybody understands how much corruption undermines the country because luckily in the west
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we do not have it as much as in developing countries. i will give you a good example, on bbc iplayer, there is a documentary about afghanistan and the filmmaker says it is corruption that has stopped the country from developing even more than the taliban. it is about government corruption. it has been a curse holding many countries back. i think it was interesting that you say it that does not occur in western countries but tomorrow we are seeing results... of course, it occu i’s everywhere are seeing results... of course, it occurs everywhere the act it is not just... ok, fine, we are running out of time. let's talk about lala land. much more important. one of my cousins has a postman that will not
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bring their male and wolf wrote in their river unless he gets payment. but anyway, la la land. it really scoops but anyway, la la land. it really scoops a but anyway, la la land. it really scoops a host of awards, no surprise really given the reviews but some people who go say it is a bit of a disappointment. i guess it was quite a favourite and... it is... we will see how they do in the oscars in the coming weeks and hopefully i will be able to sit before. delight musicals? yes... i don't know, i do not have enough time to go and watch films. good morning. i am sure, like me, many of you will be glad to see the back of last week.
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it was cold for many, there was a lot of cloud around. and we closed out the second half of the weekend on a similar story — a brisk easterly wind, plenty of cloud, just the far north—west of scotland seeing the best of the sunshine. even through that cloud we had further snow showers, particularly across the peaks and pennines. this was the scene in west yorkshire during sunday. i'm sure it was a beautiful scene but cold out there. temperatures struggled on sunday, generally at around three degrees but something a little more springlike arrives through the middle of the week — more sunshine and warmth, with double digits quite widely. in fact, we will start to see the first signs of the warmth first thing in the morning. these will be the temperatures at dawn. but the wind will still be with us, that's going to make it feel still pretty disappointing, if you are out and about. but the wind will help to break up the cloud across central and southern areas, something we've not seen in recent days. and perhaps in sheltered western areas, we'll see some breaks windy in the far south—west. the best of the sunshine across western scotland. to eastern scotland, along with the northern isles,
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the cloud thickening and the odd spot or two of drizzle — 5 degrees here and 8 on west—facing coast. not bad into northern ireland as well. we should see some sunnier spells across north—west england and wales, stretching down into the midlands and further south. now, i know on the face of it the temperatures will be higher — seven, eight degrees in some spots — but add on the strength of the wind, even with those double digits down in the south—west, it is still going to feel pretty disappointing out there, so you'll need to wrap up warm. gales, severe gales are likely for a time through the latter stages of the day and as we go through tuesday night and for the isles of scilly and maybe the far south of cornwall, we could see some rain from the weather fronts just brushing here. so it stays windy. the winds will start to pivot around to a southerly, and that is going to help drag in slightly milder air. and on tuesday, on the face of it, predominantly dry, with just some showery outbreaks of rain across the south—west and maybe into northern ireland. but the cloud starting to break up, and we'll see 11 degrees likely down into the south.
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so there's always the risk, tuesday into wednesday, of these low pressures out in the atlantic trying to make their presence felt. really just showers out to the extreme west. the further east you live, you should see some better weather. so 12 degrees is quite likely in the south—east on wednesday, with some sunshine. some outbreaks of rain into northern ireland. milder by thursday again but i think there will be a little more cloud around on thursday. but if you haven't already got the message, things are certainly going to turn a little bit milder through the middle half of the week and after last week, that is good news. hello, this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. for the first time pensioners are better off than people of working age. a report by a think tank says a new wave of older people are more likely to work, own their home and have generous private pensions. good morning, it's monday the 13th of february.
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also this morning: tens of thousands of residents of a town in northern california have been ordered to leave their homes because of fears that the tallest dam in the us could collapse. major security failings in one of britain's biggestjails. a bbc investigation exposes widspread drug use, a lack of control and broken door alarms.
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