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tv   BBC News  BBC News  February 23, 2017 6:45pm-7:00pm GMT

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because of the poor conditions. more than 40,000 people are without power in east angler. —— east anglia. 0ur correspondent danny savage is in nottinghamshire for us. this is the east coast main line behind me and for much of the day version code —— virgin trains put a 50 mph speed limit in place to try and keep services moving but there we re and keep services moving but there were blockages in various locations as storm boris swept through and by mid afternoon virgin trains had to give up and say do not travel to the, delay your journey give up and say do not travel to the, delay yourjourney until tomorrow. it is like a plug has been on the slime in the past released on the slime in the past half hour as lots of trees were left stranded on the line but as the wind
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has died down the line has been cleared and we are getting a train going northbound every few minutes at the moment but the passengers have probably been delayed for up to two hours, even more, just sitting the tracks until things were on the tracks until things were sorted. it is similar elsewhere. here i would expect to see lots of services moving at this time of the evening and they are few and far between much of the time, it is just the remains of the day coming through and services trying to relocate. we expect those delayed services to keep coming on throughout the evening. my colleague is at euston station in central london looking at the situation on the coast london looking at the situation on the - coast mainline. the west coast mainline. chaos across london when it comes to
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the trains. also reports of an incident at victoria station with one man being injured. an ambulance was called around 3pm and it is believed he sustained head injuries. it is reported roof tiles came off the roof and the fire brigade were called and remove roof tiles and secured the area are part of that area is now closed and transport for london is launching an investigation. elsewhere on the trainsi investigation. elsewhere on the trains i outside euston station and i was talking to commuters. 0ne lady i spoke to said she has been trying to get to liverpool since 11:30am and are still not got there and she said it is a stampede on the platform when a train departs with so platform when a train departs with so many people trying to get on. as we heard from danny virgin trains 5.5 “55" ""”" “eh"? 5”??? "e”? people 55 h55"‘ ""”" “5hh5 5”??? h5”? people should 55 h55"‘ ‘h‘h' “5hh5 5"fl’h ”eh? people should not travel today said people should not travel today and they should travel tomorrow and they sheulé travehgw obviously and they eheetei treyehemerfeae obviously makes it difficult which obviously makes it difficult for anybody getting out of london.
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there was chaos at king's cross with link and east midlands thames link and east midlands trains also asking people not to travel and try to get home tonight is also very from king's cross. lots of difficult from king's cross. lots of problems on the underground what the ba ke rloo problems on the underground what the bakerloo line problems on the underground what the ba kerloo line and problems on the underground what the bakerloo line and the northern line. a gloomy picture from london tonight. thanks to both of you for that update. they are an live updates on the bbc news website about what storm boris is still as she leaves the uk. the doing as she leaves the uk. the headlines, winds of up to 90 mph battling parts of the country. the woman in her 20s died after being hit by falling debris in wolverhampton. net migration to the uk has fallen to its loss for two yea rs. uk has fallen to its loss for two years. iraqi security forces
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consolidated —— consolidating their positions and morsel airport as they continue their campaign to drive so—called islamic state fighters out of the city. an update on the market numbers for you — here's how london's and frankfurt ended the day. and in the the united states this is how the dow around 10,000 motorists were still driving last month despite having too many penalty points on their licence. usually drivers are banned when they exceed 12 points. but magistrates are allowed to waive the rule in cases of "exceptional hardship." supporters say it gives drivers another chance, but critics say bending the rules puts other people at risk. 0ur correspondent
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david rhodes has more. from speeding to drink—driving, failing to have insurance or causing a collision on the road, penalty points are given to motorists when they break the law. 12 active points on a licence usually means a driver will be banned for a minimum of six months. but figures obtained by the bbc, showjust under 10,000 drivers are still on the roads despite having 12 or more points. most are found in england, with the largest number being in greater london. although one driver in west yorkshire is still on the road despite having more than 60 points on their licence. the law doesn't seem to be working at the moment. we've got people obviously being caught and going through the justice system but actually this whole points system seems to be making a mockery of that. drivers aregetting away , , , motorists with 12 points can appeal to a magistrates' courtjust as this one and claim that a driving ban would bring exceptional hardship upon their lives,
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meaning they'd lose a job or be unable to care for a family member. there is no definition in law though, as to what exceptional hardship means. so one magistrate may decide if a driving ban would cause someone to lose theirjob, that is exceptional hardship. another magistrate may decide it isn't. every ban is considered on a case—by—case basis. the government says the vast majority of drivers with 12 points are automatically disqualified and only in exceptional circumstances can judges decide not to issue a ban. the fact remains though, that there are drivers who have continually broken the law, who are still on our roads. david rhodes, bbc news, bradford. british gas saw profits fall 11% to £553 million. but the profits of its peers and company rose to 1.5 billion problem thing calls for them
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to hold energy costs. 0ur energy correspondent with sports. —— reports. there has been good news for british gas recently as they are freezing the standard palace until august and even launched the loyalty scheme, hoping customers will stop from leaving, one reason its profits have been hit. last year they made £553 million from domestic customers, down 11% from domestic customers, down 11% from the previous year. it says in pa rt from the previous year. it says in part because it lost 4009000 customer accounts as households switched to other suppliers. customer accounts as households switched to other suppliersm customer accounts as households switched to other suppliers. it is down because of competitors, we lost customers in the first half of last year, pricing pressure resulted in a reduction in margins in general and other cost pressures have come into
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the system. a price cap will also the firm £50 million this year cost the firm £50 million this year but that did not prevent criticism of the level of their profits. consumers are paying way over the odds for the energy and vulnerable consumers and particular appearing ‘ too consumers and particular appearing ‘too much consumers and particular appearing ‘ too much and consumers and particular appearing ‘too much and it underlines the far too much and it underlines the energy market is not working for consumers. price rises by rivals have put energy prices on the agenda once more. the government have threatened to intervene but the company that owns british gas says there is no need for price controls. this is a very competitive market, margins are down year on year our margins are down year on year and they do not believe it is andthey do not believe it is for governments to be healthy for governments to be setting prices because once you do it once when do you stop? there was no work today on whether british gas
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will increase prices this year —— know what today. as for government intervention, a consumer and green paper is due in the spring. today the go—ahead has been given for the first phase of hs2 to begin between birmingham and london. more of us are using the railways than ever before. it means busier stations and busier - and so stations and busier trains and so the government says hs2 is the answer. but is it? i am travelling on the first stage of the route from birmingham to london to see what impact it could have. the biggest challenge is tackling overcrowding. 0ur challenge is tackling overcrowding. our current tracks and stations cannot handle many more passengers but as well as running more frequently the trains will be faster, too, and that is good news for passengers. something you do not
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for passengers. somethingyoedenot enough carriages which can be a get enough carriages which can be a problem and it is very crowded. —— something you do not. being on the train is worth pounds if you cannot get the seat you feel very frustrated about that last hour. —— it is time to work. we averaged around 10,000 jobs over the first phase of construction. —— we will average. in the operation phase we will maintain tens of thousands of jobs. take this journey, it is about one hour 20 minutes. we are 50 minutes then but if this was the hs2 train we would already be there in birmingham and that means less time travelling and more time working. 0ne estimate suggests that could add oui’ 0ne estimate suggests that could add our £15 billion to the but our £15 billion to the economy. but at what cost was like the current price is close to £60 billion but many say it could be much higher. 60
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ancient woodlands would be bulldozed, 350 homes demolished and thousands of businesses affected. like this farm in buckinghamshire, the lander will be split into when work begins. the other night it will alter the way i filed completely. i will lose half the grazing for my colours. —— completely change the way i farmed. the first section is due to open by 2026 and the extension to leeds and manchester extension to leeds and manchestec by 2032. hs2 should make opening by 2032. hs2 should make journeys faster and more co mforta ble. but keeping the project on time and on track could prove more difficult. and there is always the weather to
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think about. let's get the latest on doris. today it has been a very wild day across the uk and still very windy in some south—eastern and eastern areas but doris is pushing away. the storm had its tantrum and it is out of the way. still affecting low countries where the worst of the weather is. doris has pushed out into holland and belgium and germany. very rarely we get strong winds like this in london. the storm making its presence felt and durham. some wintry pictures from scotland, too. gusts today in a selection of places. the usual thing
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about the storm is the winds were about the stormis'the wtfitiis—wefie about the stormw's'the wtfitiis—wefie off about the etormw's'the w'rndewere off the land. for the next coming off the land. for the next hour or so still some deals and then thatis hour or so still some deals and then that is it. it is over. the winds fall light around 9pm and the only fall light around spmand'the'ohty tonight will be there may be hazard tonight will be there may be one 01’ hazard tonight will be there may be one or two ec patches developing as the temperatures fall away. —— icy patches. these five gusts but look how much lighter they are, nothing compared to what we had earlier today. some icy patches and northern areas, light winds, clearspells. these are temperatures in cities. tomorrow i wake up to a much calmer tomorrow we wake up to a much calmer day without sunshine and crisp outside. quite nice across most of
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england but eventually belfast, glasgow and the western isles get some rain. saturday and sunday, looking pretty unsettled. some wind and rain, we do not forecast anything like what we have had but quite a breezy day and the coasts and hills and some heavy rain in north—western areas. that rain returns by sunday. a succession of weather fronts coming through but the best of the weather in more southern and south—eastern areas. again, some strong winds for a couple of hours and then it is over. dangerous us policies are causing worry and irritation, says the mexican foreign minister. his comments come as donald trump sends his most senior diplomat south of the border. trdrdigretieh reide 5 " f hundreds of thousands of people being deported to mexico —
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are a matter of concern for mexico, but pride for the us president. we're getting gang members out, we're getting drug lords out, we're getting really bad dudes out of this country, and at a rate that nobody has ever seen before. meanwhile, beneath the ground, we take a tour of the so—called narco tunnels, used by mexican smuggling gangs. we also have the verdict on the early days of the trump presidency from a supreme courtjustice. ruth bader ginsburg has spent a quarter of a century making laws


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