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in the uk may implement an employee —— appointan in the uk may implement an employee —— appoint an employee representative to its board. this follows theresa may's call for businesses to have employee directors. and finally, fancy a trip around the moon? next year, in 2018, two private citizens are going to go ona two private citizens are going to go on a spacex mission around this incredible object, which actually, we have not been two to 45 years. cani we have not been two to 45 years. can ijust we have not been two to 45 years. can i just checked, we have not been two to 45 years. can ijust checked, it is not you? you're not one of two people? no, but i have a good find that i will save until the end. joining us is david buik, market strategist at investment bank panmure gordon. so many people speaking to the bbc in the american presidential campaign dead we like the fact that donald trump is going to build up the american military, and that is why they were voting for him. well, we wait with all and trepidation for the end of the day to see what
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donald trump has to say. to increase defence spending by 10% to save $65 billion, somebody has two pay for it. the general idea is that he looks like he will be ruthless, that things like climate change, foreign trade investment, and so on will go to hell and a high place. so even the fact that social security is going to probably be ok, we are slightly worried about the overall ramifications of this, because things like healthcare is very important. and, you know, it has been something president 0bama has done, but nevertheless, what is important is that we have wasted since the eighth of november the promises are what he's going to do in terms of infrastructure spending, in terms of infrastructure spending, in terms of infrastructure spending, in terms of tax cuts, the stock markets in the united states have gone to record levels. i think i am right in saying that the dow, the nasdaq are up by over 30% since
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november. so it is best he delivers. isaby does not, if you cages will be rattled. and that is very important. it is interesting, because i was looking at the information about social security and medicare. that is two thirds of the federal budget. that is about $2 trillion. the vast majority of money goes there. that is ring thanks to a degree. —— fenced. whenever there is a budget statement, here in the uk, we fans the nhs. other people think of america as the land of milk and honey. but there is terrible deprivation. that is very important thing. he is rated well, because it desperately important. that is the theory. but anything can change quickly, as we are learning. this is what will tell him at this time yesterday, a breaking story about
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this merger. when this to agree to come together it was injune last year. this is before the outcome of the referendum. ithink year. this is before the outcome of the referendum. i think they assumed at that time that the uk would stay within the european union. and it has gone the other way.|j within the european union. and it has gone the other way. i think it is something that the deutsche borse realise, there will —— how well the london stock market was running. the share price is gone from about £10 to about £30, roughly. that is phenomenal. since the announcement of the merger in debris last year, the london stock exchange share price has gone 19%. but it is interesting because you have talked about a cutback in the share price. but it only fell 3% yesterday. that means that deutsche borse is very powerful. there is also a certain degree of cynicism over that in the long—term. degree of cynicism over that in the long-term. you do it is better that
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they are part? —— they are a part. long-term. you do it is better that they are part? —— they are a partlj think basically most people ‘s fears are if the deutsche boerse work to be the dominant partner over a period of time, that the gacy paraglider. and if brexit goes through without being watered down, and it will come at london will still be the number one financial centre. in new york and other parts of the world 's, and this is one of the reasons why the two are going together. they views, in my opinion, a pathetic excuse, this italian thing. but i think the real reason that we are certain that if this merger is called off, i don't think this will be the end of it by any stretch of imagination. i think the london stock exchange could well well get together with someone like chicago. never understood that
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nasdaq and so on. i don't see that. but the reason why i think the cme would be a good fit is because they have centres all over the world and bring the rest of the world to london, and takes london to the rest of the world. will the lse join up with chicago? what you think the most pressing issue is for china and the united states when it comes to their bilateral... rage. donald trump has been a little bit jingoistic in what he said to president c. it is all very well being laid—back, —— president xie. he knows very well that unless trade get somewhere in balance around the world, it will not be the case. so to send mr yang chi chi to the united states to pave the way for a meeting between president xie and
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donald trump make a huge amount of sense. because the rhetoric is very, very powerful, now, and not very constructive for the rest of the world. its china not one of the biggest creditors to united states? absolutely. those that give it a leveraged? the thing with china is that us treasuries are surpassed by chinese investors by ladies. if donald trump was to raise another trillion dollars and is of infrastructure, it is best that he isa infrastructure, it is best that he is a little bit more dramatic in his comments. —— light years. is a little bit more dramatic in his comments. -- light years. what you think of this story is two here. miti, they could have some deals of the board, and they are one of the biggest employers of low— paid workers. —— mitie. is this tokenism? i think it is easy to be cynical. i
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don't think you will be universal. i think will take time. i figure is quite a progressive thought to be board of directors at mitie to do this. i think we start seeing how important it is, particularly with technology, there will be a lot of jobs going over the last two next 20 yea rs jobs going over the last two next 20 years like that, it is important we have of sensation in the kind of companies that can make a contribution. i'm all for that. companies that can make a contribution. i'm all forthat. but to say something like this, across—the—board, like you have two have 35% of your directors is female, of course there will will be problems. so no quotas, but more... exactly. it is just problems. so no quotas, but more... exactly. it isjust to understand your workforce. it is the other said this is what people are talking about everyday. i think that is absolute right. are you one of the two go in with spacex to the moon
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and back? i was trained to think, sally, if there were any two people aside from my wife and i who were less likely to go. i could not think of them. i wish elon musk all the world. but it is fantastic that someone world. but it is fantastic that someone in the free enterprise world wa nts to someone in the free enterprise world wants to do this. i will be there with my jaw hitting wants to do this. i will be there with myjaw hitting the ground. would you go up there? absolutely. 100%. one element of the rocket that is to take this to private citizens, that has never been flown before. that would worry me. so the line that i wanted it so you about was in 1999, a swedish footballer move to sunderland. and one of the top teams in the united kingdom. in all was in his contract? i agree not to go into space. because he wanted to go into space. because he wanted to go into space as a private citizen. i think should call him up. he will have retired by now. maybe he is one of
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the two? exactly. what saying was that he was going to get injured, and all the money would go to pot. but certainly, if you have the money, this is something to give you some pleasure. better than going on space mountain at disneyland. no chance? nudge as whatsoever. mrs bundock, though... —— space mountain. she should probably go through the physical text to make tests. i then began to get the time off! —— could probably go through the physical tests. thank you for joining us. have a really good day. season. goodbye. hello. if the truth were known, i could have put up any variety
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of globes you might have liked to try to describe just how varied the weather has been, as we start the new weather week. but, as ever, our weather watchers have captured it for us. and you'll notice here that monday ended on quite a wintry note across parts of scotland. when you see the big picture, you will understand, i hope, just why we've got such a variety of weather on offer at the moment — low pressure never very far away. but, even in the midst of all of that cloud and rain, well, the skies are a wee bit clearerfor some, and that is why the temperatures willjust dribble away in the first part of tuesday, to the extent that ice will be quite a problem. if the surface that you happen to be travelling on has not been treated, just bear that one in mind. there could well be some patches of fog around, as well. even this stage, we've got another little area of low pressure just dragging some bands of cloud and rain into the western side of scotland, into parts of northern ireland as well. do bear in mind what i say about the ice risk, really quite extensive, save, perhaps, for this far south—eastern quarter. but even then, you've got one or two
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showers that mayjust have some wintriness about them. but for the most part, a lot of decent, fine, settled weather here to start your day. but don't bank on it lasting, because that area of cloud and rain, with some wintriness across the higher ground, just slumps its way east, and leaves behind a legacy of rather wet and dull weather across the north—west and through the north of wales. so a pretty miserable day here, never warmer than about five or six degrees. through the evening and overnight, it will take that band of weather ever—further towards the south and east. the skies clear again, for a time, for many. the winds begin to die off a bit. good conditions for a wee touch of frost, again, on the first part of wednesday. wednesday marked by another dry start across the heart of the british isles, but notice this — another area of cloud and rain just working its way into the southern counties of england and wales. and it may have just a wee bit of wintriness on the high ground of wales and as we get up into the midlands. now, by thursday, the isobars have a little bit of a ridge in them, trying to kill off some of those showers, for some, at least.
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but you will notice we have also got a bit of a finger of rain there, as well, right through the heart of the british isles. so, again, something of a mixture. many will view thursday as perhaps one of the better days of the week. but by friday, and indeed on into the weekend, we start to cloud things up again, and there will be more bouts of rain. and that is how we play out the rest of the week. day—to—day changes, a little bit of rain and some sunshine, and for some in the north, just that risk of some snow. hello, this is breakfast, with louise minchin and dan walker.
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a bbc investigation reveals the scale of home care abuse allegations. there have been more than 20,000 complaints of cruelty and neglect over the past three years, butjust 15 prosecutions. the home care industry says it's horrified by the findings. good morning, it's tuesday 28th february. also this morning: prison officers pull out of riot duty as they announce more industrial action in england and wales. the tunisian terror attack inquest comes to a close as one of the heroes of sousse tells breakfast his story. the first moon mission in more than a0 years.
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