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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 1, 2017 6:30pm-6:45pm GMT

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and at 10:40pm, we'll look at tomorrow's main headlines. that's in the papers with tonight's guests, former trade minister lord digby jones, and broadcaster henry bonsu. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster, these are our sporstday headlines: missing medical records and the mystery package, the questions that british cycling still has to answer as they are criticised by uk anti—doping. there's an fa cup quarterfinal at stake tonight as manchester city and huddersfield play to a finish in theirfifth round replay. and murray has reached the qaurter—finals in dubai after another straight sets win. good evening. the head of uk anti—doping revealed today how their investigation
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into allegations of wrongdoing in british cycling has been hampered by either incomplete or non—existant medical records at the organisation. nicole sapstead was giving evidence to a government select committee who are themselves looking at the issue of doping in sport. we also heard from the cycling coach who delivered a medical package from the uk six years ago to sir bradley wiggins and his doctor in france. let's speak to our sports news correspondent richard conway who was following today's select committee session. richard, a lot of eyebrows raised at a few things said today, and that mystery package remains a mystery. it does. the first person to appear was assignment. he is to work for tea m was assignment. he is to work for team sky. he talked about how he had been asked to deliver the package to
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doctor freeman in france. he said that he went to the team sky british cycling headquarters in manchester. there was an envelope there. it was sealed and he took it over to france for them. in the midst of all that, this was difficult viewing for quite a few minutes today because he was put underforensically a few minutes today because he was put under forensically that the nation about if he knew what was in the package, his methods of transport, the trail by which it got to france, why he needed to be in a car. there were lots of difficult a nswe i’s. car. there were lots of difficult answers. we can pick it up here with simon cope being questioned. i've listened to the evidence today and i think you were stitched up. you've been left alone by people that may or may not have been former colleagues or friends. you are left ina colleagues or friends. you are left in a difficult position. do you feel
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that? yes. is there anything else would like to tell the committee? i've told you everything i know. i was told to take it by my employees. i was was told to take it by my employees. iwas ina was told to take it by my employees. i was in a precision by were my brawl. full—time. —— by my employers. i was in a position where my role was not full time so i took anyjobi my role was not full time so i took any job i could. do you think that your career was any job i could. do you think that your career was damaged? —— any job i could. do you think that your careerwas damaged? —— europe edition? he denies any wrongdoing. we heard from the culture that delivered it. not from the doctor that received the package. enough for uk anti—doping's nicole sapstead to say that the evidence of the doctor could be critical. yes,
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doctor freeman said that he said was not well enough to attend today. mps will be writing to him perhaps for submission evidence. the need for that became even clearer given the course of nicole sapstead evidence. she said that... she was very critical of british cycling and team sky. she said that there was no record keeping of medical substances that went in and out of the manchester velodrome. then she was unable to return, at this stage off—road investigation, if it was sealed or if it was a steroid. under certain circumstances, in certain methods of infusion, it can be deemed illegal because of
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performance enhancing benefits. there was some evidence that it was that drug. as you can hearfrom now, she was scathing as regards a deep lack of record—keeping. she was scathing as regards a deep lack of record-keeping. it isjust very clear that there is no orders “ no very clear that there is no orders —— no audit trail of what is going in and out of a comprehensive supply of medical products. what you're saying is potentially very serious. there are laws about the dispensing and administering of medicines. from what you were saying, doctor freeman is not complying with the guidelines. nor is british cycling. yes. yes. the minute i from there, he is the chair of the culture media and sport select committee. a little
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later on, we caught up with him and we as first reaction as what here today. —— as to what he heard today. we are trying to establish how british cycling and team sky administer the anti—doping policies. what we have heard today is that they don't. not to satisfaction. there is not proper records being kept. that should be at the heart of any good policy on anti—doping. it isa any good policy on anti—doping. it is a pretty damning indictment of the way that things have been won in british cycling and editing sky. —— and at team sky. this has been a damaging day for both organisations. both have been keen to promote the benefits of clean, drug—free cycling. questions will persist past
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this point. thanks, we will be talking about it again, no doubt. manchester city and championship side huddersfield are playing for a place in the fa cup quarterfinals tonight. it's a replay at the etihad after the first match was goaless so it could take extra time and penalties. middlesbrough are waiting for the winners. every competition we try to win. i know the cup especially, how difficult it is to play at home, it is important in the premier league and the champions league. i don't deny that this game is more important than the other one. we have to make clear that we play against one of the best teams in the world. we are still huddersfield. we are very humble and know where we are. on the other side, it's foot ball are. on the other side, it's football and this is why everybody
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in the work of suitable. nobody knows the results before the game. this is why we will try our best to be everything, to be a serious competitor for manchester city. be everything, to be a serious competitor for manchester citym could be a good one to light. kick—off at 7:45pm. there are four matches in the scottish premiership tonight. leaders celtic could go 27 points clear and should do — they are away at bottom club inverness. dundee play pa rtick. hearts are at home to ross county. third placed rangers have got stjohnstone at ibrox. a couple of the home nations are putting in some women's european championship praparations in larnaca at the cyprus cup scotland and wales have secured wins. the scots beat new zealand 3—2, wales beat hungary 2—0. england are in the us taking part in the she believes cup. england are in the us taking part in the she believes cup. first up for them is france.
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they kick off at nine. that will be live on the bbc sport website. andy murray is into the dubai international quarterfinals, after brushing aside spain's guillermo garcia—lopez in straight sets. the world number one needed just an hour and 12 minutes to complete the comfortable win. murray was playing for the second time at his first tournament since his fourth—round defeat at the australian open injanuary. he'll face germany's philipp kohlschreiber in the last eight. he had been dealing with shingles. but dan evans is out. the british number two lost to fourth seed gael monfils. evans fought back after losing the first set to take the second but was swept aside by the world number twelve in the decider. golf could be quicker and simpler. that is according to the rule makers. he is our sports
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correspondent. there are few sports as steeped in tradition as golf. it's lost data back to 1744. the game has evolved but the rules are notoriously difficult to navigate. anything they can do to make a game quicker has got to be a bonus. today we need to be a bit more mindful that people new to the game needs to understand the rules quicker. so they can start playing rigidly without the worry of being penalised. —— start playing immediately. even the professionals have trouble. commentator: i think he's got a two shot penalty there. are you kidding me? it's situations like this that the golf authorities want to avoid. if we don't get past that level of
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understanding, we need to look again. i think that was the circumstances that we faced. these proposals have been described as the biggest set of changes to golf in a generation. the aim is notjust visible by the rule book but also to make it more accessible and remove mail only —— christian brothers only messages. we also got the 42nd will to play the next shot. he will have to play in 40 seconds. that is a big deal these days, keeping day going. —— keeping the play calling. you can just drop it on the ground like this. that's quite a big change. it isa this. that's quite a big change. it is a big change. also potting the
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flagging. if i hold the sport and hit the flag... flagging. if i hold the sport and hit the flag. .. the change of pace has been inspired by other sport. cricket and sticker have both introduced faster formats. —— cricket and sticker have both introduced fasterformats. —— credit and stickleback. these new laws should come into effect in 2019. make all the changes they want, i still want to be able to read. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. artist take you straight to the house of lords. there could be some drama there in a minute. the government is facing a possible defeat. piers are pushing for the rights of eu national side live in
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the united kingdom for after brexit. amendments have been tabled by labour and the liberal democrats. it cost the ministers to bring forward proposals within three months of triggering article 50 that would ensure the rights of eu citizens that lydia post—brexit. we will bring you that vote result as soon as it coming. that will be to have a few minutes. the bbc has seen documents which suggest that ford is to lay off around 1,100 jobs at its car plant in bridgend. our wales buysiness correspondent, brian meechan is in bridgend. what more do we know? well, the problem is a stark one. at the moment there are 655,000 engines made here in bridgend every year. those contracts are coming to an end. by 2021, there is only
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guaranteed work of 120 5000. that means that the company in the strict document has made it clear that it would not be able to give the level of workforce that it has now. it would go down to something like 600. it also pointed out that the inefficiencies that are here in bridgend. it costs about 6% more to make a courage and here than at ford in dagenham. it says that the only way that it can get more work is by the reducing these inefficiencies. time of real uncertainty for the workforce. that's right, not long after we spent the year talking about tata. that is just down the road. negotiations are going on between the unions and the workforce. there are five options
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being discussed, including the deadly strike action. —— including potentially strike action. you're watching bbc news. the headlines: voting is taking place in the house of lords to decide whether to try to get an amendment to the brexit bill. two british trainee doctors have been killed while fighting for islamic state in the iraqi city of mosul. the government is making it compulsory for all schools in england to provide sex education.


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