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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  March 2, 2017 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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and it's a second round exit for roger federer at the dubai championships. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with the news that barcelona head coach luis enrique has confirmed that he won't be at the club next season. the 46—year—old is in his third season at camp nou and won the champions league as part of the treble in his first year at barca, and led them to the domestic double last season but this campaign has been more problematic including a 4—0 loss in the opening leg of their champions league last 16 match against paris st germain. earlier i spoke to radio catalunya's ernest macia who believes now is the right time. probably this is a good moment because in canberra present a relapse for the team and a stimulation and a release for the team. now there's tension, today they won easily 6—1. it was against sporting dejong, one
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easily 6—1. it was against sporting de jong, one of easily 6—1. it was against sporting dejong, one of the teams that eventually will be relegated. but at barcelona we are watching a team that's losing its essence. luis enrique at the moment is losing the control of the team, in midfield especially, barcelona especially with messi, suarez and neymar, everyday the remnants of guardiola's tea m everyday the remnants of guardiola's team is smaller and smaller and i think that some players are fed up of the journalists who are asking critically about this and the pattern of the game and this tension has probably led luis enrique to go. i'm sure his decision was some months before. the considers that today was the day. luis enrique‘s a passim passionate man and the people in the media surrounding the club is also passionate, this relationship is very intense and for someone like henrique, it's enough. barcelona is
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a big club and i'm not sure that luis enrique was a coach for many, many years. he's explosive, so he expends a lot of energy. former barcelona coach and player pep guardiola who's now with manchester city also achieved the treble in his first season leading the catala ns from the dugout. he was asked for his opinion on the man he used to also play with before they turned to coaching. what he has done in barcelona in these three years, winning huge amounts of titles and the way they play, including the position of the game and other things. i think for barcelona it is a sad day because with him we were safe in many many reasons. of course it is his decision and i wish him all the best of course. i completely understand the decision. all that happened as real madrid were struggling to a 3—3 draw at home to las palmas. gareth bale was handed
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a straight red card for a push onjonathan viera reacting angrily to a late challenege. the score at that stage was 1—1 but was extended, first by viera, and a third from kevin—prince boateng. but two goals from cristiano ronaldo in the final four minutes saw real fight back from two goals down to salvage a result for the second time in consecutive matches. confirmation of all five results in the primera division on wednesday with barcelona's front three of messi, suarez and neymar all on the scoresheet while at the bottom a huge result for granada moves them up to third from bottom but in sight of safety. to the english fa cup where sergio aguero scored twice for manchester city in their 5—1 fifth round replay win over second tier huddersfield town. adam wild was watching. it just wouldn't be itjust wouldn't be the fa cup without those tinfoil trophies and dreams ofan without those tinfoil trophies and dreams of an upset. amongst huddersfield town's 8000 travelling fa ns huddersfield town's 8000 travelling fans there were plenty of both. and
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for a few minutes at least that optimism appeared well founded. still, sometimes even in this tournament there isn't room for sentiment. sane scoring for city. determined to avoid that upset. when sergio aguero was brought down in the box, a moment to showjust how ruthless they can be. this a very different side to the one that was held to a draw a fortnight ago. then they couldn't score. here city had three before the break. pablo za baleta three before the break. pablo zabaleta this time. the premier league quality finally telling. aguero made it four. for even the most optimistic dreams of an upset now over. a fifth with the final kick of the game, perhaps a little harsh on huddersfield. not that that interrupted their song. their thoughts go to the promotion
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challenge ahead and manchester city's to the quarter—finals. two goals from the prolific robert lewandowski helped holders bayern munich ease through to the semi—finals of the german cup thanks to a 3—0 win over schalke. in the 16th minute thiago alcantara made it 2—0. and lewandowski helped himself to a second goal in the 29th minute. in the coppa italia lazio have taken a 2—0 lead after the first leg of their semi final against roma following goals from milinkovic—savic and immobile holders paris st germain needed two goals in the last 15 minutes from javier pastore and edinson cavani as they beat second tier niort 2—0 moving into the quarter finals while monaco also went through to the quarter finals in quite incredible fashion beating marseille 4—3 in extra time after it finished 2—2 at the end of the 90 minutes. golf is changing the way it plays and according to the game's rule makers these are the biggest set of changes in a generation. on wednesday the r&a and the usga released a statement containing several changes
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to the laws of the game in the hope the sport will be quicker to play and easier to understand. katie gornall has been looking at what it means. cotton is open champion for the second time and britain is proud. there are a few sports as steeped in tradition as golf. its laws date back to 1744, and although the game has evolved, its rules remain notoriously difficult to navigate. has evolved, its rules remain notoriously difficult to navigatelj think notoriously difficult to navigate.” think you need a degree in law to fully understand it. anything they can do to make the game quicker has got to be a bonus. today we need to bea got to be a bonus. today we need to be a bit more mindful that people new to the game need to understand the rules quicker and start playing immediately without the worry of being penalised unnecessarily. even the professionals find it tricky. at the professionals find it tricky. at the us open last year confusion overshadowed dustinjohnson is the first major triumph. i think he's got a two shot penalty there because
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he would have made the bourne movie, that's one shot. are you kidding me? its situations like this the golf authorities want to avoid. if we don't get past that level of understanding, if it's too intimidating for people then we need to look again and i think that was the circumstances we faced. these proposals have been described as the biggest set of changes to golf in a generation. the aim is notjust to simplify the rulebook but also to make it more accessible to remove male only references and to speed the game up. which are some of the changes that have caught your eye? the bunker rule whereby if you're in a bunker you can take the option of taking the ball out for a two shot penalty if you have a particularly bad lie or if you're not a good bunker player, that could be a nice advantage. we've also got the 42nd rule to play your next shot, you have to play within 40 seconds. that's going to speed things up? that's going to speed things up? that's great, that will help people keeping playing. then you've got a
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drop rule where you don't have to drop rule where you don't have to drop from shoulder high like this, you can drop it on the ground like this. that's quite a big change. it isa this. that's quite a big change. it is a big change. and also parting with the flag in, there's no penalty 110w. with the flag in, there's no penalty now. if i hole this putt and hit the flag and openly. the change in pace has been described best but —— inspired by different sports, smoke are being one. golf has often been resista nt to are being one. golf has often been resistant to change and the new rules should come into effect in 2019, a significant attempt to move with the times. katie gornall, bbc news, manchester. i'm a big fan of the bunker rule, i will take the two shot penalty every time! roger federer wasted three match points and fell to a shock defeat against the russian world number 116 evgeny donskoy in dubai on wednesday. federer, the former world number one, who lifted his 18th grand slam title at the australian open injanuary, had match points in the second set of the second—round tie and also led 5—1 in the third—set tiebreak.
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but qualifier donskoy battled back to beat the third seed and set up a quarter—final clash against lucas pouille of france. andy murray cruised through to the third round with a swift victory over guillermo garcia—lopez. the spaniard had won their last meeting in indian wells five years ago but there was no chance of an upset here as murray eased to a 6—2 6—0 win to set up a clash with german philipp kohlschreiber. murray was on top of his game from the off against 97th—ranked garcia—lopez. a quick read cat of our top story: luis enrique will quit at barcelona at the end of this asian. —— a quick recap. —— end of the season. you can get all the latest sports news at our website that's well, a very blustery night out there for some of us,
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particularly across southern parts of the uk, especially the south—west, around the bristol channel. breezy inland too. and really, the weather is going to be very unsettled over the next few days. lots of clouds, lots of weather fronts out there in the atlantic, ready to come our way. this is what we've got through the early hours. here are the winds, quite strong in the south. some rain and hill snow across more central parts of the uk. and then we've got temperatures near freezing across the north, with some showers as well. now, the good news is that the winds will ease, eventually, through the course of the morning. it will still stay relatively breezy, and you can see there's a bit of cloud and rain again across parts of the midlands wales and the north—west in the morning. but i think by lunchtime, most of the uk should be enjoying fine weather. so this is a snapshot of thursday at 3pm in the afternoon. predominantly sunny, really a very pleasant day,
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quite breezy, though, still, especially across that south—eastern portion of the uk. some nice weather through yorkshire, not so bad in the north—west. but then, eventually, into northern ireland and scotland, we run into here, and there's quite a few showers around, and it feels on the chilly side as well. and there is a rain on the way for northern ireland. that won't arrive until thursday evening. clearfor a time in the evening across the rest of the country, before more rain. so these are low pressures here spiralling our way. this is the start of a very unsettled period through friday. and that's going to take us right into sunday as well. so rain around on friday, at least for some of us, not necessarily there in scotland. could be even sunny in the afternoon. and then by the time we get to saturday, that weather front‘s still with us, or at least that area of low pressure is with us, with the cloud and rain spiralling around it. it will be quite breezy as well. wherever they rain occurs, it is going to feel on the chilly side, probably no higher than about six degrees,
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six or seven degrees, across some of these more northern areas, and barely touching double figures in the south. plymouth, i suspect, around 9. that takes us across saturday into europe then. and what's it looking like across the rest of the continent? actually, quite a bit slow to come across the alps. unsettled for spain. very unsettled, as we have established, across the uk, and also into france as well. so a large chunk of western europe experiencing that very changeable weather on saturday. and into sunday, the same thing continues. you can see lots of fronts here. low pressure across the uk. brolly to hand. but clearly there will be breaks in the weather. it is not pouring all the time. here is the weather for the weekend if you happen to be thinking about it already. so, wet at times, and the winds will be quite strong, and it will feel on the chilly side. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories: the british government suffers its first defeat over its brexit bill after the house of lord rules eu nationals should be given the right to remain in the uk. french presidential hopeful
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francis fillon remains defiant over allegations of fraud as his campaign suffers another setback. syrian government forces once again enter the ancient city of palmyra months after the so—called islamic state drove them from it. and, it's being called the greatest blunder in 0scar history — the pairfound responsible for that envelope mix—up are told they won't be back again.
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