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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 5, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: the chancellor, phillip hammond, has dismissed as "reckless" calls for him to increase spending in his first budget on wednesday. we are spending over £50 billion a yearjust on paying the interest on our debt. that is more than we spend on defence and overseas aid together. the white house demands that congress investigate whether barack obama ordered wire—taps on president trump before last year's election. a former director of national intelligence denies the claims. there was no such wiretap activity amounted against the president—elect at the time as a candidate or against his campaign. francois fillon aims to rescue his bid for the french presidency at a rally paris. his future will be debated by senior politicians in his centre—right party tomorrow. you are up today with the latest
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news. now on bbc news, sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me will perry. the headlines this evening: six medals for great britain on day three of the european indoor athletics championships including another gold for laura muir. tottenham and manchester city both win to keep the pressure on chelsea at the top of the premier league. and, england are chasing 226 in antigua as we speak to win the one day series against the west indies. it has been a very good day for
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great britain at the indoor athletics. laura muir has become only the second briton to win two individual events at a european indoor championships after adding gold in the 3,000 metres to the 1500 metres title she took yesterday. she stormed to victory in belgrade in a championship record time ahead of turkey's yasemin can and compatriot eilish mccolgan. muir's achievements matched those of colin jackson set in paris 23 years ago, before she was even born. idid i did know what it was going to be today, i tried to hang in there. i was so today, i tried to hang in there. i was so tired but i was glad to be able to come in and do that today. did it go to plan? i thought it was in the turks interest to take it out. use my speed at the end i managed to cross the line in first place. asha philip pulled off surprise breaking the british record on her way to winning the 60 metres.
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it's her first individual medal at major senior championships. iamso i am so happy. i wasn't doubting myself, i knew i had it in me, and the confidence just run it through the confidence just run it through the race. but every time i got on the race. but every time i got on the start line, a false start happening. i thought i had the start line, a false start happening. ithought i had picked the start line, a false start happening. i thought i had picked up a niggle, buti happening. i thought i had picked up a niggle, but i didn't, it was in my head. and i thought, iwilljust a niggle, but i didn't, it was in my head. and i thought, i willjust go out and do my best. i am so happy. great britain has also won a silver today. shelayna 0skan—clarke in the 800 metres. she was narrowly beaten in a photo finish by switzerland's selina buchel who was 100th of a second quicker. lorraine rubin took the silver in the long jump. it is the best results of her career. and robbie grabarz says he's over the moon with a silver medal in the high jump just six weeks after having an emergency operation to remove his appendix. harry kane scored twice
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for tottenhamin their 3—2 win over everton to close the gap on leaders chelsea to seven points as adam wild reports. at white hart lane, two of the premier league's most inform strikers. calculating the goal—scoring achievement of harry kane and romelu lukaku this season, isn't easy. although it didn't stop some from trying. but there was another to add. harry kane's recent racket, almost as impressive as the handshake that followed. plenty for everton to discuss at half—time. most pressing, how to stop harry kane. they did have a plan, gifting him this kind of chance, wasn't it. easy to forget at times, but everton did have their own prolific striker. not many chances for romelu lukaku, but one was enough to give the travelling fans some hope. but that
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was momentarily nudged to one side by dele alli. even a late goal never really looked like being another. a clu b really looked like being another. a club record nine premier league wins ina row club record nine premier league wins in a row for spurs, harry kane and delhi ali proving a winning compilation. it is another fantastic achievement for that group. we feel very proud about that, to break the home record. it has made history, started to make history with that group, the young players. it is only the start of the good things that is coming in the future. we know they are strong, but they have two or three seasons in a row with the same players and they have bought some better players. it is all about bought some better players. it is allabout timing. bought some better players. it is all about timing. that is what we need to have in everton. if we get
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the time to improve, that is the next step for the club. 0k, in some aspects, we saw the difference today oi'i aspects, we saw the difference today on the pitch. in the second premier league game today manchester city moved to within a point of tottenham and eight of chelsea. pep guadiola's side 2—0 winners at sunderland, who stay rooted to the bottom of the table. hannah lupton watched this one. sometimes a pep talk goes a long way. but with david moyes' sunderland, propping up the premier league, they need more than words. jermain defoe scored eight times against manchester city and came within a whisker of his night, as sunderland limited them in the first half. the danger is, if you don't ta ke half. the danger is, if you don't take your chances against pep guardiola's site, they can do this... carved up just guardiola's site, they can do this... carved upjust before guardiola's site, they can do this... carved up just before the break, sergio aguero, i—0. his 23rd of the season. give david silva freedom, there can be trouble. here,
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it ended with manchester city's second. this place and position proving too much for sunderland and some of their fans. defoe did proving too much for sunderland and some of theirfans. defoe did manage to find the back of the net, but found the offside flag raised and a glimmer of hope dashed. city could have had a third butjordan pickford put a stop to that. for straight league wins for city, but it doesn't mean you escape are talking to from p9p- we expect how aggressive sunderland would play. very good first goal, but go to half—time with 1—0, it is different to draw or losing and the second half, we played really good.
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i don't think you can blame the players that any of that. we lacked quality. when we did get the ball back, we gave it away and we had to win it back again. but their energy, the game plan, we tried to do everything we could to get something out of the game. it will be an old firm derby in the semi—final of the scottish cup after celtic thrashed st mirren 4—1 in the last 8 with aberdeen drawn away at hibs after their 1—0 victory over partick thistle. nick parrort watched the action at celtic park. and impeccable tribute mark the passing of celtic alleging, tommy gammell. the examples he set have proved tough to follow and traditionally, those players did not look like players on a 33 match unbeaten run. they fell behind despite st mirren being a0 to one. harry davies was keen to upset them. after putting the visitors ahead, the defender was a resolute at the
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back. but you would need a miracle to hold off a team of celtic‘s quality and saints couldn't work one. just before the half—hour mark, their resilience was broken. 73 seconds later, the match swung in the opposite direction as scott sinclair showed the class between the two sides. the englishman set up moussa dembele a. bank with its rounded it off as celtic continued their march towards the trouble. the west indies have set england's cricketers a target of 226 to win the 2nd one day international in antigua. a win would seal the three match series for eoin morgan's side. patrick geary reports. tips for tourists in antigua. stay in the shade, dress appropriately, ta ke in the shade, dress appropriately, take early wickets. england got a couple, steven finn's 99th and 100th of his international career. the prevailing wind was against the west
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indies. they had to force things. the ball was swinging, the ball wasn't. batting was a challenge. mr gi wasn't. batting was a challenge. mr g1 could make you look silly with the bat or in the field. this left an injury to more than ben stokes' pride. he was back out in time to see craig brathwaite get out. no reprieve, bowled by moeen ali. jason mohammad took chances, but played the odds more impressively. his 50 saved west indies from surrender. when he went, no one adequately replaced him. west indies founding and had a plan for everything. this catch, two man job and had a plan for everything. this catch, two manjob and another step body would have been six. england are making the impressive look simple. england are 87—2 in reply. they need 226 to win in antigua. in rugby union's aviva premiership, worcester warriors moved seven points clear of relegation rivals
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bristol after a a1—2a win at sixways. worcester went over for their first try in the opening minute of the match and went on to score five more securing the bonus point before the break. bristol mustered three tries of their own but their chances of survival are slowly slipping away as they remain bottom of the table. elsewehre england number eight billy vunipola returned from injury as saracens secured a 35—27 bonus—point win at newcastle. vunipola could now feature in the rest of england's six nations campaign after playing 72 minutes at kingston park. after last night's emphatic victory over david haye in london, tony bellew has revealed he broke during the bout. the much—hyped british heavyweight showdown at the 02 ended with both fighters injured and considering their futures in boxing. our correspondent andy swiss reports. for the man who was once in a rocky
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movie, it really was a hollywood ending. few had tipped tony bellew and soon it was the heavier david haye packing a punch. but then a twist, in the sixth round, haye stumbled injuring his ankle. he could hardly move and bellew sensed his chance and haye was down. but not yet out. somehow he hobbled on but at the 11th, his hopes went through the ropes. as the cameras snapped around him, haye tried to scramble back to his feet. his team decided enough was enough. bellew had done it and after a build—up threatened by threats and insults, the warmest of embraces. the fight had taken its toll. haye left for surgery on had taken its toll. haye left for surgery on his achilles, when bellew revealed he'd broken his hand. but the toxic trash talking had turned
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to respect. i told him thank you. you have helped me secure my kids' future. he said thank you for making such a great fight, i cannot believe you are still standing. he gets admiration from me, a brilliant athlete and he has been in a special fight. one with no title at stake, but no shortage of pride. and great britain claimed three gold medals on the third day of the para cycling track world championships in los angeles. sophie thornhill won the womens tandem kilometre time trial, james ball won the men's event and there was also a first world title forjon gildea in the c5 individual pursuit. david mcdaid was watching. it was a super saturday for gb para track cyclist in los angeles. they won six medals, three of them gold. not only that, the women's tandem pairings took one, 23 in their time trial. sophie thornhill got the gold
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in that, has second of the week while aileen mcglynn and alison patrick took the silver and bronze. i have never experienced that before so i have never experienced that before so this stand there with our team—mates was brilliant and to come away with the gold medal is amazing. more gb riders coming through, pushing us along and it keeps the competition in great britain really well. a clean sweep for the women. the men, they went far be hand either. two bikes entered and two medals won. a first world title. there was a first world gold from john gilberry in the c5 individual pursuit. narrowly missed out on rio so pursuit. narrowly missed out on rio so this is the starting point to get on my way to tokyo. i cannot put it into words, it is one of the greatest feelings i have had. all of that brings great britain's gold
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medal tally to five in los angeles and you would expect that to rise on the final date with seven more medal opportunities. good data great britain in la. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport on the bbc news channel throughout the evening. coming up next, it is the film review.


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