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tv   World News Today  BBC News  March 12, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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this is bbc world news today, broadcasting in the uk and around the world. i'm alpa patel. the headlines. the iraqi military has gained control of the last road leading out of the city of mosul. we report from the frontline. we've heard three car bombs going off in the distance, we've also had a lot of incoming mortarfire, you can hear now the sounds of battle. turkey's president erdogan demands international sanctions against the netherlands, calling it a banana republic, as their spat deepens. the creator of the world wide web issues a warning about fake news and the abuse of data online. and, tottenham hotspur through to the english fa cup semifinals. wellcome.
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iraqi forces have made more gains in west mosul, the largest city still under the control of the islamic state group. they claim to have cut the last road out of the city. government troops, backed by a us—led coalition, recaptured the east of the city in late january, after more than 100 days of fighting. now they say a third of the west, which is almost completely surrounded, has been retaken. but around 600,000 civilians are still believed to be trapped inside. 0ur middle east correspondent 0rla guerin and cameraman nico hameon have been travelling with the iraqi forces. a warning, you may find parts of their report distressing. a rare glimpse of western mosul. urban warfare on a momentous scale. caught below, hundreds of thousands of civilians.
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this is the place where is proclaimed its caliphate. here it was born, and here iraqi forces say it will die. 0n the ground, they are advancing, but struggling to hold what they capture. they pound is positions. then, frantic gunfire towards a threat overhead. an is drone maybe carrying explosives, they manage to shoot it down. this is as far as we can go for now. as you can hear, there is a lot of gunfire in the area. there are snipers in position on this street. we have cover here, so we won't be moving from this position, but within the last half an hour or so, we have heard three car bombs going off in the distance.
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we have also had a lot of incoming mortarfire. you can hear now the sounds of battle. the is fighters that are in this area are putting up fierce resistance. troops using every weapon, even home—made rockets. then, the rush to retrieve a casualty. we can't say how many have paid with their lives, iraqi forces don't reveal their losses. but commanders say they have to defeat is here or fight them elsewhere in the future. and as the fighting rages, more weary civilians leave scarred neighbourhoods, where they have been caught between the militants and the army.
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few may have endured more than this man. is put an anti—aircraft gun near his house. an air strike targeting the extremists brought the roof down on his family. translation: three of my daughters are dead. they buried my heart. my daughters were under the concrete of the house. they didn't let me see them before they were buried. as well as losing his daughters and his home, he lost his leg. he prays god will destroy is, as they have destroyed iraq. let's go to neighbouring turkey,
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where president erdogan has warned the netherlands it will pay the price after two of his ministers were prevented from a rally in rotterdam. mr erdogan has again called the dutch "nazis", and described the netherlands as a "banana republic". the dutch prime minister mark rutte has demanded an apology. not our usual image of the netherlands. this was the wound the dog left behind as riot police used considerable force against turkish demonstrators. they were angered by the dutch government's refusal to allow their politicians to attend a campaign rally in support of president erdogan. he is counting on the backing of more than a million turkish citizens living in europe
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to expand his powers back home in next month's referendum. but his minister for families wasn't allowed to address them. the second turkish minister turned back by the dutch government. she returned to istanbul defiant. translation: in holland, holland as a country that speaks of freedom and democracy, we were faced with very rough and hard treatment. it is ugly of europeans who talk about women's rights and tell us how we should treat women in turkey. all this followed president erdogan‘s far—stronger language at a rally, denouncing the dutch as "nazi remnants and fascists". those words have infuriated several european governments, including germany's, mindful of the nazi occupation of holland during the second world war. we are absolutely willing to deescalate. of course, these utterings of the president of the turkish republic, they do not help, and they are
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completely unacceptable. but this is also the collision of two electoral campaigns, in turkey and the netherlands. the dutch go to the polls first, on wednesday. it's been a tense campaign, dominated by the anti—immigration freedom party of geert wilders. he blames the prime minister for allowing immigrants in, and is set to make big gains. it's unclear how the weekend violence and the extraordinary diplomatic crisis with turkey will influence dutch voters, making big choices against a background of rising populism across europe. well, i've been speaking to a close ally of president erdogan. egemen bagis has also served as the turkish minister of eu affairs. he began by telling me why his country's government is not backing down. the way members of the governing party are treated are inhumane, undiplomatic and unlawful.
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it is against the eu and the council of europe and the united nations. what did you make of the language the president is using? he has called the dutch nazi remnants. is it appropriate to be using that sort of language? the language he uses is a reaction to the illogical actions of the dutch government. is it appropriate, given europe's painful past when it comes to the nazis? that is not our mistake or our problem. but hitler was afraid of thejews, he was afraid they were getting too strong, and some people in europe think 5 million turks is quite a lot for europe and they are getting too strong. are you comparing the modern—day german government and the dutch government to the nazis? i am not comparing them to them,
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but they are reminding of the illogical actions of mankind towards others. they should respect that these people have the right to learn from visiting ministers, politicians from both ends, the pros and the cons. nobody is forcing them to meet with these ministers, but those who want to come and meet them and learn from them and ask them questions should be allowed to. this is basic democratic right, basic freedom of speech, and basic human rights. the president has said that a price needs to be paid, what do you think that is? we have already announced that the ambassador who was away, left turkey a day before this crisis, will not be welcomed unless his government apologises. we expect the netherlands, a country with whom we have more than 400 years of relations, to explain and apologise why
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they acted in a furious way, because our minister was travelling on a diplomatic passport, she the right to go to our consulate, she was 30 metres away from our consulate general‘s residence and she was not able to enter her own diplomatic property. this is outrageous. a close ally of president erdogan there. let's take a look at some other stories for you this hour. the former president of south korea, park geun—hye, has adopted a defiant attitude in herfirst statement since being removed from office in a corruption scandal. following her departure from the presidential palace, miss park said the truth would eventually emerge about the allegations against her. she may now face criminal prosecution. a bus has veered into a crowd in haiti, killing 3a people. the incident happened in the town of gonaives,
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north of the capital, port au prince. officials say the bus first knocked over two pedestrians, killing one of them. the driver then attempted to speed away from the scene, ploughing into a group of street musicians. south african police say a baby whose apparent abduction sparked widespread concern has been found. the baby was discovered by police early on sunday morning and is now being looked after by social services. the police have arrested three people, including the baby's mother. at least 48 people are reported to have been killed in ethiopia in a landslide at a huge rubbish dump outside the capital, addis ababa. dozens of homes have been buried under the rubble and there are fears the death toll could rise. desperate residents wait for news at this rubbish dump on the outskirts of ethiopia's capital. a massive landslide swept through the site on saturday, burying dozens of makeshift homes.
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many of the victims were women and children, squatters who scavenged for a living in the dump. many people are still missing, and today excavators sifted through the rubbish, as authorities searched for survivors. translation: i heard that eight children who were studying the holy koran were all buried somewhere in the middle of the rubble. this landfill has been a dumping ground for the capital's garbage for more than a0 years. there have been smaller landslides in the past, but nothing like this. authorities warned the landfill was running out of room, and it closed last year. but dumping resumed after a new landfill was rejected by residents. translation: we told them not to dump on the top. i think the decision by the city's officials to resume dumping waste was the main reason for this accident. i think around 150 people were here during the landslide. local authorities have vowed
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to relocate those who live here. but for these families, action has come too late. stay with us on bbc world news. still to come. the creator of the world wide web has used a warning about fake news and the abuse of data online. the numbers of dead and wounded defied belief, this the worst terrorist atrocity on european soil in modern times. in less than 2a hours the soviet union lost an elderly sikh leader and replaced him with a dynamic figure 20 years his junior. with's figure 20 years his junior. with‘s we heard gunshots, they started firing. we were all
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petrified. sentenced to 99 years, due for pa role sentenced to 99 years, due for parole when he is 90, travelled to nashville state prison in an eight car c0 nvoy. what is it feel like to be married at last? it feels fine, thank you. will it change your life? at last? it feels fine, thank you. will it change your life ?|j at last? it feels fine, thank you. will it change your life? i don't know, i have never been married before! this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines. the iraqi military has gained control of the last road leading out of the city of mosul. the turkish president has called the netherlands a banana republic and demanded international sanctions in
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the worsening dramatic row between the worsening dramatic row between the countries. a group of british mps are warning that the government has not sufficiently planned for what would happen if ministers can't reach a deal with the european union once it leaves. when brexit is triggered, ministers have two years to negotiate a new relationship. the mps say not enough work has been done on what would happen if talks go wrong. theresa may wants to get on with it. for months she has vowed to kick—start brexit talks by the end of march. but some here in parliament are fighting to get safeguards written into law before the negotiations begin. today, the brexit secretary tried to reassure mps and peers that they would get a vote on the prime minister's final deal with the eu. but... what we can't have is the... either house of parliament reversing the decision of the british people. they haven't got a veto on it. what does it mean otherwise? people talk about meaningful votes.
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what does it mean otherwise? peers have defeated the government twice, and labour's standing firm. what we say to the prime minister, and i wrote to her on friday, reflect on what the house of lords has said. by majorities of nearly 100 they have sent back two important issues. this issue of the eu nationals, reflect on it. don't have this obsession with getting article 50 triggered this week. the two—line brexit bill is still making its way through parliament. last week, the house of lords made their changes. the government will try to overturn these in the commons tomorrow. if they succeed, the bill returns to the lords almost immediately, and if they give way, the final stage of royal assent could be completed tomorrow night. so, the government has parliamentary hurdles to get over this week, but ministers seem confident that theresa may will be able to stick to her original plan, formally telling the rest of the eu that the uk is ready to start negotiating its exit.
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attention is turning to exactly what kind of deal, if any, the uk can get. the prime minister has said publicly that no deal for the uk is better than a bad deal, but that would mean tariffs on exports, under world trade organisation rules. my fear is that what this is really about is us deliberately — not the prime minister, but others — deliberately ensuring that we have no deal. and no deal pretty soon, and in that event, we jump off the cliff onto wto tariffs, and nobody in this country... the people of this country don't have a say. mr davis admits the government is preparing a contingency plan in case there is no deal, but he doesn't think it is remotely likely. look, it's going to be tough. let's make no bones about it. there will be tough points in this negotiation. but it's in everybody‘s interest that we get a good outcome. parliament's debate about the bill isn't quite over, but after months of talking about the talk,
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formal negotiations will soon be under way. the creator of the world wide web has expressed concern about the abuse of data online and the spread of fake news. tim berners—lee said that he was increasingly worried about three trends which he says must be tackled. first, he argues that many people have lost control of their personal data, as governments around the world scrutinise their citizens online. he also says that misinformation can travel easily around the web, pointing out that sites creating fake news are "spreading like wildfire". and finally, he says that as political advertising online has become an increasingly—sophisticated industry, it needs to be more transparent. dr bernie hogan is from the oxford internet institute. he gave us his reaction. it's a really important series
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of issues that are happening. with respect to the first one, this is partially in reaction to a lot of concerns about data sharing within government organisations, undermining personal protection acts. and there is a lot that is being done that we don't really know what is happening. and so there is little transparency and little accountability as a consequence. a lot of it comes down to the establishment of the source of information. but a lot of these sites that are "fake news" are really fly by night blogs thatjust popped up one day and are gone the next. and they're not really an established source of journalism. and so that's very different from news that we see with bodies from established series of professionals that abide by guidelines and otherwise take their brand seriously.
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i think that this is something, at least in the uk, where we should lean on 0fcom in order to think about what is appropriate or inappropriate. although 0fcom doesn't concern itself to the same extent with online news organisations. unfortunately, this is a global phenomenon, and so this is not about something that abides in europe or in the uk or in the states, but these servers could be anywhere. so we are somewhat at the mercy of international online platforms, because they seem to have much more control over the quality of this than other international bodies. imean, we wouldn't really ask the un to police our fake news. the sport. a good day at the office the spurs. totte n ha m
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a good day at the office the spurs. tottenha m fa ns a good day at the office the spurs. tottenham fans will be happy, their tea m tottenham fans will be happy, their team is true to the semifinals of the fa cup after a 6—0 victory over millwall. son scored a hat—trick. but there were fears over harry kane, who limped off after seven minutes. he may have injured the same ankle that kept him out for five games earlier in the season. spurs join five games earlier in the season. spursjoin manchester five games earlier in the season. spurs join manchester city and arsenal in the last four. chelsea or manchester united will complete the line—up, they play on monday. thejob is done. it was important for us to play well and score goals and show we are set to go to wembley. we are very pleased and happy. now we need to prepare this week for the premier league game against southampton, but very pleased, very happy, the performance was fantastic. leicester city have confirmed caretaker manager craig shakespeare will be in charge until the end of the season. the premier league champions sacked claudio ranieri a fortnight ago when they were 17th in the table.
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since then, shakespeare has led them to wins over liverpool and hull city. liverpool have strengthened their grip on fourth place with a hard—fought grip on fourth place with a hard —fought 2—i grip on fourth place with a hard —fought 2—1 victory grip on fourth place with a hard—fought 2—1 victory over burnley. they were far from their best and had to come from a goal down. ashley barnes scored in the seventh minute, but georginio wijnaldum equalised and emory chan claimed the three points with a strike just after the hour. it is important because, in the past, we have lost those matches and today we won the game. we know it was not our best game, but at this stage, you have to win the games. was it all about winning today? it was all about winning and to get three points. it is tough. i thought overall we gave a good account of ourselves. it is not easy to come here. they have only been beaten
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here once this season. a sublime goal. the quality of the first goal was fantastic. a soft one before half—time. getting lucky. it landed perfectly for him. the second goal we were disappointed in, but a lot of the game we gave a strong account of ourselves. the mentality has been good. we need luck along the way. the new zealand head coach steve hansen has told the bbc eddiejones has instilled a fresh work ethic into england's rugby—union team. barcelona's hopes have taken a blow in the spanish league. they lost 2—1 two double tivo. they missed the services of their style striker neymar. real madrid are currently level with real betis, if they win, they will go top of the league.
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joina they will go top of the league. join a has been knocked out of the indian wells tennis by caroline garcia. the match went the distance, the british player losing on a tie—break in the third set. the frenchwoman is 25th in the world. novak djokovic plays later. the first test match between new zealand and south africa in an attempt was abandoned as a draw on sunday when rain washed out the final day's play. the second test match starts in wellington on thursday. that's all sport for now. tributes have been played tojoni sledge, from the band sister sledge. she was 60. such a familiar sound, the band, made up of four sisters,
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achieved fame in 1979 with their signature june. 0ther hits achieved fame in 1979 with their signaturejune. 0ther hits included the greatest dancer. a statement from herfamily the greatest dancer. a statement from her family said joni sledge the greatest dancer. a statement from herfamily said joni sledge had loved and embraced life. the main news, the iraqi military has reportedly cut the last road leading out of the city of mosul thatis leading out of the city of mosul that is still held by islamic state militants. the us envoy said iraqi soldiers had taken control of the highway overnight. pro—government forces have been gradually advancing through the suburbs of western mosul. they say they now hold more than a third of its neighbourhoods, at 600,000 civilians are still believed to be trapped inside the west. well, that's all from the programme. from me and the rest of the team, goodbye. the weekend has brought a bit of a
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mix of weather. 0n the weekend has brought a bit of a mix of weather. on saturday, plenty of sunshine, and some saw the sunshine in the west on sunday. tonight, things are looking mostly dry, and things will turn cold, with the clear skies extending west to east. high pressure builds from the south—west as we head into the working week, which will keep the weather front at bay. quite a lot of dry, settled weather over the next few days. more cloud and rain across scotla nd few days. more cloud and rain across scotland and northern ireland. england and wales stick with clearer skies. it will be cold in the more ruble spots. in some places the temperatures are just one or 2 degrees above freezing, low enough for a touch of frost. despite that, plenty of sunshine across much of southern england and wales. light
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wind, pleasant, fresh morning. further north, the odd spot of rain across north—west england. slightly cloudy into southern scotland, but there will be sunshine working through across northern ireland and scotland. light wind, but breezy in the far north. moving through the day, we have the cloudy zone bringing one or two spots of light rain south across northern england. to the south and east, it will be a fine day, light wind, feeling warm. further north, a decent day, predominantly dry. monday evening looks dry, a bit of rain for northern and western scotland. as we head into tuesday, high—pressure sitting to the south, there will be a weather front that tries to make its way in. it will bring a bit more cloud on tuesday, and some outbreaks of rain. the wind is a feature,
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especially in the north. not quite as windy further south across the uk. temperatures again mild. it is a blustery day. during wednesday, high—pressure stays with us, so a largely dry day. not as windy as tuesday. hello. this is bbc news. the iraqi military has taken control of the last road leading out of the path of mosul still held by islamic state militants. pro—government forces now hold more than a third of its neighbourhoods. the tour this comment has called for international sanctions against the dutch government after it prevented two of its ministers making speeches. a landslide at a rubbish dump in the ethiopian capital has killed at
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least 48 people. dozens of makeshift homes have been buried under the rubble and a number of people are missing. the former president of south korea has been defined in her first statement since
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