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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 14, 2017 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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and several regions have declared a state of emergency. now it is time for our news review. what's making headlines around the world 7 the scottish first minister nicola sturgeon is featured on many of the british papers this morning — including the guardian. she's demanded a second referendum on scottish independence. the paper says that the announcement upstaged theresa may's brexit plan. the top story on the website of the new york times looks at the new republican healthcare plan. it reports budget analysts as saying the bill would leave 2a million people without health insurance by 2026. saudi arabia's king salman has met prime minister shinzo abe in tokyo — the first visit by a saudi arabian king tojapan in 46 years. the japan times reports on the pair agreeing to push forward on special
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deregulated economic zones in the middle eastern country to attract japanese investors. "intel enters the driverless car race" — that's on the front page of the financial times this morning. the us chipmaker has agreed to a 15 billion dollar takeover of an israel company that develops "autonomous driving" systems. and finally, robot cops in dubai. gulf news says that the uae is set to get its first police robot in may — and that police officials there want to make robots 25% of their police force by 2020. joining us is david buik, market strategist at investment bank panmure gordon. thank you for being with us. what an
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eclectic bunch of stories we have today. we always try and please, you know? what a shock this was for us and the government, and nicola sturgeon on all of the front pages. she is a piece of work. her timing is brilliant. anybody worried about the wooden spoon department, unbelievable. i think the thing that she wants to get the fullest effect is that clearly, as she described it, theresa may is not moving at all. there is no use at all. the interesting thing about this call for the second referendum is that the scottish economy is probably in worse shape than it was three years ago. why? first and foremost, oil is significantly lower in price. that isa significantly lower in price. that is a very significant point of view. the oil around shetland and all the rest of it, despite the fact the government's budget is going to be
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more expensive to get oil out of the ground. i noticed you tweeted yesterday, " ra rely ground. i noticed you tweeted yesterday, "rarely have i heard such self—centred, sanctimonious, hollow rhetoric". pretty un— fare considering scotland voted to stay in the european union? element as far as in the european union? element as farasi in the european union? element as faras i am in the european union? element as far as i am personally concerned, and effective approach on her part. —— as faras and effective approach on her part. —— as far as i'm concerned. and effective approach on her part. -- as far as i'm concerned. no aid of england, no regulation, also, 5 million people trying to generate an economy that can stand on its own feet within the european union with an excellent charts that they won't meet the financial criteria to get into the eu. what happens with fast lane. it is a multibillion pound project that involves both sets of people on both sides of the border in scotland. what happens to that? for me, i love scotland, i love the
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scottish people, this is reckless. we're bearing over the cliff into the financial abyss. we will have to keep an eye on how it all pans out. nicola sturgeon and theresa may in the meantime. let's look at the other stories out there. this is a big debate in the us about the trump health—care plan that will replace 0bama to it. —— 0bamacare. the amount of people that will have no health insurance is away more than what was first estimated or thought of. this is a real problem for the republicans and yet they will power a head. the moderate republicans, much like the democrats, will be absolutely appalled. in the us, all you hear about is well. you just
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need to go around to philadelphia, baltimore, detroit, missouri, the level of deprivation is huge. if i could understand the rationale, i would tell you but i don't get it. 40 would tell you but i don't get it. a0 million people will be without healthcare that had it before. that his next year. —— ia million. healthcare that had it before. that his next year. -- 14 million. 25 million by next year. it seems to be airyfairy million by next year. it seems to be airy fairy what will be replacing with it. i think it is crawl. they said the deficit will come down. but when you are talking about the health and the general welfare of the entire community, how damaging that can be if people are not on top of their game, that can affect productivity and everything else. the affordable care act which is being replaced, many people will argue it did not work as well as a
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was expected to work. there were many problems with that system that was in place. it does need to be refined. it is whether this new plan is better or worse and at the moment, it looks as though too many people will be left without health insurance. the thing with 0bama -- 0bamacare, it insurance. the thing with 0bama -- 0bamaca re, it needed insurance. the thing with 0bama -- 0bamacare, it needed more time. king salman is in tokyo visiting shinzo abe. i think both of them are chances. i went to riyadh and it was a small town. there was a fantastic budget surplus, billions and billions of barrels of oil. now you go there and it is a really thriving international situation but king salman was absolutely correct. they have to get away from only having oil. especially with the price so low. exactly. especially with the
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prowess of the japanese people. i think shinzo abe use some of the saudi's oil. they have been in putting huge amounts of oil since then. at a big cost. this is a huge scratch my back and i will scratch yours. the other thing is, it is a funny old thing but... iran code, co. what you think of driverless cars? delly can't even imagine the thought of it! i hope i will be six feet under by then. --i can't even imagine. fantastic visa. they will
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ta ke imagine. fantastic visa. they will take google head on, they will take apple head on, they really are going to go for it. intel is the largest chipmaker in the world. regulatory chipmaking is disappearing very fast as other new ideas come through. i think this is brave, i think it is a sensible, i think it is the way the market is going. i'm just delighted i'm not going to be part of it. the driverless car market is expected to be huge in decades to come. there are some cities in china where they are some cities in china where they are actually try to become the first driverless city. it is quite incredible. personally, i'm looking forward to not having the responsibility of driving. and you think it's going to work? (laughs). where we are in full, there is a whole row where you can clock in electric cars. i never thought in my day of excess police robots? -- in
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my day. police robots? what is interesting about that part of the world, the middle east, there is not the crime that there is in other parts of the western world. introducing something like that in dubai makes an awful lot of sense. people for better behaviour record, maybe? david, thank you very much bobbing with us. so much to talk about, so little time! especially on the story regarding brexit, there is a lot of analysis on website. see you soon. hello there. the relatively settled theme to the weather continues for at least another couple of days. it's going to be relatively mild during the day on tuesday but breezy for many of us, particularly windy across northern parts of scotland where the met office have issued
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a yellow warning for the strength of the winds, causing some disruption for the northern isles of scotland with some heavy showers on the cards as well. further south across the country, most places looking dry first thing tuesday morning. pretty mild too. around the country at 8am, heavy showers for the northern and western isles with the odd rumble of thunder combined with those strong winds and some big waves too. but for much of scotland and northern ireland, a bright start for most. some isolated showers. cloudy at times for northern england down to wales and the south—west. a bit of mist and hill fog. perhaps the odd spot of drizzle. for much of england and central eastern parts in particular, relatively bright. some sunny spells breaking through that could. but in general a cloudier day than we saw during monday. most places, dry. strong winds as you can see, gusts up to 70mph developing across the northern isles of scotland with some heavy showers too. certainly less breezy elsewhere, still mild for this time of year. in the sunnier spells we're likely to see 15 or 16 degrees.
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could be a degree or so higher in one or two spots. as for the first day of the cheltenham festival, a decent looking day. quite a bit of cloud but some brightness around. mild, 13 or 1a degrees with a gentle south—westerly breeze. heading through the latter part of tuesday evening and overnight, a few spots ofjust light patchy rain moving south across england and wales. quite cloudy with some mist and hill fog in the west. further north, clearer skies moving in, particularly for northern england and scotland and northern ireland. temperatures a bit fresher here first thing wednesday. wednesday is looking like a decent day for many of us. high pressure in charge. variable amounts of cloud. cloudy towards the south and south—west for a time. the best of the sunshine towards north—eastern parts of the country. some rain in the far north—west but elsewhere dry and temperatures still in the mid—teens. a pleasant enough day on wednesday. into thursday, a bit of a change because we've got this next atlantic low pressure system brings this fairly weak weather front. another breezy day on thursday especially in the north—west. it's here we will see a few outbreaks of light patchy rain. further south and east across much of england and wales, still mild and dry.
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1a degrees or so. slightly fresher towards the north—west. that fresher theme continues into friday and saturday and things will start to feel a bit more unsettled into the weekend. bye for now. hello, this is breakfast, withjon kay and louise minchin. parliament clears way for brexit to begin. it means the prime minister can now start the formal process of leaving the eu. but calls for a second referendum on scottish independence before brexit look set to be rejected — we're live in westminster and edinburgh this morning to hearfrom both sides. good morning, it's
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tuesday 1ath march. also this morning — a new warning over the way hackers are coming after our personal details. yes. smartphones, televisions and even fitness trackers are being targeted according to the team in charge of the fight against cyber crime.
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