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tv   BBC News at Six  BBC News  March 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:11pm GMT

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or guests, but as members, too. these golfing visitors from switzerland, pleased at the result. 80%. that's a lot. yeah. great. so we'll come back. yeah. congratulations to the scottish people then. i find it a very historical moment, i find it great that women can become members now. women and men can now play as equals here, not immediately though, the waiting list for entry is at least two years. lorna gordon, bbc news, muirfield. the bank of england's newly appointed deputy governor, charlotte hogg, has resigned. she admitted failing to disclose that her brother worked for barclays, which broke the bank's own code of conduct which ms hogg had helped to write. a former champion fell—runner has been jailed for 18 years after admitting trying to murder a uk athletics official. lauren jeska, who's transgender, attacked ralph knibbs with a knife after a row about hormone tests.
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she also wounded two it was the kind of mystery detectives hadn't been faced with for 20 years. a man, who travelled more than 5,000 miles, to apparently kill himself. found on saddleworth moor with no phone, no wallet and no way of identifying him. in fact, it took the authorities over a year tojust find out his name. 0ur correspondent, judith moritz, has been at today's inquest into his death. saddleworth has a stark beauty its reservoirs and poor land set against pen nine skies. people come here to walk, to sail and to cycle, but one came here and died. this grainy man came here and died. this grainy film shows david lytton at a wedding. there's very little footage of him and his identity was a mystery for so long the best image available of his face was an artist's impression. he travelled from a different world, 5,500 miles away in pakistan. we now know that
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although he was from london, he had been living here in a suburb of lahore since 2006. translation: he was our neighbour. he was a nice person, keeping himself to himself. he never bothered anybody. local lads used to tease him at times. he flew from lahore to heathrow in london. he travelled from ealing broadway station to eustoon and manchester piccadilly. he visited shops and bought a return train ticket. he went 14 miles to the foot of saddleworth moor, walked into a pub and asked for directions to the top of the mountain. the following morning his body was discovered it. with a medicine bottle, he had died of rare strychnine poisoning. a cyclist found the body, there was no
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mobile phone, wallet, driving licence or credit cards. no clue as to who he was. the mystery took detectives on a year—long, worldwide search. through a metal implant police found he had surgery in pakistan. they combed flight records and finally found his name. he with and finally found his name. he with aa and finally found his name. he with a a private guy. he kept everybody departmentalised from each other, all of us. he learnt to do that from a young age. i adored david. he was very, very different. his family say they are not aware of any link he had to saddleworth moor. although we now know who he is, the reason why he went there and died remains a mystery. it's the opening day of the cheltenham festival and the winner of today's champion hurdle, the feature race, was a horse called buveur d'air which, translated into english, literally means ‘the air drinker‘. it's a fitting name given that for the first time the festival organisers have introduced alcohol restrictions to try to prevent drunken behaviour. 0ur sports correspondent, andy swiss, is there for us. andy. the fans here starting to make their way home. we are expecting around a quarter of a million this week,
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this, after all, is one of the highlights of the sporting calendar. it's one of the highlights of the social calendar and fans know they'll have to behave. to warning you, this report does contain flashing images. it's the week when all hooves and hopes head to cheltenham. those looking to make their name onjump racing's biggest stage and a few who've already made it. the retired ap mccoy unveiling his own statue this morning, no longer in the saddle, but still under cheltenham's spell. the fans traditional festivities though are being slightly reined in, they're now limited to buying four drinks per round after some unruly scenes last year. the message is clear, the response more mixed. well, it's pretty short poor share, i think. they should have got rid of the people that were the offenders last year and carried on with the drinking. as long as you're responsible, it's absolutely fine. it won't affect my day. there's eight of us, so it's two rounds, so it's easy. plus, you spill them if you 0k more than three anyway. so who would give them
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something to toast? well, this was the view from buveur d'air in the day's big race, the champion hurdle, and in a class of his own. commentator: ..for nicky henderson, and 50 festival winners forjp mcmanus... for trainer nicky henderson, a record sixth win in the race, some 32 years after his first. it's fun. i mean, these are the days. there's a lot of tough days that, you know, it hasn't been easy, it hasn't been plain sailing. it's been an extraordinaryjourney. we still enjoy it. well, we loved it. of course we love it, otherwise we wouldn't be here. but this is a place for youth as well as experience. atjust 17 years old, jack kennedy winning on outsider labaik. it seems some celebrations here still have no limits. andy swiss, bbc news, cheltenham. and, finally, an unusually late
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winter storm is sweeping across the american north—east, from washington to boston, bringing heavy snowfalls and strong winds. these were the scenes in new york today with storm stella expected to unleash up to two feet of snow in some places as well as plenty of sleet across the region. schools have been closed and thousands of flights have been cancelled. a state of emergency has been declared in new york and newjersey. time for a look at the weather, nick miller. very much in the grip of it, aren't they? absolutely. this is how it looks on the weather chart. 0nce that has moved away it will still bitterly cold in this part of the world. when you see it going on in the usa you think — is that coming here? no, we will not get a snowstorm, our weather pattern will getan impact snowstorm, our weather pattern will get an impact from this. cold air will strengthen the jetstream across the atlantic and bringing weather systems towards us. it will be cooler, wetter and windier. a change, but not a snowstorm. it will
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be very different from what we have at the moment. another gorgeous view from today. it's been windy today in northern scotland. a gust of 7a miles per hour, but the wind will ease, showers around. cloud will increase in the west. for the northern half of the uk and the countryside where you are clear there could be frost into tomorrow morning. cooler night. tomorrow some sunny spells to begin the day. a lot of cloud in the west, damp and drizzly in northern ireland. aspects of rain moving into western scotland. cloud for the far west of england and west wales. there will be bright and sunny breaks coming through. where you get that it will feel warm, 16 or 17 celsius. going into wednesday evening, some outbreaks of rain in northern scotland, but many of us are going to end the day on a fine note. this is the picture for thursday. the weather will start to turn more
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active. some outbreaks of rain moving south across scotland and northern ireland reaching parts of northern england and wales. the wind will pick up. it's from friday into the weekend we will notice that bigger change. temperatures will come down. not on the scale of those we're seeing in the north—east of the usa, closer to average for the time of year, maybe below. the wind will pick up. that will help the cooler feel. it will turn wetter. will pick up. that will help the coolerfeel. it will turn wetter. i think there will be a chance of seeing snow in the scottish hills, but for most of us that's going to be in the form of rain. things very different for friday and the weekend compared with what we have at the moment. that's it. sophie. nick, thank you. that's all from the bbc news at six. goodbye from me. on bbc 0ne wejoin news at six. goodbye from me. on bbc 0ne we join the bbc‘s news teams where you are. goodbye. the headlines: theresa may has said britain is braced for a defining moment as it prepares to leave the european union. this will be a defining moment for our whole country as we begin to forge a new
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relationship with europe and a new role for ourselves in the world. aid agencies are warning that time is running out to save more than 20 million people who are facing famine across africa and the middle east. a crew member from a crashed irish coastguard helicopter who died after being pulled from the sea is named as captain dara fitzpatrick. the search continues for three people who are missing. a state of emergency has been declared in areas of america, including new york and pennsylvania. 100,000 people without power.
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