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tv   Triggering Article 50  BBC News  March 25, 2017 10:45pm-11:01pm GMT

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hasn't gone to his old party —— winston churchill's phrase.” hasn't gone to his old party —— winston churchill's phrase. i think he has been tory all along. he said that he joined ukip because he was desperate for brexit. a lot of tories were desperate for brexit, but now it is being delivered by theresa may, he is a tory. but a strategic tory. you are not connected to any party, but you aren't enthusiastic supporter of brexit. i am a member of the tory party. | brexit. i am a member of the tory party. i hadn't realised you are now a member. from your point of view, being do so as dispassionate as i know you will be about this, do you think ukip has a purpose now post two think ukip has a purpose now post ton think ukip has a purpose now post two i don't think. you havejust admitted that laurie conservative!” can authoritative lyc e that ukip is finished! they are having a civil war despite the sunday telegraph. there is a very striking image. ukip has been having a civil war since it was founded! a very wonderfully
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vivid, colourful picture of the floral tributes, some laid by police officers outside the site where pc keith palmer died. we have time for a very interesting story. on the face of it, ruth, this ought to be giving the other editors in fleet street palpitations when they see this on the front of the mail and they haven't got it. william's helicopter a split—second from lethal crash. do we know if it is true?! of course it is true, but it is rather carefully phrased. it is prince william's helicopter, but not necessarily with him in it. that's very sharp. there is a photograph of prince william, but you are right, it doesn't say he was in there. prince william, but you are right, it doesn't say he was in therem was also quite a long time ago, that's the other thing. also, what kind of drone was this? was it a little plastic throne, sort of that size, or was it something more... was it being operated by somebody?
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we will have to wait until we get a ha rd we will have to wait until we get a hard copy of the paper until we find out on page four. i think it is a nonstory! in that case, giving your judgment, ruth, we won't do it in an hour's time, we will find something else to talk about! revenge on, we will be back with you in an hour's time at 11:30pm —— ruth and john. coming up next... the president of the european commission has insisted that the uk will have to wander its financial commitments as part of any deal, a figure that could be around £50 billion. he has been speaking to europe editor katya ahead ahead of celebrations marking europe's 60th anniversary of the treaty of rome. unemployment is going down. economic growth is back.
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but saying that, we should not be naive. i want to say that we have to tackle the problems which are ahead of us. and i think that we are best prepared to do so. but we are not in the best form and shape we could be in. well, there are some who have compared the vision on saturday of the 27 leaders there to musicians on board the titanic. i mean, it's not as dramatic as that. what words would you give to the people of europe? you have put down on a paper certain visions for the form of europe. you mentioned world war ii. countries then unified around this idea of bringing peace and security to this continent. but now there doesn't seem to be that vision that the people can unite around. yes, but that's not the reason not to tell the people that the very origin of the european union, european integration, european construction, was the result of world war ii. we have to remind those we are living with that,
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this was the real reason for the european union. but as i said, this is not a sufficient explanation or narrative, as we are saying today, because it is mainly about the future. my generation is an inter—generation. we are children of those who experienced the second world war. and we have children and grandchildren. yes, we have grandchildren too, who don't know anything about that. but we have to organise in the best way possible in the future for them. you obviously, as president of the european commission, are a great believer in the european union. but when theresa may is not there on saturday, what will be in your mind as the way to stop others following suit? other member states walking out the door?
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will you try and use the negotiations around brexit to put others off? even if the british pm is not there, i will have the british people in my hearts. because britain belongs to europe in a way that britain is part of europe. so brexit or not brexit, we should not forget that the european continent has a duty when it comes to britain, because without churchill and without the resilience of the british people, we wouldn't be here at where we are now. so i'm everything but in a hostile mood when it comes to britain. but i don't want others to take the same avenue, because, let's suppose for one second that others would leave. two, three, four, five — that would be the end. how do you balance that in brexit negotiations?
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on the one hand, wanting to keep uk close, as you've said. but on the other, wanting to ensure that others are put off leaving. i mean, could those negotiations not turn nasty? when it comes to negotiations, the european union and the commission, having been tasked with this negotiation, will negotiate in a friendly way, in a fair way, and we are not naive. so will there be a fee to pay? it will be... sorry... reflecting former commitments by the british government and by the british parliament. there will be no sanctions, no punishment, nothing of that kind. but britain has to know, and i suppose that the government does know it, they have to honour the commitments, the former commitments. to the tune of £50 billion? i don't have...
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i was mentioning, years ago, it was 50—60 billion, it was around that. but that is not the main story. we have to calculate scientifically what the british commitments were, and then the bill has to be paid. you cannot leave like that as if you had never been a member of the european union. britain was a member of the european union. britain was taking on its shoulders the commitments. and these commitments have to be honoured. again on saturday, although the leaders will be meeting to celebrate, there's a lot of talk about the people of europe. there are 4.5 million europeans who are very nervous at the moment. 3 million living in the uk, european citizens in the uk, 1.5 british people living elsewhere in the european union. does that remain, like
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the british government says, for the commission, a priority to make sure that they know what is so come? it is for me a priority. it's about people. the british did take in a sovereign way the decision they have taken. but people are living there. women, men, workers, independent people, children. we don't have the right to eject them from our system. so i am sworn in favour. i shouldn't say that, this, as president hollande wrote, a president shouldn't say this. i am strongly committed to preserve the rights of europeans living in britain and of the british people living on the european continent. this is not about bargaining. this is about respecting human dignity. the next big challenge, if you like, in the calendar, once, you know, article 50 has been officially
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triggered and everything — the french elections. how worried are you about them? will you be talking to president hollande about that on saturday? it could easily happen that i would talk with francois hollande about this. but i have to say that although in some corners of my imagination being very much concerned about the outcome of these elections, i have to say that we shouldn't consider elections as a crisis of democracy. it's something normal. the countries going for elections, france, germany, as the dutch did a week ago, this is not a crisis. and so there is place, room, for a normal democratic debate, and so let's be confident in the wisdom of those who are going to elections.
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and do you think a corner has been turned? at the end of last year i was hearing voices in this building saying, this could be the end of this project, we have so many challenges, look at rising populist nationalism. but you've had the dutch elections, macron is doing very well in france, martin schulz in germany. do you think europe is being pulled into different directions — populist nationalism, and the other side very pro—eu? i do think that we have to make a clear distinction between populist, radical populism, those being against all the others, being only reflecting on their own destiny, and those who are eurosceptic. i have huge understanding for those who have more questions than answers when it comes to the european union, and we should respect that and we should argue with them. i don't like the extreme
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right parties, that's something i don't like. but talk, discussion, debating with those who are eurosceptic because they have, as i said, more questions than answers, is something we should proactively engage with. do you think there was enough from your side, from the european union, engagement with the eurosceptics in the united kingdom before the referendum ? i mean, you are a president of the commission who does talk about feelings. how will you feel on wednesday when that letter of notification, that formal letter of notification, arrives here in brussels? i will be sad, as i was sad when the vote, the referendum took place in britain. for me it is a tragedy. it is such a long, intense, interrelated history between the continent and britain, that i don't have an explanation for that, although i have particular
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puzzled explanations. but does it feel like a failure, presidentjuncker? it is a failure and a tragedy. what would be your words on the eu's 60th anniversary for the 52% of the uk who voted to leave, and the 48% who voted to stay and are now very worried about their future? i love both of them. because britain is britain. and the fact that 48% of the british people were voting yes and the fact that 52% of the british were voting no should not lead us to the conclusion that britain is definitely separated in two parts.
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presidentjunker, thank you very, very much for your time. thank you. hello there. sunny skies being followed by clear skies. after a temperature of 19 degrees in aberdeenshire, temperatures are falling away sharply. still a brisk wind blowing across southern parts of england, and more cloud into the northern isles of scotland. otherwise with clear skies across the northern half of the uk, temperatures are tumbling away rapidly. like last night, we will find a frost in the countryside. cold in particular from find a frost in the countryside. cold in particularfrom northern ireland and in the grounds of scotland. warming up in the sunshine, on the whole another blue sky day, except the shuttle, orkney and a little cloud across the english channel. we still have keen easterly winds. —— except for shetland. cooler around some of the north sea coasts, i9 shetland. cooler around some of the north sea coasts, 19 degrees is
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possible in the highlands, not far behind north and west wales, fermanagh and tyrone. lower temperatures for scotland and north east england on monday. otherwise dry with some sunshine. this is bbc news. the headlines at 11:00: ukip loses its only mp after douglas carswell quits to sit as an independent, saying ukip has achieved its objective. we can be absolutely certain that brexit is in good hands. we are going to leave and all of the things that vote leave campaigned for are going to come to pass. it's wonderful. ukip leader paul nuttall says ca rswell‘s resignation isn't a surprise, saying he was never a comfortable ukipper. tributes to the police officer killed in the westminster terror fire crews are dealing with the
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aftermath of an explosion on the wirral believed to have been caused bya wirral believed to have been caused by a suspected gas leak. the family of pc keith palmer, the officer murdered in the westminster attack on wednesday, have issued a statement thanking those who help him in his final moments. and coming up at 11:30, we'll have our first look


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