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tv   Newsday  BBC News  April 7, 2017 12:00am-12:31am BST

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welcome to newsday. i am in singapore. china's president holds his first meeting with donald trump. all eyes are on the emerging relationship between the two most powerful man in the world. the us president's outspoken attacks on china's trade policy were a key part of his election campaign. can they find common ground? i'm in london. morning the dead from the suspected chemical weapons attack in syria. —— mourning. the us is considering military action against the bashar al—assad regime. military action against the bashar al-assad regime. will you organise an international coalition to remove bashar al—assad? an international coalition to remove bashar al-assad? does steps are under way. the elephants and the architect. we talk about a wacky new film from singapore that is winning over the critics. live from our
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studios in singapore and london, this is bbc world news. it's newsday. good morning. it is 7am in singapore, midnight in london, and seven in the evening in florida, where the leaders of the two economic superpowers have met for the first time. china's president xi jinping has been met via donald trump at his florida meeting place. there will be a working lunch on friday. earlier, ispoke there will be a working lunch on friday. earlier, i spoke to a former us ambassador to the asian development bank and i asked him if he anticipated a difficult meeting between the two leaders. just a smooth meeting will be to the benefit of both. washington. the
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trump administration is still finding its footing. not all of the people are in place. there is a lot of talk of what is happening behind the scenes to make sure these discussions will go smoothly. when they go forward these are the things we asa they go forward these are the things we as a nation, the united states, and china, will focus on. agenda setting. two leaders trying to get a sense of each other. we are seeing more footage of the meeting between the two. the body language is crucial, isn't it? we know that donald trump is material. and she is quite scripted. —— mercurial. what are we looking for? a contrast 22 leaders. it is no longer the era of no drama obama. it is unpredictable. and there is a very scripted xi jinping. it will be interesting to not only look at the body language but what happens afterwards. you
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will remember the 620 summit seven months ago in china. the story was all about whether president 0bama got a staircase or not from his air force one plane. it is all these things that will be symbolic of the relationship, i think, things that will be symbolic of the relationship, ithink, going forward. ina relationship, ithink, going forward. in a strange way you could argue that donald trump has already won by the very visual xi jinping coming to the united states to donald trump's, not just coming to the united states to donald trump's, notjust his nation, but really to his estate. and it is specifically for them, not on the sideline of some other summit. donald trump is setting the agenda. clearly the world is hopeful for a stronger unison between the two nations. and we are getting more footage right now. they are meeting inside that resort in mar—a—lago.
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body language is looking fairly positive at the moment. but as you say, trade is the big issue. i think in the long—term, after the niceties of the summit, that is when the tough work is going to really continue. i don't hear the south china sea being mentioned so far in some of the early talk of what this summit will focus on. but in a way, economically, it cannot be separated. i want to talk about the south china sea right now. but the reality is when we talk about the economic relationship, we talk about free navigation of the sea. and in asia, so much trade goes through the south china sea from the world. right now they just want a smooth summit. we can only hope for the best as we move forward. the former us ambassador to the asia
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bank. among things on the agenda will be north korea. the us wants china to use its economic influence to curtail north korea's nuclear and missile development. the trade imbalance that we have been hearing about will also be discussed as barbara plett—usher, who was in mar—a—lago, explained to me earlier. he made it a campaign issue, is rallying cry, that there was this trade imbalance, that they manipulated currency, that they were dumping cheap goods on the market, that they had investment and tariff barriers. all of these things were stealing americanjobs. barriers. all of these things were stealing american jobs. this was sort of standard stuff during the campaign and quite hostile rhetoric. you can imagine it will be an issue. he has pulled back from that confrontational rhetoric. i don't think you will see sparks fly. just before the summit he said he probably would not mention tariffs.
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he threatened to levy a 45% tariff on chinese goods. that will probably not be discussed today. but nevertheless, those themes will come up. 0fficials nevertheless, those themes will come up. officials say what he is hoping to do is set up a framework so they can continue these discussions on trade. it is a complicated issue and will require more effort and dialogue. they need that channel of dialogue. they need that channel of dialogue. president xijinping of course coming here to avoid a trade war. they made quite conciliatory comments beforehand. trying to soothe tensions by offering more investment in the country to create jobs to be the chinese already invest a lot in the country. perhaps they would support donald trump's in they would support donald trump's in the structure plans. that could come up. president xi jinping the structure plans. that could come up. president xijinping will also make clear that if there is a trade war it goes both ways. the chinese importa war it goes both ways. the chinese import a lot of crops and grains from the us. they could get that
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elsewhere, like australia. they could change rolling contracts. it will be a dialogue where both sides will be a dialogue where both sides will want to make firm points. but on both side they will want to come to some form of understanding. that meeting just kicked off in the past half—hour. another issue that will no doubt get a mention between those two leaders in their discussions is syria. the united states is reported as considering taking immediate military action against damascus in response to those gas attacks on a rebel—held down that killed dozens of civilians and children. the american secretary of state, rex tillerson, says there will be no role for the korean leader, the shah al—assad, in a future syria. —— syrian. leader, the shah al—assad, in a future syria. -- syrian. there is no doubt in our minds and our information supports that the syrian
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regime of president bashar al—assad is responsible for this attack. and i think further it is very important that the russian government considers carefully their continued support of the bashar al—assad regime. so, does bashar al-assad have to go? bashar al-assad's role in the future is uncertain. the acts he has taken shows there is no role for him to govern the syrian people. the us senate has approved an historic rule change to prevent the minority democrats locking president trump's nominee to the supreme court. —— stopping. it means they cannot stop the nomination of neil 6orsuch, the conservativejudge. with the republicans in control, confirmation is assured. china's fighter plane has been spotted on the south china sea. it is the first deployment this year. it has been
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said the jii fighter was seen in a satellite image to be news of the deployment comes as we have been hearing us president donald trump meets president xijinping of hearing us president donald trump meets president xi jinping of china in florida. thailand's king has signed a new military backed constitution paving the way for the country's next 6eneral constitution paving the way for the country's next general election expected next year after three years of military rule. the constitution is thailand's 20th in the end of absolute monarchy in 1932. critics say it will allow the army a powerful say over thailand's politics. malaysia's environment minister says it is unfair the eu has decided to import only sustainable palm oil by 2020. it is one of malaysia's biggest exports. asa one of malaysia's biggest exports. as a developing country, they said they need to think about economic growth and conservation together.
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this is an image from a children's colouring in book. it is a dutch discount store chain. it has withdrawn this children's colouring in book from sale after, as you can see, customers complained about an image of adolf hitler being among the pictures to be coloured in by children. it was produced in india and it still remains unclear why hitler was included. and norway has unveiled plans to build the world's first ship tunnel which will pass through a mountain, as you can see. the mile long tunnel will pass through the narrowest part of the peninsula in western norway, allowing freight and passenger ships to bypass stormy waters. construction will begin next year and it should take up to four years to complete. well, let us get more now on the top
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story, that is the meeting between president trump and china's president trump and china's president xijinping. carrie 6racie has this report. president xijinping likes to play the strongman. every appearance choreographed, every meeting scripted. he doesn't do risky blind dates. but in florida, he hopes to seize the day and shape president trump's china policy in a way that suits china. last time president xi visited the us, he made the point that companies like boeing earn good money in china. but with economic growth slowing at home, he can ill afford a trade war with his biggest market. and he'll have to offer help for us exports and jobs. he can promise enormous investments in the deprived areas of the united states. and, in a sense, allow
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president trump to claim that he is bringing jobs back from china to the united states. 90% of north korea's trade goes through china, which does give president xi leverage. he's already stopped pyongyang's coal barges. and he has done a lot to discourage the nuclear programme of north korea. he does not trust north korea, but he trusts the us even less. china believes that the us is using north korea to deploy aggresive strategic military assets close to china and is using them to move in on their territory. there will be no gulf here to build rapport.
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but if president xi jinping can stop a trade war and tempered the tweets on north korea from donald trump, he will call this florida summita triumph. carrie 6racie, bbc news. the bbc has obtained a statement from eta. they say they plan to unilaterally disarm this week. they have given up all weaponry arms and explosives. the move would formally and decades of violence against the spanish government. they said the task is difficult to the obstacles across spain and basque. they still persist in a winners and losers scheme. still to come. 6enerations apart. afamily scheme. still to come. 6enerations apart. a family tells us what they think of donald trump as the two countries' leaders go face—to—face for the first time in china. and
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meet the elephant who is also a film star. we talk to the director of a road movie with a very big difference. 55 years of hatred and rage, as theyjump up on the statue. this funeral became a massive demonstration of black power, the power to influence. today is about the promise of a bright future, a day when we hope a line can be drawn under the bloody past. i think that picasso's works were beautiful, they were intelligent, and it's a sad loss to everybody who loves art.
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welcome back. you are watching at newsday on the bbc. 0ur welcome back. you are watching at newsday on the bbc. our top stories their sour: china's president has arrived in florida, and held his first meeting with donald trump. the americans have previously said that they want china to use its influence to curtail north korea's missile programme. following the suspected chemical weapons attack on syria, reports say the white house is discussing possible military action against the assad regime. let's ta ke let's take a look at some of the front pages from around the world,
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and no surprises for the front page of the china daily. it leads on talks between president xijinping and president donald trump which are taking place right now in florida. the images of the chinese president and his wife as they were receiving parting gifts in helsinki, and this was taking place when they finished their trip to finland on thursday. they went on to fly straight to the us. the financial times world edition headline on events in thailand, where the king has signed a military backed constitution, signalling a step towards elections and a promise to restoring democracy for the country. the country has suffered from 12 coups in just the past 80 years. finally, the japan times says that prime minister abe had a teleconference with president trump ahead of president xi jinping's arrival, something which is happening right now. away from
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the politics, you can see the lovely image of cherry blossom is in full bloom on a river in tokyo. you are up—to—date with the papers. and from flowers to flour, what has got people talking online? thanks for that, it is a video of the french presidential candidate francois fillon being flour bombed. he was doused with flour while he campaigned in strasbourg ahead of the upcoming presidential elections. francois fillon, a formerfavourite to win, is being investigated over allegations he gave fake jobs to his wife. the man who through the flour was taken away by security, but not before having his pro— francois fillon shirt ripped off. back to events in florida, the historic meeting taking place right 110w. historic meeting taking place right now. the community is keeping an eye
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on the meeting. we met up with an 80—year—old chinese american immigrant who voted for trump. her us born granddaughter did not. here is how they learn to get along. iam i am isabella, i'm 22, iam isabella, i'm 22, i'm chinese—american, and this is my grandmother. maureen sie and her granddaughter there. popeye, and offbeat film, opens next week it. the movie which isa opens next week it. the movie which is a singaporean director's first feature has been much anticipated here despite being given a surprise aduu here despite being given a surprise adult rating. it follows a downtrodden architect and his long—lost elephants, as they seek their well, earlier i spoke to the film's
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director, and i asked her what inspired her to write this unusual story. are used to live in thailand for two years, so it was very much based on my experience while living there, and of course the story is mixed in with my own imagination and i guess this isjust mixed in with my own imagination and i guess this is just the outcome of the two textures. it is unusual because singapore has got a burgeoning film industry. we have had you win, we have had anthony chan wing in the past, but were you surprised by the adult rating which was given by the government? yes, to mei was given by the government? yes, to me i was very surprised when we first heard it, and honestly i was also slightly disappointed when we first had the rating, because for me i was thinking maybe it would get 16, but not 18. there are some sex scenes in it, but i thought it was pretty brief, and after all, the age of consent in singapore is 16. so we we re of consent in singapore is 16. so we were hoping to get a 16. do you
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think that is going to limit the number of people who can see it?|j think the shore. the film crew crowd, but hopefully the idea that sex sells. do you think singapore is just a bit too tough on censorship? i think we are a little tough on censorship. i think that is the case, at least for my film, i feel a little that way. preserving sharks in formaldehyde or entrusting a skull with 8000 flawless diamonds, there is no question that british artist damien hirst is earning notoriety, and wealth, in equal measure. he hopes a fable about a shipwreck will help relaunch career. the new artwork has been nearly a decade in the making. 0urarts been nearly a decade in the making. 0ur arts editor has the story. what quickly becomes apparent from damien hirst‘s new show is that he still loves spectacle. the bigger, the brasher, the better. even in genteel venice, where he has filled two enormous
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palazzos with mythical figures. the idea is that there's a collector from 2,000 years ago, who was a freed slave from antioch, in turkey, and he begged, borrowed, stole, commissioned, a massive collection. he built the biggest ship of its day called the unbelievable, or the apistos, as it was called. and he packed the treasures into it, and the ship sank. it was a mythical story. then, ten years ago, we looked into the discovery of the wreck, and we found the wreck and excavated the treasures. the exhibition is the exhibition of the treasures from the wreck of the unbelievable. so the story goes. but hang on a minute. what's this? an ancient sword, bearing the legend "sea world."
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a marble sculpture with barbie branding. doesn't matter tattooed figure looks a lot like rhianna? is damien hirst taking the mickey mouse? for me, the show is totally about belief. you can believe whatever you want to believe. fantastical story aside, this collection of bronze, solid gold and marble artworks must have cost a fortune to make. uh...what did we say? more than 20, less than 100? we can do better than that, damien. more than 50, or less than 50 million? i'm not sure. probably more. a lot of money. yours? yeah, mine. why do you want people to believe in this story? i want you to be searching for the truth, and i want you to have to be peeling back the layers to find the truth. i don't know what that truth is for you, but i know what it is for me. what is it for you? for me, it's that this guy lived 2,000 years ago, he amassed this collection, and he tried to do something for posterity, and it sank to the bottom of the sea. it's like, i'm really shocked that i say that to you now. there is something sort of barmy
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about believing a story you actually invented yourself. you know, people believe in santa claus. the difference is, those are other people's story. but if i close my eyes, i can see the sky. are you to tell me that's not real? we will be taking a look at the trade issue is expected to dominate the summit of donald trump and xi jinping. and in russia, thousands of people attended a memorial service in the capital, moscow, honouring the victims of the metro blast earlier this week. crowds gathered in red square to remember that 1a people who were killed in the bomb attack on monday. hello there. good morning. lots of pleasa nt hello there. good morning. lots of pleasant weather on offer over the next few days for large swathe of the united kingdom, and in fact on thursday it was a pretty decent day for many. although there was always a bit more clouded the north and west, a bit more rain with that, and
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thatis west, a bit more rain with that, and that is where we keep most of the cloud overnight. helped to give the temperatures up in the north and west but generally it is a chilly night. major towns and cities, eight 01’ night. major towns and cities, eight or nine degrees but in the rural spots away from the north—west, temperatures getting down to two aubrey de 6rey so chilly start for many. but a bright start as well, with lots of sunshine. the cloud that we see in the north wales in the north—west of england, that looks like it will be breaking up through the morning. so by the afternoon we will see lengthy spells of sunshine, the england, wales, eastern scotland as well. western scotland, ireland, always seeing more cloud. your spot of rain, is dry. 1011 degrees in the north and west. with some sunshine in cardiff and london, is 15 and 16 degrees in and london, is 15 and 16 degrees in a few places but across england and wales we do have quite high levels of tree pollen through the day on friday. and that is causing hayfever sufferers a bit of a problem. 0ther side of the atlantic, it is the wind
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which has been a bit of a problem for the golfers at augusta. that wind still in evidence on friday but easing down, continues to ease down into the weekend as temperatures are on the up. temperatures will be rising up on our shores into the weekend. it will be a lovely day, for much of england, wales, most of scotland, most of northern ireland as well full it is just the far north—west which will have a little bit of rain. 16, 17 or 18 degrees across england and wales. very pleasa nt across england and wales. very pleasant indeed. with light winds it looks like a lovely day for entry at the grand national. but sunshine and light winds it should be a fantastic day out. the second part of the weekend as this area of light, a high—pressure drifting away towards the near continent. the wind started to drift in from a more southerly direction. ba will be coming up from spain, also from france, and it will be quite warm air heading our way. the effects of that will be most felt across england and wales on because towards the north and west we will see a weather front drifting its way in. that is going to bring some cloud, some patchy rain, slightly lower temperatures here. patchy cloud for england and wales,
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further is going to be light winds, plenty of sunshine and quite a warm day. pygott will be easily into the low 20s. i think around 22,20 day. pygott will be easily into the low 20s. i think around 22, 20 three degrees will be the top temperatures, maybe about ten or 11 in the far north and west. we do have a weather front drifting its way south sunday night into monday, u nless way south sunday night into monday, unless that happens it is going to shut the warm air out of the way. cold air will follow along behind, so monday a very different look and a very different feel to things. there is going to be a lot more clouded the sky. it is going to be quite breezy. there will be a few more showers dotted around as well, and temperatures are going to be taking a bit of a tumble. iam i am kasia madera with bbc world
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news. the top story. the chinese leader, xijinping, has arrived in florida for his first face—to—face talks with president trump. a key issue for the two leaders will be north korea's missile programme. donald trump has previously promised to make beijing pay for the trade imbalance between china and the us. the donald trump administration is considering the possibility of taking major military action in response to the chemical weapons attack in a syrian town which killed dozens. and there's video is trending on the french presidential candidate, francois fillon, suffering and a pleasant surprise, as he is doused with flour while campaigning in strasbourg. he is undergoing allegations of giving a fakejob is undergoing allegations of giving a fake job to his wife. that is it for now. thank you for watching. now it is time for hardtalk.
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