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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 14, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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here in the. hello, i'm marc edwards. this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: smash and grab — a late anderlecht goal sees them draw with united despite, manchester dominating their europa league tie. in france, there's trouble before the match, and late drama in it, as lyon come from behind to beat besiktas. dan rooney, the revered chairman of the pittsburg steelers and one of the patriarchs of the nfl, dies at the age of 8a. hello and thanks forjoining us. attentions turned to the europa league on thursday as the quarterfinal first legs took place. manchester united dominating their tie only to be held to a 1—1 draw against anderlecht in belgium. henrik maketherian gave united the lead after 37 minutes. the armenian scoring in his fourth
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away game in a row — his ninth of season. he pounced on a rebound after marcus rashford's rasping drive had been parried into his path. united in complete control throughout the match, but sucker punched four minutes from time when 21—year—old leander dendoncker scored his first goal in european competition. an important away goal for united but a less than satisfying result for them. i would say it was a strong performance by the team, by the defensive point of view. you know, linkup, mkhitaryan, we were solid defensively, and that is notjust about the defenders, it is about the tea m about the defenders, it is about the team as a team. but then when the tea m team as a team. but then when the team is broken because we've got to
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counter—attack, we cannot lose so many balls. because it is notjust about the chances of —— we missed, it is about the other chances. in the night's other games, davy klaasen scored both goals for ajax as they beat schalke 2—0. celta vigo edged out the belgian side genk 3—2, and lyon scored twice in the last seven minutes as they came from behind to beat besiktas. jeremy morel got the winner five minutes from time. the build—up to that game in lyon was marred by crowd trouble — both outside and inside the stadium. french police were forced to charge towards supporters after a series of flares were thrown outside the ground. it followed outbreaks of fighting among fans of both clubs. which was followed by trouble inside the parc olympique lyonnais, which delayed the kickoff by 45 minutes. reports say that besiktas fans, situated in the top tier of the stand, threw fireworks and other objects on to the lyon fans below them — forcing the home fans to take refuge on the pitch. the lyon presidentjean michel aulas
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even went into the crowd to try and calm the situation. players of both teams stood in the centre of the pitch applauding all parts of the ground in a unified bid for calm before kick off. borussia dortmund's spanish defender marc bartra will be out of action for a month because of the wrist injury that he sustained in the bomb attack on the team's bus on tuesday. the first leg of their champions league quarter—final was re—arranged for wednesday, and dortmund lost 3—2 at home to monaco. speaking on thursday, the dortmund coach thomas tuchel admits they've been struggling to come to terms with what happened. todayis today is my worst day ever. so, this morning and till now, speaking to the players, for myself this feels the players, for myself this feels the worst day today. while it was happening it was kind of like 0k, nobody knew what was going on and you have to do stuff you have to do.
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and the next day was kind of a bit like walking through... like through a cloud. it is not so clear. everything. and i think this is a process which will accompany us through the next days and weeks. it was a really difficult moment for me because... iwas... iwas in it was a really difficult moment for me because... i was... i was in the team hotel with my team. i know exactly the road, i know exactly the place that it is. a lot of my friends were in the bus. of course, when they then played the game they tried to be at their best. and then i heard the interviews after the game and then i saw the faces of my former players, and i saw the shock in theireyes, and former players, and i saw the shock in their eyes, and that was really, really hard. one other football story. the italian club ac milan has been
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sold to a chinese—led consortium, bringing to an end the era of ownership by the former italian prime minister, silvio berlusconi. under berlusconi's 31—year ownership, milan won 29 trophies, including five european cups and eight serie a titles. the purchase by rossoneri sport investment lux is worth more than $780 million and tightens china's grip on the italian game. their rivals, inter, were bought last year by a chinese electronics retail group. tributes have been paid to the nfl administrator dan rooney, who has died at the age of 8a. rooney was a former chairman of the pittsburgh steelers who were superbowl champions six times while he was in charge. he was also credited with spearheading a requirement that nfl teams with managerial vacancies should interview at least one minority candidate, which became known as the "rooney rule". daniel mooney inherited the
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pittsburgh steelers from his father, who founded the team, and was basically one of the founders of the modern nfl. and the main thing that he did for the nfl was a certain calm and longevity. in the time that he took control of the team, which was 1969, when he hired chuck noel as coach, they have only had three coaches, including the current one, like tom and, who was 33 years old when they hired him, and they hired him when he was a relatively unknown, very young black assistant. and from their experience of that hiring came the rooney rule, which is that nfl teams have to at least interview minority candidates for their coaching opportunities. and their coaching opportunities. and the story is, had they not interviewed mike tomlin, they wouldn't have been blown away by the interview. they thought he was an up—and—coming coach. they realised he had the qualities to make himself a good coach. and rooney's racial
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profile was very high. even before that he had hired bill nighy nunne junior, and he simply asked him one day why he never came to steelers games and he said because you don't pay enough attention to black colleges. so he not only started paying attention to them, he hired bill as a scout and his scouting was a factor in the pittsburgh teams who dominated in the 1970s in the nfl. britain'sjenson button looks set to replace fernando alonso for the monaco grand prix in may. alonso will miss the race to take part in the indianapolis 500, and he has the full support of his team mclaren and their engine supplier honda. button retired from formula one at the end of last season but the 2009 world champion still under contract with mclaren as a reserve driver, and is the most obvious replacement for alonso for a one—off race. i think it is good for formula one,
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to this big market in north america that we have been pursuing for many yea rs. that we have been pursuing for many years. i think it is good to go there now and show respect for the indie car series both for indie i guess to have some formula one drivers in the competition, and same for mclaren and honda. i think as a tea m for mclaren and honda. i think as a team to be racing in the same day in monte team to be racing in the same day in m o nte carlo team to be racing in the same day in monte carlo and in the indy 500, to mclaren honda in different series, it is just an amazing thing for motorsport fans. so i think, as i said, it is a win—win situation for everyone. there's been a first world title for malaysia at the track cycling world championships. azizulhasni awang, or the ‘pocket rocketman‘ as he's known, won gold in the men's kerin in hong kong. awang hit the front in the final lap with a strong surge to finish ahead of colombia's fabian puerta and tomas babek of the czech republic.
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and he celebrated with his trademark wheelie. last august in rio, he also became malaysia's first 0lympic cycling medallist, with a bronze in this same event. i've been trying for ten years, for ten yea rs i've been trying for ten years, for ten years since i stepped into the elite level, 2007, i keep trying. i failed many times, i get bronze twice, i get silver twice, i get lost by tom alike, millimetres for the finish. i keep trying, i never give up, because i know if i keep trying hard one day it will become my time. and finally, today, today is my time, man, iam my time. and finally, today, today is my time, man, i am the world champion! i can't even believe it! the australian men's team pursuit successfully defended their title, the olympic silver—medallists running out comfortable winners over new zealand. the women's team pursuit was won by the united states. they retained the title they won in london last year with victory over australia in the final.
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adrian teklinski's bold race from the front brought success in the men's scratch final, the polish rider broke away with seven laps to go and held on to cross the line first. that's all we have time for on sport today. from me marc edwards and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello. we have made it to the long easter weekend. this forecast should set you up for most of what you need to know about the weather as the weekend goes on. none of the warmth we had last weekend — it is on the cool side. there will be some occasional sunshine. some areas of rain at times, especially for good friday and easter day on sunday. now, this is how good friday begins, already with some damp weather affecting northern ireland, south—west scotland,
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north—west england and northwest wales. cooler and showery weather into northern scotland. those showers will continue as the day goes on. some of us starting with a touch of frost. cloudy and damp weather, as i mentioned, northern ireland, south—west scotland, northwest england and the northwest of wales. maybe the odd spot extending into the midlands and elsewhere in northern england to begin the day. to the south of that, though, variable cloud. but some breaks in that cloud allowing sunny spells to come through occasionally. and actually for southern parts of the uk the temperatures will be a degree or so higher compared to where they were on thursday. so we continue with the feed of showers running into northern scotland on good friday. some of those could be heavy, perhaps with hail as well. they take outbreaks of rain and they beef them up in the northwest england and into wales. heavier in western parts of wales as the weather system sinks it way southwards. six degrees in london compared to nine in the cooler air. into the evening we have increasingly light rain across some southern parts of the uk. that's not as much as gardeners would want. it's been so dry. cooler air following behind. showers turning wintry over the hills in scotland. frost around for some of us as saturday begins.
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it will be a chilly start. looks like saturday is the coolest day of the weekend. this run of north—westerly winds in the uk. but there will be some sunny spells. s0, yes, a cool day, but there will be some blue sky around. but there will also be showers occasionally too. by no means everybody will see them. we will see some in northern scotland. some will be heavy, with hail, maybe even with the rumble of thunder and at the start of the day wintry on the hills. those temperatures, yeah, down compared with good friday. 1a in london, nine in glasgow. and then jumping forward to sunday, easter day, it looks like we will have a weather system producing some outbreaks of rain. at the moment in northern ireland, northern england, parts of wales, dividing cooler air to the north. not so chilly to the south. that system may not be in place so we will keep you up—to—date on that. for easter monday some showers in the east. it will be quite breezy, lighter winds elsewhere. enjoy your weekend. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: the us military drops the mother of all bombs,
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seen here in tests, on so—called islamic state hideouts in afghanistan. a show of force in north korea, amid fears that pyongyang is about to carry out its sixth nuclear test. president assad says claims that his forces launched a chemical attack on a rebel town are completely fabricated to justify america's missile strike on his country. the west, mainly the united states, is hand in glove with the terrorists. they fabricated the whole story in order to have a pretext for the attack. forget life on mars.
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