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tv   World News Today  BBC News  April 14, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc news. our top stories, america defends its decision to drop a huge bomb on islamic state militants in afghanistan. the man in charge of the operation says it was the right weapon for the target. the enemy had created bongos, tunnels and extensive minefields. his weapon was used on those obstacles. is the north korean leader preparing for another nuclear missile test? china warns tensions are so high that conflicts could break out at any moment. this is the scene live at the coliseum in rome as pope francis leads the good friday procession. and in sport, jenson button is back in the driving seat for a guest appearance at next month's monaco grand prix. hello and welcome. it was the right
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weapon for the target, america's most senior military commander in afghanistan has defended the decision to drop a huge bomb on islamic state militants in a remote area in the east of the country. this is the first time the us has deployed in combat the massive ordinance air blast bomb, referred to as the mother of all bombs. the afg ha n to as the mother of all bombs. the afghan doc—mac says 36 militants we re afghan doc—mac says 36 militants were killed and no civilians although islamic state denies that. —— the afghan government. frank gardner reports. a remote valley in a remote country. then, this. 11 tonnes of high explosives, dropped an an isis tunnel complex in afghanistan. the blast was felt 30 miles away. the weapon used is called moab, or massive ordnance air burst, also known as
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the mother of all bombs. this was its first time used in combat. this was the right weapon against the right target. we will continue to work shoulder to shoulder with our afghan comrades. to eliminate this threat to the afghan people, especially the people of this region, and indeed the people around the world. local villagers confirmed that isis fighters had set up bases in the mountains behind them, and said the bomb had hit its target. but the strike was condemned by both so—called islamic state and afghanistan's former president. how could the united states use afghanistan as a ground for experiments, for testing weapons of mass destruction? president trump's targets now include three major problem areas for the us — afghanistan, syria and north korea. the massive weapon that the pentagon has used in afghanistan is intended
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to send a message to its enemies, that you're not safe underground. in syria, the trump administration will be hoping that last week's cruise missile strike would deter presdent assad from any further chemical attacks. but north korea is the biggest gamble. mr trump is hoping that sending his powerful naval armada offshore will deter any further nuclear tests. the question now, though, is, can he manage three global crises simultaneously? it's very possible that if these three scenarios come together, syria, afghanistan and north korea, it would overwhelm the policy—making capabilities of mr trump's administration. it would overwhelm the strategic planning capabilities of the pentagon, and it would overwhelm the resource capabilities of the us military. but president trump and his entourage now feel they are on a roll, tackling head—on the foreign policy challenges that the previous administration was unable to resolve.
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there is now the risk that ramping up the rhetoric could lead america into more conflict, or that in the absence of any swift resolutions, mr trump may simply turn his back on foreign adventures and focus instead on domestic issues. frank gardner, bbc news. we can speak no to someone from george washington university. i asked whether it was the right weapon for the dollar. it is pretty accurate. you would not be using a $50 million apiece weapon frivolously, or just to $50 million apiece weapon frivolously, orjust to send some message of telegraph something to the north koreans or the russians. i think there was not significant intelligence about the identity of the people who work in this complex, and that they were high—level
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operatives of isis, and of course, there is the logistics, what kind of weapon would be used in a decisive air strike weapon would be used in a decisive airstrike and weapon would be used in a decisive air strike and would lead to the outcome desired? how significant was this target iraq? we are talking about at 300 metre long network of caves and tunnels, a significant was hitting this location? that decision was taken to use this particular weapon, it means that there was a significant complex that could not be taken out by any other weapon, at least not in a decisive way, and of course, the people inside were not some low—level operatives, they had to be senior officials who were actually involved in the day—to—day planning and operations of isis attacks in the country. a lot is being said about donald trump's strategy or the lack of it. what do you think he is going to do going forward ? you think he is going to do going forward? is there a strategy or are
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these one—off strikes? forward? is there a strategy or are these one-off strikes? so, when we talk about strategy, we have to keep in mind that a change in government in terms of a new political party taking office or a new head of state coming in, it does not mean that we re coming in, it does not mean that were there will be a new strategy as such. there will be new ideas that will be brought to the table from the new staff of the president, trying to deal with the same problems their predecessors were struggling with. so that is something to bear in mind when we talk about strategy. at this point, there is no good strategy. there are a set of options that not all of them, most of them are on a scale, a sliding scale of bad to worst. this isa sliding scale of bad to worst. this is a difficult situation and does not matter whether trump is an office or if somebody else had been knighted. if hillary clinton, she would have faced the same problem. so you have to make the best of the situation, you take it one day at a time, hence one—off strikes, and you
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do it not in a coherent fashion but ina do it not in a coherent fashion but in a fashion that sort of makes sense for the reality on the ground as it unfolds. let's turn to north korea. north korea has vowed to mount a "merciless" response to any us provocation following comments from president donald trump that the isolated regime's nuclear weapons programme "will be dealt with." meanwhile, pyongyang is thought to be preparing for a massive military parade tomorrow at which its latest missile technology may be on display. 0ur reporterjohn sudworth is with a group of foreign journalists invited to witness the event — his movements are being monitored and tightly controlled. they sing in north korea, the spectre of war looms large over daily life. these girls are singing about being soldiers... while, not far away, real ones crowd into a shrine to the country's founding president, general kim il—sung. these are scenes akin to a religious pilgrimage, but of course,
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in honour of a still ruling family dynasty who have at their disposal all of the myth that would rival any of the world's great religions. and as the country prepares to display its devotion at the anniversary of kim il—sung's birth this weekend, there's an awareness of the rising tension with america. translation: we should have the nuclear weapons. if we do not have nuclear weapons, the nuclear weapon of another country will fall on our soil. translation: it doesn't matter whether the americans make the situation on the korean peninsula tense. it doesn't matter. we feel safe because we have the great leader, kim jong—un. this week, the current ruler,
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kimjong—un, held this meeting where his late grandfather was honoured. he is also thought to be planning a massive military parade as a powerful tribute, and a message of defiance. children sing this is a country where art and armaments are blended in singular purpose, to demonstrate to the watching world that its nuclear ambitions will not be stopped. john sudworth, bbc news, pyongyang. the historic centres of injured places like aleppo and homs, once the scene of fierce fighting like empty andamans. in some places the first tentative signs of rebuilding are underweight. lyse doucet reports
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from homs, the site of the first major reconstruction. from the ruins of war, some life begins to return. and a bit of rebuilding. this is the first restoration project in the ancient quarter of homs. some of the worst battles took place here. this is the leading architect who has designed the roof of the souk. translation: the importance of rebuilding is not just about stones, it is about trade, a social hub where people from all religions can meet and spent time with each other. we saw how such wonderful places were destroyed and we are rebuilding the social fabric. the workers you see around you from
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homs, they understand the city, understand its pain. walking through this ancient market isa walking through this ancient market is a walk through the story of syria going back thousands of years. translation: this public bath dates back to the ottoman empire. he explains how the ceiling was built in the way to best thing in the light. -- in the way to best thing in the light. —— bring in. down to the depths of the old city, with another architect. this is the main hall. it was covered by hashes. it has been cleared now. would have been fighting in here? yes, there was a been fighting in here? yes, there wasa main been fighting in here? yes, there was a main battlefield here. it is not easy to rise from the ruins. we
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have to contemplate over this, and we have to realise how important it is, to listen and to come up with something good out of it. she has just written a book about how architecture matters, it has to be part of rebuilding syria. all of the oranges are growing! this is what i am talking about in the book, about how generous the old cities were. they were generous even with the planting. making green space. this is what we had in syria, we had something very beautiful and ancient, and very harmonious interwoven in our lives and our daily lives. we vandalised a lot of it, and we miss treated a lot of it, so maybe we have the chance to start over now. they worry that this
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chance will be missed. how to build ona chance will be missed. how to build on a painful past, this roof punctured by shrapnel inspired a new design was done now they say syria's cities have to be rebuilt to bring communities together, not tear them apart. lyse doucet, bbc news, in the old city of homs. let's ta ke old city of homs. let's take a look at some of the other news. a young british woman who was stabbed to death on a tram in jerusalem has been named as hannah bladon. two other people were injured in the attack in the old city. a 57—year—old palestinian man has been arrested. police say the suspect had recently been released from a psychiatric hospital. police in italy have arrested a mafia boss who absconded from prison. he has been serving a life sentence for murder, illegal
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disposal of bodies and drug trafficking. he was recaptured after police followed his wife and spotted him preparing a barbecue outside a flat in tuscany. christians are mocking good friday today. pope francis is marking good friday with the traditional via crucis or "way of the cross" procession around the colosseum. this is an annual tradition that goes back to the 18th—century. it was since revived by pope paul vi in 1964. it commemorates the passion and death through 1964. it commemorates the passion and death throuthesus through the readings of prayers along a path of 14 stations, mocking the actual path thatjesus walked. these are live images. —— marking the actual path. lots more to come, including... this is the trailer that is about to
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break the internet! the latest star wa rs break the internet! the latest star wars film. as for a sporting legacy, pol richert‘s competitors will be chasing her new world best time for yea rs chasing her new world best time for years to come. -- paula radcliffe's competitors. she seemed just a slide away under the surface and disappear. —— just to slide away. 0ur our main stories on bbc news. let's ta ke our main stories on bbc news. let's take you to pakistan, where the funeral prayers have been held for a university student who was killed by a mob after being accused of sharing blasphemous content on social media.
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blasphemy is legally punishable by death in pakistan but the incident has shocked many. a quietand has shocked many. a quiet and dignified funeral begins for a young student whose life was so brutally brought to an end. his father helps bury his son's badly disfigured body, offering prayers for the latest victim to be accused of blasphemy and killed in pakistan. translation: in this country there is no freedom of expression. they cut people's tongues. they have killed my son and laid the blame on him. iam killed my son and laid the blame on him. i am his father. killed my son and laid the blame on him. iam his father. he killed my son and laid the blame on him. i am his father. he used to sit at home and talked lovingly about the message of the prophet muhammad. he had been studying communication ata he had been studying communication at a university in a northern city. yesterday a mob of hundreds of young men rampaged through the campus,
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accusing him of splitting blasphemy online. this was his run, when he tried to hide from the mob. amidst the debris, you can still see on the war is the philosophical quotes he had written up. from his window, he would have seen the mob as they came down the path, breaking into the hostel looking for him. eventually, they found him here. they kicked him and beat him. they hit him with sticks and shot him. they dragged him downstairs and continue to beat him. all filmed on videos too horrific to fully show. even long after he was dead, they continued to attack his body. the police took action, and everybody was protective. the university has been closed indefinitely and a number of arrests have been made. close to 70 people have been murdered in pakistan after being accused of
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blasphemy the last 30 years. this incident has shocked many but there has not been the level of a bridge from officials that one might expect. —— outrage. translation: from officials that one might expect. —— outrage. translationzlj wa nt expect. —— outrage. translationzlj want justice for my expect. —— outrage. translationzlj wantjustice for my country, and wa nted wantjustice for my country, and wanted so that nothing like this happens to any other child. they did not just attack my son. by happens to any other child. they did notjust attack my son. by doing it in the university, they challenged the status of the state should ensure justice. the student described himself on facebook as a humanist. many have been sharing his ratings online and some know seem particularly poignant. -- his particularly poignant. —— his writings. now, the sports news. sebastian vettel looks like the man to beat at this weekend's formula one bahrain grand prix. he was the fastest in both practice sessions, three tenths quicker than lewis hamilton, despite his ferrari breaking down in second practice. meanwhile, it was confirmed the 2009 world champion, jenson button, will be making a brief comeback next month. button has agreed to replace
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fernando alonso for mclaren at the monaco grand prix. the briton's still contracted as a reserve driver for mclaren and will step in while alonso takes part in the indy 500. arsene wenger insists discussions about his future will not distract him from hisjob. he is speaking about the pfa —— pfa player of the year, alexis sanchez, whose contract ends next summer. there have been reports sanchez has been offered as much as £300,000 per week to stay. first, i cannot confirm that we have offered that. secondly, we will do, as always, we have to consider our financial potential to sustain the wages for the whole squad. what is for sure is that what he is paid
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this year, will it still below? i was tempted to say no. great britain's cyclists have finally won a gold at this year's track world championships it's in the women's omnium and it was won by katie archibald. the omnium is a multi event decided by points over four different races. archibald who's the olympic champion, was second going into the final event, the points race, but she did enough to beat australia's amy cure. it's the second world title of her career, but her first individual gold. i feel ifeel in pain! i feel in pain! but yes, ifeel in pain! but yes, really privileged to pull it off in the end. it was an unbelievably gripping race, i thought i had lost it in the middle, just chase and be attack, chase and be attacked. got back on in the end, and pulled it out of the bag. the president of the iaaf is disappointed by the lack of progress made by russia and its anti—doping reforms. the country is calmly
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banned from competing in international athletics after a report claimed that over 1000 athletes benefited from a state—sponsored doping programme. lord coe believes there is still a lack of cooperation and transparency. i am frustrated on behalf of the athletes, more progress should have been made. it has been harvesting always to get athletes back into contention actual competition. but separated from the tainted system. —— it has always been our ambition. i am frustrated more progress is not been made. five—time champions ronnie 0'sullivan is in action against fellow enrichment gary wilson in the afternoon snooker session. it will be the 40th year the crucible has played host to the tournament. 0'sullivan would love to lift the famous trophy once more. sheffield isa famous trophy once more. sheffield is a great event, it is good tournament i look forward to going every year. it should be great. whether it is the 40th with a 21st with a 140th, it is still the crucible. —— or the 140th.
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with a 140th, it is still the crucible. —— orthe140th. great tournament. if you get to lift the trophy, it is an amazing thing. that's all the sport for now. you may be used to seeing guide dogs around the office but more and more companies are encouraging employees to bring their family pets to work. around one in ten employers in the uk hasa around one in ten employers in the uk has a dog—friendly policy. just what other pitfalls? it may be possible in big tech butjust how well would you cope with a pet under your desk? suzannah has been finding out. brooke, reggie, max and peggy are office bodies. the company kokrak pets at work scheme has proved so popular that by the end of the year, around 100 dogs that passed an assessment got the road staff pass. —— the compa ny‘s assessment got the road staff pass. —— the company's pets at work scheme. the reality is that the dogs
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probably have between a total of 20 to 25 dogs and lovers of others in the bar and it is even hear a dog barking in the office. but the office. but they are there if you wa nt to office. but they are there if you want to go and find one to pet. the dogs do notjust relieve stress but also seemed to help build office camaraderie. it has made me make friends. people come and talk to me, i don't think they know my name but they know my dog and it starts to open those doors. what about that time when she go to the toilet? she starts to get up and pace a little bit and looks up at me. we have had the odd accident in the past. doggie daycare costs around 30 to £40 a day, and i have three of them. so for me, it is a big saving. have there ever been any follow—ups with other dogs? not that i have ever seen. they love chasing each other around the park. you hear the odd bark but that is about it. i'm not sure i could cope with that! no dogs under this desk, i can promise you that. now to the movie trailer that has
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sent star wars fans into a frenzy. i only know one truth. it's time for the jedi i only know one truth. it's time for thejedi to end. it's time for thejedi to end. it looks good! this is a first look at the latest star wars film, the lastjedi. it at the latest star wars film, the last jedi. it follows at the latest star wars film, the lastjedi. it follows on from the force awa kens and lastjedi. it follows on from the force awakens and it will feature the late carrie fisher. the trailer was unveiled at a star wars celebration in florida, and you will not believe this, it amassed thousands of views online in just a few minutes. this one could just break the internet. if you want to watch it in full armour go to the bbc news beta site. iam bbc news beta site. i am looking forward to that one. —— news beta. you can get in touch with me and some of the team via social media, we are on facebook and twitter. looking forward to hearing
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your thoughts. lots more on our website but for the time being, thank you very much for watching and i wish you all a very nice easter weekend. good evening. we will start off with a story which started a few days ago in the south pacific. tropical site on cook made its way south, lost its tropical status as it encountered colder waters but merged with an area of low pressure already existing across new zealand and made its way south. two very active weather systems. quieter on saturday, but still some showers coming in on the breeze. the western side of new zealand. shot in
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the east. towards auckland, could be quite wet. looking back, we saw gusts of 130 mph. it was wet and windy, trees came down, power cuts resulted and flooding was a widespread problem. 0n the subject of tropical storms, there could be one developing to the east of the philippines. this is a cluster of thunderstorms getting some organisation. i suspect it will be fairly wet and very windy across central and southern parts of the philippines. heading north towards japan, a day of sunny spells and showers. 25 in hong kong, fairly cloudy, the rain not too far away. some heavy showers in and around bangkok and singapore. this cloud in the bay of bangor, another cluster of thunderstorms which is gaining some organisation. —— engel. this may turn into a tropical cycle. either way, i suspect it will be put
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—— pretty wet and windy. that should head towards the coast of myanmar. across the bulk of india, just sunny and hot. particularly in the north west. 40 celsius in new delhi and lahore, could go as high as 42 or 43 in that roar. it is quite early for temperatures to be that high. quite warm in central calendar della canada. things will switch around and it will warm up nicely in the north—east. so, in winnipeg, 18 celsius on friday afternoon, down to just seven on sunday. the average is nine. in new york and boston, temperatures soaring to 26 or 27 for sunday afternoon. back in europe, the northwest looks like it will be quite windy without bricks of rain. some rain and showers for the arts in northern italy. and across to the balkans as well. brolin looks like
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it will be quite cool with rain. but in athens, sunny and temperatures into the low 20s. back on our shores, saturday looks like a reasonable day, 14 degrees or so your top coverage. very little rain to speak of. the latest headlines from bbc news. america's most senior military commander in afghanistan says the decision to drop a powerful bomb on islamic state militants was based purely on tactical consideration, afg ha n purely on tactical consideration, afghan and american authorities say that 36 million about thes were killed. speculation is growing that north korea may be ready to carry out its sixth nuclear test as soon as this weekend. china has warned that tensions on the korean peninsula are increasing and conflict could break out at any moment. funeral prayers have been held in pakistan for a university student, who was killed by a mob after being accused of sharing blasphemous content on social media. he was
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beaten with planks. a young british woman stabbed to death on a tram in
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