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tv   The Papers  BBC News  April 16, 2017 9:30am-10:01am BST

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‘ scotland and if you in the heart of scotland and if you are further south, you may see further south. that's the theme for the first part of next week, frosty nights, sunny spells by day. hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: north korea's made a failed attempt to launch a missile, a day after it issued a warning to the us that it was ready to hit back with nuclear attacks amid rising tension. it happened as the us vice president flew to seoul, to discuss how to deal with north korea's missile and nuclear programme. theresa may has used her easter message to urge people to "unite" as britain prepares to leave the european union. the evacuation of thousands of people from besieged
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syrian towns continues — a day after more than 100 people died in a blast targeting buses carrying evacuees. coming up in a few minutes, our sunday morning edition of the papers. before the papers, sport — and for a full round up from the bbc sport centre, here's hugh woozencroft. hello. there's been more success for great britain on the final day of cycling's world track championships. after winning two silvers already in hong kong, elinor barker has gone one better, taking gold in the points race after a gripping battle with america's sarah hammer. it's britain's fifth medal and second gold of the five—day competition, following katie archibald's omnium success on friday. iam i am incredibly happy. so,
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iam incredibly happy. so, so i am incredibly happy. so, so happy. i have had two silvers this week and until the last lap, it looked like another silver, so i was heartbroken, but i am so happy and relieved i got a cold. ricky burns failed to unify the super—lightweight division in glasgow last night. the scot‘s wba title was taken by ibf and ibo champion julius indongo. the namibian was unbeaten in 21 fights prior to this and forced burns onto the back foot for much of the fight. burns had rallied in the fifth and sixth rounds but all three judges awarded the fight to indongo. tottenham manager mauricio pochettino says chelsea are still favourites to win the premier league, but says it would be ‘fantastic‘ if the league leaders dropped points today. spurs closed the gap to four points with a win over bournemouth. adam wild rounds up saturday's action. so much of sport is about belief. and on this kind of form, you might believe that the spurs were capable of almost anything. a fantastic period in our club, a fantastic moment. the belief in the way that we play is fantastic.
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now wejust wait, make sure it is done. the points are important for us. well, that dream is to catch chelsea at the top. a 4—0 win against bournemouth reducing the gap to four points. chelsea should be concerned because time are coming for you. behind them, manchester city have now reached a third. the captain is back from injury and inspiring them to a 3—0 win at southampton. at the other end of the table, any end remaining belief is beginning to fade. sunderland managed a draw against west ham. in truth, they probably needed more. swansea, they certainly did, defeated by this goal they remain in some trouble as do hull city. they lost 3—1 at stoke thanks to a very special goal. 0h, brilliant!
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what an outstanding goal! crystal palace improved their hopes of survival, coming back from 2—0 down to draw against leicester. and after a troubled week for barkly, he managed to focus his mind back onto football matters. his deflected shot helping everton two or 3—1 win against burnley. they now go above manchester united who play chelsea this afternoon. chelsea have the chance to regain their seven point lead at the top when they face manchester united at old trafford this afternoon. antonio conte‘s side were 4—0 winners when the teams met in the league earlier this season. they are a good team, strong physically and technically and for this reason we must pay them good attention because united also want to play to find a place
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for the next champions league and to arrive in the best form on the table. and they have the possibility to do this. they have a certain style of play, they stick to it, they do it very well, they do it very well. not every team defence with 11 players, they defend with 11 players and not every team is so objective in their counter—attacks. they are very objective in their counter—attacks. and they have individual players out of the context of the game who can also resolve problems. so they are very strong team. there are just two matches in the premier league today.
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liverpool will hope to go back up to third. they face west brom at the hawthorns in the lunchtime kick—off. we know about the qualities, we know about the style, we know they have experience, probably the most experienced team in the premier league. another thing, they are playing at home, a lot of things will cause us work. we want to show again that we have big targets and we will go for it and we will fight for the result. if we can do this, then we have a chance. in the scottish premiership, champions celtic face ross county this lunchtime. meanwhile, dundee‘s problems are escalating. they lost for the seventh match in a row. they were beaten 2—0 at home to hamilton and now occupy the relegation play off position. motherwell leapfrogged them by beating inverness 4—2. there were also wins for rangers and aberdeen. mercedes driver valterri bottas says he's not dreaming of a race win just yet,
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despite the first pole position of his career. he'll start from the front for today's bahrain grand prix, after out—qualifying his teammate lewis hamilton by just two—hundredths of a second. ferrari's sebastian vettel and daniel ricciardo of red bull are on the second row of the grid. i am really happy. it is the first pole position in my career. my first now in formula i. it took a few races but i got it and hopefully it is the first of many. defending champion mark selby thrashed qualifier fergal o'brien in his opening match at the world snooker championship in sheffield. the world number one threatened a whitewash as he wrapped up victory by 10 frames to 2. he now has almost a week off before his second round match when he'll play either wales‘ ryan day or china's xiao gudong. ronnie o'sullivan is finding things a little more difficult in his first round match.
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he was 5—1 up at one point with this, the first century break of this year's tournament — but qualifier gary wilson has battled back and is now only a frame behind. that match will conclude this afternoon — you can follow that across the bbc. now, there was a bit of a fright in store for england's after his stray tee shot from the tenth hole at the rbc heritage in south carolina. this alligator was lying in wait clearly eager for a slice of the action. poulter had to take penalty drop for his ball going into the water and was worried the alligator might snatch his club, or maybe something more substantial... webb simpson's caddy managed to scare the reptile away. poulter unsurprisingly double bogied the hole. but he ended his round just three shots off jason dufner‘s lead on ten under par. that's all the sport. now on bbc news it's time now for the papers
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the political commentator vincent moss and the journalist sean dilley. today's front pages, starting with. .. the sunday times leads on north korea and says president trump is prepared to strike korean nuclear sites. the mail on sunday also leads with the rising tensions around north korea and their threat to wipe out the united states armada. the sunday telegraph goes with the potential threat to america amid the growing tension. it says that north korea possesses the capability to strike american soil. the express simply calls it the deadliest stand—off. and the observer leads on an education story,
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saying that free schools will benefit wealthier regions. so, let's begin. the sunday times. sean, this very emotive headline next to a photograph of a soldier saluting at this big display of military hardware in pyongyang. trump ready to strike kim's nuclear sites. really? president trump is not afraid to use his military resources . afraid to use his military resources. we have seen that as a matter of fact in the past two weeks. what is interesting is that weeks. what is interesting is that we have seen tensions ratcheting up in the united states and north korea. specialists would say that china has got north korea under control, but the danger is we have had various missile tests. it's like
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the son and daughter of star wars, the son and daughter of star wars, the notion of missiles being shot down midair. that is causing tension with the north koreans. we have this described by the americans overnight asa described by the americans overnight as a failed missile launch. can we relax? no, they will keep trying. the papers are reporting about how dangerous north korea is, but there we re dangerous north korea is, but there were printed before the missile fail. most experts think that within two or three years they will have the capability to strike at america and this is what the sunday times story is talking about. north korea will do anything when it comes to america. we have not seen any evidence though, apart from increasing american concern. at the
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moment the issues seems to be that they have the capability to fire missiles, but they don't necessarily have the capability to put a nuclear warhead onto a missile, but they could get that. the us is a big country. it doesn't have to reach washington, there are places like hawaii, which are nearer. that's right. one thing that north korea has missiles that launch satellites into space. there is the technicality of going into the earth's orbit and coming back and striking downwards. they have theoretically got the ability to deliver a nuclear tipped missile. it isa deliver a nuclear tipped missile. it is a bit precise. the question many people must ask is why are we concerned today and ten months in
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the future or ten months in the past? that's a good point, one that is echoed on the front of the mail on sunday. quite a dramatic headline. kim's threat to annihilate trump's marder. these missiles don't need to reach america or europe, they could just reach south korea or japan to be a threat and that is what makes this escalation is a dangerous. the chinese are now starting to get a bit more muscular and interested in it. the papers seem to be trying to make britain pa rt of seem to be trying to make britain part of this, but when not. —— but
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we're not. we've never been more impotent when it comes to conflict like this and our place at the table is different and brexit will make it worse. we do still have an international profile. it could be a bigger profile because we run her to coordinate constantly our response with the eu. but we will have two coordinates with nato, and we are one of the biggest members, along with the united states. vincent, you make a big point. the russian ambassador said that britain is irreleva nt ambassador said that britain is irrelevant and we don't have an independent view. but we do still have a lot of influence. the second any missile start flying,
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britain will be involved. let's get back to the sunday times for a change of tempo, as it were. as eve ryo ne change of tempo, as it were. as everyone will know, it is easter sunday. some people will be taking advantage of having a lying, eating easter eggs. have you started? not yet. i'll wait to choose day when they are cheaper. i've got a real chocolate addiction. now, theresa may speaks out for christian britain. she is the daughter of a vicar. well, her message is quite similarto vicar. well, her message is quite similar to that of david cameron last year. religious tolerance, let
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eve ryo ne last year. religious tolerance, let everyone practice their faith without interference. you suggesting that someone is wrote it for that? —— that someone else wrote it for her? possibly. she has weighed in about the meaning of easter. some politicians have been reticent. about the meaning of easter. some politicians have been reticentm is easter sunday and the sunday times, quite rightly that other papers, reflects on that. if you are a tabloid, you have a bonny, if you
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are able broadsheet, there is some religious content. now, a story about builders who have an earth —— on earth some hidden remains of five archbishops of canterbury. as i understand it, they winched the smartphone down. they say there is an app for everything! it seems they have seen the archbishop's feel on 30 coppins. it isa
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the archbishop's feel on 30 coppins. it is a genuinely easter exclusive. the best quote is from one of the people who found it. he said, we come across a lot of bones in this job, but we knew it was different when we found an archbishop's crown oi'i when we found an archbishop's crown on one when we found an archbishop's crown on one of them. people try to be respectful, but there is a lot of building work going on and it is possible that maybe they did not notice it. one of these archbishops could have overseen the king james bible. it's a great find. hopefully at some point we will see the images of this mobile phone being lowered into this sort of vault. did anyone
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filmed the people filming it?|j often accidentally pressed the video instead of the still because i'm a bit hopeless, even with the smartphone, so they could have done inadvertently. if you are watching and you have the moving pictures, send them to us. if you discover any historical coppins anywhere, then tweet us. let us go back to the observer. as they go back, we haven't looked at it yet. let's start with this story. putin set to lose eu crown jewels. start with this story. putin set to lose eu crownjewels. i didn't know that the eu had crownjewels. lose eu crownjewels. i didn't know that the eu had crown jewels. two of them you may not be familiar with,
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but it is from the observer's source correspondent. he is pointing out there could be a double humiliation because we could lose the european banking authority and the european medicines agency, which employs about 1000 people. what does it matter? it's about a talent drain. the observer is so this is the start, another impact of brexit. eu —based bodies will go somewhere else. it is making the point that it comes at a time where we will not get the backing from brussels and the 27 member countries. there is a box and to play devils advocate slightly, they will have two sort of move when britain is no longer a four member of the eu. is it a
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double humiliation that they have moved 18 months early? maybe it is. one were covering the campaign by britain to get the olympics, which was a long time ago, jacques chirac said there was an argument about whether the european food agency will be based. i think he was fighting with the norwegians. it's com pletely fighting with the norwegians. it's completely overshadowed his attempt to lobby for paris because he said some rude things about norwegian food in the headlines followed him to singapore. staying with the observer, an interesting story about schools, sean. what you make of this? free schools boom helps the richest. it's a claim by the national union of teachers that money is wasted, to use the words, on free schools and technical colleges and academy schools that have either closed or not opened in
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the first place. to put it into context, what is not tangible and what is not reported is out of the investment that was made, some good seeds as well as bad seeds were sown. we'd know to what extent it is a total waste of money, but it's a lot cash. there are about 800 of these schools, free from local authority control. but italy's into the wider issue as well, as we discussed was so much money being spent on free schools, obviously at the moment moving forward with grammar schools as well, it is a politician's dream, isn't it? yes. education is becoming a hot potato for the government. labour research says that 20 of the most deprived areas would getjust 12 says that 20 of the most deprived areas would get just 12 of the gnu free schools announced. it is
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middle—class, sharp elbowed parents who can set these up. david lloyd wrote a good piece in the observer. he argues for evidence led arguments. people should look at the evidence. lord baker, the former education secretary, one of his su ccesso rs education secretary, one of his successors michael gove thought that these free schools were a failure. there is a big debate about them. they are saying we are good value and are helping children who would not otherwise get a good education, but it seems that the government are less enthusiastic. free schools are getting far less oversight. you often see people saying, i went to a grammar school and it was great. people who went to secondary modern
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that seemed to do that. where did you go? i went to a comprehensive. comprehensive as well. there is a valid point though that people from the media are from grammar schools. now, you both have opinions on this. kelvin mackenzie's column on friday. a stackable offence? yes. anything stackable in the world of commercial paper is because what you have to look at is the bottom line. there are all sorts of suggestions about what he said. it needs to be investigated. for someone who has worked on tabloids,
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ido someone who has worked on tabloids, i do know the oversight that would have gone into that. it should have been seen by sub editors. when kelvin says the l word, as in liverpool, that should set alarm bells ringing. thank you both. happy easter to you. you can go off and relax and read the papers. there's more on all our top stories on the bbc news channel and the next news on bbc one is at 1.15pm. stay with us on bbc news. time now for a look on the —— at the weather. a decent start for some parts. our weather watchers have been out in
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force. the south of wales, the south of england, areas that should see improved conditions. there is no doubt about it though that things will be cloudier and better as this front works its way in from the atlantic, all tied in with weather fronts travelling towards the eastern side of the british isles. it won't be long into the afternoon before we see wet weather getting into the eastern side of the pennines, east anglia and flirts with the southeast. different across the far north of scotland. it will be dry and bright will stop on the mainland, spotting of showers. the rain will quit the scene after a wet stop the northern ireland ‘s and things will improve. the southern parts of worlds, the southern
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south—western parts of england likely to see little in the wake of rain, especially when you need it. overnight, keeping the frost at bay, but you might see some in the northern parts of scotland. all of today's weather is driven by a north—westerly breeze. on easter monday at krul —— on easter monday cold air will come in. bright skies across the north of scotland, but showers falling on low levels. further south a mixture of sunny spells and showers. no signs of the cold air by day across the south, but as this feature drags herself, thatis but as this feature drags herself, that is the temperature profile in towns and cities, but look at this. hard frost in the heart of scotland. further south you might see some
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frost as well. that is the theme the next week. frosty by night, sunny spells by day. i will be back with the lunchtime news. stay with us on bbc news for more of the top stories. this is bbc news. the headlines at 10am. north korea has made a failed attempt to test a missile — hours before the us vice—president arrived in south korea. theresa may urges unity over brexit, as she delivers her first easter message as prime minister. our shared interests, shared ambitions, and above all our shared values can and should bring us together.
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the evacuation of besieged towns in syria has resumed, following a suicide attack targeting evacuees. more than 100 people were killed. president erdogan casts his vote in a bid to bring in new sweeping powers, that could keep him in power for another 12 years. that's as voters in turkey go to the polls.
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