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tv   World News Today  BBC News  April 16, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news, broadcasting in the uk and around the world. the headlines. yes campaigners in turkey celebrate as they claim victory in the referendum. president erdogan says changes to the constitution will now go ahead. translation: today, a decision made by the turkish public is a historic moment. this is not an ordinary decision, it is not an ordinary day. just over 51% of voters agreed to sweeping new powers for the president. the main opposition party says it will challenge the result. the trump administration has restated its determination to take action against north korea after it carries out another missile test. 68 children are amongst the dead in syria after saturday's bomb attack on buses carrying evacuees from besieged towns. the premier league title race takes a twist, i lost to manchester united
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cuts chelsea's lead to just four points. hello. turkey's president recep tayyip erdogan is claiming victory in the controversial referendum on expanding his powers. with almost all the votes counted, the yes campaign has maintained a slim lead, with 51.3% in favour. but the opposition is disputing the result, complaining of massive irregularities with the voting. supporters of president erdogan have been celebrating on the streets of ankara and istanbul. they believe he now has a mandate for the biggest political reform in turkey's modern history. the president himself called it a historic move that'll make the country stronger, but acknowledged the split in opinion and called for unity. translation: today is really
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important, because we will now start to reconstruct turkey from tomorrow. we do not need a necessary discussions, unnecessary talks and whatever, because it will not help oi’ whatever, because it will not help or benefit our country. we just have to create projects, we just have to respect what the turkish public have decided today, voted for today, and we just have to work harder, including our struggle against terror. we have to be stronger. we just have to wipe terror out of turkey. but the two main opposition parties, the pro—kurdish hdp and the republican people's party, or chp, say they want a recount of up to 60% of the vote. this is what the deputy chairman of the chp erdal aksunger had to say. translation: there are problems in the way the votes have been cast. we think there are also problems with the way the votes have been counted.
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we are just trying to control the situation at the moment, because at the moment in istanbul, ankara, izmir, the no vote is ahead. they are manipulating this and saying that the yes vote is ahead in these cities. how is this possible? in all of those big cities, the no campaign is ahead, but the public is being told that the yes campaign is leading. this is a total manipulation. they are preparing the way to steal the vote. live to ankara. mark lowen is outside the ruling party's headquarters. quite euphoric celebrations among the president's supporters. this gives him more powers than any other turkish president in modern history. yes, they believe he has got the mandate to do that now. you could
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see the jubilant supporters behind me, streaming into the governing party headquarters, where the prime minister spoke about an hour ago. he claimed victory, he said it was a victory for all the citizens of this country, and the president spoke in istanbul. his initial speech was muted, it was an indoor speech, he said that this was a vote that must be respected by turkey's international partners and allies, and then he went on the balcony and spoke to his supporters, and he was in rousing mood, he spoke about bringing back the death penalty, he said they could be a referendum on capital punishment, which gets support among his supporters, horror among his opponents. he was in campaign mood again. after a much more muted initial response. huge euphoria here, but the opposition believes it is not over. they say there are massive irregularities in
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there are massive irregularities in the voting process, that 1.5 million votes that were invalid were given to the yes side. some of the election observers were blocked from pollock stations in the south—east. they say they will challenge the result at the supreme election board. we are in an unprecedented situation. this side of the country believe they have won resoundingly, the other side says it will not accept the result. in terms of the country's stability, this is the worst possible result. if you can hear me, what are the next steps from here? the opposition republican party, the pro—kurdish party, and the leader of the no campaign said they would challenge it to the supreme court. they would try to file complaints. but it will be an uphill struggle, because the state machinery is so completely
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overwhelmingly dominated by the governing party, the media is 80 or 90% pro—government, so they are disability pitch headlines claiming victory will stop ——. the opposition believes they still have mileage. whether or not they can push it, we will see. the question will be whether erdogan will have legitimacy. in the eyes of half of the country, the answer is no. but for him, getting more than 50% was enough to shoot the biggest political change in modern medical history. i'm joined by irem koker from the bbc‘s turkish service. we heard the president talking about this not being an ordinary decision, not being an ordinary day. he went on to address crowds outside after the formal press statement that he gave. yes, he went back to his more
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euphoric and tough stance when he was speaking to his supporters outside his residence in istanbul. he said, this marks the beginning of a new chapter in the turkish history. this referendum ended a 200 year debate about how the country should be governed. also, he promised he would be taking the death penalty issue back to the agenda, which is another promise he made during the campaign. he is going back to his business as usual, and he will be pushing his own agenda afterwards. reminders, the extent of the powers that this result now gives him as president. asa result now gives him as president. as a president, after this referendum, the office of prime
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minister will be abolished. the cabinet ministers will be picked by the president himself. he will be appointing some key government officials. also, he will be able to call officials. also, he will be able to ca ll early officials. also, he will be able to call early elections, which will result in the dissolution of the parliament. he will be able to decide on the budget as well. and he will be appointing the dippy president, and the law does not say how many deputies will be there. it gives sweeping powers to the president was mac office. when you look at the result and how close it was, it just gives look at the result and how close it was, itjust gives a flavour of how divided turkey is. that is correct. we saw a similar turkey map with the previous elections in the past. the coastal areas, the people are more
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educated and have higher income, they voted for no, and the heartland, where more conservative people live, voted for yes. but what is more interesting is that for the first time erdogan and his party lost a n ka ra first time erdogan and his party lost ankara and istanbul, which is significant. that affected the low margin between yes and no. furthermore, turkey is highly polarised, we will see the leader of the main opposition party talking about irregularities and how they will react from this point on. we will react from this point on. we will see how's what he will say. we have reports of protests in istanbul and ankara. we will come back to that story later in the programme. the trump administration has reiterated its determination to take action against north korea amid rising tensions over
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its nuclear and missile programmes. the us national security advisor general hr mcmaster says the president is working on a "range of options" with america's allies and china. north korea's latest test resulted in what's thought to be a medium—range missile, blowing up shortly after take—off. it was launched from the east—coast port of shinpo, which includes a submarine base. on his arrival in seoul shortly afterwards, the us vice president mike pence described the test as a provocation and told his hosts that america's commitment to south korea had never been stronger. this flower show, like almost everything else in north korea, is dedicated to its ruling family. this is the stand of national defence... and this display is in honour of their abiding obsession, missiles. is it a little strange to have rockets and missiles in a flower show?
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no. not strange at all. there are reports that there was a missile test this morning. yes. and some suggestions that it failed, have you heard these reports? this is not a failure. we will win and we will have greater successes in the future. there has so far been no mention of the missile on north korean tv. but it's true. every launch, failure or not, takes the military one step closer to its goal. the timing of the latest missile test is significant, coming just a few hours before the us vice president mike pence arrived in the south korean capital, seoul. it's a message of defiance from here in pyongyang. its quest to become a fully—fledged nuclear power continues. at its big military parade yesterday, it put some of its newest missiles on display. the decades of threats and sanctions against north korea have clearly done little to stop it.
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mr pence's talks will focus on trying to find something that will work, including military options, according to officials. our commitment to this historic alliance with the courageous people of south korea has never been stronger and with your help and with god's help, freedom will ever prevail. at pyongyang zoo today there was a relaxed holiday atmosphere. the looming crisis seems far from anyone's mind. north korea appears confident that president trump's threats will turn out to be hollow and that he'll conclude, like others before him, that war carries far too many risks. stay with us on bbc news.
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still to come. pope francis celebrate easter with a mass in front of people in st peter's square. this is bbc world news. the latest headlines. yes campaigners in turkey celebrate as they claim victory in the referendum. the president says changes to the court situation will go ahead. just over 51% of the voters agreed to new powers for the president. the main opposition party says it will challenge the result. let's stay with the top scoring —— story. baybars 0rsekjoins us from our studio in istanbul. when you look at the stats from the
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outcome of this vote and the breakdown, what is your take on it? it isa breakdown, what is your take on it? it is a narrow victory for the campaign. it looks like he thought about the nature and the healthiness of this referendum will be on the table for a while. it is one of the most important referendums in the turkish history, and we will see the implications in the coming days. when you were assessing the claims by politicians during the referendum campaign, what was your good illusion? -- conclusion? we have been fact checking the statements of politicians for the last three yea rs, politicians for the last three years, this cycle has been a similar effort from our side. we have checked more than 100 statements in the referendum topics in this constitution, and what we saw was
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nothing different than the previous election cycles will stop the truthfulness of the statements were something between 25% and 30%. it is weird when it comes to the importance of informing the public, especially before this kind of important public vote. you look at fa ct important public vote. you look at fact checking around the world, how does turkey compare on that front? we area does turkey compare on that front? we are a part of the international fa ct we are a part of the international fact checking network, and on branagh organisation. what we see, there is some sort of similarity in terms of the scores of politicians, especially during the election cycles. this is one of the highly debated topics in the american elections as well. it is not surprising that people are still voting based on their ideological and party based affiliations,
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greater than sticking to the truth. this is one of the main challenges of fa ct this is one of the main challenges of fact checking organisations, we are trying to tackle it. in terms of this particular campaign, the referendum result has given sweeping new powers to the turkish president. are you satisfied that the claims that were made during the campaign led to people making an informed decision about what they were doing? especially in this referendum, we saw lots of references to the concept of truth and lying from different political actors, including the president, the prime minister and the leader of the 0pposition and other representatives of both sides. the leaders try to convince the constituencies by blaming the opponent parties as
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people who are not seeking the truth and misinforming the public. this has been one of the decisive factors in terms of making people's opinions. more than 100 people, more than half of them children, are now thought to have died in saturday's suicide—bomb attack in syria. a convoy of coaches packed with evacuees in a pre—arranged exchange between the syrian government and a number of rebel groups was targeted with the car bomb on the outskirts of aleppo. this report from our diplomatic correspondent james landale contains some distressing images. they were heading for what they thought was safety, thousands of civilians from government—held villages had been under siege by rebel forces for two years. just a short bus ride from aleppo and a better life. but then this. a massive suicide bomb attack. a vehicle supposedly carrying food, packed instead with explosives. devastating the convoy, buses and cars. a potato truck, as they were hungry, comes and offers for the kids potato chips, potato bags.
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so the kids who were very hungry, some of them left the buses, went to the truck, and as soon as they approached the truck, it exploded. that's where it emerged today that among the 126 dead were 68 children. according to british—based activists who monitor the conflict. hundreds of others injured in the attack were rushed to hospital in aleppo. it is still not clear who was responsible for the attack although local islamist rebel groups have denied any involvement. the people travelling in these buses were part of a deal between government and opposition forces to evacuate civilians from towns besieged by both sides. they were attacked as they waited for another convoy to go in the south, evacuating civilians from rebel—held areas. but an attack like this that left so many dead will raise doubts about whether there will be more evacuation deals in the future. the remaining survivors
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in the convoy continued their journey to aleppo in relative safety. the united nations condemned the attack and urged all sides to secure the safety of evacuees. but there are already fears that civilians in rebel—held areas may now face revenge attacks. tulsen tollet has all the sport. the english premier league title race has taken another twist after manchester united beat league leaders chelsea 2—0 at old trafford. marcus rashford put the hosts ahead after seven minutes before ander herrera doubled that lead just after half—time with a deflected shot for his first league goal in 1a months, cutting chelsea's lead at the top to just four points, with six games remaining. liverpool have moved back up to third after beating west bromwich albion 1—0. roberto firmino with his third goal in six games on the stroke of half—time decided the outcome at the hawthorns. a match between french ligue un
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sides bastia and lyon was abandoned after home fans invaded the pitch in corsica. kick—off was delayed by 55 minutes as bastia fans tried to attack visiting lyon players during their warm—up, and was then abandoned at half—time. ferrari's sebastian vettel has won the bahrain grand prix, as lewis hamilton's hopes were hit by a penalty for gamesmanship. the brit was penalised five seconds for driving deliberately slowly on pit entry and holding up red bull's daniel ricciardo. he was unable to claw back the deficit. vettel‘s win giving him a seven—point lead over hamilton in the championship, while his mercedes team mate valterri bottas completed the podium. five—time world champion ronnie 0'sullivan has said he won't be bullied by world snooker after winning his opening match at this year's world championship. the 41—year—old started the afternoon session leading gary wilson 5—4. he moved onto 7—5 with this break of 124, the highest of the tournament so far.
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wilson didn't make life easy for 0'sullivan, but he's safely through to the second round, winning10—7, although he was visibly shaken when talking after the match about his perceived grievances. he has only replied to questions from the media by one or two word a nswe i’s. i phoned barry up for weeks ago and said, i have done with you and your board of people, i have a good friend who said, just my lawyers deal with it. i would get involved, i not being bullied i am not having people doing that to me ever again. iam people doing that to me ever again. i am fortunate i have a good friend who has very good lawyers, and they have got my back. ijust want to
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play, i just want to have fun. i like barry, but i am not being intimidated or bullied anymore. that's all sport for now. pope francis has celebrated easter mass in the vatican. he called on the world's leaders to find the courage to end the spread of conflict. the pope also delivered his traditional urbi et 0rbi message, the blessing to rome and the world, from st peter's basilica. rain didn't dampen the easter message in rome, where thousands of pilgrims gathered to see pope francis celebrate easter mass and lead the blessings in st peter's square in the vatican. mass took place amidst tight security, a week after attacks on two coptic churches in egypt left more than a0 people dead. pope francis used his message to also condemn yesterday's bomb attack on a crowded syrian bus convoy that killed at least 112 people.
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translation: may he sustain the efforts of all who are actively engaged in bringing comfort and relief to the civil population in syria, prey to a war that continues to sow horror and death, and yesterday the latest horrible attack on refugees, which provoked many deaths and many wounded. may he grant peace to the entire middle east. as the skies cleared, the pope's message resonated with the thousands who travelled from far and wide for his easter blessing. the archbishop of canterbury delivered his easter message from canterbury cathedral. he said today's terror, pain and despair should not be allowed to triumph. the royal family gathered at st george's chapel in windsor. the queen, who wore a spring—like shade of turquoise, was joined by the duke of edinburgh and her children and grandchildren for a traditional
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easter sunday service. a reminder of our top story. the referendum in turkey. these are life pictures from istanbul, where crowds celebrating. supporters of the result, those who voted yes to giving the president sweeping new powers. according to the latest figures, more than 51%, just over 51%, voting yes to the changes. the main opposition parties say they will challenge the result, raising doubts about 60% of the votes cast. more as we get it on bbc world news. expecting a bit more sunshine for easter monday. the is coming from
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the north. clear skies between the cloud. unlike today. the thicker cloud. unlike today. the thicker cloud continues to move away through tonight. a bit of rain for east anglia and the south—east. it becomes dry, clear skies. the temperatures could be low enough for a touch of frost. high pressure to the west will play a big part through this week. low pressure to the east, pulling in colder air. it leads to a cold start. quite a bit of sunshine around northern england, increasingly into northern ireland. sunny spells. land, but showers pushing southwards. sleek and hail to lower levels. northern england, the showers get going. we start with
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cloud. any rain will be light and patchy, most places will have a dry day. more sunshine developing as we go through the day and into the afternoon. temperatures held back across the north—east. more sunshine to the south west, lighter wind, it should feel pleasant. we finished the evening with showers in northern england. there could be an ice risk to go into tuesday morning. you might avoid a frost in east anglia and the south—east. more trees, which could shepherd in one or two isolated showers. the thickening cloud in the hebrides, but for most it will be dry and sunny. the temperatures struggling after the cold start, but the sunshine should convert saved. the weather fronts will skirt the
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north. high pressure dominates foremost. hello, the latest headlines from bbc news: turkey's president has claimed victory in a referendum that will give the office of the president far greater powers. just over 51% of voters approved the changes. that is a majority of around 1 million people. president erdogan called on the country to come together. two opposition parties questioned the result, saying there were irregularities in the voting and have promised to challenge the outcome. donald trump's national security adviser says the us and china are working together with other allies on a response to north korea's latest failed missile test. he said what he described as they are threatening behaviour cannot continue. pope francis has celebrated easter mass in front of thousands of people in st peter's square with the traditional blessing of the city of rome and the world. coming up later, clive myrie will be
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here at ten o'clock with a full round—up of the
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