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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 19, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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mount etna is one of the most thoroughly monitored volcanoes on earth but, obviously, there are many other volcanoes and many dangerous volcanoes, especially in poorer countries where monitoring is much more rudimentary or, in many places, completely absent. but now a groundbreaking project will change that. using our satellites, with radars on board, we can actually see magma moving beneath the earth's surface. at leeds university, scientists are about to start using satellites to monitor every volcano on earth to provide an early eruption alert. so for people that are living on volcanoes that really aren't monitored this could have a huge impact, of course. if a volcano becomes restless and through this mechanism we are able to provide warning to these people, this could really save lives. this will be a worldwide volcano watch, and this is how it works. before a volcano erupts, magma begins to rise from deep beneath the earth, causing the ground to swell. it's only auto tiny movement, hardly noticeable, but it can be
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detected from space. satellites can measure these changes, down to even a few millimetres, and if anything's detected, it's a sign that the volcano might be about to explode. our experience on etna showed the danger that volcanoes can pose. forecasting major eruptions there and elsewhere could be a game—changer. by the end of this year, scientists should have all 1,500 of the world's volcanoes under their watch. rebecca morelle, bbc news. newsnight is coming up on bbc two, here's emily maitlis. tonight we talk to ruth davidson and nick clegg, here in the studio, and we ask whether party loyalty or brexit will dictate how voters decide in june. join me now on bbc two. here, on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hello, welcome to sports day. coming
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up hello, welcome to sports day. coming up on the programme tonight, sam warburton will lead a lions squad that will try and topple the mighty all blacks. he is one of 41 players picked for the new zealand tour this summer. picked for the new zealand tour this summer. juventus prevent another barcelona comeback to reach the champions league semifinals where they arejoined by champions league semifinals where they are joined by monaco. and trump is dumped out at the crucible. the pretournament favourite loses to eight 1000—1 shot in the first round of the world snooker championship. -- 281000-1shot. well, long. the british and irish lions squad for the tour to new
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zealand has been selected. sam warburton will lead them this summer, warburton will lead them this summer, as warburton will lead them this summer, as both he and coach warren gatland try to emulate their success from four years ago. the squad is bigger than it was for the series win in australia. he will definitely have —— they will definitely have to be better too, with new zealand lying in wait. there had been months of speculation but one man seemed sure of the spotlight. once again, sam warburton will lead the lions, this time against the world's best, new zealand. it will be the toughest i've done. but it is the biggest honour i've had as well. being captain of the lions for the second time and against new zealand, that ranks as the pinnacle of my career so far. 41 players were chosen by warren gatland and, as predicted, england dominate the squad. wales have 12 players, while ireland, who beat the all blacks back in november, have 11. scotland only have two.
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half the squad make their lions debut, including the rookie prop kyle sinckler, yet to start a test match for england. warburton has been given the armband despite no longer captaining of wales. it is the second time sam warburton stood in front of these cameras as lions captain, and even though he is injured, there was no danger of him being left out by warren gatland. the surprises in the squad were lurking elsewhere. despite leading england to back—to—back six nations titles, dylan hartley has been left out of the squad, as hasjoe launchbury. after an underwhelming six nations, wales have more players than expected while scottish fans will be disappointed that stuart hogg is only one of two making the trip. i would love to have seen other boys go on, but you need to look at the squad and the pressure warren gatland has been under to try to pick a squad. i would not want to do it.
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four years ago, the lions won the series in australia but what is good enough to beat australia might not be good enough to beat new zealand. the lions have won the series there only once, back in 1971. being selected could be the easy part... katie gornall, bbc news. barcelona are out of the champions league after they were unable to mount another miraculous comeback. juventus held them at bay in the second leg of their quarter final at camp nou, and held on to their lead, too, as they reached the last four, avenging their defeat in the final of 2015. andy swiss reports. it couldn't really happen again, could it? after coming back from 4—0 down in the last round, barcelona were hunting for another miracle. the first half signs were not encouraging. lionel messi spurned their only real first half chance. a bruising first half. after the
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break, barcelona poured forward but their talisman seemed to have mislaid his scoring boots. in most games he would have taken at least one of his opportunities, but it seems even the greatest have their off nights. 0thers tried to fill the breach, including sergi roberto, but all to no avail, asjuventus‘s defence held firm. the italians through to the semifinals. for barcelona, one mountain too many. andy swiss, bbc news. monaco willjoinjuventus in the last four. their second leg against borussia dortmund was delayed for five minutes after the german team's bus, attacked by terrorists last week, was held up in traffic on the way to the stadium. that incident was marked tonight by the two sets of supporters both singing the dortmund anthem before the match. but once it started, monaco dominated again. already leading 3—2, teenager kylian m'bappe added to his two from the first leg with another to give the french side the lead on the night. it was 2—0 before half time thanks to radamel falcao. marco reus pulled one back shortly after the break to give dortmund a glimmer of hope,
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but monaco have scored three or more in every knockout match this season. so step up valere germain to wrap up the tie — 3—1 on the night, 6—3 on aggregate. bournemouth midfielder jack wilshere, who's on loan from arsenal, will not play again this season after breaking his leg. wilshere was injured in saturday's defeat against tottenham during a challenge with harry kane. scans have revealed a hairline crack in his left fibula. the pre—tournament favourite is out of the world snooker championship, beaten in one of the biggest shocks in crucible history. judd trump has lost in the first round to the 1000—1 shot rory mcleod. the pair resumed with the world number 5a needing just one frame to go through. and he managed it in the second of the night, completing a 10—8 victory to set up a second round match against stephen maguire. trump, the world number two and runner up from 2011, refused to do a post—match press conference. olympic champion adam peaty narrowly
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missed out on breaking his own world record as he won the 50 metres breaststroke title at the british swimming championships in sheffield. peaty already won the 100 metres on tuesday and eased to victory in the 50 metres, finishing six hundredths of a second outside of his world best. he described the time as very frustrating. even i'm a little tiny bit disappointed, i know everyone is going to hate me for saying that, but that's the way i work, if i'm not improving and trying to get those times, i automatically field is appointed. i go back to training even more and i want that. andy murray has made a winning return to competitive tennis after a month out with an elbow injury, beating gilles muller at the monte carlo masters. the world number one was broken in the first game of the match but came back to take the opening set 7—5, much to the dismay and anger of muller. murray last played on the atp tour in indian wells
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back in march and had to recover from another early break in the second to wrap up victory in just under two hours. british number three kyle edmund is out, though — although fourth seed rafael nadal didn't have things his own way in their second round match. nadal took the first set 6—0 before edmund fought back to claim the second 7—5. nadal, who's aiming for his tenth monte carlo title, went on to claim the decider 6—3. he'll play alexander zverev in the next round. serena williams has appeared to announce that she's pregnant, on social media. this is a post from the last hour or so featuring serena plus what looks like a bump, and the caption "20 weeks." if it is indeed confirmed, that would mean she was pregnant when she won her 23rd grand slam title at the australian 0pen back in january. the american announced her engagement to reddit co—founder alexis 0hanian in december. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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good night. hello there and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are alison little, deputy political editor at the daily express, and lucy fisher, senior political correspondent at the times. good to see you both. happy there's an election? i'm exhilarated, i'm very happy! i can see you are. let's look at some of the front pages. the metro says, bring it on, after mps voted for the snap general election onjune the 8th. according to the daily mail, the conservative
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ma nifesto daily mail, the conservative manifesto will guarantee the end of free movement. the daily telegraph reports a warning from theresa may that the snp is plotting what she has called a coalition of chaos. the times claims the prime minister is being forced into a concession over migrant targets as part of the price for calling the snap election. philanthropist bill gates for calling the snap election. phila nthropist bill gates has for calling the snap election. philanthropist bill gates has warned that lives will be at risk if the conservatives cut overseas aid, that is the top story on the front of the guardian. labour leaderjeremy corbyn features on the front page of the financial times. the mirror headline is foul play, as the paper calls theresa may chicken for refusing to take part in tv debates. we're going to start with the metro. "bring it on". there was no debate, note surprise this was going to
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happen, the labour party decided to back it, what a transformation 2a hours makes. yes. even last week we we re hours makes. yes. even last week we were writing cheerily about the onset of nuclear war and then all that has gone and suddenly here we are! ican that has gone and suddenly here we are! i can tell you there are mps frantically deciding what they want to do. those who said they would go on until 2020 and stop, they have a ha rd on until 2020 and stop, they have a hard and quick decision to make because of her. but she was ready for it, they are off, and off they go onto the campaign trail. lucy, how prepared are the parties really for this, considering it's literally out of the blue? there is a whole organisation that has got to be sorted out to deal with this kind of thing. that's absolutely right, but when you look at cch queue, they have already co—opted in sir lynton crosby, the strategist credited with masterminding david cameron's success masterminding david cameron's success in 2015. there might have been some planning effort because
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gchq has been rushing in recent weeks and months to update its candidates list under the radar. so to my mind, the conservatives look ina to my mind, the conservatives look in a little bit better shape than labour and the in a little bit better shape than labourand the lib in a little bit better shape than labour and the lib dems, in a little bit better shape than labourand the lib dems, who in a little bit better shape than labour and the lib dems, who have beena labour and the lib dems, who have been a bit more court on the hoof. certainly with labour, they had a long meeting with their governing body to date and decide the rules. i think all parties nowjust need to get bodies in every seat ready to get bodies in every seat ready to get going. it'sjust seven weeks. the financial times front page is mr corbyn, he is in croydon, a marginal constituency. the caption at the top, "call to arms, corbyn targets the rich as mps vote to set election clock ticking, he clearly feels of course that he can win. he is supported, surrounded by the party faithful, there. and he is on the stump. i think my point and we might i’ow stump. i think my point and we might row about this, is that i see that
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picture of corbyn and i saw him on the television earlier and he walks into this rally amid cheers, someone said "i love you, i love you". this is where he's happiest, which is fine, because theresa may also pictured in the telegraph surrounded by her supporters. but critics of jeremy corbyn will say, this is the early thing he can do coming he loves these rallies, that is where he is happiest. we saw him at prime minister's question time today and i don't know how you thought he performed, but he was quite stumbling, there was no support from his mps, he is miserable that. but when he is in this rally situation can he loves it. if you're going to be leader of the party and prime minister, you need to be able to do the other stuff as well, i think. he reminds me of a certain chap in 1992. mr major? that's right. he had a little soapbox. and it worked. donald trump. donald trump just stood there in front of the party faithful, didn't go anywhere else.
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he won too. it could work for mr corbyn. no? chuckles


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