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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 24, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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but thankfully, matthew came along. he was saying that he was determined to finish. and i helped him up and his legs went again, so i realised that i was going to have to stay with him to make sure that he did get to that finish line. see it through to the conclusion of this 26 mile 385—yard course. what did you actually say to him? i was like shouting in his ear, saying, "come on, on, you can do this, it's 200 metres, we will finish, i'll stay with you!" maybe i was a bit overzealous because of my support, but, er... with my support, but, er... no, it was wonderful, it was needed, it was needed to kind of hit home. matthew was clear in knowing, if he leaves me, there's a chance that they will just whisk me off, they won't get me along the finish. and that'sjust, you know, it's just so nice, he's such a gentleman for doing that. the killer question — roles reversed, would you have done the same, david? oh, my goodness. it's... i honestly... that is... you're the first person to ask me that today, and that is such a good question. i haven't given it a moment's thought. i'd love to think i would.
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you can see prince william and prince harry looking outjust in disbelief. what the general public see there is the spirit of the running community. and this happens all over the place, itjust happened that there were quite a few cameras trained on that, at that point in the course, capturing that moment. and it was even the wobbly pair of legs that officially crossed the line first. david's club has offered to pay matthew's entry entry year, matthew's entry year, with first—class travel and accommodation — recognition of a new friendship forged in a selfless moment of sacrifice. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. in the aftermath of the first round of the french presidential elections, will be joined of the french presidential elections, will bejoined by of the french presidential elections, will be joined by peter mandelson, who talks about his new cross— party mandelson, who talks about his new cross—party moment to defeat pro—brexit mps in the election.
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here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm hugh ferris. the headlines tonight. the toon are back in the big time. newcastle are promoted to the premier league at the first attempt after a thumping win over preston a doping disqualification hands kelly sotherton a third olympic bronze. tatyana chernova's positive test from the beijing games promotes the former british heptathlete to third. and selby sails through. the defending champion reaches the world snooker quarter finals. welcome to the programme. thanks forjoining us. the toon army are marching back to the premier league. newcastle have been promoted, just 11 months after dropping
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into the championship. and they sealed it with a comprehensive victory tonight against preston. let's go live to our sports correspondent katie gornall who's outside st james‘ park for us. katie, you've escaped what must be some fairly lively celebrations. i think you are right. i think the celebrations will go on long into the night here in newcastle. but this promotion has not been a procession for the club. they really did wrap it up in some style here tonight and they got off to the perfect start as well. i is peres, after just six perfect start as well. i is peres, afterjust six minutes putting newcastle united in front and getting the party started early —— ayoze perez. at that point you thought newcastle were really on the up thought newcastle were really on the up and were going to walk away with
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it, but preston looked dangerous on the break throughout. they were thrashed 6—0 by newcastle back in october in the league cup. here it was shortly not going to be a walkover and they equalised shortly afterwards by jordan walkover and they equalised shortly afterwards byjordan hugill. at that point, the nerves did start to settle in a bit. the fans were going to worry that this was not going to be their night. but newcastle were calm, they kept their composure and work shortly back in front with christian atsu. after the break newcastle were back on the attack again will stop they went further ahead through some quite farcical circumstances. preston took some drastic action, their captain paul gallagher handling the ball on the line. he was sent off, preston went down to ten men and then richie,
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real pressure situation for him. he has been something of a favourite for the tyneside faithful. he stepped up to score a penalty. it was at the final whistle that celebrations began. much of that affection was directed towards rafa benitez. there is a huge amount of appreciation here on tyneside, not just for thejob but appreciation here on tyneside, not just for the job but because he stayed with newcastle after their relegation, a relegation he could do very little about. he stayed with them and managed them in the champ and ship and they have got back into the premiership at the first time of asking —— the championship. the premiership at the first time of asking —— the championshipm the premiership at the first time of asking -- the championship. it is a premier league stadium with a premier league stadium with a premier league stadium with a premier league size crowd, how important was it that they bounced back straightaway? very important. this is a big club with big aspirations. they get regularly
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50,000 fans here. it is a club which feels like it belongs in the premier league. so often that is not the case. there was a lot of expectation around newcastle united this season because of the size of the stadium and the club and the manager i had in place as well. benitez had to ship out 20 players when they were relegated and bring in 12 new players. he had to gel together the team. there was a feeling that he could be the man to wake up what is a sleeping giant. he did say something interesting in the press conference afterwards. he asked if he would be leading out newcastle next season, you he would be leading out newcastle next season, you never he would be leading out newcastle next season, you never know, this is football. perhaps a coded message to mike ashley that he is looking for some funds for the summer. thank you. league one champions sheffield united are attempting to re—sign striker ched evans from chesterfield, and a fee of around half a million pounds has been agreed. evansjoined chesterfield, who have
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been relegated to league two, after having a rape conviction quashed in april last year. he was then found not guilty following a retrial. the 28—year—old last played for sheffield united in 2012 before he served two and a half years in prison. he is due to have a medical later this week. former british heptathlete kelly sotherton is set to be upgraded to her third olympic bronze medal. it comes as a result of the international olympic committee disqualifying russia's tatyana chernova for testing positive for a steroid at the 2008 games in beijing. chernova's positive test is only the latest in a long line from the ioc‘s re—analysis of stored anti—doping samples from the 2008 and 2012 games. serena williams has accused ilie nastase of racism and sexism after comments he made about her unborn child. the remaining captain has been suspended. serena williams said it disappoints that people like ilie
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nastase can make such racist comments towards myself and my unborn child and sexist comments towards my peers. i have said it once and i will say it again, this world has come so far but we have so far to go. we have broken down many barriers but there are a pleasure to go. i will take a lead and stand up for what is right. defending champion mark selby is through to the quarter finals of the world snooker championship after beating xiao guo—dong. selby resumed with a 10—6 lead against his chinese opponent, and rattled off the three frames he needed in under an hour. he made a century break at the cruicible for the first time this year in the first frame of the session and just missed out on another as he clinched the match by 13 frames to 6. 10-6 10—6 you have still got a co mforta ble 10—6 you have still got a comfortable lead but he will still be looking to win. to win the first frame and get it settled was nice and to win it in one frame was better. selby will face the winner of this
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match — these are live pictures from the crucible where neil roberston is playing marco fu. they resumed this evening's session at eight frames all. it has been a lengthy evening session. marcus fu is one frame from victory that neil robertson has a chance to salvage it himself so it will go on late, by the looks of things here. you can follow this on the red button and the bbc sport website. barry hawkins is also through to the quarter finals. he tookjust under hour this lunchtime to complete a 13—6 victory over scotland's graeme dott and reach his fifth consecutive quarterfinal where he'll now face another scot stephen maguire. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. good night. hello and welcome to our look at the papers.
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with me are miranda green of the financial times and christopher hope of the daily telegraph. let's start with the front pages. we start with the financial times which reports on the positive reaction from the financial markets to emmanuel macron‘s progression to the second round of voting in the french election. the i reveals labour's plans for brexit, including assurances for eu nationals living in the uk the daily express claims a study shows just 45 minutes of exercise a day can prevent dementia. the metro says a law firm used legal aid to pay for bogus claims against british soldiers in iraq. the daily telegraph leads with comments by the head of the university admissions service that students shouldn't worry about finding jobs straight after graduation. the guardian reports he remained at
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a campaign group is targeting parliamentary seats currently occupied by pro brexit politicians with an army of half a million supporters. the times says there will be a bill of 2 million euros. and a report that gps are not spotting cancer symptoms in patients with some being sent away three times before being correctly diagnosed. that is in the daily mail. around, we will start with the election. the i unveils the brexit strategy. this general election has been called by theresa may for tactical reasons. she wants to increase their majority in the commons, partly because she wants to
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deal with brexit. labour is pleasing neither levers nor remainers. they have to come down on one side or the other. a few nights ago we had the extraordinary spectacle of the shadow foreign secretary saying to the bbc labour has not decided which side of the fence it is an in terms of brexit. pollsters are watching this group of voters who they are describing as i am normally labour but. unfortunately for labour people in both the leave group and the remain group are not supporting labour. it is not clear to the voters because they say they want to safeguard the good things about the eu like workers' rights which are very important to labour voters, but actually, they will not go against the results of the referendum. i am
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not massively wiser tonight about which side of the fence they have decided to come down on. it does talk about labour wants to safeguard the rights of eu nationals living in the rights of eu nationals living in the uk. it says that as miranda was saying, they accept the referendum results, but they want to safeguard workers' rights. there is no mention on the front of the paper about immigration. it does still seem a little bit muddled. immigration is not mentioned at all. it is all too well the eu national issue, that is across the house of commons. theresa may's position is pretty reasonable oi'i may's position is pretty reasonable on that, she wants to make sure the rights of britain's overseas are also looked after before sorting out the eu nationals here which is fair enough. it does seem, i think it is an attempt, they are going to repeal this great repeal bill but re—badge it with something else. the concern is they are going quite far. there
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may be a way ofjustifying a second referendum. the big issue on this is they are trying to go towards the lib dem and snp position which is more pro—eu. if you believe there might be a minority government at the end of this with corbyn as a prime minister, which is a possibility, then maybe this puts it more in the ballpark.|j possibility, then maybe this puts it more in the ballpark. i am not entirely sure that will happen. the french polls got it right last night, bang on. in france. we have said all the non—tory parties have said all the non—tory parties have said they will not do deals. to be fairto labourand this said they will not do deals. to be fair to labour and this is an important point, it is the most recent party when it comes to brexit. all the others are fairly united generally so they have a difficult thing. it is a genuine dilemma. the clear thing they see if they would not accept no deal as a
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serious option,... unlike theresa may. so a clear demarcation there. christopher, the front page of the i as well, ukip are targeting muslims. they want a ban on


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