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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 25, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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the shadow brexit secretary says labour would scrap the prime minister's brexit plans — and unilaterally guarantee the rights of eu citizens in the uk — if it wins power. the liberal democrat leader tim farron says he does not think gay sex is a sin — clarifying a question he had refused to answer several times so far during the election campaign. a number of well—known names — including jeffrey archer and kevin keegan — have settled phone—hacking claims against mirror group newspapers. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. we'll be discussing theresa may's visit to south wales where she's hoping to stomp all over labour's traditional territory. we'll be getting reaction to the un secretary general‘s warning that an entire generation of children in yemen is being starved and crippled by war. we'll be asking whether personalised adverts which will call viewers by name are too intrusive.
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that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm hugh ferris. the headlines tonight. anthonyjoshua admits he's stepping up to a ‘whole new level‘ on saturday night against wladimir klitschko, claiming his training camp provided "tougher times than i have had in any walk of life". two home nations will meet in the women's world cup qualifiers as england and wales are drawn in the same group for the 2019 tournament in france. and coming up — the draw for the sixth round of rugby league's challenge cup, as holders hull fc and the rest plot their path to wembley. hello again.
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so the challenge cup draw is coming up shortly. but first to a man who insists he's still living the simple life, despite preparing for the night that could change that life forever. in what's being described as the biggest live event in boxing history, anthonyjoshua will attempt to unify the heavyweight division against wladimir klitschko in front of 90,000 fans on saturday night at wembley. and even though the ibf champion will earn around £10 million, he's told the bbc‘s sports editor dan roan he's still the same guy as he was when growing up. my my apologies. as you can gather there is something amiss with that link to salford and the sports round—up. we will attempt to return to that and bring you more in the
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coming moment. but in the meantime we can bring you up—to—date with some other news. the us state of arkansas has put to death to prisoners in a single day. both jack jones and marcel williams were convicted of rape and murder in the 19905. convicted of rape and murder in the 1990s. part of an extraordinary race by the state authorities to put eight men to death before their stock of lethal drugs expires. the legal authorities in arkansas say the two prisoners were executed by lethal injection after final legal appeals were rejected by the courts. the first to die was jackjones, who was convicted over 20 years ago of raping and strangling mary phillips, and attempting to murder her 11—year—old daughter. a local reporter was witness to his execution. jack jones was strapped to a gurney, had a sheet on him from about the neck down. his head was kind of clamped, i guess. he spoke for about two minutes.
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all we could really see was him breathing a little bit, and then, you know, it took him about 1k minutes to pass. the second man, marcel williams, was convicted of the 1997 kidnapping, rape and murder of stacy errickson. screen. to those i hurt, i'm sorry it is not enough. williams was already in the death chamber when a brief stay of execution came through. lawyers pointed to complications in the first execution. they said it had taken workers 45 minutes to unsuccessfully insert a central line injackjones's neck. but the court ruled that the execution could proceed. the state of arkansas had originally wanted to put to death all of these eight men before the end of the month. an unprecedented rate of executions. and the reason for the rush is that
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that's when the expiry date on supplies of this sedative used in the lethal injections runs out. all this has brought protesters out onto the streets, and action in the courts, with lawyers arguing the rush to execute amounted to cruel and unusual punishment. but the legal manoeuvres have only succeeded in halting four of the planned executions. last week, ledell lee was the first of the other four to be put to death. the authorities in arkansas insist what they are doing is right. the state governor said family and friends of the victims of the two executed inmates had seen justice carried out. david campanale, bbc news. a moment ago technology intervened in our connection with the world of sport. but i'm told that the re m na nts sport. but i'm told that the remnants are out of the system.
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thank you. apologies for all those issues. let's hear from thank you. apologies for all those issues. let's hearfrom anthony joshua who has been speaking to dan rowan about that big fight on saturday night against wladimir klitschko. he insists he is still the same guy as when he was a teenager growing up. it has been a long road. i have been here about 13 weeks now. it is what has been needed, i feel at peace and i feel confident because even with a few more days to go i have left no stone unturned. training is not easy at this level, it involves sacrifice. is it something that you enjoy? the coach tries to reveal your potential. they start pushing you to places you have never been before. repetition, repetition. a new level for you. completely especially with the type of fighter, it is a bit of an ordeal, it has been so much work. but that has been fun and enjoyable.
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0n those occasions where you're struggling and in pain, what is the most motivation for you.|j struggling and in pain, what is the most motivation for you. i was on the opposite end of healthy living before boxing, it has got me strong. my before boxing, it has got me strong. my little niece in fact, i'm a superhero to my little cousins and stuff. a lot has been made of the fa ct stuff. a lot has been made of the fact that you're still living with your mum, is that home, or is that here? i've been living in the same flat since 2007. maybe when i retire i will then the violin or the piano, all the things i did not do when i was fighting. but so far the simple life has worked. when i'm not fighting i try to take a holiday but when i'm fighting the simple life has worked i do not try to change it. with some of your rivals it is all about what the pizzazz, how much money they earn. using different. where we grab everyone was about making money but been low—key.
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understated but probably did not wa nt to understated but probably did not want to get your house burgled! just about being low—key and from who i am wheni about being low—key and from who i am when i was 17 is who i am today. not much has changed. is this the defining fight, the moment of your career? one of them. i'm confident, i'm learning about myself and for me this fight is one fight i will take in my stride round by round. when i ta ke in my stride round by round. when i take that attitude the victory comes and we move on. with so many other big fights in the uk as well. he may not be the fighter that he once was, but how much of a challenge you facing here. once the main things is his mindset of the minute, he claims he obsessed. i ask what he was obsessed about and i look at myself in the mirrorand obsessed about and i look at myself in the mirror and it is me. he is coming ready and the body does what the minds tell it to do. so i will be infora the minds tell it to do. so i will be in for a tough fight but i have
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been training under the dark side so ican shine been training under the dark side so i can shine under the bright lights. and we will build up to but bright light on friday night and also with exquisite online and radio commentary. while you can also watch "anthony joshua: the road to klitschko" on bbc1 at 10.45 tonight — a documentary that's been given exclusive access to joshua over the last two years. to football, and chelsea will be looking to extend their lead at the top of the premier league to 7 points when they play southampton at stamford bridge tonight. antonio conte's team have a league and fa cup double in their sights after their semi—final win against tottenham on saturday. southampton manager claude puel says chelsea are the best team in the premier league. they have a fantastic counterattack and it is difficult to play against
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this team. they had plenty of opportunities to score and for themselves they have quickness, they can do fantastic actions and quality on the pitch. the quality of their play, they can make the difference every time. england's women have been drawn in the same group as wales for the 2019 women's world cup qualifiers. northern ireland and the republic of ireland are also together, in a group also including norway and the netherlands, while scotland are in group 2 alongside switzerland. you can see the full draw on the bbc sport website. we look forward to playing two good games against wales but you cannot underestimate the likes of russia and kazakhstan. we are the top ranked team in our group so all of the teams are going to be a
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challenge, they have a fantastic group of players but we have to test ourselves against them. it is interesting, there will be some players on the pitch for england i have played with and have many interesting memories of and am friends with. so an interesting challenge for myself on the group and for the opponents. it is always difficult because the format of the competition is different and there's only one team from each group that automatically qualifies. so we know it is going to be difficult and perhaps we should be setting our targets to get to the play—offs and see where it us. —— where it takes us. durham fast bowler mark wood has been recalled to the england cricket squad for the one—day series against ireland, south africa and the champions trophy. ben stokes, jos buttler and chris woakes miss out on the ireland matches to stay with their teams in the ipl. but as you can see, they'll return for the south africa matches onwards, while wood will be available for all three after returning from a third ankle operation. he is ina
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he is in a good place and hopefully the coming months he will get more overs under his belt against ireland and a few games for them. but he brings that x—factor in an innings and that has an impact. he has shown that in the past. so we're lucky to have that quality of bowler. england test captainjoe root is a part of the squad — still more than two months before his first game in charge of the longer format. today, he's been on a trip down memory lane to his old primary school in sheffield. 0ur correspondentjoe wilson was with him. far too much time spent in this classroom. spent most of it looking out the window wanting to go play football or cricket. generations of children have felt the same way. where will daydreaming of being england captain get you, at this family school they encourage the potential of this young man. in the old corridors and classroomsjoe root was reunited today with his former headteacher. recalls a well
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mannered pupil. temperate wise you ask any of the teachers and they said he wasjust a really ask any of the teachers and they said he was just a really good ask any of the teachers and they said he wasjust a really good lad, he did what he was told, he worked hard. and he made good decisions. it strikes me that is not a bad cv.l good recipe for an england captain. michel vorm came here as well. so i think it isjust michel vorm came here as well. so i think it is just coincidence to be honest. but it is great to see, coming back and seeing so many kids getting involved. the opportunities we re getting involved. the opportunities were always there for me and great to see that is still happening. for this coaching session it was organised by the chance to shine charity, and working in state schools like this for a decade to engage people of this age and even younger. it has to be the number one issue for england cricket right now. but for every young person in yorkshire the dream is always to be
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england captain. within see how we are able to play against other teams and we might be able to show what we can do and try to get the next england captain. it could be you. yeah. 0ne england captain. it could be you. yeah. one day at a time. as captain often say. the big challenge for english cricket is to find this primary school in every part of the country. now 16 teams remain with the dream of the challenge cup. so to find out about the draw let's go to find out about the draw let's go to dave. 16 teams in the bowl for this sixth round challenge cup draw. including the top eight teams from super league last year. this is when the big guns really get involved. and we have a couple of special guests and we have a couple of special gu ests to and we have a couple of special guests to help us with the draw today. keith senior, winner in one
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of the most memorable challenge cup finals of all when sheffield eagles had a shock win over wigan in 1998. he has not aged a day. and chris joynt of course of st helens, four times a winner with st helens including this in 1997. when he was a try scorer as well. let's get on with the draw. keith, make sure every ball goes in. ten super league clu bs, every ball goes in. ten super league clubs, frank from the championship and one remaining league1 clubs, frank from the championship and one remaining league 1 side, the barrow raiders. —— five from the championship at number nine, leeds rhinos. so straightaway.


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