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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 28, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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either are, six foot six apiece. good fighter, but one i will have to come up against. we will get it on. lam come up against. we will get it on. i am ready to go as far as i need to go to get the win. i have shown it before. that is all it is. i have the skill and determination and i am willing to dig deep. tottenham have confirmed they will play their games at wembley next year. phil have to move out to finish the new 60,000 seater venue. the 2-0
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the 2—0 win means they are nowjust a point behind broken. a show of solidarity in an extraordinary week for newcastle united. whatever issues surrounding the club, their supporters always travel in numbers. it was the home side who struck first. it didn't count however. gordon morrison penalised for climbing. the first half at an end of season feel to it. this strike created a sport. newcastle needed to avoid this defeat to still have a chance of winning the title. they survived a scare shortly after the break. the game was creating quality. it was served up by christian patsy, the on loa n served up by christian patsy, the on loan at chelsea man with precision worthy of the premier league. party time for the 4000 visitors in the welsh capital. newcastle are able to change gears when it matters and isaac hayden's first goal since also
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sealed their 14th away win of the season. sealed their 14th away win of the season. job done them for rafa benitez. now over to you, brighton. scottish premiership, liam boyce bagged four goals as ross county won the highland derby to increase inverness caleldonian thistle's relegation fears. just over 20 minutes had gone when the striker pounced on keeper ryan esson‘s error to core the opener. boyce then made it 2—0 with a brilliant header. after the break he completed his hat—trick from the spot, before getting his fourth, again from the spot, after inveness‘ liam polworth was sent off. the result leaves bottom of the table inverness five points behind dundee with four games to play. county are up to sixth. andy murray is through to the semi—finals of the barcelona 0pen after a hard —fought victory against albert ramos—vinolas, who knocked murray out of the monte carlo masters last week. the spaniard took the first set,
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but the world number one fought back to take the second and the third went to tie break which murray won 7—4. meanwhile, maria sharapova is through to the semi—final of stuttgart‘s wta tournament as she continues her comeback from a drugs ban. sharapova saw off estonian qualifier annette kontaveit for her third—straight win on her return after 15 months out of the game. the 30—year—old five time grand slam winner has yet to drop a set in stuttgart. romania's fed cup captain and former world number one, ilie nastase has issued an apology for his behaviour during britain's tie in romania last week. the 70—year—old has been provisionally suspended by the international tennis federation for his conduct. he was also overheard making apparently racist comments about serena williams‘ unborn baby. however, speaking to the bbc‘s david 0rnstein on a very crackly phone line, nastase defended his comments. do you think if i said coughing with
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milk it is a racial thing? do you think if i said coughing with milk it is a racialthing? many people interpreted it that way. who is the one thing to decide it or not? for me it is not racial. serena williams said it was racial. then it is racialfor her, but not williams said it was racial. then it is racial for her, but not for me. williams said it was racial. then it is racialfor her, but not for me. i don't understand why everybody is upset. what did you mean then? i meant nothing. her husband is white and she is like. but it is not racial. the first stage of the tour de yorkshire has been marred by a big crash within sight of the finish line in scarborough. danish rider magnus cort nielsen fell with less than two hundred yards to go on the 107 mile stage.
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the crash brought down several other riders including 22—year—old briton tao geoghegan—hart, who's in his first season as a professional rider with team sky. dutchman dylan groene—wegen won the stage, all those caught up in the crash will be given the same time. there were two games in rugby union's premiership, harlequins beat top of the table wasps who could've secured a home semi in the play—offs. wasps had been on a five match winning run but were well beaten by 6th placed quins even without their captain danny care for most of the game after the england scrum half was forced off with a stomach muscle injury. it was a fitting send—off though for nick evans who kicked 22 points in his last game at the stoop before retiring at the end of the season. 32—13 the score also tonight newcastle beat. a last—minute try from captain grant gilchrist gave edinburgh a 24—20 win over newport gwent dragons in the pro
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12,wins also tonight for cardiff and leinster. 0nto rugby league and 20 unanswered points in the second half gave hull fc a 34—10 win over warrington wolves on what was a poignant night at the k com stadium as adam wild reports. ian howell, a note to remember. not just a hero to rugby league, but to the country. jack harrison, the whole fc club legend, ordered the victoria cross, killed on the battlefield a century ago. for the clu b battlefield a century ago. for the club he loved, the winner would take top. this track help in the black and white toward an early 12 point lead. after a dismal start, warrington and our club with a point to prove, hitting back through matty russell and then this. the whole lead reduced just four points at the break, but an itchy and be sure they
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have a proven matchwinner. somehow managing to get the ball down to score. anecdote about the result disappeared when whole, quite literally ran away with it. finn we re literally ran away with it. finn were going almost the length of the field. albert kelly eventually bringing the smiles. all top of super league, looking somewhat above the rest. elsewhere in super league this evening, st helens moved up to sixth in the table after beating leigh centurians 28—6. sebastian vettel looks determined to increase his lead in the formula one drivers‘ championship after topping the timesheets in practice ahead of this weekend's russian grand prix. the ferrari driver was a quarter of a second ahead of his team mate kimi raikkonen and more than half a second ahead of the mercedes of valtteri bottas and championship rival lewis hamilton. several teams showed their support for british teenager billy monger who had both legs amputated following a crash in a formula four race a fortnight ago. more than three quarters of a million pounds has been raised
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to help his recovery. they've reached the semi—final stage at the world snooker championship in sheffield, and john higgins is close to reaching the final for the first time in five years. the four—time world champion extended his lead against barry hawkins, after winning a marathon final frame in the afternoon session, which lasted just over 46 minutes. so higgins is 10—6 up, first to 17 wins. they start again at 10am tomorrow. the other semifinal is a tighter affair between mark selby and a changing way. the man he beat in the final last year. sobhi began the session 9—7 up and one of the first print in style. ding junhui won five of the next seven clear about what the break of 135 in the last frame to draw level at 12—12. they will resume at half past two tomorrow afternoon. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. we will be looking at the papers and
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but brooking used renewed now. we are hearing from the south korean news agency that north korea is reported to have fired a ballistic missile. it is said to have been fired from an area north of the capital, pyongyang, on saturday. the agency said the type and flight direction of the missile is still being examined, but the united states government is already suggesting initial indications are that this ballistic missile test was u nsuccessful. that this ballistic missile test was unsuccessful. we do not know what kind of the stig missile test it was, what its purpose was. this comes at a time when attention is on the korean peninsula are already escalating. united states is pushing for tougher sanctions to try to curb the nuclear threat that north korea may pose. we will bring you more
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details later. we hope to speak to oui’ details later. we hope to speak to our correspondent in washington at 11 o'clock. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are kevin schofield, editor of politics home and alex deane, a public affairs consultant. tomorrow's front pages, starting with. .. ‘cover—up let rogue surgeon play god' is the telegraph's headline after the conviction of ian paterson. the mirror calls paterson, the butcher surgeon, suggesting at least a thousand women could have affected. meanwhile, the mail asks why did the nhs fail to stop him. the paper also has an exclusive interview sergeant alexander blackman, known as marine a, who left
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jail earlier today. the ft leads on the figures showing the uk economy grew by less than was expected in the first three months of this year. the independent online focuses on donald trump passing 100 days in office. we will come back to that in a bed. we will start with this case regarding the breast surgeon ian paterson. it is in so many of the papers as you might expect. here is how the meal is reporting it. i'd had the nhs go to stop the butcher surgeon? you could have me as many as 1000 women. there was a man who was one of the patients in this case in nottingham. it is a staggering story when you think that doctors, we are told, are taught to do no harm. of course, they should seek to
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do no harm, but surgery often involves doing what would otherwise be sold, or even grievous bodily harm in order to do betterfor the patient on the table in front of you. if a body of your fellow surgeons thinks that what you do is write, or is at leastjustifiable, then there is emerging of terror that allows people to continue to do what they do. it is very difficult actually in law to prove that someone actually in law to prove that someone did something notjust wrong, but to the criminal standard where they are qualified as a doctor and they are conducting an operation ona and they are conducting an operation on a cable and i think that is why, especially with someone who has a forceful personality and has an ability to convince people around him that he is seeking to do the right thing, but it is notjust wrong, but this wrong. there are two things permitted from out of this. the first is that no one is
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infallible and surgeons should be challenged just like the rest of us and the second, which might be a mundane point, but is behind your introduction, this is notjust a woman's issue and if one good thing can come of this is that men often face this kind of breast cancer tissue, orjust face this kind of breast cancer tissue, or just issue face this kind of breast cancer tissue, orjust issue and should be no more shy about than women. some of these women, obviously in a very fond of state. the patients, we should say. they are desperate to be curate, desperate to be helped. you ta ke curate, desperate to be helped. you take the advice you are given.“ you put yourself in the position of these per women, they are sitting on these per women, they are sitting on the other side of the table having been given this terrific news, the worst news you been given this terrific news, the woi’st news you can been given this terrific news, the worst news you can get and you are naturally inclined, i would suggest, to believe the surgeon, qualified and experienced, you have got to ta ke and experienced, you have got to take at his word. if you're unable to trust someone in that position
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then who can you trust? imagine that someone then who can you trust? imagine that someone is in that kind of position and genuinely believes that he or she is doing the right thing when he or she is not. it is very difficult to prove to the criminal standard that they meant to do harm in that situation. the daily express said the cancer doctor played god. we do not know why he was motivated to do this, that is some suggestion it could have been financial. he maintains that the operations were justified and he did nothing wrong. while we can do is speculate. 0ne justified and he did nothing wrong. while we can do is speculate. one of the things he was doing was seeking to preserve a position of power. he was seeking to preserve a cleavage whilst removing the north part of breasts, but seeking to prefers an upper part which, luckily, turned cancerous itself. even the thing he
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thought he was doing that was right seemed to be dangerous to the patient, even though he was conducting what was apparently unnecessary operations. he was asked many times by his managers to stop doing that and wouldn't and carried on. the question is, how did it continue, ordered the nhs feel to stop them? if he was being wound up by his superiors on numerous occasions flickering out these unnecessary procedures, why was he allowed to continue practising? the daily mirror says he had 1000 victims, a case which involved under 20 patients, but there are many more are waiting to see the outcome. for the conditions we have spoken to, they have said the checks and bala nces they have said the checks and balances and the safeguards are so much different now compared to when he was doing his operations. these cases did back sometime. as you rightly applied, it would be crazy to try a case


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