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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 4, 2017 5:55pm-6:46pm BST

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hospital -- around borough still in hospital —— around borough market. you're watching bbc news. more from my colleague clive myrie. keep moving... it happened as thousands packed a popular market area near london bridge. a white van had been driven into pedestrians before three men jumped out and, armed with knives, stabbed anyone their path. they were running in all the pubs, all the bars, i can't remember all of them, but they run in, and they were stabbing everyone, and i was going to people, "run, run, run!" everyone down! down! panic — as nearby bars and restaurants were put into lockdown. police ordering people to lie on the ground as the attackers are hunted. terrified — hundreds enjoying a night out manage to escape to safety, as the stabbing rampage unfolds. eight minutes
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after the terror began, armed police shoot dead the attackers. they were wearing fake suicide vests and were heard shouting, "this is for allah." details of the dead and seriously injured have started to emerge tonight. relatives of those hurt have been telling their stories. hejust stepped outside the barfor a second, and a man ran up to him and said, "this is for my family, this is for islam," and stuck a knife straight in him. theresa may has condemned what she called "the evil ideology of islamist extremism," saying its defeat is one of the big challenges of our time. there is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country. so we need to become far more robust in identifying it and stamping it out across the public sector and across society. several homes have been are raided in barking in east london.
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12 arrests are made. this is the scene tonight close to london bridge. we'll have all the latest on this developing story. good evening from central london, where seven people have been killed and many others injured, some critically, in the country's second terrorist attack in less than two weeks, the third in three months. let's just bring you up to date with what we know about last night's events. police responded to reports of a van ploughing into pedestrians on london bridge shortly after ten o'clock. the vehicle then crashed and was abandoned. three menjumped out, heading
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for the nearby borough market, where, armed with knives, they began stabbing people. within eight minutes, all three attackers were shot dead by police firing 50 rounds. a member of the public nearby was accidentally hit and injured. well, 12 people have been arrested in east london in a series of raids. earlier, in downing street, the prime minister said there needed to be a stronger response to islamist extremism, adding, "it is time to say enough is enough." we will bring you the very latest on the events with reports and analysis in this extended programme. our first report on the attack is from our home editor, mark easton. you may find some of the images in it distressing. clear the area now! and a country pride, please not again. we are
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hearing tonight that the british armed police have attended an incident at london bridge, we don't know anything more at this stage... just after ten last night, three men ina just after ten last night, three men in a white van drove at speed across london bridge, determined to kill the spirit of the capital. 0h, london bridge, determined to kill the spirit of the capital. oh, my god. a white van came speeding, 50 mph, but turned into the pavement, hit about three people in front of me. oh, my god! there was people lying everywhere on the bridge, just people trying to help each other out, people bleeding, there wasjust blood everywhere. having deliberately mown down pedestrians, the three men got out of the van, knives in the hands, murder on their minds. he went and up and started stabbing this girl, i couldn't do nothing, mate. they attacked, they stabbed another guy, they went up
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the road, go, terrorists, they were stabbing everyone. bid wasjust starve this person, if they got up, stab them again, move onto the next person. —— it was just stab. i was staring at them from the balcony, just thinking, how could someone do such a thing? they were running up, going, this is for allah, this is for allah, and they stabbed this girll for allah, and they stabbed this girl i don't know how many times, ten, 15 times. armed police were on the scene within minutes as the three men moved towards the bars and restau ra nts of three men moved towards the bars and restaurants of borough market, packed with people on a warm summer's night. they were running in all the pubs and summer's night. they were running in allthe pubs and bars, stabbing people, i was going, run, allthe pubs and bars, stabbing people, iwas going, run, run! they we re people, iwas going, run, run! they were throwing things at them. people
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we re were throwing things at them. people were throwing things at them. people were throwing chairs, it seemed like chairs and glasses were going in both directions. these four friends we re both directions. these four friends were settling down for a meal in a mexican restaurant when the three knife men arrived. three men coming, one pulled out a knife and stabbed one pulled out a knife and stabbed one of the girls sitting closest to the door, i think she was only 17.|j got a glimpse of a guy with a knife, before i knew it, the doors were shut, we were at the back of the restaurant. you saw him? briefly, a glimpse. people were very scared, they began to run, knocking tables over to try to get out the way, and then very quickly, as we said, the men in the restaurant put the shutters down. in the early hours of this morning, claudia and lee, given refuge in a stranger's flat, told me what they saw from their apartment just above the pub that the attackers are targeted on their killing spree. we looked out the window, people were running everywhere, we heard that there had
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beena stabbing... everywhere, we heard that there had been a stabbing... it was when i saw lots of people running down into the underground that i thought it was more serious, because it was mass panic, notjust more serious, because it was mass panic, not just a more serious, because it was mass panic, notjust a fight, it was something serious. one young guy seemed to come out of the pub, he was knocking on the window of the ambulance, saying, you have to help my friend, he has been stabbed, he is in the pub. whether that was inside or outside, i don't know, my friend has been stabbed. there was another guy, probably in his 40s, on the other side of the ambulance, knocking on the other window, saying i have been stabbed, and he was covered in blood, he said, i have been stabbed five times, help me. he must have been in shock, because he seemed very calm. he had his shirt open, all this side was pure blood, it wasjust open, all this side was pure blood, it was just around his neck. open, all this side was pure blood, it wasjust around his neck. he was knocking on the window saying, you have to help me. at this time, police cars were still heading to london bridge, apparently unaware of where the attackers were. this one quy where the attackers were. this one guy walked out in the road, managed
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to grab the attention of one of the police cars and basically forced them down that road, saying, you have to go down there, he is down there, so this one police 4x4 screeched down stoney street, and within five seconds, there were six gunshots, or what sounded like six clear gunshots. gunfire six rounds, two attackers dead. then, witnesses suggest, another volley of bullets as the third attacker was shot and killed, all within eight minutes of the first call to police. it seemed like a big attack was happening, so we wanted to keep the door locked. i was just having a... it was terrifying, i was having a... it was terrifying, i was having a... it was terrifying, i was having a mental battle between either the idea of an explosion coming through the floor or us being on the street, which one do we do? i shouted down and said, what should we do? one of the police officers said, you have to get out of the building now. it was an attack not just on individuals but on our way
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of life — the killers targeted people having fun, enjoy the freedoms of a diverse and liberal city. with daybreak, tales of bravery and heroism emerged from the horrors of the previous night.|j heard truly remarkable stories of extraordinarily brave actions by officers on and off duty who were first on the scene. i also heard of collea g u es first on the scene. i also heard of colleagues from other emergency services and members of the public who ran towards the danger as this incident unfolded. many, many people risk their own safety to help others and to treat those seriously injured — and indeed to confront the suspects involved. the prime minister addressed the nation from downing street, also paying tribute
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to the work of the emergency services. on behalf of the people of london and the whole country, i want to thank and pay tribute to the professionalism and bravery of the police and emergency services, and to the courage of members of the public who defended themselves and others from the attackers. and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, and with their friends, families and loved ones. but mrs may was not just reflecting families and loved ones. but mrs may was notjust reflecting a nation's shock — she promised the outrage would be met by a response. shock — she promised the outrage would be met by a responsem shock — she promised the outrage would be met by a response. it is time to say enough is enough, everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would. our society should continue to function in accordance with our values. but when it comes to taking on extremism and terrorism, things need to change. london is still trying to come to terms with the awful events, to understand what happened. this was an appalling act of terror,
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where innocent londoners and visitors were enjoying a night out in london bridge and borough market and were deliberately targeted by these cowardly terrorists. barricaded in bars and restaurants for two hours or more, police finally let people leave for home in the early hours, hands on their heads, just in case an attacker was still among them. i want people to know this is not what londoners like, we are a strong, welcome, caring city, and this is a terrible thing to happen, but it won't stop us thing to happen, but it won't stop us living our lives, really. london bridge is falling down, the song goes — but london is standing up to those who were divided. mark easton, bbc news, london bridge. the horror of what happened on london bridge was witnessed by hollyjones, who works for the bbc. she's described how the van veered around her as the vehicle hit pedestrians both in front and behind. she's been giving
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her eyewitness account to our special correspondent lucy manning. a walk across a bridge, but some didn't make it to the other side. before the police, the ambulance. there were tourists taking photos, couples holding hands, and hollyjones crossing the bridge, late to meet friends for a drink. today, the sun, the park — people smiling. things she thought she would never say. the van was exacting along the pavement, and it looks like it was aiming, in my opinion, for groups of people. he hit two people in front of me that were about five metres in front, swerved background again. i don't know how i did it or what i did, but! don't know how i did it or what i did, but i got out the way, i don't know if i jumped
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did, but i got out the way, i don't know if ijumped or if i run, but i remember moving, watching the van drive into the couple that were behind me. and obviously it hit them. you know, ijust run the thinking that it was so close, so close to me. and the screams, it was like a shrill, i have never heard kind of like fear like it, but even so, ijust ran towards the victims. the lady who was behind me was the closest person, so naturally ijust ran to her, told her i spoke french, askedif ran to her, told her i spoke french, asked if she spoke english, she said she didn't, i kept telling her everything was ok, i was holding her under, and because i realised the person was not with her, she kept asking, where is my boyfriend? i just shouted at the pedestrian next to me, who wasn't injured, i said, look over the river, can you see anyone in the water? at that point, thatis anyone in the water? at that point, that is when she started shouting to alert the boats to say, there might
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be someone in there. your first thought was to help, not to run away? i did what anyone would have donein away? i did what anyone would have done in my situation. i almost feel quite fortunate that i was with that lady, because there were several other casualties on the bridge who... it is indescribable, the state they were in. you never think you are going to see something like that. you 0k? yeah. and must have been really tough to see. it was, but as i say, i'm just so incredibly lucky, so, so incredibly lucky. i am just glad that i was... i'm glad i was there to help people. i am just glad that i could... i am happy that i was there to help and try and stay as calm and professional and just get on with things. holly was one of the first to call 909, and the police have interviewed her as a significant witness. when you saw
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the driver, you looked into the jive's eyes. yep. i saw the driver of the vehicle, definitely intentional, he didn't look scared, focused, i would almost like as a demented, that is what he looked like, and that is when he was heading straight towards me. and how do you feel, being in london now, giving what you experienced last night? i plead with people not to be scared, not to be angry, because thatis scared, not to be angry, because that is exactly what the people want us that is exactly what the people want us to feel, and we have to stand together, go home, tell yourfriends and family you love them, and carry on doing exactly what you are doing. you have had the luckiest escape. yeah. how do you feel, thinking back to those events last night?|j yeah. how do you feel, thinking back to those events last night? i am just so grateful and thankful for everything i have. just so, so lucky, you know? it was one metre
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away. and i am just so grateful, so thankful. i will never take my life for granted. hollyjones holly jones speaking to hollyjones speaking to our special correspondent, lucy manning. four police officers were injured in the attack. one was off duty and was stabbed as he struggled with one of the attackers. another was a british transport police officer who faced a suspect with his baton. he has been critically injured as well. it's been confirmed that people from france, spain, australia and new zealand are also among those to have been hurt. sarah campbell reports on the victims caught up in last night's attack. daniel o'neill, who's 23, is recovering in hospital. one of the many pub and restaura nt—goers attacked at random. the shock and anger is palpable from his mother. he'd just stepped outside the barfor a second. and a man ran up to him and said, "this is for my family,
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this is for islam," and stuck a knife straight in him. he's got a seven inch scar going from his belly round to his back. i'm still in shock. i still can't quite believe it happened. absolutely senseless, the attacks. and these people say they're doing it in the name of god, which is an absolute joke. the first commandment is thou shalt not kill. all faiths share that belief. if it wasn't religion, they'd find some other excuse. they'r callous, they're barbaric. and they're absolute cowards. there are many more victims. jeff pope is currently in intensive care after being stabbed in the neck. today, colleagues at the sunday express newspaper described him as an absolutely first—class reporter and a fine and decent man. initially, the injured were taken to five different
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hospitals across london, including here at st thomas'. this is a cosmopolitan city, and that's very much reflected in the nationalities of those who found themselves caught up in last night's attack. details are still emerging, but the injured include people from canada, spain and france. new zealander oliver dowling, according to a facebook post by his sister, has been operated on after being stabbed multiple times. it's believed his parents are with him in hospital. australian candice hedge, who reportedly worked in a local restaurant, was having a meal with her boyfriend when she was attacked. at this time, we are aware of reports of two australians who have been directly affected by this attack. this attack is yet another cruel example of the new reality with which we live. the ever present threat of murderous islamist terrorists, intent to harm our communities, our way of life and the freedoms we hold dear. also injured, four police officers. one from the british transport police and three from the metropolitan police.
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one of the met officers, who was off duty at the time, tackled one of the armed men, and remains in a serious condition. more names will follow those already released. all innocent victims injured or killed on britain's streets. sarah campbell, bbc news. i should say can in the last few seconds, the group of people have turned up here at our location. they are holding up pictures, saying, isis will lose, love will win. showing their feelings. isis will lose, love will win. showing theirfeelings. clearly muslims showing their feelings and disgust at what happened last night. su nflowers disgust at what happened last night. sunflowers have been laid on the ground as well. an impromptu show of solidarity for the people here and for those caught up in events last night. 48 people were injured in last night's attack —
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some of them critically. our health editor, hugh pym, is outside king's college hospital. just bring us up to date with some of the injuries these people suffered. of the 48 taken to hospital last night, 25 across london, 36 are still in hospital, including here at kings college hospital in south london foot of the 36, 21 are in critical care. some of those very seriously injured. the hospital with the most number of those is this one, king's college hospitalfor is a bit as part of a major trauma network across the south east, hospitals geared up to take large numbers of casualties in emergency situations like this. there was a well rehearsed plan, apparently. scenarios like this had been envisaged. there had been rehearsals beforehand so the london ambulance
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service knew precisely which hospitals to take casualties too, including this one. london and berlin service got to the scene extremely quickly, injust berlin service got to the scene extremely quickly, in just six minutes. —— london ambulance service. it could take patients to this hospital quickly and others. theresa may made a short visit earlier this afternoon. there have been many tributes to the professionalism of staff in the nhs, the ambulance service, across the emergency services. they particularly stressed their bravery and professionalism having to move towards a very dangerous situation with the aim of saving life. many thanks for that. the metropolitan police have opened a casualty bureau for those concerned about family and friends who may have been caught up in the attacks. the phone number is 0800 0961233. that number again: 0800 0961233.
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police have arrested 12 people in barking in east london in connection with last night's attack. this lunchtime armed police raided a block of flats where it's believed one of the attackers lived. our special correspondent ed thomas has the latest on what police are calling a rapid investigation. tonight, the focus of the police investigation — a block of flats in barking. so far, 12 people have been arrested. women escorted from the building. these pictures were taken by those living inside. armed police surround them, lying on the floor with their hands behind their backs. the bbc also understands one of the london attackers who died had lived here. we are not naming him at the request of the police, who say it could
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jeopardise their investigation. but we've spoken to this man, who knew him. he says over the past two years the attacker became more and more extreme. we spoke about a particular attack that happened. like most radicals, he had a justification for everything. for everything and anything. and that day i realised that i need to contact the authorities. this man would only speak to the bbc‘s asian network if we protected his identity and changed his voice. he used to listen to a lot of... i've heard this stuff, and it's very radical. i'm surprised some of this stuff is still on youtube and easily accessible. i phoned the anti—terrorist hotline. i spoke to the gentleman, i told him about our conversation and why i think he's been radicalised. the friend also claims the alleged attacker was not arrested after he was reported, and was allowed to keep his passport. i did my bit. i know a lot of people did, but the authorities didn't do their bit.
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we have asked the metropolitan police to respond to these allegations. this evening they required the forced dash is very described the force used to bring it under control. we will have an investigation by the ipc sea. our initial assessment is in the region of 50 bullets were fired by eight officers. the three attackers were shot dead. and tonight, this was east ham. officers are still searching homes, still looking for answers. ed thomas, bbc news, barking in east london. our home affairs correspondent daniel sandford is at scotland yard. are the police clear exactly in their minds as to what happened last night? they are pretty close to
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being clear. they say they have made significant progress in identifying the suspects, the men they killed for that they basically know who they are. that has led to these 12 arrests in barking. it is unlikely all the people will be charged. they are probably associates of the suspects. there is growing concern that one of these men had been reported multiple times to the police and whether enough had been done about that. that is likely to bea done about that. that is likely to be a growing part of this story. very striking about events last night the amount of force police felt they had to use. eight armed officers firing some 50 rounds. an unprecedented number of bullets fired. it shows the kind of aggression police feel they have to use in these operations. that resulted in a member of the public
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being shot and injured, i understand not seriously injured. and where do you think the investigation proceeds from here? now police have the identification of these men and the location where they come from an east london, the key question is whether it broadens out. did they radicalise themselves or is their communication with others in the uk, perhaps with people overseas? that'll be an important part of this investigation. the other thing that is really important today and for the first time this year become really significant is the need to reassure the public. what the government and the police do not wa nt government and the police do not want now with three attacks in three months is for the public to start panicking. that is really important. they need people to believe as much as possible police and the security services are keeping them safe. thank you. as we've heard,
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this is the third terror attack in britain in three months. this morning, the prime minister said that the strategy for dealing with terrorism needed to be reviewed with measures including longer sentences for terror offences and more regulation of cyberspace. our security correspondent frank gardner assesses what lies behind this spate of attacks and why they weren't stopped. march the 22nd, westminster. alone attacker uses a 4x4 and knives to murder pedestrians and a policeman. may the 22nd, manchester arena. a suicide bomber kills 22 people, including children. june the 3rd, london. terrorists killed seven and injured dozens using truck and knives. armed police have spent
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yea rs knives. armed police have spent years training for exactly these sort of marauding attacks. they now have more powerful weapons, better intelligence and a faster reaction time than ever before. what they are up time than ever before. what they are up against is a growing problem. the country needs to wake up to the fact this is an increasing threat, both globally and within our midst, in our communities here in the uk. this increasing threat needs to be confronted head—on. it is notjust about resources for intelligence agencies and the police, we need to confront the ideology and theology driving death threats. also driving it is the imminent loss of the is self—proclaimed caliphate in syria and iraq. after two years, jihadists looks to be driven out of mosul and rack. they are calling for revenge attacks in europe. it says the west is condemned by jihadists attacks in europe. it says the west is condemned byjihadists what ever it does. we are blamed byjihadists,
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like iraq. we do not intervene, like in syria, we are blamed byjihadists for not caring about muslim lies. anything that is consistent is the identity crisis and the ideological narrative. we need to foster the kind of society in which people feel they belong. the advice given by the metropolitan police to the public is blunt. in the event of a terrorist attack, they are telling people to run, tell and hide, attack, they are telling people to run, telland hide, at attack, they are telling people to run, tell and hide, at least until the threat is dealt with. the scale of the terrorist threat is daunting. 500 active plots under investigation and 3000 subject of interests being monitored. three terrorist attacks getting through in just three monitored. three terrorist attacks getting through injust three months throws and a comfortable spotlight on m15, the security service behind me full it is theirjob to try to provide the intelligence to stop these before they happen. they have
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helped to do that successfully 18 times in the past four years. now the scale of the problem facing this country is causing some to question whether they can do with what they are up against. gchq is engaged in a co nsta nt are up against. gchq is engaged in a constant battle to break into terrorist communications. a former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation believes tech company should do more. there is a need for change in approach. a few years ago one tech company said we are merely a library. that won't do. there needs to be a law saying they are not merely a library. they are big companies. they have a responsibility to all of us to ensure that unlawful, terrorist content does not appear on the internets anymore. tonight, britain remains at threat level severe, the second—highest below critical, meaning a further attack is thought highly likely. that threat is
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unlikely to subside soon. last night's attack comes just four days before the general election. the prime minister announced it will go ahead as planned. national campaigning has been suspended they continued to campaign. mrs may said today the struggle against extremism had to change, and it was the time for "embarrassing and difficult conversations" because there had been "far too much tolerance of extremism in our country." our political correspondent alex forsyth reports on the political reaction to yesterday's attacks. for the second time in two weeks, the flag is at half mast, a mark of respect, for the same reason, another pause from most parties in the election campaign. the politicians did come out to universally condemn this attack and praise the emergency services, and
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from the prime minister, this time there was much tougher talk on tackling terrorism too. we cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are. theresa may called for countries around the world to act to stop internet firms allowing extremism online. there will be a review of the uk's counterterrorism strategy, and she warned, across society, there was too much to be in sub extremism. while the recent attacks are not connected by, networks, they are connected by, networks, they are connected in one important sense — they are bound together by a single evil ideology of islamist extremism that preaches hatred, so is division, and promote sectarianism. from here, it seems an attempt to offer more than platitudes about the country's protection, but at this stage are still little tangible detail about what that means. not
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least for some us and communities, who too have a sense of anger. muslim amenities across the uk are outraged at what has happened, three attacks in the last three months, thatis attacks in the last three months, that is intolerable for this country, we want to work with our government and civil society to tackle terrorism wherever we find it. for those seeking power, the cut and thrust of the campaign has quietened, but the question of security once again dominates. quietened, but the question of security once again dominateslj security once again dominates.” hope it will not disrupt our process , hope it will not disrupt our process, because we have to have a democratic process, but i also hope we will reflect on the need to have sufficient police officers are now streets, but also sufficient intelligence to look at the terrorist threat, but in response, as in manchester, all communities must come together, our strength is the strength of our community unity. all parties are determined the mark darcy will not be derailed. the election will take place on thursday, the preparations continue, the campaigns will resume in full
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tomorrow, and now, again, the nation's safety at the heart of the debate. ukip says there has been an unwillingness to confront extremism in the past. we have got to fight fire with fire, i wouldn't take anything off the table in dealing with these people. there is a small numberof with these people. there is a small number of people in this country who clearly hate who we are, the way we live and want to destroy our democracy. they are a cancer and they need to be cut out. in scotland, a warning — robust action but not lead to the persecution of any community. the terrorists win if we allow ourselves to become divided and if we allow our freedoms and civil liberties to be undermined, thatis civil liberties to be undermined, that is what acts of terrorism are designed to do, to divide and to undermine the values that define who we are. this once again has become a balancing act between the need for security and action, and the protection of civil liberties. what we must do is work together to make
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sure we tackle terrorism in a very practical and effective way, and do it together. what we must not do is to trade away our freedoms, our great british freedoms, in response to the cowardly acts of these pathetic people last night. if we did that, they would have won. but today, in the fight against terrorism, any sense of victory feels far away, any answers hard to come by. one thing many here are holding onto — and attack designed to undermine democracy has only strengthened the will of those determined to protect it. alex forsyth, bbc news, westminster. and our political editor, laura kuenssberg, is live in downing street for us now. laura, what do you make of the political reaction to what happened last night? well, i think, clive, the second time in as many weeks at the second time in as many weeks at the prime minister has had to respond to an attack like this in downing street, but today was a much higher voltage performance. but when
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she said enough is enough, what does she said enough is enough, what does she mean? what is she actually suggesting this close to a general election? it is clear she is willing to consider new terrorism criminal offences, it is clear she is willing to consider longer sentences for less serious offences associated with extremism. but it is also possible that she might return, if re—elected, to some of the more controversial ideas, like banning orders, that she put forward when she was home secretary. it is clear, absolutely clear, that number ten thinks we are now in a different phase, that the threats against us have been evolving, and if they end up have been evolving, and if they end up back in power here on thursday night, they are willing to update the law and look at taking new action. it is a different question, of course, clive, as to how a peck of course, clive, as to how a peck of any of that would be and how it matches up with very real pressure on police budgets too. yes, that is the longer term, in the shorter term we have the election in four or five
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days' time, how could this all affect that? well, in terms of timetabling, look, the sunday before a general election is normally a frantic political merry—go—round, and today the brakes were slammed on. because we are so close now, this does change the backdrop, it means that different questions will be put to our politicians on the campaign trail in the next few days, it means there will, of course, be a different atmosphere in many parts of the country too. of course, though, it is also right to say that voters make up their minds about their votes for all sorts of different reasons, it is not the case that everybody is influenced by one idea, and certainly not the same set of events. that said, the issue of security is firmly on the table now, and in terms of the election, that could have an impact. 0k, laura, thank you, laura kuenssberg there at downing street. the response of londoners caught in last night's attack, as well as emergency services,
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has been praised as extraordinary by the metropolitan police. its commissioner said those who ran towards to the danger as events unfolded to help those in need showed extraordinary courage. our correspondent sima kotecha has this report on how londoners reacted. it was a saturday night out that turned into an encounter with horror. it was harrowing, and it was terrible for everybody involved. richard was out having dinner with friends at a restaurant in borough market when the attack happened. customers and staff locked themselves inside. there was loads of heroes there, the guy opposite who i saw throwing a table, i had no idea what that was about until i came out much later, and he was throwing it at these assailants, trying to stop them going for the young woman. this heroic guy who worked in the restaurant, for not very much money, who just put his foot behind the door, and hejust wedged it closed so that we were absolutely safe until they could find the key
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and get it closed. down! as the night unfolded, armed police stormed bars and restaurants in the area. some of those who saw what happened are struggling to digest the enormity of it all. i can't go through that again, seeing a woman stabbed in front of me. gerard says he threw a table at the attackers when they entered the pub he was drinking in. evil people, the look in their eyes was pure hatred and evil. i saw all three of them, i could see them all, and the look in their eyes, they were just like they didn't care about nobody. london has seen many acts of terrorism and violence over the decades. for this new generation of londoners, there's a sense that unity can defeat the minority of extremists. at these times, we need to remember as londoners, more than we do at any other time, that we just stand together, side by side with one another, and we have to member that these terrorists have a goal that they want to achieve, and one of those is to divide us.
6:35 pm
and our strength is in our numbers as londoners, to stand shoulder to shoulder — the muslim community, the sikh community, everyone. the overwhelming feeling here among locals and tourists is that terrorists can't be allowed to win. we've got to make sure life goes on in this city, because what is so great about this city is the diversity, i had a friend from sydney with me, you know, that is what makes this city so great, and i refuse to have that changed because three cowards sought to cause disruption. yesterday's nightmare won't be forgotten, but londoners say they will fight back — in their own way. sima kotecha, bbc news, london. leaders from around the world expressed their horror at the attacks. those from germany, france and russia sent messages of condolences and issued statements of solidarity. so too did president trump, although he appeared critical of the london mayor, sadiq khan. our diplomatic correspondent james landale reports now on the global reaction.
6:36 pm
this attack may have been targeted on the people of london, but the threat of terrorism is global, and world leaders were quick to express their now familiar remarks of solidarity. from around the globe, they took to social media to express their horror and sympathy. president putin of russia spoke of the cruelty and cynicism of the attack. and chancellor merkel said that, in the fight against terrorism, germany is resolutely at britain's side. in rome, the pope led prayers for peace that were echoed by other christian leaders. translation: may the spirit give peace to the entire world, heal the plagues of war and of terrorism that even tonight, in london, hit innocent civilians. let's pray for the victims and their families. it is right that when there is great evil, that we feel anger, but that anger must be turned on...its head,
6:37 pm
into a commitment to justice, and not against any group of people, especially members of the islamic community. they have not done this, we must stand forjustice and peace, and in unity — it is division that the terrorists want. in new york, the authorities increased security across the city, particularly in areas full of pedestrians and tourists, like here in times square. overnight, donald trump called theresa may to offer his condolences. but on twitter, the president used the incident to renew his demand for a travel ban on visitors from six mostly muslim countries. and he also appeared to criticise the mayor of london, sadiq khan, for saying there was no need to be alarmed. in fact, mr khan was urging people not to be worried by the increased police presence on london's river and its streets. a spokesman said he had more important things to do than respond to mr trump's ill informed tweet. from paris, which has seen its share of terror attacks,
6:38 pm
president macron called theresa may to say that france was at britain's side. but he also reminded her of the importance of european co—operation in the fight against terrorism. france's prime minister visited a crisis centre monitoring events for french citizens caught up in the attack. la france et le royaume—uni... translation: france and the united kingdom are allies that have been subjected to a common threat, and we will be united in ourjoint response to it. france is holding its own parliamentary elections at the moment, and as a result of last night's attack, security has been tightened up here in london at polling stations where french nationals living in the uk are already casting their votes. few elections, it seems, can escape the shadow of terrorism. james landale, bbc news, central london. our north america editor, jon sopel, is in washington for us. jon, some would argue this was a
6:39 pm
pretty controversial intervention by president trump. well, clive, the political parties in the uk may have suspended their activities, donald trump is under no such constraint, and what i thought was interesting was that his first tweet last night was that his first tweet last night was not to offer condolences or express solidarity — it was a sharply political point, saying we need to be smart, vigilant and tough, we need the courts to give us back our rights. he then did offer solidarity but carried on the political campaign this morning, attacking those who demand and gun control. although of course some people might argue that the terror attacks in the uk could have been far worse were guns involved, rather than knives, dreadful though the attacks have been. and he also had a 90, attacks have been. and he also had a go, as we heard from james landale there, saying seven dead and 48 wounded, and the mayor of london says there is no reason to be
6:40 pm
alarmed. but perhaps the most potently damaging one for donald trump is the one about the travel ban. the white house has been seeking to argue in the courts that it is not a travel ban, it is extreme betting, saying donald trump doesn't use the word travel ban anymore. it is about to go to these green cord, he said it is a travel ban — and that might make his case that much more difficult. —— the supreme court. this attack comes less than two weeks after the bombing in manchester, in which 22 people were killed and dozens injured, at a concert by the singer, ariana grande. tonight she's holding a tribute event with other acts at manchester's old trafford cricket ground. that is along with other acts for a benefit concert. judith moritz is there for us. yes. they are still arriving. 50,000
6:41 pm
people coming to this concert to see ariana grande alongside other acts, including tay that, justin bieber and coldplay. a lot of excitement here. it will be focused on worldwide and broadcast to 50 countries across five continents. before it gets under way, there will bea before it gets under way, there will be a minute's silence to honour the victims so the reason is not forgotten. injured but defiant and determined to be here. caught in the arena attack. many have returned to see ariana grande sing once again. oh, my god. the memories of that night are still fresh. 14—year—old natalie harrison was filmed, caught up in the panic after the explosion. today, natalie and her mum came to the concert but it wasn't an easy
6:42 pm
decision. it's been a traumatic time. the only thing i would say is, for me, it's a bit too soon. ifeel i'm onlyjust coming to terms with what's happened. coming back today, and does it feel? , how does it feel? it's exciting because i want to see ariana without coming home being upset. do you think it will help you coming back and having a good experience? yes, it will probably help me heal and stuff. everywhere here there are stories of strength and resilience. we heard a bang. i got hit in my upper left thigh and had to go to hospital and have an operation on it. i'm really excited. yes. i really enjoy concerts. it's not going to stop me. we are nurses and we've looked after some of the kids involved in it. we have looked after the aftermath of it.
6:43 pm
it's quite devastating. it's upsetting. it's sad that you're a part of it but you're privileged to be a part of it as well at the same time. it's going to be quite emotional and we're grateful we managed to get the tickets and are really looking forward to it. she's really looking forward to it. after last night's attack in london, some police officers due to help out in manchester have gone back to the capital. security at the concert remains tight and visible. we are continuing to get support from other police forces across england. we are incredibly grateful for that. it is important that this event goes ahead because it sends such a powerful message that we will stand together and won't be defeated by this. it's hoped the concert will raise millions for those affected by the manchester bomb and now a new fund will also be set up for victims of other attacks. we want to be prepared to help the people in
6:44 pm
london who are affected by the tragedy on london bridge last night, as well as the people in manchester and any other places this happens the future. the excitement has been building all day with many here ready to party. at this concert, celebration will be mixed with commemoration. last night's attack in london, the decision was taken to go ahead here with even greater purpose. they say they want to honour all those affected by terrorism. the artists on stage will bring their voices together to seeing more loudly. with the concert starting in less than an hour, the audience does not have long to wait. many thanks for that. let's get some reflections and thoughts on what happened last night. the second attack in this country, major attack in two weeks. what are your thoughts on how this
6:45 pm
country moves what are your thoughts on how this cou ntry moves forward ? what are your thoughts on how this country moves forward?” what are your thoughts on how this country moves forward? i am thinking about london at the moment. this is about london at the moment. this is a city that is no stranger to terrorism, sadly. it has always proved it is resilient. it thrives on its liberal values, its tolerance and diversity. looking around us now, there are so many different cultures and ethnicities. people from all over the world. for the most pa rt from all over the world. for the most part they get on well. in international terms, london, for its size, is one of the most peaceful and safe cities you can find anywhere on the planet. i was here last night and talked to many people who had been caught up in the attacks. i think that, despite all the horror, despite the pain, the grief, i don't thing that london will ever allow itself to be terrorised. many thanks.


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