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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 5, 2017 5:00am-5:31am BST

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this is bbc news. i'm david eades. our top story this hour: the london bridge attack. as the investigation continues, the islamic state group says it was behind the london terror attack. the first of the victims is named. christine archibald came from canada and had moved to europe to be with her fiance. in the wake of the latest attack — facebook says it'll make itself a hostile environment for people who carry out acts of terror. and in manchester, the scene of the previous uk attack, a tribute concert with some of the world's biggest stars. good morning to you from a pretty
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close to london bridge. it is daybreak, you can probably hear the rumble of vehicles, a lot of delivery vehicles going about their normal business. the start of another busy week. this, of course, is still close. one of the newest landmarks, the shard, right on the concourse of london bridge railway station, which is open. all those million plus commuters are still able to come back to london even if it is at the southern end of the bridge. borough market and london bridge are closed after the attack on saturday night. seven people
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killed, 21 described as critically ill in hospital. police responded with extraordinary speed, eight minutes to get here and to deal with the three attackers, all of whom we re the three attackers, all of whom were shot dead. 12 arrests were made. 11 are still detained. a brief glimpse of the three knifemen as they headed through borough market. and then, eight minutes after the attack began, the gunfire as it was brought to an end. eight officers fired 50 rounds. a passerby was hit by a stray bullet. so—called islamic state has claimed responsibility as they often do any
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terror incident. a brief statement on their website said there attack had been carried out by detached eye is fighters. in london, the police investigation continues apace. anand scrambles across buildings with police weapons on him for being detained. in barking, is london, 12 people arrested, seven of them women, as police searched properties set to be linked to the attackers. one neighbour who did not want to be identified said he had warned the police about one of the suspects. like most radicals he had justification for anything and everything. i realised i needed to contact the authorities. the list of those killed and injured reflects the cosmopolitan character of london. christine archibald was 30 and from british columbia in canada.
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herfamily said and from british columbia in canada. her family said she would have had no understanding of the callous cruelty that caused her death. the french foreign minister said one of his nationals had died and another was missing. 21 people are still in a critical condition. four police officers were injured, two seriously. danny willett deal is recovering in hospitalfrom his injuries. —— o'neill. recovering in hospitalfrom his injuries. -- o'neill. anand went on to him and said, this is for my family, this is for islam and stuck a knife straight in him. he has a seven inch scar going from his belly to his back. it is understood police know the identity of the three attackers but they said they will not release their names until, in their words, it is operationally possible. it may be later today. after the deep shock of what has
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happened, this is the stage where the grief starts to mount. we start to get names and identifications of the victims. the first victim has been named as chrissy archibald from british columbia in canada. she had been living with her fiancee in the netherlands and, reportedly, died in his arms on london bridge. herfamily said her family said she herfamily said she had room in her heart for everyone and believed eve ryo ne heart for everyone and believed everyone had to be valued and respected. they say to honour her by making your community a better place. we understand she died from a knife wound, in the arms of her fiance of. having worked in a homeless shelter in london prior to that. a tragic story of one of the
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victims. we have been speaking to a professor who used to teach her at the mount royal university in calgary. christine was a really excellent student that went through our programme in 2012 graduating in 2000 15. initially a shy student, she really ca m e 15. initially a shy student, she really came out. in one of her practice that she worked in a homeless shelter, with individuals who experienced drug abuse problems, she felt very passionate about it. her loss is quite significant. i cannot imagine however, the degree of loss that her family and fiance are feeling. it is clear she is not the only one from abroad. just to give you a sense of that, 17 million
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visitors to london last year from all over the globe so it is little wonder there are many nationalities caught up in this particular attack. some are from australia. our correspondent hywel griffith is in sydney and has more. we understand that up to four of the victims in the attack were from australia. we know a fair bit about two one in particular, candice hedge, had been living in london for six months, working in bars and restau ra nts six months, working in bars and restaurants around the london bridge area. she was caught in the attack and was stabbed in the neck. she is in hospital. we understand from her family that she is ok. her mother has been speaking to the abc here in australia. i just
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has been speaking to the abc here in australia. ijust know that she has been speaking to the abc here in australia. i just know that she was hiding at the time and the guy got herand hiding at the time and the guy got her and stabbed her in the neck somewhere. that is all i know. i was really scared. i was really, really scared. we eventually got on to the hospital and they spoke to me and said she had gone to surgery and had a knife wound on the neck. incredibly lucky that it did not affect her voice... she could not speak straightaway when she had the surgery speak straightaway when she had the surgery but she is fine now. she scanned to be ok and that is the main thing. so many australians living in london, fast corners of the city are populated via australians. this is going to be deeply affecting. many people.
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absolutely, all of australia is watching what is happening in london. people here feel a direct link. they will be watching candice hedge's recovery and at least three other victims. we now another australian appeared on camera with andrew morrison, holding the cloth to his neck and how he had to go to look for help. we understand he is on his way back. the government have concerns about to other australians. they have given no more details either at about their identity or well—being and that is causing concern here the government saying they have spoken to members of the family, it is in no more information saying they have real concerns. they thought obviously with what is
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happening in london, a very close link to what is happening there now. thank you very much. still many identifications to be made. the police have made it clear there will be anxious people wanting to know if friends and family are safe. i will bring you some pictures which we got a few minutes before coming to air. a floral tribute laid by police, from the british transport police who are having their moment to express their grief and support for those who have been thick limbs of the attack. —— victims. for police among those. won an off duty lisbon who attempted to get involved —— an off—duty policeman. he confronted
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the attackers with nothing more than his pattern. so many stories about those getting caught up in it and what happened to the many victims of this attack. daniel o'neill, who's 23, is recovering in hospital, one of the many pub and restaura nt—goers attacked at random. the shock and anger is palpable from his mother. he'd just stepped outside the barfor a second, and a man ran up to him and said, "this is for my family, this is for islam," and stuck a knife straight in him. he's got a seven—inch scar going from his belly round to his back. i'm still in shock, i still can't quite believe it's happened. absolutely senseless, the attacks. and these people say they're doing it in the name of god, which is an absolute joke. the first commandment is "thou shalt not kill." all faiths share that belief. if it wasn't religion, they'd find some other excuse. they're callous, they're barbaric.
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and they're absolute cowards. there are many more victims. brett freeman, a father of three, was stabbed four times, and is pictured in hospital. geoff ho, the business editor for the sunday express newspaper, was stabbed in the neck. he was filmed injured and being led away having stepped in to help a wounded bouncer. that's him all over. he will not run away from anything. that is the funny thing about him, he focuses on other people. he loves other people and if he can help, he will help. initially, the injured were taken to five different hospitals across london, including here at st thomas‘. this is a cosmopolitan city, and that's very much reflected in the nationalities of those who found themselves caught up in last night's attack. it's now known a french woman was killed and a canadian woman named as christine archibald. also injured, four police officers, one from the british transport
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police, and three from the metropolitan police force. one of the met officers, who was off duty at the time, tackled one of the armed men, and remains in a serious condition. the emergency services have been praised for their quick response, both during the attack and in its aftermath, when so many lay injured. people obviously felt tremendous empathy sympathy for the victims, as we always do, but it was an incident that could have happened to any of us. it could not be foreseen. clearly, the patients were extremely shocked in the non—medical sense. this 19—year—old american student found himself desperately trying to stop the flow of blood from a man hit on the head by a stray bullet. we need to stop this overwhelming rush of blood from the wound. and we needed to apply pressure to stem the blood. i used my belt as a tourniquet. were you surprised he survived? yes. i could not sleep a minute
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last night wondering about whether he survived and not. to know he did is a huge relief. the list of the names and faces of those injured or killed in the attack will grow longer, each one an innocent victim. sarah campbell, bbc news. you get the scene fairly clearly. the street is close, armed police keeping very close watch. this is obviously a crime scene and the investigation starts to crank up. 12 arrests, 11 still being detained. there have been searches of properties through the night. our home affairs correspondent daniel sandford has more details on the police investigation. they quickly identified the three main suspects, the three men they
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had a ready shot dead. that allowed them to get to barking and raid to address is in east london. 12 people arrested, seven women and five men although one man has been released. whether or not any of that group will be charged is not known. they we re will be charged is not known. they were associates and family members of the men. it may not lead to charges. we also learned an awful lot about the new reality of policing counter terrorism. eight officers firing 50 rounds. an unprecedented use of aggression by police in this country but it has its risks. a member of the public shot and injured though thankfully not seriously so. daniel was explained we also have
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what are now becoming these familiar displays of extraordinary courage, of valour and jessore city, one of the social media messages out there is #sofaforlondon. people are keeping others for giving others a place to stay. a hotel just a hoteljust under way here was pointing out they have had a number of cancellations, perhaps we should be too surprised about it, but the knock on is their instantly. those living and working in this area. and i would add a word also for all of those people coming in, commuters coming into london bridge station, this is their territory. they do it a yen, day out. they have stopped at borough market to have a drink after work, meet with a friend, direct emotional impact for many, many people coming into london as monday morning gradually kicks into gear. i
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will have more later but for now, sally, back to you. vekic, david. —— thank you, david. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. opening statements begin later in bill cosby‘s highly anticipated sexual assault trial. mr cosby is facing criminal charges for allegedly drugging and molesting a woman at his home 13 years ago. the entertainer has denied all allegations. a mountain rescuer and a female climber have died in the austrian alps during an attempt to winch them into a helicopter. a male climber was seriously injured. all three plummeted into a ravine after a rope came loose. their identities haven't been revealed. malta's prime minister, joseph muscat, has won a second term —— the world bank has maintained its forecast that global growth will rise to 2.7% this year, citing a pickup in manufacturing and trade, improved market confidence, and a recovery in commodity prices. despite the good news, the world bank warned that political uncertainty and the threat of protectionism posed a risk to the global economy.
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and airline executives are meeting over the next two days to seek alternatives to the us and british bans on laptops and tablets on certain flights. security concerns will be high on the agenda when they gather for the annual meeting of the international air transport association in mexico. airlines say the bans are hurting business. we'll have more on this in world business report in around half an hour. —— in12 minutes. stay with us on bbc news. still to come: manchester united — a huge concert is held for the victims of the deadly bombing that took place there last month. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: as the investigation into the london terror attack continues, the islamic state group say they were behind it. thank you, sally. one of the
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features in the aftermath of this attack came via the prime minister, theresa may, who had some very forceful words about this incident. one thing she said was enough is enough and said there would need to be difficult and embarrassing conversations to be had about tightening up on issues of extremism. sally, iam interested because she certainly made very direct reference to internet companies which she described as providing terrorist ideology a safe place to breed. so what do you think is her intention was language like that and indeed what are the likes of google, twitter, facebook, of course, what are they doing at the moment? it's a very interesting. she, in her statement yesterday on sunday, was very clear she felt that some of these big internet online
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social media giants, the likes of facebook, twitter and google, to provide what she called a safe space for this terrorist ideology to grow and to breed. and of course the implication here is there would be more action, more regulation, and more action, more regulation, and more pressure on these companies to be seen to be doing more to take down extremist material that is on their website to do more to police their website to do more to police their social media site. amber rudd, their social media site. amber rudd, the home secretary, gave more detail on what the prime minister would mean by that, saying a watmore to be to ta ke mean by that, saying a watmore to be to take down material that seems to be rafa i think —— radicalising people but they want limits on the amount of end to end encryption that otherwise terrorist can actually use. the question is how do we follow through with this, whether there would be actual regulation and legal obligations on these companies
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or whether we would rely on them to self regulate. it's something we have been looking to get the business unit at the bbc butjust like organisations like open rights group have been quick to criticise theresa may, saying that actually by regulating the world wide web more, it would push terrorists into darker corners of the web that they are harder to track and harder to keep an eye on. david, back to you. sally, thank you. i should point out we are in election mode of course, an election is on thursday, campaigning is suspended by almost all of the parties on sunday so be called in, the labour leader, also backed the police to use whatever force is necessary. i think it's fairto force is necessary. i think it's fair to say that this weekend just gone, it was meant to be particular, above all, for an extraordinary tribute concerts taking place in manchester at the old trafford cricket ground will stop ariana grande coming back two weeks after the attack in which 22 people were
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killed. it was her concert then and she led the tributes. it was a star—studded event in manchester. they came to dance, to sing and to remember. she was the artist they most wanted to see and the voice they'd waited to hear. # midnight shadows when finding love is a battle...#. she was joined by children from a manchester school. crowd sing: # you are my everything...#. there were tears and hugs and then ariana grande revealed that she had met the mother of one of the teenagers who died at the arena. i had the pleasure of meeting olivia's mommy, a few days ago, and as soon as i met her i started crying and i gave her a big hug, and she said that...
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"stop crying because olivia would not have wanted me to cry," and then she told me that olivia would have wanted to hear the hits. many of the injured were determined to be here, defiant despite memories which are still fresh. security was tight, visible and everywhere. we heard the, like, bang. and i got hit, like, in my upper left thigh and i had to go to hospital and have an operation on it. i'm really excited, like, yeah, because i really enjoy concerts so it's not going to stop me. artists flew in from all over the globe to take part, many with words of support for the uk. manchester, london! we are here, we are together and we are one. we love you so much. to the families, we love you so much. the atmosphere here is a real mix of celebration and commemoration. plenty of tears mixed in with the cheers from this audience. it's hoped that millions of pounds have
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been raised to support the bereaved and injured and thatjust being at the concert has helped many of the survivors. a major concert in manchester which also paid tribute to the victims of the attack here in london bridge on saturday night. just to remind you, seven people killed in the attack, another 21 are described as critically ill in hospital. the so—called islamic state group has said it is behind those attacks. the investigation by the police will of course go on but 11 people are still being detained after initially 12 we re being detained after initially 12 were arrested in the hours following that attack. we will keep across all of the details for you here on bbc news. thank you for watching. hello there. you're probably wondering weather summer has gone because unsettled weather this week, some spells of rain, heavy at times and often accompanied with strong
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and gusty winds. some drier interludes and it may turn warmer later in the week. ourfirst area of rain is coming from this developing cloud here and that's been pushing rain across northern ireland, that's heading its way into scotland, should move through and things brighten to bring showers, a dull start, though, for northern ireland. rain developing more widely in northern england, especially wales and the south—east, showery outbreaks developing as the wind picks up in other eastern parts of england too. into the afternoon across scotland we're going to find some sunshine but also some showers. these could be heavy, possibly thundery too, and we should get brighter skies allowing some showers to develop in northern ireland. but a cool, wet day for the north—west england, for wales and the south—west as well. as you head your way to the midlands, east anglia and the south—east, some brief warmth before showery outbreaks develop more and more in the afternoon but the wetter weather likely to be further west in wales, as you head your way to the midlands, east anglia and the south—east, some brief warmth before showery outbreaks develop more and more
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in the afternoon but the wetter weather likely to be further west in wales, as much as 80 millimetres of rain during monday and monday night. that wetter weather moving slowly north and east but at the same time the winds continue to strengthen, especially in the south—west. so as we head into tuesday we will start with these sorts of temperatures, ten or 11 degrees, but quite a wet start for many eastern parts of the uk. we're left with one area of low pressure driving the heaviest rain up into scotland. this weather front should take the rain away from eastern england fairly quickly on tuesday, although the rain could linger for a while in northern england, the wettest weather is going to be in scotland, especially in the east. elsewhere, some really gusty winds, strong to gale force winds, driving in a mixture of sunshine and also some heavy and blustery showers with the possibility of hail and thunder. that area of low pressure, the centre of which is going to be across eastern areas of scotland, will continue to feed the rain in here and very tightly packed isobars, so very windy still in scotland and northern england in particular on wednesday, the rain in the north—east
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of scotland but otherwise a brief, drier and brighter spell of weather before more rain arrives later on from the south—west. this is bbc news, the headlines: police investigating the terror attack in london say they know the identity of the three men who killed seven people and injured dozens of others. the islamic state group has said its fighters carried out the attack. the first victim of the attack has been named. she's christine archibald, who was thirty years old and from canada. her family said she would have have had "no understanding of the callous cruelty that caused her death". facebook has said it wants to make itself a hostile environment for people who carry out acts of terror. british prime minister theresa may called on technology companies to do more to tackle extremist content online. pop star ariana grande, whose show in britain was hit by a suicide bomber two weeks ago, has been back on stage again
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