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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 8, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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is sport today, live from the this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on the programme: 12 months ago novak djokovic owned all four grand slam titles, now he has none, as dominic thiem knocks him out of the french open. pakistan beat south africa after rain forces short their icc champions trophy match. and in 15 minutes the golden state warriors will look to make it 3—0 in the best of seven nba finals when they tip off against the cleveland cavaliers. hello and welcome to the programme. and we start at the french open in paris, and the story from wednesday is that defending men's champion novak djokovic has been knocked out at the quarter final stage. the 12—time grand slam winner lost in straight sets to austria's dominic thiem and austin halewood was watching. a year ayearago, a year ago, novak djokovic was just a few days away from winning his fourth straight clan slam. but what a difference 12 months can make as the defending champion desperately tried to hold on to the last of his titles against dominic thiem. asia
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in the first set, and down in the second,it in the first set, and down in the second, it was starting to slip away from the world of the two. —— grand slam. and fast. it would have been one of the great comeback to beat the match around, but the damage has already done, and the fight long gone. dominic thiem took the third set six love and with it the win of his career. as for the novak djokovic, questions will certainly be asked as he has dropped out of the top two per the first time since 2011. it was decided in the first set. a crucial break in the second and he started serving better, backing it up with the first shot. he deserved to win. you know, it he was definitely a better player on the court today. kei nishikori was certainly the best player on the court against andy murray, but after taking the opener, the world number one hit back. kei nishikori was unable to maintain the level he showed in the first as andy murray
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w011 showed in the first as andy murray won the next two sets, before cruising to a fourth and a fifth semi—final in paris. and in the women's draw, simona halep dropped her person of the competition to elina svitolina, and faced forced match points. —— match boys. but after stevie johnson to match points. —— match boys. but after steviejohnson to beat cauchy snatched victory. —— match point. caroline garcia was beaten by pliskova. one more when, and the cheque will be the world and one on monday. —— czech. —— win. so on thursday the women's semi final lineup looks like this with jelena ostapenko and timea bacsinszky up against other each other as they both celebrate
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their respective 20th and 28th birthday‘s on the same day. then simona halep and karolina pliskova take to phillipe chatrier as pliskova knows victory will land her the top ranking along with a place in the final. in the men's draw nine—time champion rafael nadal faces djokovic's conqueror dominic thiem in the last four with world number one and beaten finalist last year andy murray then playing the 2015 champion stan wawrinka, who became the oldest semi finalist at rolland garros since jimmy connors in 1985, with both those matches on friday. diego costa has reportedly told journalists after spain's 2—2 draw with colombia that chelsea manager antonio conte has sent him a text message to tell him he's not wanted at stamford bridge next season. the 26—year—old scored 26 goals in 46 games for the premier league champions last season and there was speculation during the campaign of a big money move to china that never materialised. meanwhile late goals from eder and daniele de rossi helped italy to a 3—0 win over uruguay in their international
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friendly on wednesday. the match was played at nice's stadium in the south of france. pakistan beat south africa by 19 runs in the icc champions trophy. rain brought an early halt to play in birmingham but pakistan had already done enough to earn their first victory in the tournament. richard mcelvanney takes up the story. after defeat in their opening game to india, pakistan were fighting to keep their tournament alive. a win against the world's number one team was never going to come easily. south africa's open as many steady start, but when they went, hashim amla was the first to go, and we get started to double. ab de villiers was dismissed by the only ball he faced, the first in his 22011 day international. and pakistan took control of the game. they reduce south africa to 118 46. —— 221 one
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day international is. it was look like a target that pacdun could get if the weather allowed. weather forecast threatening again, they got the required run rate. —— internationals. they reach 100 and 19 in 37 overs. —— pakistan. the adjusters cause get a victory by 19 runs. we had a good run yesterday. if we were bowling to the right areas, we had a good chance. the good thing is today that we took readers. if you take wickets, every good team is under pressure. readers. if you take wickets, every good team is under pressurelj readers. if you take wickets, every good team is under pressure. i think disappointing factor was that one of oui’ disappointing factor was that one of ourtop disappointing factor was that one of our top four, i suppose, got to a new ball to look after the spinners. so there is a new batch of basing a spanner, so there is a new batch of basing a spanner, that is or is it to be
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tough to do. that is one each for south africa and pakistan. both teams are a win in the next round will see them through to the semifinals. in the same group, on thursday, defending champions india play their second game when they take on sri lanka at the oval in london. virat kohli led his team to a convincing first up win over pakistan as they continue their quest for back to back trophies and ben croucher looks ahead. there is nothing like beating your biggest rivals to put a spring in your step. for india, that there must does that make —— that demolition of pakistan did just that. there collies says he wants a repeat performance against sri lanka. we lost the cost and guys well raring to go, which has taken the pressure. later on, the way that we battered, it was the game changing innings, to be honest. —— lost the toss. initially, we got a
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good start. india may have had a dream start to the tournament, but not so for sri lanka, who had a 96 run defeat to south africa and were found guilty of a slow over rate the feds. angelo mathews is back from a ca lf feds. angelo mathews is back from a calf injury, and joined the team who has no margin for error against their neighbours. especially in the last two years, there have been tremendous. so it is hard to beat them unless we are on top of our game. we will all had to pull our socks up and give a great performance. the times of india called the massive win over pakistan and opening statement in the title of this, which might give sri lanka hope that momentum can change in one—day tournaments. australian cyclist richie porte claimed victory in wednesday's individual time trial at the criterium du dauphine,
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while thomas de gendt held on to the overall lead of the race with a ninth place finish on stage four. the 23.5 kilometre course included a couple of gradual climbs and some tight turns with time trial world champion tony martin of germany setting the early pace, but porte beat martin's final mark by 12 seconds with a time of 28 minutes and seven seconds. belgium's thomas de gendt now leads porte by 27 seconds overall, with spain's alejandro valverde moving up into third place, 51 seconds in arrears with four stages to go. the golden state warriors could be on the brink of making history as the first team to go 16 and nothing in the nba playoffs. they've won all 1a so far in this year's post season and head into game three of the nba finals in the coming minutes with a 2—0 lead over the cleveland cavaliers. steph curry managed a triple double in game two with some outstanding three pointers helping, while kevin durant has provided plenty of back up but last year lebronjames led cleveland to a first title having been 3—1
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down and curry remembers just how quickly things can change. usually, halting savvy given spark about them. and we might make a few more shots, you know, those momentum swings of six point aw eight point i’u ns swings of six point aw eight point runs as you are going can be a lot harder to deal with with 19,000 people going crazy. so you havejust got to understand, you know, what is at stake. every possession from the jump. it is definitely go back and know that they can refocus. i can, you know, get myself and my guys ready. but, you know, you hate your selves in these positions. but at the end of the day, it isjust basketball. and that is what keeps me comfortable, and more comfortable but that, because it isjust a game. i prepare myself and i will go out and do my job. i prepare myself and i will go out and do myjob. and that with the results. that is about all we have time
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fought today. so sadly from myself, at tolson, —— tulsen tollett, and as the team, it is goodbye. —— and the. most of us saw sunshine yesterday. today it will be hard to come by. it will be cloudy for most. the cloud is thick enough to bring rain for some of us. the relatively clear weather working out of the north sea replaced by this lump of cloud. the low spinning around there sending south—westerlies across the uk. the cloud will be thick enough for us to get wet weather. the wettest of it is in wales and north—west england. low cloud and mist and fog. a mild start to the day. 13—14 degrees. something like that. cooler in the north of scotland. at least some morning sunshine.
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gusty to start the day across wales and south—west england. gusts come in at a0 miles an hour. the same in east anglia and east england. dry weather. the occasional spit of rain just about possible. that working in across england. misty in the pennines. it will get across northern ireland first thing in the morning. edging across scotland. the north will stay dry with some early morning sunshine. going on through the rest of the day, uncertainty about the northward spread of this rain. it could get further north that we are showing, perhaps threatening northern scotland into the afternoon. returning to northern ireland later in the day. some showers in wales and south—west england and moving into the midlands. south—east england, trying to get bright late in the day. thursday night, showers pushing across the uk. the weather turning lighter. still coming in from the south—west to pick another mild
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start for friday. a better kind of day on friday. fewer showers. more in the way of sunshine. showers limited to scotland into the afternoon. with sunshine and lighter winds, it will feel warmer. 19 in belfast. not bad at all. 22 in london. pleasant in the lighter winds. a finer evening to follow. showers continuing to affect parts of scotland. the weekend. rain lurking behind. that is tying in with another area of low pressure bringing wet and fairly windy weather to start the weekend across many areas of the uk. brace ourselves for a soggy start to the weekend. not all of it is bad news. the rain will clear through. it will be a drier day. highs of 23 in london. and that's your weather. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: as he prepares to give evidence to congress, former fbi director, james comey, details "inappropriate" and "very concerning" meetings with president trump. two attacks in tehran
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claim 12 lives. as gunmen storm iran's parliament, the islamic state group claim responsibility. tributes to the victims of the london bridge attacks by some of the first police officers on the scene. eight people are now known to have died. and rewritting the history of evolution. why a series of new discoveries means humans could go back a lot further than we thought.
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