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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 8, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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there accusing qatar of supporting terrorist groups. in the us, the washington post looks at sacked fbi directorjames comey‘s upcoming testimony to the senate intelligence committee. evidence has already been put out, actually, in which mr comey says president trump asked him to lay off investigating the former national security advisor. the financial times has spanish bank santander buying its domestic rival banco popular for one euro, because it was, quote, "likely to fail". that is according to the european central bank. —— central. the paper says it marks the first test case of the eurozone‘s post—crisis bank bailout regime. and espn is asking whether tennis star novak djokovic had a bad day, or whether there's more to his loss at the french open. the defending champion was knocked out by austria's dominic thiem. right, let's's get cracking, shall
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we? —— let's. with us is oliver cornock — editor—in—chief at oxford business group. there are so many areas to go, but the real question here is who carried this out. there is a lot of political reasoning about what somebody might say about that. like in the aftermath of many terrorist attacks, people are quick to lay blame. this was an attack against government buildings, not people, and that is a change for a group like qatar. but stepping back, the rain area like qatar. but stepping back, the rain are a shia country. isis, they are of course mandatory. this is a saudi paper, a saudi government paper in many ways. this says terrorism is terrorism, even when it
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hits the rain. who is behind this? the two dominant players in the region, the rain, and saudi arabia, and that plays into an extra, but the ramifications could be serious. two things that you mention, it's not happened before. some people is because the rain has a well funded security system. the rain has been sidelined because of sanctions for awhile. but it is a large and powerful country with a powerful military operation. the article also points out that despite the fact that as you say it is a saudi backed newspaper, that the rain is accusing saudi arabia of being behind this attack. give us your take on the. this seems to be a momentum that is only gathering pace. saudis and i think is the accusation. this attack
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has been condemned by the us, even though it took a while. donald trump liaises well into our next story, because he has said that he will step in and sort out the problems with qatar. is going to get worse before it gets better?” with qatar. is going to get worse before it gets better? i was in qatar last week and of course was no sign of this ban. a lot of people have said that this is all happen on the back of donald trump's visit to saudi arabia. perhaps stoking some of the anti— iran rhetoric that he's been so famous for. interesting stories, all of them. very important, though, for qatar, that this gets results are in. qatar has a itself in the past. wed an incident in 2014. this seems to be a
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little bit nasty. more measures are likely in the front of the gulf news. this is another uae paper. they are on the side of saudi arabia with us. what you mean by qatar having her extended itself? they are small country. they are similar religious bloc to saudi arabia. they a similarsunni religious bloc to saudi arabia. they a similar sunni view. but they have given up many points. punching above theirweight, is given up many points. punching above their weight, is that we giving? something like that. they have the 2020 world cup coming up. they're one of the richest worlds per capita. then half of london. they have a lot of clout for the reasons you have explained, but when it comes down to the basics in life, it is importing them all. absolutely. it has a close border with saudi arabia. food insecurity very important. the lbg that is finding
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all of this, finding all the investment that is going to go to the stadium, that is all the back of that. and if that is good to be more expensive, everything will be more expensive. —— lpg. expensive, everything will be more expensive. -- lpg. why has this flat out now? is thatjust because these countries felt that they had the backing of the us president, saudi arabia and so on? there are a lot of people saying that. well done. so a bank for £1. not even really a pound, one euro. this is the banco popular. this is all back to this resolution board, which is aimed at failing banks that need it bailing out. this seems to me that this is really a success story, or a test case, at least, of this fund
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working. it is very well-managed, isn't it? you had to say that. in terms of keeping a lid on the sense of panic and anxiety. no run on the banks, yesterday, was a? no run other banks. but the problem with this is now santander need to build up this is now santander need to build up their deposit base. —— was there. james comey a lot has been a ready said about this. how damaging could this be, what is your take? we have had afair this be, what is your take? we have had a fair bit about what is could say? it seemsjust one more bit of smoke fought donald trump to deal with. it is clear from his conversation that he is asking for him to let things go, he is desperate to move on from this story. and it just desperate to move on from this story. and itjust does not seem to be going away, does it? it would seem to me that a number of people have testified saying that we cannot talk about this in this forum, it
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would be against national security. what is next? that is it for me. what is next? that is it for me. what is next year referee: i think what could be next is the question about if you look at what james comey are saying donald trump has asked of them, that is about and obstruction of justice. asked of them, that is about and obstruction ofjustice. -- what is next year. -- i think what could be next. is it so huge that we could see an impeach president? is not that huge. this is certainly a situation with a fabulous tim hunter. there is could be no letup. —— there is certainly a lot of steam behind this, isn't there? let's tourek tass, which is one of my favourite subjects. more favourite than business. —— let's talked tennis. the final set was over in 20
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minutes, 6—0? tennis. the final set was over in 20 minutes, 6-0? -- talk tennis. i heard john mcenroe said it is a shock to see somebody capitulating giving up. one of the things that novak djokovic is that he never gives up. he's a machine of a tennis player. until this time last year, and it has copied patient in 12 months. to me, it is about the longevity of these top tennis players. after this big cleanout of his management team, you start to wonder if this is the right to do things —— right way to do things. it seems that this could be the end of a real giant. i think you make a good point about longevity, big as a suspect with most of these greats there are our people, rafa nadal has had a tremendous time. to the
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duration of *, talking about roger federer, i think he so has his eyes set on wimbledon, this year. —— talk about the longevity of athletes. andy murray is doing well on clay. he's been out of form but has been playing his way back british. can i say that? scots are british. we will see how he gets on, anyway. green eyes to see you, thank you for your time. we are saying goodbye at this point. have a great day. you will see breakfast on bbc one in five minutes. —— practice. hi there. most of us at least saw some sunshine yesterday. but for today sunshine is going to be a little bit harder to come by. —— breakfast. for most of us it's
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going to be quite cloudy. and that cloud thick enough to bring some rain for some of us. now, the relatively clear weather we had yesterday working out into the north sea, replaced by this big lump of cloud. the area of low pressure still well out in the mid—atlantic. the low spinning around there, throwing south—westerly winds across the uk. so it is going to be a mild day coming up. but that cloud will be thick enough for some of us to get pretty wet weather. the wettest of it, first thing in the morning, across wales, north—west england. some low cloud and mist and hill fog patches across the south—west of england. but a mild start to the day as well — 13—14 degrees, something like that. a bit cooler across the north of scotland. but at least here, you've got a chance of seeing a bit of morning sunshine. now, it's going to be quite a gusty start to the day across wales and south—west england. the gusts running in at around 40 miles an hour. quite blowy, too across the midlands and east anglia and south—east england. a lot of dry weather. the occasional spit of rain just about possible. that weather working in across north—west england. quite misty over the pennines. that rain will probably get in right
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across northern ireland, first thing in the morning. it will be edging across scotland, too. the north though, probably staying dry, with some early morning sunshine. as we go on through the rest of the day, a bit of uncertainty about the northward spread of this rain. but it could get a little bit further north than we are showing, perhaps threatening the north of scotland as we go into the afternoon. heavy showers returning to northern ireland late in the day. a few showers across wales and south—west england, moving into the midlands, too. east anglia and south—east england, well, it will try to brighten up here late in the day. through thursday night, low pressure still with us. we are going to see showers continue to push across the uk. the winds turning a little bit lighter. still coming in from the south—west, so it's going to be another mild night and a mild start for friday. friday, well, generally a better kind of day. pressure will begin to build and that means fewer showers. more in the way of sunshine. showers tending to be limited to scotland, really, as we head into the afternoon. given a bit more sunshine and lighter winds, it is going to feel warmer. 19 in belfast. not bad at all.
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22 in london, should feel pleasant enough in those lighter winds. and a fine evening will follow. again, a few showers continuing to affect parts of scotland. now heading into the weekend, we do have an area of rain that's lurking just behind me. that is tied in with another area of low pressure. it's going to be bringing wet and fairly windy weather to start the weekend, across many area of the uk. so brace ourselves for a soggy start to the weekend. it's not all bad news though, because the rain will clear through. sunday should be a dry day. that's your weather. hello. this is breakfast, withjon kay and naga munchetty. millions will vote in the general election today, as security is increased at some polling stations after the terror attacks in london and manchester. voting will start in an hour to elect 650 mps to parliament in westminster, with the first results expected at around midnight. good morning.
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it's thursday the 8th ofjune. also this morning: all eyes on the white house as the fbi director sacked by donald trump prepares to give his side of the story. new figures show that 80% of toddlers in england did not visit an nhs dentist in the last year.
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