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and when they are firing here, the distance is so small that sometimes they can see the faces of the is militants. the troops here, mostly young, determined to end a reign of terror. "daesh came and killed civilians," says ali mahdi, "they destroyed life in the city, says ali mahdi, our duty is to bring mosul back to life." here is the hospital building where commanders say about 200 foreign militants are holed up, including some britons. "that is what our intelligence tells us," says colonel falah al—abdan, "and also we heard them speaking on the radio — we can tell their nationality from that." now their caliphate is turning to ash, their positions being pounded from above with a series of air strikes. from above explosions from above
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we counted three in an hour. from above part of the final push to eliminate an enemy that once controlled a third of iraq. orla guerin, bbc news, mosul. a third of iraq. here, at least six people have been injured, including three children, after a car collided with pedestrians in newcastle. the vehicle mounted the pavement outside the westgate sports centre. police have arrested a 42—year—old woman and say what happened isn't terror related. on‘s isn't terror related. sport here is olly foster at the on‘s sport here is olly foster at the bbc sports centre. england's cricketers have won the t20 series against south africa. it was 1—1 heading into the decider in cardiff. dawid malan topscored on his debut as they won by 19 runs. patrick gearey reports. at one game left and the series to win. what was england's plan? change
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the side and the captain, shovel the pack and hope for the ace. every so often that ace goes higher. the second ball dawid malan had faced. a confident mood. not risk—free, but 50. he finished with 78 and none of his colleagues through shade on his spotlight. south africa set 182 to win. the value of runs is not what it was. inflation inevitable with batsmen like ab de villiers who can make any score and safe, not to mention any spectator. mason crane was the bowl, a 20—year—old leg—spinner who stuck at it. with his bravery came revenge. ab de villiers became his first international wicket. south africa never fully recovered. england's experiment had worked. patrick gearey, bbc news. sebastian vettel has stretched his lead over lewis hamilton in the formula one championship after an incident—packed azerbaijan grand prix. the german was fourth
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but was given a time penalty for bumping into hamilton's mercedes behind the saftey car, and the british world champion had a separate fault with his car that feliciano lopez is the new champion at queens. the spaniard came from a set down to beat marin cilic in the aegon championships, and there was a very popular winner in birmingham. with wimbledon starting a week tomorrow, the two—time champion petra kvitova beat the australian ashleigh barty in three sets in the aegon classic final. it was only her second tournament after recovering from a hand injury sustained during a knife attack last year. all this week on bbc news we have been highlighting some of the issues faced by women in sport. sailing is dominated by men. only 3% of
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professionals sailors are female, dominated by men. only 3% of professionals be ors are female, skill, endurance, strength and vision — just some of the attributes needed to make it to the top. but for women, it seems that talent alone is not enough. i have a gold and silver medal, the same as the guys in the cup at the moment. they're great sailors, no doubt about it. but it would be good to have the same opportunities to learn. these women are part of the magenta project, a group of accomplished sailors striving to create pathways for females in the sport. experience is key to sail these high—performance catamarans, the formula 1 cars of the sea, but the opportunities for women at least are not there. we see women struggling to get onto these boats to get the opportunity to be good enough.
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we don't want to be given places. the girls want to earn it, but they need the chance to get out there to earn it. their hard work is paying off. the rules for this year's prestigious volvo round—the—world race have been changed to incentivise teams to employ women. the more mixed gender the crew is, the more sailors will be allowed to help navigate the toughest sees on the planet. at least one team, though, still plans to take a smaller male crew. why? one of the main reasons given why women are not as involved as men is because the sheer physical strength needed to power these newer faster boats. but does that argument really hold up? or is sailing just too much a boys‘ club? for people who have never sailed with girls on board, their initial reaction is they will not be as strong, as fast, and it is ourjob as female sailors to show that is not the case, that we can be proactively involved in the crew. there are signs the tide is turning. british team land rover bar won the youth america's cup last week with a female sailor on board,
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and that shows it can be done. the challenge now — to ensure the dream of mixed teams stays on course. that is all your sport. back to you. many thanks. the country's biggest music festival at glastonbury draws to a close tonight ahead of a break in 2018. our entertainment correspondent lizo mzimba is there for us. over to you. yes, most people here think it has been a pretty successful glastonbury, with appearances from katy perry, headline performances from the likes of foo fighters and radiohead, but one of the most prestigious parts of glastonbury is the sunday slot. they have a dolly parton before. barry gibb was playing to a huge audience
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today. # you should be dancing, yeah # dancing, yeah # what you doin' on your back? # you should be dancing, yeah # dancing, yeah... # and singer songwriter ed sheeran who has had a hugely successful year are dominating the singles charts will close the festival tonight, and glastonbury will return in 2019. lizo, many thanks there. lizo mzimba at glastonbury. that's it, i'll be back with the late news at ten. now on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. bye for now. you're watching bbc news. i'm clive myrie, ina you're watching bbc news. i'm clive myrie, in a moment the weather but first camden council says 120 residents —— residents from 120
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households are still refusing to leave residences that have been judged as too dangerous by the fire services. georgia gould is the council leader in camden and said there are still residents on the chalcots estate who are refusing to leave. so we have people knocking on those doors, talking to people about the safety risks. but we've also dispatched social workers to have individual conversations with those families, with those individuals, about what will help them to move out. i've been talking to many of those people overnight, and some of them do want to leave, but they don't want to come and spend a night here, which of course i completely understand. so what we want to do is get those people directly into appropriate accommodation. you know, there are some specific issues, some people with agoraphobia, particular medication. they want to be sure they've got the right accommodation. so after i've spoken and given this update, i'm going myself back to the blocks, to knock on doors and have those conversations.
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you're talking about persuasion, but if people are stubborn and say they will not leave, they don't think they want to leave, are you going to force them out? so we're really clear that those buildings are not safe. and that's what the fire services have told us. on that we're now going to have to work very closely with the fire services. we're in constant communication with them. it's really their advice that counts on this. if it comes to the point where people really, really won't leave, that is last resort — the last thing i want to do is force people out of their homes. and the conversations i've been having the resident in the building is they are willing to work with us, and i'm going to have those conversations again tonight. i think the most important thing is we were with them. if those buildings aren't safe, if it comes to that, we will work with the fire services on it. is there a deadline? it's an emerging picture. the most important thing is we also have people awake on those blocks going up and down.
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and when i first had the conversation with the fire services, when they said to me that it wasn't safe, they were clear that it wasn't safe to spend a night there, when the whole block was sleeping. where we have residents, we are making sure we are continuing to knock on their doors — i'm sure it is deeply disruptive for them, just having the conversation again and again, keeping people wake, making sure there are people on the block. but the fire services are saying it's not safe to stay, and they need to go. we've also started work, and for us to complete that work as quickly as possible, and get people back, we want those buildings to be empty. hello. last week we may have seen some of the hottestjune conditions in over a0 years, quite widely the peak in temperatures across the uk mid to high 20s, low to mid 30s. they will now be back to more like what they should be this time of year. over there, some rain. a few showers around in parts of central and southern england and some will continue through the night in northern scotland but for most of you, dry, clear and substantially fresher than we have seen. parts of
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scotla nd fresher than we have seen. parts of scotland in rural areas down to single figures, nothing unusual compared to last week, but in the south we could actually see temperatures dented single figures in the countryside instead of the mid—teens. a nice start. —— down to single figures. low—pressure will start to develop. a slow process. more cloud eventually. sung—joon in wales and also scotland. isolated light showers in the north—east. with winds light and sunshine overhead it will warm up quite nicely —— sunshine in wales. it will feel more cloudy in the west going through the day and for northern ireland we finish the afternoon with rain which could spell quite a damp rush—hour, particularly through fermanagh, down and armagh, and then that could spread into central and southern scotland. into the southern portion of the trossachs, and turning to wet weather as well in north—west england and also western parts of wales. this is where the system is introduced. the cold front
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with fresher air behind it but it means we started dragging slightly humid airagainfor humid air again for tuesday, bringing storms across france. most of the day will be brighter good pa rt of the day will be brighter good part of england and wales. the exception is the far west of wales, cornwall, and northern england with rain in scotland and northern ireland as well. late in the day the storms will push in, and we could see very heavy rain push into tuesday night into wednesday across many parts of england, in the east, and wales, and into wednesday that could not into southern parts of scotland. chilly breeze to go with it from what we experienced in the week gone. while there is something prior to what the west it still will not feel anything special. all of us through the weekend, not only cool, but also wet conditions, drier weather in shetland. it will be fairly cloudy as well. this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at seven o'clock. the number of high rise buildings which have failed fire safety tests rises to 60
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across 25 councils areas. so far one hundred per cent of panels tested have failed. if there are local authorities that have tests to be done then the testing facilities are there and ready to undertake the tests. the brexit secretary, david davis, says he's ‘pretty sure' the uk will be able to reach a suitable deal with brussels on leaving the eu. at least 1a0 people are feared to have been killed in eastern pakistan after a lorry transporting oil burst into flames. two children are in intensive care after a car ploughed into a group of pedestrians outside a sports centre in newcastle. police say they don't believe the incident is terrorism—related.
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