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to land in france within the next couple of hours. he'll be celebrating france's bastille day tomorrow as president macron‘s guest of honour. despite tensions between the two, the white house says he'll be reaffirming the strong ties of friendship between the countries. lawyers for the former brazilian president, lula da silva, say they will appeal his conviction and nine—and—a—half year prison sentence for corruption. he's been found guilty of a renovated beach resort apartment as a bribe. while the appeal is under way, lula will be free to run in next yea r‘s presidential election. the british government will take the first step in replacing eu laws on thursday. the great repeal bill is intended to smooth the transition, opposition parties are expected to oppose it. hello and welcome to our review of the national and international
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press. hello and welcome to our review of the national and international the new york times website has those russia revelations surrounding donald trump and his son. among the headlines: russia, the subject mr trump just can't shake. politics taking a personal turn for the president. and a look at how digging up dirt on political rivals is normal — but not from hostile nations, apparently. the financial times looks at a four billion pound deal the royal bank of scotland has done with american authorities. it's a settlement for the bank's role in the sale of risky mortgage products in the us before the 2008 financial crisis. the new york times international edition reports on the demand in russia for north korean slaves, as the headline puts it. it says thousands have been sent to russian cities, to earn money for pyongyang — effectively amounting to a slave trade. a wimbledon wave goodbye from andy murray, world number one and defending men's champion. the guardian looks at the painful defeat, saying an injured murray winced and shuddered through the final set. the daily telegraph is looking
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at a proposed overhaul of inheritance laws in the uk. the law commission recommends catching up with the digital age, by letting people use voicemails and text messages to make up their wills. and tiny particles in the air could be making us bigger. the paper has research suggesting dust is capable of carrying hormone—altering chemicals that can make the body accumulate fat. i thought it was just the dust they put on the cappuccino, the chocolate. with me is funke abimbola, senior lawyer and diversity leader chocolate. wyer and diversity leader here in the uk. hello there. should we kick off with the new york times, the russian allegations? it is interesting, because it has come to the heart of donald trump's family, that is one
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of the most stringent points for him. it is, how your personal life infringes on your working life generally. especially when you are president, his daughter attending meetings just this week, courting controversy again. his son with russia, was it really the right thing to do? disclose these e—mails on twitter? are you clear about the legality of this? the fbi chief has said the first thing he should have done was in form the fbi. this is political campaigning, which especially in the united states, it isa especially in the united states, it is a tough and dirty business. especially in the united states, it is a tough and dirty businessm really is. the lobbying and the pr spin is also a huge. one of the things this article says is that the criticism that donald trump's fun
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has faced has left donald trump very protective as a parent. but you can't have it both ways, you can't put your family as key advisers and then get up that when they come under scrutiny? yes, that's right, thatis under scrutiny? yes, that's right, that is what i mean about the personal side clouding your judgement. i think his emotions are getting the better of him once again. it is also jarrod kushner, the son—in—law, who holds a senior position in the white house. donald trump's sun does not have a role and does not need to notify people. trump's sun does not have a role and does not need to notify peoplem is all very confusing as to who should be doing what. i think that is the whole point. we've just got to see what happens next. donald trump is in paris in the next hour, so trump is in paris in the next hour, so it will be interesting. would at the financial times, companies so it will be interesting. would at the financialtimes, companies and markets. the deal that has been
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done, talking about reputation?m is very difficult to redress that, when your reputation has received quite a hammering as the rbs has. it isa quite a hammering as the rbs has. it is a very welcome settlement, it is great news. it shows that we are putting the past behind us.|j great news. it shows that we are putting the past behind us. i think that the share price is half what the government paid for it, so it is still quite a way of. yes, and they did set off more money for this, so it shows they were serious about coming toa it shows they were serious about coming to a good conclusion. 7296 still owned by the taxpayer, which is good? yes, so in a sense... i think another payment is due as well, possibly? yes, in the pipeline. going on to this story in
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the new york times. north koreans toiling as slaves. this is basically bonded labour provided by the north korean authorities. did you know about this? i wasn't aware of this at all. i had not really appreciated the impact that the sanctions on north korea would have. the north korean government is trying to find a way of generating revenue. they have a tremendous workforce that they can live. that is what is driving this. what is interesting is that the workers are much happier with these conditions. they are escaping all sorts of atrocities back home. so, they are quite happy. they work very hard... they get on with thejob. they work very hard... they get on with the job. some of them seem to have actually been taken on contracts have actually been taken on co ntra cts of have actually been taken on
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contracts of 4—5 years. have actually been taken on contracts of 4-5 years. it is paradoxical in many ways, quite an interesting story. talking a bit of sport, argue a tennis fan?|j interesting story. talking a bit of sport, argue a tennis fan? i am. i was not surprised but i was saddened seeing andy murray knocked out. when you hear about an injury, you think, it might not be his year —— are you? he is the son of a very strong, dominating mother. just explain... there is a real issue with women not being represented in sport, and generally. just to clarify what actually happened. he was asked a question by a journalist, who said, how do you feel, the first us player to get to the semifinals since 2009? andy murray called him out and said, hang on, you mean the first male
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player. the journalist still didn't quite get his point. he didn't, he looked quite confused. andy murray was pointing out the casual sexism of ignoring the achievements of women. a huge oversight. it is very important, when you're looking at the gender debate, to have male champions. it was made very clear last night that he is really taking a stand. the more we see this sort of thing, the better we will get in terms of quality in sport. looking at the story in the telegraph, people being able to make their wheels by text and e—mail? this happens elsewhere. it is fraught, however. it is, i felt happens elsewhere. it is fraught, however. it is, ifelt slightly uncomfortable reading this tory. there should be some book —— this story. —— there should be some
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formality reading this. it leaves a lot of influence on bedside wishes and the like. you could just quickly texts on —— somebody and... or nothing. if all you have to do is text to change your wishes, that is much easier than getting something witnessed. there is a lot more formality involved. i think there needs to be a more careful balance. ido needs to be a more careful balance. i do worry about this digital age overtaking everything. i wonder where we will get you on that, however. thank you very much. lovely to see you. likewise. back in a few minutes, thank you for your time. hello there, good morning. yesterday was a lovely day across large swathes of the united kingdom. after some early rain in the south—east, that soon cleared away, and the sun came
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out for the afternoon. and it was a fine and sunny day in buttermere in cumbria, thanks to the weather watchers for sending in the pictures. we saw the sunshine through the day yesterday. clear skies overnight, and that will take us on into the morning. with those clear skies it will be chilly in some rural spots. major towns and cities starting in double figures for most, up to 14—15 at the very best. in more rural parts, rural scotland, three degrees, england and wales down to about four or five, so a bit on the chilly side for some. high—pressure is in charge of the weather for the most part through the day today. you will notice this weather front in the north and west, more isobars here, so a bit more of a breeze. the weather front will see cloud and will bring rain to northern ireland, and into western scotland as well. ahead of that, a lot of fine and dry weather, but not completely dry, because there will be one or two showers around. but i think east anglia and the south—east, increasing cloud in the afternoon, but it is staying dry. temperatures in the low 20s quite widely. there will be a line of showers from the south—west of england into south wales, drifting
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through the midlands, to the north—east of england. behind that, a lot of dry and bright weather. maybe a shower or two in aberdeenshire. here's that weather front bringing breeze and rain into western scotland and northern ireland as well. 19 degrees the top temperature in belfast. wimbledon continues and it looks like it will be a decent day for it. light winds, there will be sunshine, patchy cloud as well, and temperatures should get into the low 20s. as we go through the evening, our he weather front makes progress southwards and eastwards. that will bring some rain with it, not a great deal. it's mostly overnight rain as well. any lingering rain in the morning in the south—east won't last long, it will clear away quite quickly. then it is a decent day with a lot of dry weather. it's dry for the most part. 18 in aberdeen, 22 in london. friday night, we start to see rain across scotland, into northern ireland as well. outbreaks of rain further south in england and wales. early rain in the south—east on saturday doesn't last too long.
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it should clear way. then we have scattered showers out to the west, where it is quite breezy, and the showers will be fairly frequent in western scotland. now, of course, it's the finals weekend, the ladies' finals on saturday looking pretty good. temperatures on the rise, humidity too, for the men's final by sunday. so on the weekend it will be cloudy and muggy with humidity on the rise, but some showers will crop up in the north and west of the uk. and it will be quite warm further south. hello. this is breakfast, with naga munchetty and charlie stayt. the first step to brexit becoming law. the bill to convert eu law into british legislation is put before parliament. the government calls it a major milestone. opposition parties threaten to obstruct its progress. good morning.
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it's thursday the 13th ofjuly. also this morning: the parent's of terminally ill baby, charlie gard, put their case to the high court, arguing that an experimental new treatment could help him. good morning from wimbledon. all british hopes now lie with johanna konta,
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