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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  August 2, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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coming up on this programme: one last hurrah, as usain bolt arrives in london for his last—ever meet, the world athletics championships. thomas muller and co left with plenty to think about, as german champions bayern munich are beaten 3—0 at home by liverpool. and six years after a crash that left him with a partially severed arm, robert kubica continues his bid for a formula 1 return. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with the fastest man in history, a runner who has eight olympic golds and holds the 100m and 200m world records. but usain bolt‘s glittering career is coming to an end. he will run his last ever 100m race at the world athletics championships in london on saturday, and then his final sprint relay a week later. as he prepares for retirement, he has been speaking to our sports editor dan roan. the world's fastest man is about to say farewell, but usain bolt remains the star attraction. this the stir he caused in london today, at the end
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of an unparalleled career. in one of his last interviews before his final 100 metres on saturday, the jamaican telling me retirement was the right call. i think it's time for me to slow down a little bit, you know what i mean? and then i'll decide if i want to pick it up. but for me, after i retire i want to take it slow and relax a little bit. i think i've just done so much already, and i feel accomplished. i feel like i've done enough. bolt‘s decade—long sprinting supremacy has entered the realm of legend, with a remarkable eight 0lympic golds, and a further 11 at world championships. he currently holds three world records, and with the personality to match, the world of athletics is losing a figure who transcended his sport.
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if you could describe the legacy you want to leave behind, how you want to be remembered in sport? how would it be? just simple, i just want to be one of the greats. one of the greatest. when conversations are had about greatest sports star i wanted to be a part of that conversation. i want people to say yeah, usain bolt was one of the greatest sports stars that has ever done any sports. do you believe your world records will be beaten, taken away one day, or will they stand forever? i haven't seen anybody in this era now to do it. so, maybe a couple of years, ten years from now, i don't know. but right now, i think my record is safe so far. bolt burst on to the scene injamaica 15 years ago, when he starred at the world junior championships. since then, he has become a national hero and a true sporting superstar. and back in the north of the island where he grew up, those closest to him are willing him to go out on a high. i don't know, maybe i may cry. i don't know. ijust hope he does well there. because if he lost, then it will be heartbroken for me. usain bolt is a genius. 0ther
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usain bolt is a genius. other than the early, i can't think of anyone who has had an impact inside and beyond their sport. —— otherthan alaoui. with recent doping scandals casting a long shadow over his sport, bolt has often been portrayed as the saviour of athletics, and he issued this stark warning to those tempted to cheat. i think, as long as they understand if they keep this up, the sport will die, and they won't have a job. hopefully at least understand that, and they will help the sport to move forward. arguably the greatest track and field has ever seen, sport's ultimate showman intends to mark his retirement with more glory. the world championships will provide final memories of a unique talent, filling the void he leaves behind could prove athletic‘s greatest challenge. dan roan, bbc news. german champions bayern munich have been hammered 3—0 at home by liverpool, as their build—up to the new season hit a snag on tuesday.
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daniel sturridge scored the third, straining his thigh in the process. while in the early match, fernando torres was on the scoresheet, as atletico madrid scored two late goals to beat napoli 2—1. but it was a tough night at home for the bayern head coach, whose team start their bundesliga defence in just over a fortnight‘s time, although before that they face borussia dortmund in the german super cup final on saturday. 0ur our goal is to be in the best condition of 18 august. of course, we have to play an important game on saturday, but sometimes you are not in physical condition, you have to use more attitude and more spirit. what we didn't do tonight. libertad are through to the last 16 of the copa sudamericana, after a 2—0 win over huracan in asuncion, which gives the paraguayans a 7—1 aggregate victory. both goals came in a 15—minute spell after the half—time interval, withjorge recalde the recipient of a little bit of luck, after the ball ricocheted off a defender, while the second came from a goalkeeping error that allowed santiago salcedo to pounce and wrap up the win. that takes them through to the next round against colombian side santa fe.
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two south african rugby teams will fly all the way to europe to play their club games next season. 0rganisers of rugby union's pro12 have confirmed the tournament will be expanded, and will for obvious reasons be rebranded the pro14. the cheetahs, who are based in bloemfontein, and the southern kings, from port elizabeth, were recently cut from the southern hemisphere‘s super rugby competition. the new format will see the clubs split evenly into two conferences, with two teams from ireland and wales in each, and then one team in each from scotland, italy and south africa. cheetahs are the defending currie cup champions. they sit at the top of the accommodation as we speak. the southern kings have come off some great wins in super rugby, beating the sharks, bidding most of the australian teams in pushing their other teams really close. they are the sleeping giants of southern by. are the sleeping giants of southern
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rugby. they are a huge force, and if you look at some of their statistics back when they first joined, you look at some of their statistics back when they firstjoined, 32,000 average attendance, we can connect with that rugby audience. we are going into rugby heartlands that, just as it is here in ireland. and those two teams, i think they are going to be adding something special oui’ going to be adding something special our tournament. ahead of england's fourth and final test against south africa, stuart broad says the side are firmly focussed on winning the series. they go into the match, which starts on friday at old trafford, with a 2—1 lead. i certainly don't think we will be looking to go out there and consolidate. we need to play the way that naturally we have got characters who like to play. that is that sort of counter—attacking, free—flowing play, but using the experience and adaptability to be able to adjust to conditions. so we will be going out to win this test match, and i think that is when we play at our best, when we are looking to play on the front foot. he has been described as the finest racing driver of his generation. the polish driver robert kubica was amongst the fastest in formula 1, until one horrific accident in 2011 looked certain
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to end his career. his arm was severely injured, but he has fought back, and on wednesday takes part in what is being seen as a crucial test. he has been speaking exclusively to joe wilson about that terrible accident and his hopes for the future. renault formula one car approaching 200 miles an hour. imagine driving it, and then imagine driving it without the full use of one of your arms. thanks for your patience, so nice to see you. robert kubica is in hungary to discover if he truly came. his injuries are there to see, and restrict him to this day. came. his injuries are there to see, and restrict him to this daylj came. his injuries are there to see, and restrict him to this day. i wake up and restrict him to this day. i wake up every morning at home, i am doing the usual stuff at home. i train, i cycle. i do all the stuff, probably, most other people do. but the point is, robert, most people don't drive a car200 is, robert, most people don't drive a car 200 miles an. are actually i can so easily, this. that i have
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more limitations or my limitations have big influence on daily life than driving cars. driving a car is the easy bit? easy. in 2010, robert kubica finished the formula one season eight four renault. 0ther drivers thought he was the most talented man on the grid, a future world champion. it was, he told me, the desire to become even better which took into a rally car in his time. he crashed. andorra, february 2011, everything changed. did you think you would lose the arm? did they think that? probably, probably... first of all we have to see a big thanks to them. because the easiest thing, properly, would be to get rid of it. but in reality the first big moment was that i was fighting for to be alive. this is a crucial time for teams to test their ca rs. crucial time for teams to test their cars. that is why robert kubica is here, working for renault, test driving four renault. the possibility as he could be driving
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in the f1 championship next season. maybe, just maybe, even this season. i need to be sure that i am able at least to come as close as possible to the level i was before my accident. and this will be the target. so before doing this i need to be sure i am able to do this. and actually, the last two days, it helped me a lot. and ifeel pretty co mforta ble helped me a lot. and ifeel pretty comfortable that i will be able to do it. formula one would love to see robert kubica return. his comeback would grip the sport like nothing else. everybody happy? what he is a realist, not a romantic. a driver must know he can rely on himself before anything else. brent bookwalter won the second stage of the tour of utah on tuesday, and also moved into the overall lead of the race. after monday's opener offered a chance for the sprinters in the field to flex their leg muscles, tuesday's course promised to be one for the climbers. setting out from brigham city, the 151.1 km second stage covered three categorised climbs, including a 10.5 km ascent
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to the finishing line at snowbasin resort. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. but, from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello, there. most of our rain over the last couple of days has come in the form of showers, drenching downpours, that bring a lot of rain in a short space of time and then clear away. but the day ahead is looking a little bit different, because we have a more organised area of cloud that's been working its way in from the atlantic, associated with an area of low pressure, frontal systems moving in, which will bring rain. and notice the tightly squeezed isobars, as well. some pretty windy weather, especially around the coasts of the south—west, as we go on through the morning. so through south—west england and other southern counties, through wales, parts of the midlands, northern ireland, northern england and southern scotland, there will be some
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outbreaks of rain. the further north you are, that rain quite patchy, with brighter spells in between. across the far south of england, though, that rain will be on the heavy side. close to english channel coasts, we could see a lot of rain through the day. could give some fairly poor travelling conditions, and a lot of cloud and mist and murk across the south—west. humid air in place, despite temperatures only getting up to 17 degrees for plymouth. across wales, we'll see some patchy rain into the afternoon, but northern ireland brightening up through the afternoon. sunshine, yes, the return of some showers, but not persistent rain. that'll be moving across southern parts of scotland. northern scotland has some of the best weather through the day. spells of sunshine, 15—16 degrees. we're back into patchy rain across northern england, albeit with something a little brighter showing its hand in the north—west later. east anglia seeing a fair amount of dry weather. into the south—east the rain sets in through wednesday evening. in fact, further pulses of wet weather pushing across the south—east and east anglia as we go through the night. and our weather front still hanging
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back across northern scotland. so here we will have persistent rain through the first part of thursday morning. but across much of the country, by the start of thursday, we're back to square one, we're back to that mixture of sunny spells and showers. the closer you are to this area of low pressure, so across northern areas, that's where we'll see the heaviest showers, the most frequent showers. quite slow—moving across scotland and northern ireland, so they could give a lot of rain in a short space of time, with some thunder and lightning possible. some showers in northern england, parts of wales and the midlands, towards the south—west. the further south—east you are fewer showers and more sunshine. in fact, many parts of south—east england will get away with a completely dry day on thursday, and perhaps again on friday. again, most of the showers up towards the north—west, where some could be heavy and thundery. quite a cool and a blustery day for many. and more of the same through the weekend. plenty of showers, particularly towards the north. a little bit drier towards the south—east. welcome to bbc news,
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broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories: international condemnation of venezuela after the arrest of two opposition leaders. the un says the escalating crisis makes a peaceful solution more difficult. 50 times stronger than heroin. growing fears about the painkiller fenta nyl after dozens of deaths in the uk. a message to north korea from the us secretary of state, america is not seeking regime change but dialogue with pyongyang we are not your enemy, we are not your threat, but you are presenting an unacceptable threat to us and we have to respond. and turkey puts almost 500 people on trial. they're accused of taking part in last year's failed coup.
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